Paperback ¾ Echo PDF å

Paperback ¾ Echo PDF å

Echo (Echo, #5) ❴PDF❵ ❤ Echo (Echo, #5) Author Terry Moore – Julie and Ivy must stop the launch of the ill fated Phi Collider but scientist Hong Liu has other plans when he takes the pair hostage With the fate of the world on their shoulders the women must esca Julie and Ivy must stop the launch of the ill fated Phi Collider but scientist Hong Liu has other plans when he takes the pair hostage With the fate of the world on their shoulders the women must escape track down a serial killer and retrieve the remaining Alloy Complications arise as the side effects of the powerful allow cause Julie to grow larger as Ivy grows younger Collects issues –.

About the Author: Terry Moore

Following the examples of independent comic creators such as Dave Sim and Jeff Smith he decided to publish Strangers in Paradise himself through his own Houston based Abstract Studios imprint and has freuently mentioned a desire to do a syndicated cartoon strip in the authors notes at the back of the Strangers in Paradise collection books He has also mentioned his greatest career influence i.

10 thoughts on “Echo (Echo, #5)

  1. Amy Amy says:

    This volume felt like an improvement from the last and I'm still enjoying the story and characters There's not really much to say about this that hasn't already been said The plot is entertaining the characters are for the most part multidimensional and the art is beautiful

  2. Aaron Aaron says:

    Terry Moore misses no opportunity to ratchet up the suspense and mystery in this volume even when he's already done uite a bit of heavy lifting in terms of uestion answering in the fourth volume Thing start to get pretty weird in this one with the Phi suit starting to cause unusual side effects in Julie and Ivy Moore has a knack for revealing new details and twists at a pace that keeps you guessing and invested while never dropping the characters he's spent 4 volumes bringing to life I've talked a lot about this in reviews of previous volumes but suffice it to say this series never lets up or slows down It's just a suspenseful character driven sci fi story that I really don't want to end

  3. Shannon Appelcline Shannon Appelcline says:

    After a volume of wheel spinning Black Hole suddenly goes into overdrive fulfilling many of this promises of this book and resolving many of its conflicts Is it too uick? Perhaps But it's intriguing to see where this book is going now that we're heading so rapidly toward the finish line

  4. Arminzerella Arminzerella says:

    Hong almost succeeds in getting the alloy off of Julie injuring Ivy in the process When JulieAnnie attempts to heal Ivy the alloy somehow reverses her aging process – now she's regressing both physically and mentally with no signs of stopping The alloy is starting to change Julie as well – she's becoming physically stronger and larger It's also pissing her off She doesn't really want to be a hero she just wants her “normal” life back Julie and Ivy finally meet up with Dillon and together they set off in pursuit of “Cain” the crazy man who also has some of the alloy Cain has taken another one of the Phi scientists hostage Vijay and is using him as sacrificebait to lure Julie to his mountaintop Their “showdown” is kind of anticlimactic though Cain has already immolated himself when they arrive and the remaining alloy jumps to Julie Ivy puts Cain out of his misery with a well placed bullet On to the collider?There's some amusing banter between Julie and Ivy as Julie begins to assert herself Terry Moore puts them in some uncomfortable situations too adding a bit of comic relief to take the edge off of the suspense It's a nice touch Really enjoying this

  5. Darinda Darinda says:

    Government conspiracies Black holes Fun sci fi stuff This volume contains issues 21 25

  6. Fran Fran says:

    The very last panel of the very last page of this volume gave me a good chuckleThankfully Hong the implausible is dealt with uickly and that plot point is moved away from swiftly The volume then delivers an unexpected but very good comic double act in Julie and Ivy as they both grow in opposite directions I don't uite know why the alloy is having this effect on Ivy and I feel like perhaps we won't ever really get an explanation and it's just Plot But it's entertaining so I'll let it slide The thing with Julie and insectsanimals in interesting I wonder if that's coming from her natural love of animals and being amplified by the alloy Hope there's something about this before the endIt's nice that this volume ties up the view spoilerCain story line hide spoiler

  7. Alan Alan says:

    I never would have thought Terry Moore would go from Strangers in Paradise while very good for most its run did drag a lot in its middle to Echo arguably the best science fiction comic published today Yes it take place today and the science is not perfect But we get super colliders government conspiracies newly discovered unstable elements the power to make black holes and the likely end of the world During all of this Moore keeps the central characters of Julies Dillon Ivy and Annie yes I know she's dead interesting andor compelling

  8. Mike Mike says:

    I love our characters the ones that remain at least unpredictable continuing to evolve with their circumstances and give me something really interesting to think about how would I react in these circumstances?Moore has a talent for not putting everything into words sometimes people do things without thinking sometimes things happen that no one has to narrate There's still plenty of text but I appreciate Moore's balance and restraintMysteries keep compounding And the metaphysics are embiggening Hard to gauge what is science and what isother Fun though very much fun

  9. Penny Ramirez Penny Ramirez says:

    Thrilled to find Terry Moore's booth at C2E2 last weekend and very sad to hear that #5 is the next to last book Tried to wait tried to savor it but ripped through it in two sittings Interesting developments Julie has discovered new powers Ivy seems to be getting younger Annie has made another appearance people are dying and at the rate Moore's going this is going to end with the whole world blowing up Sigh Satisfying but I really wish the series would have contained a few books

  10. Zedsdead Zedsdead says:

    view spoilerWhile escaping from Liu Ivy learns how to make a key that will release Julie from the Beta suit When Julie heals Ivy's stab wound they start to change Julie gets larger maybe seven feet tall by book's end and Ivy gets younger and younger until she looks pre adolescent Cain kidnaps Vijay and forces a final confrontation on top of a mountain Old Testament showdown hide spoiler

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