The Bee's Kiss Kindle ´ The Bee's MOBI :å

The Bee's Kiss Kindle ´ The Bee's MOBI :å

The Bee's Kiss [BOOKS] ✯ The Bee's Kiss By Barbara Cleverly – London 1926 One war is over another is beginning and murder is sealed with a kissAt midnight she was ravishing a tall redhead wearing emeralds and a low cut dress An hour later in her room at the Ritz London One war is over another is beginning and murder is sealed with a kissAt midnight she was ravishing a tall redhead wearing emeralds and a low cut dress An hour later in her room at the Ritz she was dead the jewels torn from her bludgeoned body Thus begins Barbara Cleverly’s ingenious novel The Bee's MOBI :å another masterpiece of suspense from the CWA Golden Dagger Award—winning authorWith the help of a former comrade at arms and a society girl turned constable Scotland Yard Inspector Joe Sandilands enters into the private world of Dame Beatrice Jagow Joliffe–a hive of state secrets and sexual extravagance But as The Dame’s affairs are exposed the case takes a sudden strange turn Because what Sandilands is about to discover are deceptions that go far beyond salacious scandal to betrayals that strike at the heart of a nation and the ruthless heart of a killer.

  • Paperback
  • 321 pages
  • The Bee's Kiss
  • Barbara Cleverly
  • English
  • 02 March 2015
  • 9780385340410

About the Author: Barbara Cleverly

Barbara Cleverly was born in the north of England and is a graduate of Durham University A former teacher she has spent her working life in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk; she now lives in Cambridge She has one son and five step childrenHer Joe Sandilands series of books set against the background of the British Raj The Bee's MOBI :å was inspired by the contents of a battered old tin trunk that she found in her att.

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  1. Bill Bill says:

    The Bee's Kiss by Barbara Cleverly is the 5th book in her historical mystery series featuring Scotland Yard Inspector Joe Sandilands The series is set after WWI The first four books found Sandiland assigned as a special investigator in India In this fifth novel Joe is back in London now back with Scotland Yard and called to investigate the murder of Dame Beatrice Jagow Joliffe who was found murdered in her room at the Ritz hotel Two police officers Det Sgt Bill Armitage and a female Constable Tilly Westthorpe were both on site when the crime was committed Tilly as a guest at party and Armitage on security detail keeping an eye open for a cat burglar who had been making the rounds Both are assigned to Sandilands teamThe investigation kind of wanders hither and thither The team travels up to the Dame's home outside of London and finds a place with lots of friction There is one very lovely character that we meet there Dorcas daughter of the Dame's brother Orlando There are a number of suspects including the brother a boyfriend of Beatrice her lady's companion as well It turns out that Beatrice was a leading light in the WREN's during WWI and an excellent cryptographer She continued to be involved with this organization The mystery includes the impending miner's strike Bolshevists maybe German spies and other possible intrigues Sandilands is told to wrap up the investigation from the top but continues on his own with help from his team and others in Scotland Yard It took me awhile to get into this story but I warmed to it There were many good characters and the little twists and turns in the investigation added to the intrigue Sandilands is a light hearted character a bit of a ladies man and intelligent I enjoyed the ending and the overall story Number 6 sits on my bookshelf awaiting my attention 35 stars

  2. Cherie Cherie says:

    I really liked this Joe Sandilands story I wanted to see him on his home turf after reading the first book and I was not disappointed I thought I had the murder figured out a couple of times but I was wrong I really need to find out who Maisie is now Back for book #2 now

  3. Jim Leffert Jim Leffert says:

    The Bee’s Kiss is the fifth in a series of mystery novels set in England or in British ruled Central Asia after World War I and featuring a likeable and eligible Scotland Yard detective named Joe Sandilands The series began with The Last Kashmiri Rose and includes other exotic sounding titles such as The Damascened Blade These books are consistently atmospheric and character driven and The Bee’s Kiss is no exception Here Sandilands is reunited with a former WWI battlefield subordinate and also partners with a pioneering female Scotland Yard constable to investigate the murder of a prominent British woman The deceased helped found the WRENS a woman’s auxiliary unit formed to aid the British forces during the war While investigating Sandilands contends with government higher ups’ intrusion into the management of this high profile murder case with the puzzle of how the assailant made it into the deceased’s hotel room at a time when the building was under police surveillance and with competition between his two junior colleagues The uestions posed by the story have a contemporary resonance despite the bygone era in which it takes place the crime occurred during the very week that Elizabeth the future ueen was born

  4. Marilyn Marilyn says:

    Oh Joe Why did you have to leave India? I was disappointed in this the fifth novel in the Sandilands series There was hardly a bridge between India and Joe being back in England India was barely mentioned I wondered if there was novel #45 I found the plot chaotic at best Oh Cleverly is still a good writer and her character development is wonderful there are moments in the book But overall I found the second half really confusing with clues and insights scattered here and there Cleverly likes to wrap up her novels with clever little endings where the perpetrator might go off into the ether without the bring to justice of most who dun its The risk for me the reader is that her hero always appears to be powerless and ineffective because although he solves the crime to his own satisfaction he has no ability to reach closure which diminishes his stature a bit However Joe seems to be philosophical about his reduced abilities After all he is just a pawn in the power structureI miss the colorful world of India which was a great background for this British inspector I found the background political intrigue in England to be a pale substitute

  5. Merryl Merryl says:

    Slightly disappointed no link between previous book which saw Joe firmly entrenched in India to this one where he has seemingly transitioned straight back into a an active policing role in London hard to see that this is number 5 in a seriesapart from that not a bad stand alone detective novel

  6. Spuddie Spuddie says:

    Commander Joe Sandilands is developing into a well rounded and believable character in this book although my one complaint is that he seems much older than the early 30's he is purported to be he has apparently crammed a whole lot of experience into his young life The events in this book take place 4 years after events in the previous book; it is now 1926 and Joe is no longer in India but is back in London working at Scotland Yard When a high society woman is found bludgeoned to death in her room at the Ritz hotel Sandilands must work with the greatest of discretion and care so as not to create scandalI uite enjoyed this story and didn't figure out the bad guy which is always a bonus I thought I had it sorted out a couple of times but new twists to the plot threw me off the scent

  7. Laurie Laurie says:

    A great read from a favorite author I have been waiting to get my hands on of this series from Barbara Cleverly and thanks to NYPL my wait is over This series features a great main character in Joe Sandilands intriguing mysteries and interesting twists

  8. LJ LJ says:

    THE BEE'S KISS – Police Procedural London 1926 – VGCleverly Barbara – 5th in seriesConstable 2005 HardcoverCommander Joe Sutherland back from India is investigating the murder and apparent burglary of Dame Beatrice Joliffee one of the founders of the Wrens Joe's investigative staff is DS Bill Armitage who served under him in the war and Constable Tilly Westorphe also a former Wren When Joe finds three other Wrens have committed suicide and his superiors order him to stop investigating and turn in his files it's clear there's her than a simple murder I always enjoy Cleverly's writing Her characters are interesting; she provides an excellent sense of place and very good dialogue Joe is romantic confident and dogged in searching for the answers I enjoyed the complexity of the characters and the story moving from a basic crime to than that yet their still being a basic crime at the end Very well done

  9. Mary Ellen Mary Ellen says:

    I like Joe Sandilands and Cleverly is great at creating the time and place interesting to get a sense of Red Scare on the other side of the Atlantic with the general strike But in the end several aspects of the plot made little sense to me principally the plot which led to the victim's death Might have made sense if the book were set later in time I would love to hear from other readers their understanding of this plot

  10. May May says:

    Barbara Cleverly had me going I did not want to put this book down in spite of entertaining during the Holidays I could not pull this together; I did not see this ending coming There were so many details so many possibilities This author tied me up in the plot the characters and the undercurrents of this moment in time Well done and certainly recommended to those who love Scotland Yard mysteries and are fans of Barbara Cleverly

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