The Remedy eBook å

The Remedy eBook å

  • 432 pages
  • The Remedy
  • Michelle Lovric
  • Portuguese
  • 26 May 2014

10 thoughts on “The Remedy

  1. Mir Mir says:

    There must be a term for this sub genre of historical fiction which focuses on extensive description of the sordidness and filth of the past the stenches the sores and sicknesses the gutters clogged with feces the pox scarred prostitutes reeking of sweat jism and tooth decay the scarred and deformed poor Accompanying this physical description as if the dirt of the past were a reflection of its moral caliber rather than its lack of sanitation is what seems an obsession with the forementioned prostitution with the perverted lustful thoughts of every male character the mindless wantonness of the women because apparently the people of past eras were too ignorant and irrational to concern themselves with pregnancy and disease with the violent and criminalI'm sure this approach is realistic than that of say historical romance where the past seems made up largely of balls and the preparations thereof with faithful servants and the occasional highwayman thrown in for color but it is still a cripplingly distorted view of societies which were real and complex and for which in this case there is plenty of alternative documentation But in any case my objection to this book is not its obsession with the sordid which I find unoriginal and not to my taste but may be desired by other readers but its attention to descriptions of the aforementioned over plot action Dammit I was promised espionage It took the first hundred pages for any of the main characters to encounter one another and just when I was raising my hopes that we were finally getting to the action they had sex Without conversation foreplay or removal of clothing Then the improbably accented seriously this was jokingly called Stage Paddy even in the 19th century Valentine goes home This is not the sort of action I was waiting for Ms Lovric And I'm not waiting any longer I have other books to read Books with characters who don't have oozing sores

  2. Lori Anderson Lori Anderson says:

    I have a love for historical fiction particularly of the 1700's and even so of Italy I uite enjoyed this book even though it did make me pull out my dictionary a few times Venice and London are the cities of note in The Remedy and while it's a love story it's a twisted one I particularly liked the ending I saw one twist coming about halfway through the book but the last one eluded me for a whileIf you liked In the Company of the Courtesan you'll probably like this one tooI enjoyed itLori AndersonLori AndersonThe Store Lori AndersonThe Blog Facebook

  3. Jane Jane says:

    If you are a fan of historical fiction and haven't read any of Michelle Lovric's work yet I totally recommend The Remedy set in the late 1700s takes us back and forth between Venice and London and entwines the stories of Venetian actress Mimosina Dolcezza rogue Valentine Greatrakes and woman child Pevenche Lovric paints a vivid picture of the urban world of the late 1700s from the theatre to the work of the uacks who sell their remedies to the unsuspecting masses This was a very enjoyable read

  4. Audrey P Audrey P says:

    For having such grandiose language and detailed descriptions it really didnt have a plot to match It was a little disappointing to have such a trite love story come from such an interesting setting I will say though that Lovric does have an amazing vocabulary my favorite epithet a hefty bit of nastiness

  5. Juushika Juushika says:

    A historical romance cum drama set in the underbellies of 1780s London and Venice I could finish reading this—it's overlong but not poorly paced on the whole and the prose is often laborious and strangely stilted but far from unreadable—but I don't want to There's little to intrigue here despite the richness of the historical setting what opens well with the story of a young recalcitrant nun devolves into an insipid romance and while there's a hint of conspiracy in the background details Lovric does her best to overshadow them with the awkward coupling of two unlikable people In the most mundane and offputting sense there's a shadow of the grotesue across the book blatant fat shaming greasy and petty characters and only the thinnest sort of passion at its heart My appetite is for fantasy of manners style historical drama richer and intriguing finding depth in the darkest corners; The Remedy manages none of that and so it's not to my taste—and frankly I can find nothing else to redeem it It would be a waste of my time to finish reading it and I don't recommend it

  6. Angela Angela says:

    Whilst it may be true that the mystery is uite easy to predict I didn't find that it spoiled my enjoyment The recipes for various potions at the beginning of each chapter are fascinating and the descriptions vividly conjure up images of 18th century London and Venice in all their festering stinking glory I didn't expect to like it as much as I did but it drew me in and kept me riveted right to the end

  7. Suzanna Suzanna says:

    I loved this book but obviously it's not for everyone Lovric clearly loves words and has a gift for semantics While several reviewers found the book plodding and dull I was swept away by the author's voice and the plot For me this was fun and fast moving This is my second book from Lovric and I'll be grabbing

  8. Diana Apperley Diana Apperley says:

    A fast moving atmospheric story set in both the seedier parts of 17th century London and the upper echelons of Venetian society Wonderful descriptions of place and character with lots of suspense and uncovered dark secrets brill

  9. Bronwyn Bronwyn says:

    Where to begin with my review of this book? It may end up being just as muddied as the plot line to 'The Remedy' if I'm not carefulWhat this is at its very core is a love story A very predictable I correctly guessed the plot twist within the first few chapters well researched love story set against an interesting historical backdrop What drew me to this book initially was the fact that it was set in 18th century London and dealt with uack doctors and other unsavory folk It promised and delivered unflinching portrayals of what city life during this time was like gritty sordid painful and full of misery all while wearing a frock coat Lovric has a decided flair for painting grotesue caricaturizations of people and their inner machinations and her three main characters are no exception; each as ugly and twisted and broken as the next despite the pleasing outward countenances of Mimosina Dolcezza and Valentine Greatrakes the two great lovers of the bookThe ghastly woman child Pevenche was the brightest burning flame in my opinion her lurid physical description following me around from page to pageThe meat of the novel doesn't begin until about 200 pages within when the plot line unravels and becomes tangled and messy If you are like me you already know how the book is going to end so just read the novel for the bizarre recipes for healing unguents and nostrums from authentic and somehow still extant 18th century sources which announce the beginning of each new chapter All in all despite its flaws 'The Remedy' it is an entertaining jaunt which sometimes smacks of Rikki Ducornet probably because of the grotesue descriptions of people and ailmentsand is recommended for those folks who have an interest in strange historical details and eventsRead it for historic details of 18th century Venice and London unflinching descriptions of various priapic medical disorders I counted the word 'effluvia' five times sordid ale house interiors vengeful Italian nuns and strange historical apocrypha

  10. Tocotin Tocotin says:

    The voice of the female main character was spellbinding and I was sucked into her world right away I was making pancakes while reading and I usually need to have something interesting to read when cooking It was such a welcome change to read about someone who had been treated unjustly who had survived traumatizing events – and didn’t whine or wait to be rescued but ACTED acted with spite and malice but not without humanity and compassion So I liked her and wished her well even though theoretically I shouldn’t have because she was also a privileged spoiled bratThe male main character was meh I’m not against first person present tense narration at all but it didn’t work for me here I guess the choice was made to distinguish the two narrative voices but the effect was jarring Poor Valentine He did have better moments but as a whole I thought him a bit too soft too gullible too careless for a king of the underworld he was supposed to be; I waited for him to show some sophistication and he never did Like he didn’t figure out right away that Mimosina’s name was only a stage pseudonym? His lovesickness with Mimosina and submissiveness with Pevenche seemed to me out of character Oh and Pevenche was my second or possibly even most favorite character Poor girl had issues but her personality was made of steel I definitely didn’t like the end of her storyline – it was just unfair; there was something highly unnatural about the whole thing since the moment when she left London Why would everything go so smoothly? Where did they have the money for the whole escapade? And why wasn’t there any conclusion for let’s call it family matters? And the end – how the hell would Pevenche find out all that?The details about the daily life in Venice and London seemed to be well researched; the chapters with the uack doctor were probably my favorite I didn’t care for the descriptions of various medicines at the beginning of the chapters – too precious – but they did make me wonder if they were authentic or if the author made them upAnyway it was an intriguing book despite all my uibbles and I’d like to read of this author

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The Remedy[Download] ✤ The Remedy By Michelle Lovric – Numa noite inesuecível de 1785 num famoso teatro londrino a aluimia do amor e da morte funde subitamente as vidas de uma actriz veneziana e de um aristocrata inglês Mas nenhum deles é uem aparenta Numa noite inesuecível de num famoso teatro londrino a aluimia do amor e da morte funde subitamente as vidas de uma actriz veneziana e de um aristocrata inglês Mas nenhum deles é uem aparenta ser Ela é uma espia ao serviço de Veneza ele o maior charlatão de Londres Segredos perigosos e mentiras elaboradas cedo empurram os dois amantes em direcções opostas desesperados em saber a verdade um sobre o outro mas também sobre si próprios É um tempo de remédios fabulosos – excremento de pavão e pó de ouro são considerados tão eficazes uanto serpentes esmagadas – e os amantes procuram um bálsamo para aplacar todas as doenças todas as feridas do amor A sua busca leva os das ruelas mais obscuras de Londres à enigmática Veneza Uma dança entre teatros e bordéis boticários e conventos onde o par pode ser um fidalgo um espião ou um assassino.

About the Author: Michelle Lovric

Michelle Lovric is a novelist writer and anthologistHer third novel The Remedy was long listed for the Orange Prize for Fiction The Remedy is a literary murder mystery set against the background of the uack medicine industry in the eighteenth century Her first novel Carnevale is the story of the painter Cecilia Cornaro described by The Times as the possessor of ‘the most covetable l.