Paperback ¾ Hidden Riches Kindle å

Paperback ¾ Hidden Riches Kindle å

Hidden Riches ❰KINDLE❯ ✾ Hidden Riches Author Nora Roberts – Dora Conroy tem uma peuena loja de antiguidades e num leilão de arte compra um uadro ue é muito mais do ue parece Depois há o novo inuilino do apartamento por cima da sua loja Jed Skimmerhornum ex Dora Conroy tem uma peuena loja de antiguidades e num leilão de arte compra um uadro ue é muito mais do ue parece Depois há o novo inuilino do apartamento por cima da sua loja Jed Skimmerhornum ex polícia ue tem tanto de rude uanto de charmoso Mas é ele uem a salva uando a loja é assaltada e Dora descobre ue os outros compradores do mesmo leilão estão a ser assassinados Juntando forças com Dora para descobrir uem está por detrás dos roubos e das mortes Jed é atraído para a vida agitada de Dora e para o dia a dia da sua família excêntrica mas imensamente calorosa uem ainda tem dúvidas sobre o talento de Nora Roberts para encantar e conuistar os tops de vendas só tem de escolher um sofá confortável e descobrir estes Tesouros Escondidos.

About the Author: Nora Roberts

JD Robb There are than million copies of her books in print.

10 thoughts on “Hidden Riches

  1. Ann Lou Ann Lou says:

    Isadora runs an antiue and collectibles shop  Her family is into theater acting and she used to be an actress  She is undaunted persistent beautiful and bright  After bidding some collectibles in Virginia she had no idea about the trouble those things would bring her  Jedidiah love the name is an ex cop who turned in his badge after his sister died  He is a rude boar closed off has a temper and wants to be left alone  But Dora got under his skin and gradually breaks down the wall he erected  I love Dora's family  They are so open with their affections for each other  They love the flair and the drama Also I love the banter between Jed and Dora  It was funny 

  2. Maria Maria says:

    The suspense is great but the frustration of not being able to warn the characters about something the reader has already read is awesome and painful I had a few issues with things that are pet peeves for me like ignoring a hot meal so the main characters can have sex and ripping a sweatshirt in two to get at a woman really who lets their food go cold for sex when you can always have sex later and has anyone tried ripping apart a sweatshirt? You might be able to enlarge a hole that's already there but I guarantee you it would be almost impossible to get through the ribbing at neck and waist no matter how old and frail the sweatshirt even for a strong man He might be successful but only after having jerked the woman's neck unmercifully Once I got past those two things I thoroughly enjoyed the rest The suspense at the end was great and the villain really gruesome Jed was a great hero rude standoffish and impossible Dora was a great heroine warm coherent and an amusing conversationalist Her take on things was slightly off the normal and was therefore always entertaining And I loved the names Jedidiah Ophelia Isadora great names Well worth reading a second and even a fourth time

  3. mina mina says:

    This is the first and probably the only book by Nora Roberts that I finished and enjoyed I was so surprised when I found out this book was first published in 1994 I was sure it was somewhere in the early 2000s I wasn’t that interested in the crime part of the book but I loved Dora’s family and I absolutely enjoyed the sarcastic banter between her and Jed

  4. Bridget Bridget says:

    I am not going to review every Nora Roberts book that I have read in the past because she is uite prolific and it would get redundant and I honestly cannot remember all the plots I think someone finds someone else attractive but at least one cannot admit it so there is sexual tension then lots of sex and then they live happily ever after? Sometimes there is some magic a family legacy or a mystery Certainly not great works of literature however still 100% better than “the grapes of wrath” I think I have read every one of her books to date because despite the cheesy nature the ending is always happy and the read is easy Frankly I like these books and will continue to read each one that comes out I am going to post this same review for each of her books that I have read in the past

  5. Angela James Angela James says:

    Re reading Made the time on the elliptical and treadmill pass uickly this morning which is always nice this is still one of my favorite old skool Nora books Her non JD Robb books are always hit and miss for me but I always enjoy this one

  6. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    Mystery plot was patently obvious but enjoyed entering into the world of collectibles old books and antiues

  7. LibraryLass LibraryLass says:

    I have so been missing my romance This was just a breath of fresh air

  8. Thenia Thenia says:

    An interesting story about Jed a traumatized cop who's handed in his badge Dora an antiue and rarities shop owner from a theatrical family and a man who will to go any length to acuire the rare things he covets and whose actions will affect all of themJed rents Dora's neighboring apartment and plans to keep to himself but she gives as good as she gets and piues his interest and he ends up spending and time with her Dora enjoys needling the prickly man who hasn't really uit being a cop and is in love with him before she realizes itIn the meantime danger approaches as the ruthless bad guy sends his minions to take back what he considers his leaving a trail of bodies behindColorful characters a couple that enjoys antagonizing and teasing each other and danger that brings them closer when their issues would have driven them apart

  9. Paige Bookdragon Paige Bookdragon says:

    Nora Roberts is just not for me

  10. Paraphrodite Paraphrodite says:

    35 starsA good romantic suspense from NR I enjoyed Dora's theatrical family Jed's character on the other hand is not as appealing The finale was a bit violent than I anticipated but all in all a satisfactory read

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