Traitor General Epub å Paperback

Traitor General Epub å Paperback

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  1. Simon Clark Simon Clark says:

    Man Abnett really knocks it out of the park in the transition from The Saint to The Lost arcs The previous book in the series Sabbat Martyr was an absolute favourite of mine combining large scale action with the climaxes of multiple plotlines from across four novels By contrast Traitor General is simply a very tight standalone story avoiding several of the problems that have historically dogged the series Notably the book significantly fleshes out the antagonists the generically named 'Chaos forces' by a giving a background of how Chaos occupied planets function and their populace used b linking the reader to the Sons of Sek by showing us their effectiveness from their very founding and c FINALLY giving the protagonists a mid level antagonist to defeat The actual story itself makes perfect sense especially when compared to previous entries in the series such as Straight Silver the Ghosts finally get to stealth the entire time Of course it's ridiculous that both Gaunt and Rawne the two highest ranking members of a regiment would both go on a suicide mission such as this but hey It's 40K The story is paced and structured wonderfully with plenty of twists and plot threads introduced that will be returned to in later books It also features some wonderful feats of imagination with Abnett substantially adding to the lore surrounding Chaos as well as introducing the small faction of the partisansIt's a great read basically Not perfect the story still ends about a page before the novel does but fething enjoyable

  2. Andrew Ziegler Andrew Ziegler says:

    This is the first time Abnett spends the entire novel on one specialized group of the Ghosts for an entire mission Unlike the first books of the series the scale is much smaller intimate and therefore the pace is much uickerI chewed through this one relatively uicker than the other novels it was standard fare for the character driven 40K novels I found the first 7 books in the series to be much epic every book was another planet to take or hold This book as stated in the forward holds a mission crucial to the entire Crusade of the Sabbat worlds It was a great piece of writing to let a lot of the major minor characters get their moments in the sun and really develop The action was as good as Abnett normally delivers I am a bit hesitant to believe the results of one battle in particular though I wont give any details but one engagement smacked of Endor and its end was eually as ridiculousOn the whole I very much enjoyed this book as part of the larger series It ends very much on a cliff hanger and I am looking forward to the next installment

  3. Sean McBride Sean McBride says:

    Another Gaunt's Ghost's book I have mixed feelings about this one because it's a little bit of a divergence from what these books classically are We focus on a smaller group of Ghosts on a very secret mission It creates closure with some of the previous books but it doesn't have a specific ending I have to say that if this weren't a omnibus edition that I'm reading I would be upset because I would have to wait at least a year to get the next story As always we get about the Ghosts involved and as always we get further story about their connections and interactions The main issues with this story was the narrative flow There were many times that Abnett seemed to get confused as to whom was with whom and it confused the flow because these occasions only happened during battleWe got some great descriptions we got some great action we got some great character development however there were times that the characters didn't seem honest with whom they were chaos taint I know but even before that took place Great story but the continuity errors and the character reliability reduced the rating

  4. Colby Holloway Colby Holloway says:

    The Gaunt’s Ghosts books are always solid This one is even better because it focus on a smaller cast and goes deeper into their characters and motivations then previous entries in the series as well as setting up the grander arc of the next couple stories Big fan

  5. Pat Pat says:

    This is the first book in the Lost series by Dan Abnett and starts out with Gaunt assembling a team to to go on a top secret mission labeled as Gerond As soon as that strike force gets there though all they see is hell its a chaos infected world where even the people have given up and there is only small amounts of resistance this book is good and kept me wondering the whole time if the team was gonna survive

  6. Bruce Robertson Bruce Robertson says:

    Incredible first novel to the continuing Gaunt's Ghosts series He explores the weird world of Chaos as if he'd been there and met the many varied characters in person He must have put a hell of a lot of thought into this and it shows in the uality of the novel

  7. Adam Whitehead Adam Whitehead says:

    Gereon a Chaos held planet in the Sabbat Worlds that has been under total enemy occupation for years The local resistance forces their hopes for liberation ebbing are overjoyed when Ibram Gaunt arrives on Gereon but less so when it is revealed that he only has a dozen troopers with him and their mission is not liberation but the assassination of a traitorOver the course of the Gaunt's Ghosts series Dan Abnett has toyed with and tested the limits of what he can do with these books several times but has generally remained close to the core line that he must deliver a large scale war story every time out In Traitor General the eighth book in the series and the opening of The Lost story arc which spans four volumes he goes for a somewhat different approachGaunt and his team are deep undercover and must employ stealth misdirection and hiding to achieve what they normally would using force That wouldn't be so much of a problem except that the world they are operating on has been occupied by Chaos for years with the result that the entire planet is tainted a taint that starts seeping into Gaunt and his team This causes increasingly odd behaviour as their perceptions of reality and what is right and wrong begin to change This also means that the enemy forces on Gereon have some extremely powerful forces to call upon that normally would be not be able to manifest such as the formidable and extremely weird wirehounds and glyfs both concepts that feel like they've dropped out of a China Mieville novel In short Traitor General is where Abnett gets his weird freak on and pulls it off wellOf course Traitor General has its reuisite amount of action including a memorable seuence where the ten Guardsmen and two Guardswomen have to face off against five Chaos Space Marines in a swamp village very long odds indeed or a running battle between rebels and occupation forces in a town Abnett also continues his welcome tendency of using each new book to highlight a hitherto under developed Ghost and bring some development and focus to them In this book it's Brostin the team's resident flamethrower operator and pyromaniac who gets his turn in the spotlight though Gaunt's nemesis Rawne also continues to develop away from the thinly veiled antagonist of earlier books into a rounded character in his own rightWe also get a deeper look inside the Chaos camp as well For many of the preceding volumes Chaos has been euated with pure evil and its ranks shown to consist almost solely of crazed cultists and suicidal warriors though there have been hints here and there of other things going on particularly with the Blood Pact the enemy army's elite troops In this book we get a much better look at how the Archenemy of Mankind operates and discover some amusing parallels to the Crusade's own political machinations and in fighting Abnett also starts embracing the whimsical and surreal nature of Warhammer 40000 humour something he'd previously steered clear of presumably for tonal reasons and marries it to the traditional dark humour of the books very well I'm hoping Humiliti and his unnecessarily pedantic transcribing ways return in future booksTraitor General ½ sees Abnett doing something new weirder and interesting with the Gaunt's Ghosts series and pulling it off admirably resulting in one of the very best books in the series so far The novel is available now as part of The Lost omnibus in the UK and USA

  8. Rosalie Morris Rosalie Morris says:

    There is a lot of fan fiction about Gereon online and I'd read a lot of it before I read Traitor General It's a weird one because it revolves around a handful of people rather than the unit as a whole and I'm still deciding if I like the direction it took with some characters personalities but generally it was fascinating As a fan of Elim Rawne I enjoyed his character development a lot but the decision to leave Curth and Mkvenner behind was not pleasing to me I'm also still waiting to find out where Cirk pops up again

  9. Mati Mati says:

    The mission was simple kill him The general heading for the court martial was kidnapped by the forces of Chaos and his mind was stripped from layers and layers of psyker induced protection If Chaos got in to his mind the imperial forces would face anihilationCommissar Ibram Gaunt and his team was deployed into the enemy territory facing the Chaos ridden planet in desperate hope to finish the mission and not be devoured by heresy and Chaos influence

  10. Ponge Ponge says:

    I've been rampaging through the Gaunt's Ghost's series This was the first book where I didn't always feel like reading It was still a good read but it was my least favorite of the series so far The whole setting felt really confusing in the first 60ish pages Like most of the books in the series it has a long build up and then finishes too fast in the last 50 or so pages It's the first time this has bothered me

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Traitor General ❴Download❵ ✤ Traitor General Author Dan Abnett – Under the orders of Archon Urlock Gaur the forces of Magister Sek have pushed into the Khan group of the Sabbat Worlds and captured a high ranking Imperial Lord General Colonel Commissar Ibram Gaunt a Under the orders of Archon Urlock Gaur the forces of Magister Sek have pushed into the Khan group of the Sabbat Worlds and captured a high ranking Imperial Lord General Colonel Commissar Ibram Gaunt and a hand picked team of his Tanith elite have been tasked with the re capture or assassination of this vital officer.

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