Paperback ↠ Visionary Kindle å

Paperback ↠ Visionary Kindle å

Visionary [Read] ➪ Visionary By Hallford Michael – Slacker reporter Jim Jacobson is sent to cover the visit of the mystic prophet figure Nigel Fox Jacobson's skepticism is exceeded only by his self doubt and remorse about his own life and roots Before Slacker reporter Jim Jacobson is sent to cover the visit of the mystic prophet figure Nigel Fox Jacobson's skepticism is exceeded only by his self doubt and remorse about his own life and roots Before the day is over he will be hurled into an adventure that spans sixty years of history the events of a world war a beautiful and ill fated love affair set in the backdrop of eastern Orthodox spirituality The book is a novel in the grand sense a purposeful plot with characters that walk and breathe within the narrative and dialogue Interwoven elements of Christian mysticism and Biblical prophecy collide with conspiracy and the new technology of the post war America television Visionary is a book about the discovery of faith recovery of a lost past and the pains and joys of connections which defy time space and logic It is very much a novel with multiple layers of connection to the human spirit as it struggles to comprehend the divine Randy Maugans Threshing Floor Radio Host.

  • Paperback
  • 488 pages
  • Visionary
  • Hallford Michael
  • English
  • 09 June 2014
  • 9780979160066

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  1. Erick Wittemann Erick Wittemann says:

    Visionary was uite a riveting read Jim Jacobson a journalist and cynic extraordinaire begins his turbulent uest when asked to interview a mystic named Nigel Fox Like many people today Jacobson is uninterested in Christian answers to today's problems Perhaps they have been hurt by members of the Church Maybe they perceive that Christianity is simply a religion of dos and don'ts and therefore lacks love This incredible book can begin to provide an answer to all of those who are searching who are starting to realize that we are than the sum total of our experiences on Earth Here are some of my favorite uotes1 Have you ever wondered why we are here? If there is any point or meaning to life?2 Leonard’s vision of a world transformed by science had inspired me but I began to understand how destructive knowledge could be Did those German scientists when they sat as school boys drilling themselves on Newton and Descartes hope one day to rain such terror from the skies?3 We came from such different worlds and sometimes I envied her world which seemed so full of life and hope Through her I had begun to realize that it’s not so much where I lived that mattered but how I lived4 For he like most of them considered a Catholic worse than a murderer It was for this reason among others that I found religion unattractive and religious people undesirable5 I was given a brief glimpse of a world yet to come and this glimpse terrified me not so much because I was afraid of science but because I saw the ease with which we could eavesdrop on anyone With enemies as clearly villainous as the Nazis it seemed morally justified to use whatever means necessary to defeat them ‘But what about when they are finally defeated?’ I often pondered6 “You’re not a Catholic lover are you?” he asked me and I realized that he was becoming agitated with me There was in his heart the same bitterness against Catholics that had turned me from religion in Wisconsin So I decided to drop the subject altogether I have never been able to understand why people are threatened by other cultures because my understanding had been enriched and my vision expanded as a result of contact with them7 “It’s all right to be unhappy Father Michael says the world’s curse is happiness”8 Do you believe in a life after death?” I recall him asking me “I’m not sure” I responded “There has to be something than this or it’s all so pointless and I still don’t think it’s pointless” 9 Most of the religious people I had encountered were hypocritical self righteous lacking in tolerance and compassion Beth embodied none of these characteristics Instead I had admired her humility longsuffering patience perseverance her willingness to believe10 “A good deed is like a pebble thrown into the water” Beth interrupted me “There are effects we can never see

  2. Vincent Vincent says:

    Greek Orthodox epic intense The Good huge plot twists; epic sense of purpose; dramatic story telling The Bad a different type of climaxCharactersThe story revolves around the two characters of Jim Jacobsen and Nigel Fox Jim is a small town journalist who embodies society's general attitude toward religion apathy laced with areas of resilient skepticism and cynicism Jim's boss asks him to write an article on Nigel who is a famous mystic that is coming to their town Your original impression of Nigel is that of an old man who has lived a life filled with regret His celebrity is such that his presence at public events generates a mass hysteria at his events Yet his fame is of no significance to him because he knows that all his life he has just been a tool for the powers that beBeth Fox is also a really special character She has an Old World simplicity and innocence that was typically found in first generation Americans who came over from Europe But this type of individual no longer exists in America as it's a reflection of a much simpler wholesome time in the worldPlotThe book comes out with guns blazing as it is one of the finest first chapters this reviewer has ever read It's so compelling that even the woefully apathetic Jim Jacobsen becomes anxious to learn about Nigel's lifeThe plot is composed of two storylines which progress in tandem one involving Jim Jacobsen and the other involving the fifteen audio tapes of Nigel's life It's a very exciting plot as untold secrets are slowly revealed which change Jim's perspective on life itselfMost people will find the climax to be anticlimactic as it involves a profound spiritual experience not involving mysticism In other words the climax is in no way tense but it serves as an effective culmination of the story In fact it takes a step back from the general plot tension While the rest of the novel is filled with noise turmoil and anxiety the climax is filled with peace uiet and calm This juxtaposition makes the silence deafening the type that can shake the foundations of a manStyleLike William Biersach Hallford sueezes in many societal critiues albeit less elouently Here is a scene where Jim is walking through a hallway at the hospital Jim noticed as he left the room that the bodyguard who had stood watch there before had disappeared The long empty corridor remained with its rows of doors like prison cells with invisible bars Behind each door was hidden tragedy and human suffering concealed by whitewashed walls and polished floors Technology had not destroyed death; it just made it easier to ignoreHallford's dramatic writing style combined with a meaningful series of events including a pandora's box type catastrophe gives the story a heightened almost epic sense of purpose Visionary is an unforgettable must read book whose story and themes will stay with you forever

  3. Debbi Debbi says:

    It doesn't seem fair to give a review of a book I couldn't finish I made it to about 100 pages and decided this wasn't my type of book The writing was sloppy and the story uninteresting

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