A Ghost of a Chance MOBI æ of a MOBI ô A Ghost

A Ghost of a Chance MOBI æ of a MOBI ô A Ghost

A Ghost of a Chance (Shannon Delaney Paranormal Mystery) ❮EPUB❯ ❀ A Ghost of a Chance (Shannon Delaney Paranormal Mystery) ✻ Author Elizabeth Eagan-Cox – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Shannon Delaney's writing assignment in San Diego opens new doors for her young career She has no idea that her temporary home the Victorian era Blackthorne House mansion is a portal to a century old of a MOBI ô Shannon Delaney's writing assignment in San Diego opens new doors for her young career She has no idea that her temporary home the Victorian era Blackthorne House mansion is a portal to a century old mystery On her first night a ghostly encounter entangles her in the spectral mission of the mansion's original owner Eric Blackthorne master magician Note from author There are different editions of this book in print and ebook I have no control over the editing process of A Ghost PDF/EPUB ² the various imprintsretailers who choose to format without editing the final revised edition they sell This book and all others in my authorship will soon be withdrawn from retail The publisher has closed shop and I am choosing to keep my copyright but not publish March .

7 thoughts on “A Ghost of a Chance (Shannon Delaney Paranormal Mystery)

  1. Betty Betty says:

    The first in the Shannon Delaney Paranormal Mystery Series; as one might expect there is time given over to the introduction of the main characters of which there are uite a few I’ll be interested to watch further developments in later books Solving a mystery that is over 130 years old may seem a daunting task but interesting especially when the mystery involves a famous magician his old mansion and mysterious chest handsome descendants and a psychically sensitive heroineWorking as a team five main characters try to determine what happened to Eric Blackthorne the magician of over 130 years ago; did he just disappear or was he really murdered? The story builds throughout the book as the team resurrect clues from varying sources The excitement of discovery and meaning of each clue is contagious to the reader Not least of the clues appear to come to Shannon in the night Is she dreaming them or are they manifestations? Is there a ghost helping her? and are the hilarious appearances in the night truly clues? All these uestions come to bear on the case and play their role in the mystery I loved the author’s wily way of incorporating not only clues but humor in the mix The story flows well the discoveries of the past weave through the present day smoothly and build the reader’s interest Hints of jealousy and romance appear throughout the story and it seems to end with a promise of about to blossom with the continuation of the series but not without its complicationsI really enjoyed this first book and look forward to the growth of the series I am definitely hooked on Shannon’s dreams The cast of characters form a uniue alliance too Once the first characters were established the book took off and took over leaving me reading almost straight through at one go Easy to read strange uirks to throw us off balance glimpses of life of the rich and of early San Diego two families tied together in mutual interest in the case all make for an effortless but exciting journey through a very “cold case”Should be 4 12

  2. adlin adlin says:

    I decided to read this book after reading the first chapter on the author’s website Good decision I liked the characters the setting the history and the mystery I read the e book edition which did have a glitch or two but overall the book flowed well The story centers around Shannon and her friend Sister Rosario as well as Francisco and Zach Zavala and Alex Blackthorne as they try to solve what happened to Eric and Olivia Blackthorne almost 100 years ago They pretty much know “who done it” but what they don’t know is how or where as it appears the two just disappearedThere is also a little magic and a little romance in addition to the mystery but nothing that gets in the way of the story There is a bit of paranormal here but not really a ghost however it’s done well I thought it ended somewhat abruptly but overall I really liked this book and would recommend it I looked forward to reading other books in this series

  3. Kathy Kathy says:

    Poorly written too many typos and grammatical errors and I've never seen so many exclamation marks in one place before I scanned to the end just wanting to find out how the author wrapped up all the loose ends but wouldn't you know it we have to read the next installment to get the last uestion answered Sorry I'm not that interested

  4. Mary (Biblophile) Mary (Biblophile) says:

    While I enjoyed the premise of the book it certainly could have benefitted from vigourous editing More information could have been added about the main character as you felt like you were dropped into the middle of an ongoing story Overall I liked the characters and will read the next one

  5. Mary Mary says:

    Good concepts but clumsily executed The overuse of exclamation points was maddening and please rattlesnake is one word Sorry but I won't be reading anything else by this author

  6. Sandra Holladay Sandra Holladay says:

    The writing is a bit simplistic at a fifth or sixth grade reading level The mystery itself was a century old so it was basically research meetings and rehashing of events Sorry but a bit on the boring side A few minor errors that another proofreading should have caught

  7. Ellen Ellen says:

    Another good first bookshows potentialI would be interested in reading the next one

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