Post Mortem PDF/EPUB å Paperback

Post Mortem PDF/EPUB å Paperback

Post Mortem ❮EPUB❯ ❃ Post Mortem ✾ Author Patricia Daniels Cornwell – Primeira obra da autora ue desde logo se tornou num bestseller mundial Post Mortem tem por heroína Kay Scarpetta uma mulher detective ligada ao FBI ue tenta encontrar um assassino ue violenta sadicam Primeira obra da autora ue desde logo se tornou num bestseller mundial Post Mortem tem por heroína Kay Scarpetta uma mulher detective ligada ao FBI ue tenta encontrar um assassino ue violenta sadicamente sucessivas mulheres sem ue nenhum aspecto comum as una excepto o facto de todas elas serem torturadas aos sábados de manhã Contudo a eficácia profissional de Kay Scarpetta nem a todos agrada uma vez ue o seu protagonismo não é bem visto num mundo eminentemente masculinoDe eficácia profissional inversamente proporcional à sua felicidade pessoal a heroína deste romance integra muitas das características ue constituem também a sua própria autora Kay uma mulher atraente com cerca de anos é divorciada e mantém uma relação tumultuosa com um agente do FBI casado e com filhos o ue lhe traz alguma intranuilidade atendendo à sua educação católica Sentindo se freuentemente culpada uando em situações de stress recorre ao álcool e ao tabaco Kay define se também através de Lucie a sua jovem e peculiar sobrinha Amante do desporto sobredotada e com tendência para o envolvimento em relações homossexuais Lucie permite a Patricia Cornwell transmitir ao longo da narrativa mensagens sobre a liberdade de pensar agir e amar.

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  1. Karin Slaughter Karin Slaughter says:

    This is a really terrific book I think people forget how things started when they talk about current books by Patricia Cornwell Back in the beginning she was doing something no other woman was doing and she did it really well So well that she inspired folks like me I figgered if she could get away with writing the kinds of books I like to read then I could do it too I loves me some Sue Grafton and Sara Paretsky but they weren't into the hard stuff Cornwell really forged a new trail

  2. Luca Ambrosino Luca Ambrosino says:

    English Postmortem Italiano«It was raining in Richmond on Friday June 6»The first case of Kay Scarpetta the coroner who made the fortune of the American writer Patricia Cornwell starts in the rain The population of Richmond is upset about the presence of a serial killer who first rapes his victims and then he strangles them in their bedrooms The coroner Scarpetta who examined the bodies of the killed women awaits powerless the next victimA few weeks ago I picked from my bookshelf an old copy of this novel that I read in 2000 I had the reading date on the inside cover The cover is bright yellow I remember liking it Yes let's read it again Straightforward narrative 320 pages of honest and concrete thriller with a nice suspense There are no striking twists and turns but in my opinion the strength of this novel from 1990 is keeping a grip on reality without flights of fancy that are scarcely digestible if carried out too far to improbable situations Sometimes the imaginative final revelations typical of modern thrillers badly astonish me After all degustibus non est disputandumIn any case Patricia Cornwell has the virtue of starting the forensic medicine genre Great opening narrativeVote 8«Venerdì 6 giugno a Richmond pioveva»Inizia sotto la pioggia il primo caso di Kay Scarpetta il medico legale che ha fatto la fortuna dell'americana Patricia Cornwell La popolazione di Richmond è sconvolta per la presenza di un killer seriale che dapprima violenta e poi strangola le proprie vittime all'interno della loro camera da letto Il medico legale Kay Scarpetta che ha analizzato i corpi delle donne uccise attende impotente la prossima vittimaualche settimana fa ho pescato dalla mia libreria una vecchia copia di uesto romanzo che lessi nel 2000 avevo segnato a matita in seconda di copertina la data in cui lo lessi La copertina è di un giallo sgargiante ricordo che mi era piaciuto Ma si rileggiamolo Trama lineare 320 pagine di thriller onesto concreto e con buona suspense Non ci sono colpi di scena eclatanti ma il punto di forza di uesto romanzo datato 1990 secondo me è proprio il suo restare ancorato alla realtà senza uei voli pindarici che risultano poco digeribili se esasperati a soluzioni improbabili A volte lo spiegone finale che eccede in fantasia tipico dei moderni thriller mi lascia basito De gustibusIn ogni caso la Cornwell ha il pregio di lanciare il filone del giallo medico forense Ottimo esordioVoto 8

  3. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    Post Mortem Kay Scarpetta #1 Patricia CornwellThe novel opens as Dr Kay Scarpetta Chief Medical Examiner for the Commonwealth of Virginia receives an early morning call from Sergeant Pete Marino a homicide detective at the Richmond Police Department with whom Scarpetta has a tense working relationship She meets him at the scene of a woman's gruesome strangling the latest in a string of unsolved murders in RichmondFour women with nothing in common united only in death Four brutalized victims of a brilliant monster a Mr Nobody moving undetected through a paralyzed city leaving behind a gruesome trail of carnage but few clues With skilled hands an unerring eye and the latest advances in forensic research an unrelenting female medical examiner Kay Scarpetta is determined to unmask a maniac But someone is trying to sabotage Kay's investigation from the inside And worse yet someone wants her dead تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز چهاردهم ماه سپتامبر سال 2019 میلادیعنوان پس از خاموشی؛ نویسنده پاتریشیا کورن‌ول؛ مترجم نورا نواپور؛ تهران نشر خزه‏‫، 1398؛ در 358ص؛ شابک 9786229984550؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان ‬ایالات متحده آمریکا سده 20مداستان «پس از خاموشی»، نخستین رمان بانو «پاتریشیا کورن‌ول» بود و ایشان با آفرینش شخصیت «دکتر کای اسکاپتا» در همین رمان، یکی از شخصیتهایای محبوب خوانشگرن آثار جنایی معمایی را معرفی کردند؛ برای همین «دکتر کای اسکاپتا»، شخصیت محوری رمان‌های بعدی ایشان شد؛ داستان «پس از خاموشی»، درباره ی قتل یک زن زیبا و جوان است؛ همسر این زن بازیگر تئاتر است، و این شائبه وجود دارد، که در صحنه زندگی هم نقش یک قاتل را بازی کرده باشد؛ در روند داستان، خبرنگاری وارد می‌شود، که با برخی مقامات شهر ارتباط داشته، و از جزئیات پرونده ی قتل زن جوان اطلاعاتی به دست آورده است اما کشته‌ شدن خواهر خبرنگار همه معادلات و گمانه‌ زنی‌ها را به هم می‌ریزد؛ در ادامه ی داستان این رمان، قتل زنجیره‌ ای زنان ادامه پیدا کرده، و تلاش‌های پلیس و کارآگاه‌های خصوصی، برای پیدا کردن قاتل، به جایی نمی‌رسد؛ اما گره ماجرا از جایی آغاز به بازشدن می‌کند، که شخصیتی به نام «دکتر کای اسکاپتا» وارد می‌شود؛ کسی که نه کارآگاه است نه مرد؛ بلکه یک پزشک قانونی ارشد است؛تاریخ بهنگام رسانی 10041399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا شربیانی

  4. Matt Matt says:

    In introducing the reader to Dr Kay Scarpetta Cornwell does a masterful job of developing both the character and a back story while also forging ahead with a novel based mystery While the genre is supersaturated with these types of stories nowadays Cornwell writes in such a way as to rise above the rest putting aside that the novel came out before the aforementioned overkill When a string of women are left strangled and murdered Dr Scarpett must piece things together and determine whether this is a serial killer or simply horrific coincidences The latest victim's death points fingers at someone close to her leaving Scarpetta to use her forensic knowledge to decipher who it might be Cornwell hints at numerous suspects throughout leaving the reader to wonder 'whodunit' from beginning to end Cornwell uses great research to bring the book to life as well from detailed forensics police jargon and computer speak This being before the wonders of GOOGLE she took a great amount of time to thoroughly present things in a believable way I cannot attest as to whether it was truthful but it sounded as such Anyone like me looking for a great series that many people have lauded should surely begin with this novel and continue on the great journey Cornwell lays out for Dr ScarpettaKudos Madam Cornwell on a highly entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable novel I look forward to seeing what the rest of the series has to offer

  5. James James says:

    Patricia Cornwell's Postmortem was my first foray into the forensic science crime novel While I am fully capable of reading detailed descriptions of gore and autopsies without getting sick I was a tad worried that it would get too technical where I'd lose some of the understanding of the medical aspects While it happens on occasion the editors and author have done a great job at finding the perfect level of language to keep the words flowing properly most of the timeScarpetta is a true hero someone to admire someone to fear She will always solve the case even in the most intricate complex ones out there The style is strong the descriptions and setting vivid You feel like you are in the story along side the protagonist About Me For those new to me or my reviews here's the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you'll also find TV Film reviews the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I've visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the whowhatwhenwhere and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by Note All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them Many thanks to their original creators

  6. Patricia Patricia says:

    Mysteries have long been recreational reading for me About every fourth or fifth book I read is a mystery sandwiched in between literary best sellers and stellar non fiction I've been meaning to get around to Patricia Cornwall and had picked up a few of her books at yard sales but I was waiting until I found the first book in her Kay Scarpetta series before I dove in Postmortem won numerous awards when it came out in 1990 including the Edgar and the Anthony awardsFor the first 100 or so pages I was not overly impressed As a fan of Kathy Reichs I felt that Cornwall was not as good but then I realized that Reichs' first book came out 10 years after Cornwall's first Scarpetta book Put in that historical perspective I understood that she was the antecedent who set the stage for writers like Reichs There are other historical aspects of this book that make it fun For instance there are no cell phones AND the use of the computer was infantile compared to now and Cornwall does a terrific job of employing computers as part of the mystery with a degree of sophistication that was likely unprecedented at the time Postmortem is definitely a page turner that kept me up late two nights reading I'll be reading of Cornwall in part to see her influence on later mystery writers

  7. mark monday mark monday says:

    A Post Mortem Report on PostmortemManagementPerformance Careful project management led to successful achievement of outcome objectives Tension was raised; stakes were high; stakeholders and key informants displayed a personal engagement with project that enhanced performanceCommunication Efficient and professional; dry and often uninteresting Occasional well turned and resonant phrases made welcome albeit brief appearancesGroup Dynamics Principal Investigator was expertly characterized Supporting characters less so Child character annoying; cop character confusingly developed Villainous functionaries not provided with appropriate villainous attributes other than serving as assessors of PI's activities Assessor's note Such activities are not actually villainous despite the annoyance and melodrama displayed by PI upon assessment as they are central to an Assessor's scope of work for realTools Forensic tools well used Forensic details did not overwhelm projectTraining Needs Identified Project successfully outlined training needs for crime writers and humanity eg train yourself to not drool over the gory details and don't embrace a pornography of violence because that's not a good look for crime writers and humans Well done project leaderKey Problem Areas Poorly developed motivation for killer Killer found almost by accident which caused snickers and dissatisfaction Project created boredom and sudden sleep periods; serviceable as an airplane read although cover should be hidden from fellow passengers' view to avoid raised eyebrows and prevent feelings of shameOverall Project Assessment Project is best suited for viewers of CSI NCIS Criminal Minds and the like

  8. Flannery Flannery says:

    I loved the 1990s There was great television Pogs scrunchies and the Pittsburgh Penguins were amazing at hockey obviously Jaromir Jagr's mullet contributed a significant amount to this last part And although I totally loved playing Seventh Guest Oregon Trail Carmen Sandiego and the like on our old Macs I'm happy with the advancements in technology Okay moving on I also love crime novels When they are set in ye oldey times I get caught up in the story seeing how Sherlock could deduce his way to victory Or when they are set in the future I like seeing Eve Dallas use new fangled technology to find her man Or woman Or robot Even when books are set in current times or in the past few years it's great BUT Postmortem lies in the bottom of awkward valley for me at the moment I read over and over and over about how maybe someone should change their words only password on a networked computer and how secure the network was Every time I read about dialing in from home to a network that was left in answer mode I could hear the dial up noise in my headand how grating is that? Side note do kids today even know what a dial up noise is? I feel old I'm sure nay positive that I will enjoy the Scarpetta books further down the line as technology catches up but I was frustrated throughout this novel There was many a dramatic eye roll and Oh brother muttered The printer paper still had those holey side parts and DNA evidence was new They spend at least half of the book talking about some glittery substance and I couldn't figure out why they didn't just test it to figure out what it was Did I miss something here? Why couldn't they do chemical testing?In terms of the plot I was entertained throughout I wasn't sure whodunit until the big reveal and I suspected as I'm supposed to several side characters along the way Cornwell definitely knows the building blocks to a successful medical crime thriller It is easy to tell that she comes from the medical side of things and those were definitely my favorite parts of the book the autopsies discussions of injuries etc The least successful read most annoying sections of the book for me were Kay Scarpetta's interactions with her precocious niece Evidently her niece is the Doogie Howser of the computer hacking world but without his boyish charm and lab coatThe book is entertaining but it didn't do much for me overall I will keep going in this series though because my dear friend Maja is in love with it and I think it will get better as I get out of the dated technology era I bet I would really enjoy this if I read it in twenty yearsAt this point I'm just going to rehash a few plot points for people who may have forgotten As I keep following series for years I'm on number thirtysomething with Eve Dallas I realize how much I forget about early books This will serve as a reminder to me and you? about the events of book one in this series Don't read on if you don't want to absolutely spoil the bookview spoilerSeveral women are murdered by someone with a glittery substance on their hands The perpetrator comes in through open windows Simultaneously Kay is near raped by her psuedo boyfriend who'd done something similar to the local newswoman whose sister ends up being the last victim Though she and Marino suspect a few other people first Kay figures out that the link between all the women is that they'd all called 911 weeksmonths before their murder for minor things The 911 operator is the killer The glittery substance was borax based cleanser at his work that he used all the time because he had some random syndrome that made him smell like maple syrup all the time seriously At the end Kay's niece leaves her window open and the rapist gets in and is going to kill Kay but Marino arrives and shoots him before he can hide spoiler

  9. Edward Lorn Edward Lorn says:

    Kay Scarpetta books like Alex Cross books and anything VC Andrews wrote are books I grew up seeing around the house but mostly stayed away from They wereare names I associate with story over prose fiction the type of popular books that are easily consumable but lack any writing prowess whatsoever In the case of Patricia Cornwell I was admittedly wrong I have no problems with her writing and her story is sound No complaints thereMom always had Cornwell paperbacks strewn about the house But nowadays she can't remember a single storyline or why she even enjoyed the series My mother has a tremendous memory especially for books she's read the woman can tell me the entire Terry Brooks's Shannara storyline in succinct detail it's one of the reasons I've never read that series but she can't wrap her head around why she used to love these books as much as she did And I kinda understand that While I did like the writing and the story there's nothing remarkable here Just an engaging read that is likely to maintain your interest But will I remember it in a week a month a year? Highly unlikely Postmortem is an easily accessible piece of forensic thriller fiction Think CSI or any of the lab moments from NCIS and you'll have seen this book coming from across the street The only parts I stumbled on were some words that were not immediately familiar to me Several times throughout the book Cornwell dropped a seventeen letter or thirty two letter word I had to look up on Google Your average dictionary does not have these words in it and Cornwell is inconsistent when explaining what these procedures or pieces of euipment are used for I cannot image what it was like to read this book back when it first came out You know what with the internet and Google not being around Don't get me wrong there are times when Cornwell describes well these processes and the machines that do them than there are times that she doesn't but a single time where I have to put down my book to research a word is one time too many And yes I'm aware that many people are able to gloss right over these words and move the fuck on but I'm too damn obsessive compulsive for that shit However it does piss me off when I look up a word and find there is an eually adeuate commonly known word which the author could have used instead of the thesaurus buckling word with which they chose to stuff their book That's not the case here though Most of the words I didn't know I didn't know because I don't work in forensic sciences I can forgive thatOne final note before we wrap this up Although I cannot remember the kid's name I really dug the niece character I'm a sucker for precocious kids in fiction and this intelligent little girl fit the bill perfectly I hope she's featured in future installments That being said Pete Marino stole the show He was eual parts asshole good guy red herring and comic relief Truly my favorite part of the book I have no comments on Kay Scarpetta For me she was faceless and unremarkable In summation The occasional big technical word aside this is an easy read Not sure I'll read every book in the series but I will continue on I will probably end up synopsis hopping until I find a storyline that piues my interest I already have a hardcover of Body Farm I scored for a uarter so I think I'll read that one next Any reason why I shouldn't skip books? Lemme know in the comments belowFinal Judgment Not bad but one good drunk will erase it from your memory

  10. Emily Emily says:

    This was the first Patricia Cornwell novel I read and I expected it to be good because she's an author you see around a lot However I was disappointed with this book The book felt long It was extremely detailed when it came to describe the technology used I skimmed over most of those parts because the technology was extremely dated and it was hard to follow what she was saying Also it described red tape procedures in her lab that just put me to sleep Suspects were brought up and never really dismissed as suspects; rather they'd just find a new suspect and forget the one before It felt like a wild goose chase Granted there were moments in the book that had me enraptured but these were few and far between I only really remember one of these moments which was at the very end of the book Word to the wise the ending is not worth the 300 pages you have to read to get there The whole book was resolved very uickly with no real connection to the rest of the book The preceding 300 pages were a waste of Kay Scarpetta's time

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