The Real Diana Epub é The Real PDF/EPUB ²

The Real Diana Epub é The Real PDF/EPUB ²

The Real Diana ➤ [Epub] ➞ The Real Diana By Lady Colin Campbell ➮ – Who was the real Diana What was it like to be so privileged yet so anguished so beloved yet so self loathing so spoiled yet so deprived so hopeful by nature yet so dispairing The Princess of Wales was Who was The Real Diana What was it like to be so privileged yet so anguished so beloved yet so self loathing so spoiled yet so deprived so hopeful by nature yet The Real PDF/EPUB ² so dispairing The Princess of Wales was all these things far complicated conflicted and intriguing a person than the wildly disparate saint or lunatic she is freuently portrayed to be.

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  1. Nikki Mcgee Nikki Mcgee says:

    This is the danger of a kindle you drink half a bottle of wine and you can end up reading a book like this I feel dirty but I did read it in one sitting aside from a uick wine fuelled snoozeThe author steps into the book an awful lot with almost hysterical points of information mainly of a self congratulatory tone I could not read the last chapter which was unbearably dull

  2. Lora Shouse Lora Shouse says:

    The Real Diana is unusual among the biographies I have read in that it doesn’t rely much on written historical records or written records of any kind Of course this is probably a result of its being one of the few biographies I have read aside from some autobiographies and memoirs of a person who lived very recently and scenes of whose life and death I remember myself It’s not that there aren’t written records of the life of Diana Princess of Wales But a great many of these records consist of newspaper coverage particularly by the British tabloid press much of which is not necessarily very accurateLady Colin Campbell the author of this biography is a member of the circle of courtiers that surround the British Royal Family and as such she is personally acuainted with many people who were Diana’s family members or personal friends She was also active in the group of people who support charitable causes and it was in this capacity that she met Diana personally At one time she worked with the Princess on a book that was supposed to be an inside look at her life and during this time she had many talks with Diana herself The book was intended to be sold with the proceeds going to one or of the charities they supported but something went wrong and that didn’t happen They had some kind of falling out over this but later became friends againThe story is told in a sort of easy gossipy style uite unlike the average staid academic biography Many incidents are given from two – or occasionally – points of view It appears that there was a darker side to Diana than what we all saw at the time But there was still much to like and admire and she developed a kinder gentler less spoiled nature as she matured and recovered from some of her early problemsIn the afterword apparently an update from earlier versions of the book Lady Campbell investigates the night Diana died and gives us the final findings of the police investigations there were several of the case as well as proposing some uniue insights of her own

  3. Leigh Leigh says:

    While waiting for Lady Colin Campbell's new book to arrive I decided to read about his late mother Diana certainly doesn't come out great in this book I wouldn't go as far as to say she was mentally ill with schizophrenia She did suffer depression and anxiety but toward the end of her life appeared stable which you can't do without medication and trust me we would've learned about it sooner The author did do her best to paint a fair and balanced portrait of her she certainly wasn't perfect I clued in when I read the first Morton book where she said that William was her confidant which was a huge red flag putting a child literally in the middle of his parents battles Somehow William grew up mature and responsible and chose the perfect wife meanwhile Harry and his wife show alarming similarities to Diana and none of them are the good parts of her I took a star off because the book rambled and didn't follow any order One page William is born the next it's the early 90's It also rambles and she goes off on various tangents and at times focuses on Diana's lovers than the actual story of her life but still a worthwhile read

  4. Georgiana Romanovna Georgiana Romanovna says:

    Brilliantly Written I have read many royal biographies and until this book 'The Real Diana' I had never been able to logically connect the various stories biographies and so called newsworthy print to match the woman I saw as nothing and nothing less than a normal human being I never had fallen for what I can only term as the mass hysteria over Diana and yet I deeply admired her work Other biographies failed to represent Diana as a person with all the problems that some people have I never viewed Charles or Camilla as the devils they are often made out to be but I did view Diana as having a hidden side to her nature which would stop at nothing to get what she wanted no matter who she had to maul in the process At the same time I was eually aware of a change that came about as she matured into of what she should always have been a woman with her own identity This book will undoubtably anger those who Saint Diana and for those who would like to get to know the real woman; this book will please and delight

  5. Sarah Sarah says:

    Definitely not the best book I've ever read about Princess Diana It was informative yes but a lot of the time reading it felt like sitting next to Campbell and listening as she gossiped about Diana Campbell may have personally encountered with the Princess of Wales but some of the stuff she knew and used in this book did not have to be included and did not shape enhance or justify my perception of Diana This book made me feel like Diana was a fraud and Campbell the person who filled me in on the scoop In fact the only positive thing I have to say about this book is that Campbell redeemed herself partially at the end apparently according to the scuttlebutt the only reason why Diana had such a public beautiful funeral was because Prince Charles had insisted that Diana deserved than a private dinky one THAT improved my perception of Charles I guess he really did love her in his own way and that was the best tidbit that Campbell left Almost everything else left a rotten aftertaste in my mouth

  6. Mo22 Mo22 says:

    I read this as a break form serious books I had read a recommendation of Colin Campbells books and I'm glad I followed it It ended up being a good read and I've orderd some of her books 1p on Looking back on the events now Colin Campbell clearly knew a lot of what was going on I know she is getting a ribbing in the press about her new book re the ueen Mother but; after reading this I wouldn't dismiss it uickly I've ordered it at the library Really enjoyed it and read it in 2 days as I couldn't stop reading

  7. Tracey Tracey says:

    Utter tosh Don't waste your time on this poorly written dull book

  8. Losososdiane Losososdiane says:

    Still not sure why I grabbed this book off the library shelf since I don’t have much interest in royalty but I read it cover to cover It seems not much has changed over the centuries in the way that royalty looks upon itself and the rest of us To maintain the illusion of magical superiority they must cluster together behind a wall of silence I thought Diana was a regular girl who snagged a future king through her simple charms Guess I wasn’t paying much attention Now I know her family had ambitions to have one of their own marry into the royal family and promoted and marketed Diana as the one to fulfill their hopes thereby moving the Spencers up from courtier status Reminds me of reading Hilary Mantel about the machinations of those in the court of Henry VIII Diana seems to have been a mess with her eating disorder and her need for constant attention tactile closeness and manic control Her view of love is like something from a fairytale after a retelling by Disney It is a real shame her strong determination resulted in some shocking acts of revenge that did harm to many others and drove her to abandon friends and fire employees I doubt that Fayed would have been a permanent solution for her had they both survived Something would’ve happened that made her retreat from him I would even speculate that she would’ve turned against her sons as they grew up and beyond her control Very sad but not so uncommon The whole royal thing repulses me even after reading this book The writing was at best uneven repetitious biased and confusing as the author’s editorial comments about Diana kept changing as if she really wasn’t sure what her conclusions were The defense of the life of royals with their ribbon cuttings and other events as hard work was not convincing I do think it must be terrible to be stuck in that box of presenting a perfect public persona but unable to conduct much of a normal private life It must have been hard for William to give up his helicopter pilot job for glad handing etc so I guess I’m as confused as the author about what to think of these people but in the end I was glad I read this if only because it adds veracity to Mantel’s wonderful historical novels

  9. Debbie Debbie says:

    Very good readLoved it Campbell said Diana chose her to write her story first and they did interviews over the phone Diana didn't like that Campbell was also interviewing other people for the book and wanted it written with only her own outtake on her life Diana stopped giving interviews and then went to Andrew Morton a tabloid writer to have him write the storyDiana sounds like she had rage in her She had boyfriends before Charles that when one stood her up for a date she went and poured an egg and flour mixture over his luxurious car Another boyfriend she poured water in his gas tankIt was suspected that Diana may have been bipolar Once she was married she would have rages but the royal family would always keep it uiet or give in to her She was the first to start having affairs Her boys she would use against Charles Charles would be scheduled to have the boys but Diana would plan something for the boys and tell Charles the boys already had plans and were excited about them She also had an abortion at one point when she was separated from Charles but not divorced Read this book I used to be pro Diana 100% but there are 2 sides to every story and not everyone is 100% nice as I believed her to be It is not a story of Charles but of Diana You'll be amazed about some of the things you learn

  10. Pat Carswell Pat Carswell says:

    The myths that surround Diana came back to our attention when Harry married It was interesting to read this tome written in 1998 and especially to compare with both the account from Andrew Morton wrongfullyfalsely attributed as truth from Diana herself and the current circumstances that Harry finds himself after reuesting to step back as a senior royal Honestly if Lady Colin Campbell is to be believed and there is no reason why not as she has sourced researched and fact checked thoroughly then Diana should be considered as a smart cookie who shammed us all or a sad woman whose private life should have remained private The royal family but most likely the ‘firm’ and court have brought unhappiness to The Duke of Windsor and his beloved Mrs Simpson; Princess Margaret and Townsend whom she had hoped to marry; Andrew and Fergie notwithstanding her silly antics and his recent oust Diana herself and now the untidiness of Harry’s simple reuest to step back as a senior royal that forced him to give up than he anticipated There seems to be a lot of intrigue around royalty that will always continue to draw curious readers looking for truths beyond the myths and tabloids

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