Ebook ã Light My Fire PDF Í Light My PDF \

Ebook ã Light My Fire PDF Í Light My PDF \

Light My Fire ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ Light My Fire ✓ Author Lee Avalone – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk When Lieutenant Craig Faulk of the CDDC—Chicago Department of Demon Control—is called to a routine demon attack he doesn’t expect to find the victim alive They never live long enough to speak Bu When Lieutenant Craig Faulk of the CDDC—Chicago Department of Demon Control—is called to a routine demon attack he doesn’t expect Light My PDF \ to find the victim alive They never live long enough to speak But handsome Steven Richter defies all odds How and why has this self proclaimed loser survived a demon attack when others much stronger have died Steven knows he’s not good enough for a man like Craig but that doesn’t stop him from dreaming It’s easy to fall for a rugged cowboy demon hunter in the mean streets of urban Chicago one who’s risked his life to save Steven But Craig saves lives while Steven sells his body to make ends meet and no way could anything come of the attraction both of them experience in each other’s presence Or could it When Steven meets life’s greatest challenge he discovers for the first time that he has true value as an openly gay man But will it be enough to erase his checkered past and win the heart of a demon hunting cowboy.

10 thoughts on “Light My Fire

  1. Daisiemae Daisiemae says:

    I hate it when a book does not work for me Especially when the characters don't have good chemistry together and the plot isn't well thought out Unfortunately for me Light My Fire was like that for me What's frusterating about this book is it had alot of promise in the beginning but as the story continued the plot became almost confusing and there was too many loopholes in the storyline itself Maybe if the book had been longer and possibly thought out the book would have been better Plus the lack of emotional connection between Craig and Steven left me hangingCraig is a cowboy demon hunter When he meets Steven Steven had just been tortured by demons Steven is a bloody mess and his penis had almost been casterated Thinking he is dead Craig calls the authorities only to see that Steven is alive and something has been shoved up into his penis It is during this time that Craig and Steven make a mental telapathic connection and Craig saves Steven's lifeSteven is able to get rehabilitated his penis was re attached and works fine but doesn't think much of himself He is a male prostitute who blows any money he makes on booze and partying But with the trama he has survived he decides to change his life When Craig comes to visit him they discover that their telepathic bond still exist Craid still believes that Steven's life is in trouble and he is the key to defeating the demons and running them out of townThe lack of chemistry between Craig and Steven turned be off The sex scenes are forced and the emotional connection wasn't there What a shame because each character within itself was pretty interesting but not enough for me to ever re read this book or suggest it to any of my friends here

  2. Betryal Betryal says:

    Something wicked this way comes and I'm not referring to the demons I enjoy a book that turns my crank on hot characters and this one did me in with a big splash A tall hot dark badass and one with long blonde hair licks lips Two very hot characters and this story has all the trappings and potential to have been longer greater Don't get me wrong I did enjoy this book which is why I'm hoping there's a seuel in the works to this one I'll be on the lookout for it you can count on it This short story rocked my worldGreat writes

  3. Elisa Rolle Elisa Rolle says:

    Light My Fire by Lee Avalone is a sexy porn romance Yes since there is a lot of sex in there and so it's definitely a porn but there is also enough feelings to make it a romance Craig is a cowboy demon hunters In an hypothetical future where demons prowling the cities in search of human souls Craig a former rodeo cowboy is now a very skilled demon hunter how he became so we know little probably after a very closed encounter with a demon himself Usually when he is called to a crime scene the victim is always dead deprived of their soul; this time instead Steven a young male whore is still alive and he seems to own a very strong power something the demons wish to acuire Obviously Steven is immediately drawn by this handsome cowboy but he has always suffered from an inferiority complex something that pushed him along the sad path he is going along But from the first moment there is an invisible bond between Steven and Craig a bond that seems emphasized by sexual energy And so Craig understands that to reach the demons he can use Steven And using Steven means not only have him as a bait but also as sexual partner; yes since Craig sees no problems to follow the animal instincts so strong between them The story is pretty original the demons are really well plotted creatures almost from an horror novel rather than a romance And also the erotic scenes are good but maybe in a short novel like this less than 55 pages they steal the scene to all the other the pace of the book is pretty fast and it would be good if not that it ends pretty abruptly in a point when I would like to read about the developing relationship between Steven and Craig Steven is making a growing journey and I would like to see how he becomes self conscious how he acuires the strenght he needs All in all a good beginning for a new author in the MM romance overview

  4. JustJen "Miss Conduct" JustJen "Miss Conduct" says:

    This is a very uick interesting gruesome at times funny as hell at others sexy story that grabbed me right from the opening sentence My biggest beef with this story is that it was too short Even though the scenes were colorfully detailed I really felt it could have used I wasn't totally clear about the demons and their practices nor the way they were hunted and sent back to Tarturus with magic rings There were times when the story just seemed to skip ahead almost as if some scenes were missing The sex was hot but again it just sort of happened out of the blue I really liked the storyline about the demons and the special team of telephaths that hunted them and would love to read about some of these characters

  5. Gerald Sessions Gerald Sessions says:

    Target Demons psych ability demon hunting and love From whore to demon hunter and hero Now he has it all and love also

  6. Lexi Ander Lexi Ander says:

    First book for me by Lee Avalone This is one of those short reads that by the end you wish it wasn't You have well developed characters a good story line and you can see the potential for something If we are lucky Lee will continue this in a series

  7. Deanna Deanna says:

    3 12 stars

  8. Chiara Chiara says:

    the book had potential but it was underdeveloped

  9. Debbie Benson Debbie Benson says:

    I would highly recommend this book A man transitions from victim to important demon hunter and finds his love as well

  10. Angela Angela says:

    Wish it would have been longer

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