Within the Frame A Journey in Photographic Vision MOBI

Within the Frame A Journey in Photographic Vision MOBI

Within the Frame A Journey in Photographic Vision ☃ Within the Frame A Journey in Photographic Vision PDF / Epub ✑ Author David duChemin – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Within the Frame is a book about finding and expressing your photographic vision specifically where people places and cultures are concerned A personal book full of real world wisdom and incredible im Within the Frame Frame A eBook ↠ is a book about finding and expressing your photographic vision specifically where people places and cultures are concerned A personal book full of real world wisdom and incredible images author David duChemin of pixelatedimagecom shows you both the how and the why of finding chasing and expressing your vision with a camera to your eye Vision leads to passion and passion is a cornerstone of great photography With it photographs draw the eye in and create an emotional experience Without it a photograph is often not worth and can't capture a viewer's attentionBoth instructional and Within the PDF \ inspirational Within the Frame helps you on your photographic journey to make better images of the places and people you love whether they are around the world or in your own backyard duChemin covers how to tell stories and the technology and tools we have the Frame A Journey in ePUB ↠ at our disposal in order to tell those narratives Most importantly he stresses the crucial theme of vision when it comes to photographing people places and cultures and he helps you cultivate and find your own vision and then fit it within the frame.

About the Author: David duChemin

David duChemin is Frame A eBook ↠ a world humanitarian photographer best selling author and international workshop leader.

10 thoughts on “Within the Frame A Journey in Photographic Vision

  1. Francesca Russell Francesca Russell says:

    Totally loved loved loved this book I've read many photography books which teach you about euipment and techniue but this book is uniue in its focus on creating and capturing your vision by what moves you I highly highly recommend

  2. Steve Steve says:

    This is a beautiful book in the truest sense of the word Not a beautiful coffee table book but a beautiful collection of ideas photographs insights tips and thoughts about a photographer's life written by an experienced introspective and articulate professional More than anything duChemin speaks to the phenomenon that in the era of mind blowing digital photography technology it's easy to forget that the photographer's eye or vision is a key OK the primary or dominant component of a great photograph or an iconic lasting image much as modern technology easily empowers people to translate what they see into a photograph they can shareI can't imagine recommending the book to someone who doesn't carry a camera and I'd be curious to see how the book would resonate with a committed mobile phone Instagram street photographer Maybe it would appeal but I don't knowMy only criticism of the book was that it never flowed for me and I'm not sure why I felt like I was outside looking in rather than fully along for the ride Maybe I was working too hard to figure out what the book was the author's personal exposition a broad array of helpful suggestions for thinking holistically about photography not only as a techniue but as an art or a personal expression a collection of excellent photographs with insights as to why they work or resonate with viewers versus what it wasn't an instruction manual a ten step learning module a coffee table book etc I also found that I didn't rush to pick it up nor did I ever find myself unable to put it down I read a few pages a day over a lengthy period of time And maybe that's the best way to go about it And now a random rambling thought on book pricing and formats At 45 this is rather pricey paperback book even if it is slightly over sized but not so large that it's decorative than functional And uite simply it's worth every penny The photos are gorgeous the layout is clean the font is crisp and readable and the technical properties of each photograph are easily accessible But and here's the random bit it did get me thinking about how the Kindle era has expanded the range of book prices Kindle reading for a number of years meant never paying than 999 or a little for a book that to me was as good if not better than a hard back except if there were photos or maps or diagrams Part of me hopes this serves the author community my experience has been that that modest price of Kindle versions plus the convenience has me buying many books that I might otherwise have picked up in the library In any event years ago I stopped reading pocket sized mass market paperbacks under 10 because I didn't like the page and I was than willing to pay say a price point around 15 for the larger format and attractive B format or even the full size trade format Now that hard back books have drifted towards 30 although who pays full price for a hard back book??? I rarely buy them in part because I don't like to carry them and I feel pressure to get rid of them as soon as I finish them There's no real point to any of this but my guess is that the author isn't getting rich on this book which I'm assuming was expensive to produce so again don't pass over the book because of the price

  3. Pat Loughery Pat Loughery says:

    This was the most enjoyable photography book I've read in ages I've followed David duChemin's work for several years and appreciated his approach and his heart and soul in the images he creates This book was an extension of that heart and soulPhotography books are often either highly technical and not particularly useful at the craft side; or they're overly simplistic and repetitive; or they're high view fine art things that make a reader roll eyesWithin the Frame is a deep look beyond techniue and composition and into the humanity of photography that of the photographer and of her or his subjects It's focused a bit on travel photography but really it's a look at passion craft and vision There are plenty of practical tips that are well communicated I really appreciated his discussion of layering foremidbackgrounds and the usual discussion of shapes and colors and contrasts However the author writes humbly and easily with a voice that is comfortable and friendly The photos are generally excellent even if some of the author's style is just not that attractive to me; and the paper and images are of excellent uality Those little touches mean somethingPerhaps the best way to describe this book is 'inspirational' not that I will go shoot like duChemin but inspiring me to shoot like myselfI'll reread this one many times

  4. Sergey Kiselev Sergey Kiselev says:

    Great book great expression of inner power of photography Simple words but they're changing my photo results Book helps me to understand what is photography and why it's art So simple now to make thousands of photos with one click of shutter But photo isn't about HDR uantity and wow factors For me it's a story journey interesting moments and people You need to earn right to show it to world

  5. Florence Florence says:

    I enjoyed viewing all Mr De Chemin's exotic travel photos taken in places all over the world but the wisdom that David De Chemin imparts within the text was of an educational journey for me Reading it boosted my confidence in street photography which he admits can be a real challenge He claims photographers need to spend time researching their photo opportunities to avoid the shots that have been taken over and over again by so many photographers He says we need to think in advance what story we may want our photos to tell poetry as David sees it though we recognize timing is very important Typically he tries to include people in most of his pictures If we are in love with the job we must respect nature the religion and customs of people and we need to wait for that shot or for that matter get permission to take it We need to be organized prepared and ready to try several techniues not just point and shoot So much for shooting from the window of the car or leaving the tripod extra battery and another SD card at home Yes he is human and admits he is guilty of the same sins Along with many tips on how to achieve shots such as he has taken he advises us how using an appropriate lens can help improve the story we hope to tell Through experience trial and error and as we learn to see our techniues should improve I look forward to reading David De Chemin's next book

  6. Youngki.bear Youngki.bear says:

    Photography how to books that try to help people take better in terms of aesthetics photographs never really deliver on their promise I guess it's something people learn on their own through trial and error and can't be taughtat least in book form His photographs are really nice although sometimes the wow factor comes less from the composition and from the exotic localesDoesn't really succeed as an instructional manual but it's a nice collection of photographs

  7. Dianais Dianais says:

    I really enjoyed this book It was one of the few truly helpfull photography books I appreciated the detailed information under each picture and their stories as wellAlso there were few photos that I didn't wish I had shot

  8. Matt Matt says:

    Lots of great photos and advice about everything photographic

  9. Bastian Bastian says:

    This book was not written for me I don't want to be a professional photographer I don't want to spend whole hours much less days searching for the perfect image Nor carry a tripod and a bag full of lenses and filters And yet this book has stirred something inside of me Not maybe a new passion or direction for my life but an appreciation for different cultures and how to experience themIn a way this book has been of a travel journal to me than a photographic guidebook Either way I am glad I read it

  10. Justin Justin says:

    AmazingEasily one of the best books I've read on photography It captures the emotion the honor the peace in taking photos It was practical and compelling I want to do so literally everything Dave has illustrated and it's reignited a passion for capturing the world again

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