Writing Wrongs Kindle å Paperback

Writing Wrongs Kindle å Paperback

Writing Wrongs [PDF / Epub] ✅ Writing Wrongs By Emma Burstall – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Evie Nic and Becca are wannabe writers The three friends are members of a creative writing group and they decide to enter a national competition But while they ponder their plots and agonise about the Evie Nic and Becca are wannabe writers The three friends are members of a creative writing group and they decide to enter a national competition But while they ponder their plots and agonise about their characters their own lives are going far from smoothlyEvie's still pining for the husband who left her for a younger woman and is relying increasingly on clairvoyant Zelda But who is Zelda reallyNic's battling a drink problem and is in despair about her workaholic husband who is addicted to his laptop A shocking discovery shakes her to the core but will she realise in time that she must stop protecting himBecca's a City highflyer who seems to have everything until a childhood friend turns up threatening to expose the secret she's kept buried for nearly thirty years How will her marriage her children her friendships survive it And on top of that there's a deadline The women have just eleven months to complete their manuscripts Who will win the competition and can there be any real life happy endings.

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  1. Leah Leah says:

    Evie Nic and Becca are three friends who have joined a writing group and all three of them are in with a chance of winning the national competition their group entered into Trouble is all three girls are hiding secrets and tragedies Thirty years ago one of the girls did something so horrific she had to change her name and entire identity to have any chance of living a normal life; there’s also denied alcoholism among the group as well as a husband with a very wrong secret fetish Finally there’s a marriage break up that threatens to ruin one of the women Can the three women’s friendships stay in tact through all of the troubles?I absolutely loved Emma Burstall’s debut novel Gym and Slimline and looked forward to reading her new book Never Close Your Eyes Having written such a fantastic debut I did wonder if Emma could manage it again with her follow up book Not only was Never Close Your Eyes a fantastic read it was also better than Gym and Slimline which was no slouchI thought the storyline was excellent and before learning exactly which woman it was who had commited such a terrible crime I was guessing all the while We do actually learn early on which of the three friends it is but I’d hate to spoil it by saying which it actually is We actually read of the crime right at the beginning of the book and I had my eyes wide in shock at how brutal it came across Yet Emma writes it so well I could also feel sympathy for Dawn and I could see what drove her to do such a dispicable act Not only that but I was astounded to find that the character who committed the crime was a fantastic and likeable character Huge kudos there to Emma for managing thatThat for me is the main storyline as it comes back into play in a huge way when a man named Gary threatens to expose Dawn’s new life However there’s also other minor plot lines weaving their way throughout the book making it really into one huge web of a storyline As much as I liked Nic I knew from the very beginning she was an alcoholic we just needed Nic herself to acknowledge the fact and do something about it For a while I wondered if she ever would and I willed her to get a hold of herself and realise she was seriously harming her son Dominic Evie’s storyline of her marriage break up was of a minor thing I think for Evie her main storyline was that of her daughter Freya’s who was instant messaging a guy named Cal Trouble is Cal lied to Freya and misled her to believe he was a teenager when actually he’s a middle aged man Again I guessed who Cal really was but for me that wasn’t the point of the matter The point was the suspense building as Cal and Freya plotted their ways to be together It was the climax to the two’s relationship that was the real story here I thought Emma Burstall handled it immensely and really got into the mind of a troubled 13 year old desperate for love I could see why Freya loved Cal despite the fact he was miles older than her It wasn’t that she loved him it was that he showed her love There were also a few storylines running parallel with all the others the main one including Zelda and Carol two sisters who seemingly at first have nothing to do with the three friends bar Carol being part of the same writing group and Zelda being a psychic but there’s actually another reason those two are prominent to the bookNow reading all of that you would expect Emma Burstall was trying too hard with so many different threads to follow and so many characters to keep an eye on but Emma manages it well and I found it easy linking all of the stories and characters together There’s actually a large list at the beginning of the book telling us who everyone is and I panicked thinking I’d forget who everyone was after 50 pages but actually it was totally the opposite I had no trouble whatsoever remembering all of the characters and how they related to the bookI’d have to say that while all the characters were prominent to the book I thought it was ultimately the three friends who were the ‘main’ characters – not to mention Dawn who is integral to the whole book of course The girls’ friendship didn’t seem at all fake and came across incredibly well despite all of the secrets they hid from each other I liked Evie as a whole but thought her relationship with Steve was incredibly annoying as I just couldn’t take to him I also thought she was a bit harsh on Bill her neighbour calling him arrogant when I thought it came across that he was just trying to help Despite everything Nic was going through I thought she was thoroughly enjoyable Yes she’s in denial about a lot of things but the fact is she comes through in the end and that was the best part about her for me Surprisingly I found that Becca was my favourite of the three friends I know she moaned a lot about her husband Tom but deep down I knew she truly loved him I felt that of the three I could relate to Becca most She really was a nice character and I enjoyed the parts that included her I actually really liked Dawn What she did was awful but I could see why she did I don’t condone it but I understood if that makes sense I thought she was a brilliant character incredibly complex and her transformation was outstandingThe only sticking point for me was the ending Don’t get me wrong it was a sufficient ending but it also left a few uestions particularly regarding Becca’s relationship with her husband Tom It seemed like an ending that should have read “to be continued” and would definitely pave the way for a seuel should Emma Burstall feel that way inclinedApart from that minor uestion mark I thought the whole book was perfect Emma Burstall is an outstanding writer who doesn’t flinch away from unsettling subjects She dealt with everything fantastically and in a very real way Similar to Marian Keyes who also takes difficult subjects and manages to make them readable I really found Never Close Your Eyes difficult to put down and I raced through the book in a bid to finish it and find out if everything would work out A true contender for book of the year as far as I’m concerned Truly outstanding

  2. Patty Patty says:

    Well generally I have to say that it was better than I expected There is a variety of viewpoints and I was uite sure at the beginning that having that change all the time woud be super confusing However the author manages to stay away from that by closely connecting all the narratives I have to admit though that having to read Carol's and Zelda's story too was bit over the top for meAltogether it was a nice story that showed the not at all perfect lives of three friends who visit a creative writing group every month The characters were approachable and very realistic Nonetheless I found that there were a few too many issues the main characters had to deal with Becca and her past Nic and alcohol Alan being a pedophile Freya being bullied and falling into Alan's trap Evie being betrayed by her husband double played by her lover and finding out who her birth mother is It was just too much for one book in my opinionA further point I have to note is the ending It is completely unsatisfying which is uite sad because if it had been better I would have given this four starsAltogether an enjoyable book that is also gripping and never gets boring

  3. Elva Cartwright Elva Cartwright says:

    Never close your eyes This was a good read It was sometimes difficult to follow in the beginning as it flitted between the main characters in the story The ending was a surprise but it made you think a lot about life and how things turned out in different ways Always read everything this author writes she never disappoints

  4. Julie Julie says:

    This was an interesting story that keeps you reading

  5. Pauline Pauline says:

    Enjoyed this book very engaging and captive Disappointed with the ending though I would have like to know how Evie and Carol's relationship panned out

  6. Marissa Christenson Lang Marissa Christenson Lang says:

    Too much going on and a very abrupt and unsatisfying ending first chapter was a strange and kind of unnecessary hook but it could have been a really good book

  7. Pat Osment Pat Osment says:

    A really good readuite humorous at times but also had a darker side where secrets were bound to be revealed and relationships were challenged

  8. Penny Penny says:

    Let's be honest and give it 1 and a half stars There were parts I liked but there were parts that were definitely not OK I'm a writer Ok so not had a novel published at the point of this review I haven't even tried sending a manuscript to an editor yet but I did do some training in the novel writing and editing world Two words Conflict Resolution This novel needs it it needs closure There's nothing satisfying at the end of this novel I don't expect everything to be roses I am a realist I do however expect threads tidied up or if not then deliberately twisted up Loose unsatisfying ends here I had no idea I was on the last page until I turned it over and there was the Acknowledgements page Evie doesn't accept her birth mother Carol nor give her the time of day and we have no given reason Carol may have a successful novel but she doesn't have the love and acceptance of her daughter nor her 'psychic' sister After everything she has been through Becca's husband decides he can't handle it and is leaving Surely THIS should have happened earlier? The woman's just found out that her mother is also DEAD And last straw the nasty vindictive 'psychic' sister of Carol doesn't get her comeuppance She moves on to Evie's friend Becca to ruin HER already ruined life Neat Unless this book is all about Zelda the 'psychic' which it isn't then a very unsatisfying book with a worse ending Where was the editing? Did someone never pick this stuff up and say 'hey don't you think we should conclude this book better?' A book that could have been so much better than it ended up being Bad bad editing

  9. Asma Asma says:

    Three women friends met in a writing group Each one of them has her drama and problemsEvie was adopted as a baby never knew her birth mother got divorced and drowned in her romantic dramas that she missed the troubled mess that her 13 years old daughter is living inNic an alcoholic who didn't admit that so obsessed of the image she has of herself and her family that she ignoredmissed that her husband was a pedophile who fantasize little girlsAnd Becca the successful woman who had a secret past that she ignored and worked so hard to wipe and forget until the secret popped to her life and made her appreciate the life and the family she hasNot a very great story but I enjoyed some parts of it though it was all about some bull dramaIt's a story about messed up lives and hearts and how they found their way in the end It's a realistic novel and that's one thing I truly liked When I reached the end I turned the page waiting to continue reading but I found no pages P And I liked that

  10. Karen M Karen M says:

    It's particularly English this one with a keen eye for status symbols labels the right thing I kept thinking about how aware the charactersauthor is of what people think It's chick lit proper all about the three main female characters and their various relationships and sometimes like a hamburger such a thing hits the spot It was like a hamburger a better idea before consumption than after and like a hamburger pleasing if not nutritous One thing if the depiction of writing groups puts you off don't be put off I've never been to a writing group that has any resemblance to the one in this book

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