Capa Mole ↠ City of Stars PDF Ì City of PDF \

Capa Mole ↠ City of Stars PDF Ì City of PDF \

City of Stars ❰EPUB❯ ✹ City of Stars Author Mary Hoffman – Uma vez mais se abre diante de nós a passagem para o mundo fantástico de Stravaganza com este segundo volume da série com o mesmo nome e ue se intitula A Cidade das Estrelas Entramos na maravilhosa Uma vez mais se abre diante de nós a passagem para o mundo fantástico de Stravaganza com este segundo volume da série com o mesmo nome e ue se intitula A Cidade das Estrelas Entramos na maravilhosa Itália paralela do século XVI Tália na companhia de Georgia uma jovem inglesa do nosso tempo apaixonada por cavalos e pela euitação Um dia compra uma peuena estatueta etrusca de um cavalo alado e encantada com a sua beleza adormece abraçada a ela É então ue o inesperado acontece O cavalinho é na verdade City of PDF \ um talismã ue permite viajar entre dimensões diferentes e é assim ue a jovem se vê transportada para Remora a cidade mais importante de Tália A descoberta deste mundo fabuloso repleto de mistérios de magia e de personagens fascinantes onde os cavalos alados são reais e onde descobre novas paixões e habilidades é para a jovem motivo de grande alegria mas os perigos também a espreitam e as aventuras vão suceder se a um ritmo vertiginoso As surpresas também não se fazem esperar e a maior delas é o encontro com Lucien o protagonista do primeiro volume A Cidade das Máscaras.

  • Capa Mole
  • 336 pages
  • City of Stars
  • Mary Hoffman
  • Portuguese
  • 03 August 2016
  • 9789722336123

About the Author: Mary Hoffman

Mary LassiterMary Hoffman is a bestselling British author and reviewer born in She is a true enthusiast of Italy and spends a lot of her time there which shows in her Stravaganza novels a series currently in publication In total she has written over books including the aforementioned Stravaganza series and the bestselling picture book Amazing Grace Mary is also the editor of a review magazine Armadillo for kids.

10 thoughts on “City of Stars

  1. Katerina Kondrenko Katerina Kondrenko says:

    5 out of 10 Ревью в моем блогеThis review on my blogLiving A Thousand Lives please use ChromeYandex browser or AndroidIOS to see the page; otherwise spoiler tags I use to make my post compact may not workGenre AU historical fantasy teen ish YAStuff time travels AU Italy 16th century racesFail annoying females childish stuff same twistsWOW RemoraPOV 3rd person multiLove Geometry harrrrduote Core Remember that nothing lasts for ever The bad things as well as the good In this book we meet new characters while they meet the old ones and all it happens in Remora a la Siena the city which is divided into 12 parts like zodiacal circle That's pretty interesting fire signs can be friends with air ones but water and earth are their rivals and so on You can't be from Ram Aries and walk freely at the Lady's Virgo sector Plus each Twelfth is connected with a another city of Talia For example Ram supports Bellezza Each summer Remora has a grand race on its central plazza All the Remoran are mad about horses so the race is not only about winning but also about honor and fun and something that not separates the citizens but make them united City of Stars 's MC is Georgia a passionate lover of horses from our world's London She gets a flying horse figure from an antiuary shop falls asleep and wakes up at the Ram's stable at the moment when a local mare has given birth to a real flying foal That's a miracle blessing and secret at the same time That's also a sing that this year will be lucky for Rams But they need to hide the foal from the others and especially from de Chimici MC befriends local jockey Cesare his family and learns about stravagation and falls in love with Remora In London she's an outsider and a whipping girl for her stepbrother Here she's a rarityThe plot is revolving around the race but there are always di Chimici plan's to marry one of their son to the new Duchessa of Belezza unhappy life of the youngest member of their family after an accident and Georgia's problems in the real life At first everything seemed fascinating But then we learnt that MC knew Lucien in his previous life and had a crush on him Hello love geometry Cesare likes Georgia Georgia likes Cesare but still in love with Luciano who loves Arianna she loves him back but flirts with Gaetano he courts her but likes Francesca she likes him too but is already married For freaking sake STOP Even this crazy love geometry might be good in a funny manner but Arianna was acting like a bitch toward Luciano and Georgia was super whiny about her romantic feelings I felt sorry for poor boysI don't know why Hoffman fails when she writes about women They all are meh at their best or very annoying Her male characters are better and likable I did love Cesare little Falco fell again for Luciano but wanted to slap Arianna and Georgia Hard Not all the time of course But often And after I finished the book I got that overall I indeed really dislike themWhat I also dislike is that this book while having some new stuff is a mirror of City of Masks Again we have a weird Enrico and his cunning plans Again we have a kidnapping And a new life in another world And a fairytale ish ending the epilogue's stuff was extremely stupid it's one thing to visit your family and the other to show off in front of the whole city But the first book was way logical And its twists were serious too Here I saw endless chats about stravagation with info we already knew and teen drama In the end of the story MC's happy to have boobs and there are hints that she'll fall in love with a younger boy she's 16 he's 14 and Not creepy at allI know this review is very confusing and has no structure but that's what the book is and my feelings are I was hoping for a good development of the world but didn't get even that The first book has a fresh vision of Venice uniue details This one's filling came from the real life from the real Siena Nothing new How lazy is it?And you know what? Turned out there is a such thing as too many POVs I mean City of Stars is told from a million perspectives including the horse's WHY??? For what? For readers not to attach to any character at all? I love multi POV but not when the author deals with than 15 20 narratorsAll in all I mourn the potential The author has to decide whether she writes for children then she has to stop put in her work dirty innuendos or for the older kids then she has to turn the fairytale button offStravaganza Страваганца— City of Masks Город масок #16— City of Stars Город звезд #26— City of Flowers Город цветов #36— City of Secrets Город секретов #46— City of Ships Город кораблей #56— City of Swords Город мечей #66

  2. The Book Queen The Book Queen says:

    This series has become a part of my soul

  3. Shawne Shawne says:

    It's not like I didn't REALLY enjoy the first book in the Stravaganza series I did But City Of Stars the second very welcome installment is a marvel It expands on the universe introduced in the first novel In scope of course as a new Stravangante Georgia escapes her unhappy real life tortured as she is by her brother Russell and her lack of self confidence and friends and lands in another Talian city state this time the intoxicating city of Remora on the brink of its annual horse race that pits the 12 sections of the city against each other The sheer amount of detail that goes into Hoffman's descriptions of this Remora is breathtaking culture history and tradition are mixed into the magical and fantastical as a winged horse is birthed in the Ram the Twelfth to which Georgia declares her allegiance and the Twelfth which is aligned to the Bellezza of the first novelBut what is really exciting about this second novel is the explosion of character development that takes place within its pages She takes every character from the first book and gives them space in this one particularly the hero Lucien now Luciano and the hateful blue cloaked spy Enrico but also introduces an entire set of new fascinating characters from other Stravaganti Paolo to a sweeping introduction to members of the ruling di Chimici family No longer are the di Chimici viewed merely as pure black and white villains it becomes clear that the weak snivelly ambassador Rinaldo glimpsed in City Of Masks does no justice to the complexity of this huge family bent on creating an empire Instead the reader is introduced to Niccolo the manipulative calculating head of the family with a surprising affection and love for his sons the delicate crippled Falco who dreams of a better life in which he can be whole again and the courtly gentleman Gaetano in every way a repudiation of the image one had formed of a di Chimici villain This in particular proves a triumph as it lends Hoffman's series a weight that was missing though not noticeably so from the first novel A sweeping epic that covers romance politics action magic and the thrill that can come from reimagining history City Of Stars even so than its predecessor truly marks the Stravaganza series out as one to watch every inch as rewarding and complex as its counterpart in adult fantasy fiction

  4. Rachel Rachel says:

    At first I didn't think I would like this as much as the first book as the description didn't sound as interesting However I really ended up enjoying it and couldn't put it down just like the first This book was set in Remora Siena in our world and most of the book was about the Stellata a great horse race held once a year but celebrated all year A whole new set of characters in addition to Luciano Ariana Rodolfo Dr Dethridge Silvia and the Di Chimici family Georgia a classmate of Lucien's from London stravagates to Remora after finding a winged horse talisman auspicious because of the recent birth of a winged horse in Remora and is found by a local who belong to the Rams on the Twelve divisions within the city She befriends Cesare and his father who is also a Stravagante and she runs into Luciano She is surprised to say the least as she had a bit of a crush on him in London and the two of them with Cesare befriend the younger Di Chimici children Gaetano and Falco Falco was horribly injured in a horseback riding accident two years before and wants to get better so he plots with Luciano and Georgia to stravagate to London so he can get the medical attention he needs Will he be able to go there and be cured? What are the conseuences? Who will win the Stellata reminiscent of the Palio in modern times? I can't wait to read the third book City of Flowers

  5. Ria Ria says:

    okay so yes i read the 3rd one first because it was on sale first and i didn't care for it so i have no idea why i bought the 2nd book i have a problemthe only reason i'm give this one 3 stars and not 2 like the other is because i found it to be betterit's not my thingif u are like 12 and care for kids time travelling in the sixteenth century go for itjust remember that it's a big book 453pagesfucking end mei guess i have a soft spot for books that start with City Of something something

  6. Stuti Stuti says:

    Throwback reviewThis right here ladies and gentlemen is my undisputed favourite of all the Stravaganza books Coming from someone who's read and loved every single one of these books for six years that is no light compliment City of Stars was the book that really put Stravaganza on my favourites shelf The story follows Georgia horse crazy tomboy who's constantly being tormented by her stepbrother Georgia finds a little winged horse statuette in an antiue shop falls in love with it and takes it home It in turn takes her to Talia to the city of Remora Georgia is suddenly neck deep in a world of horse racing city rivalries and political tension Why should you read this book? I have one sentence for you AU sixteenth century Italy The story switches between present day England and Talia and the setting of Remora is absolutely breathtaking Based on the city of Siena in our world Remora's intricacies and horse racing obsession is so much fun to read about I personally went through a horse phase at the time I read this but I don't think an interest in horses is really necessary to love this book Think about a city or town you've lived in that is fiercely obsessed with a sport The rivalries are no joke Coming from a country that's totally insane about cricket it's not hard to envision this So not only does City of Stars have that lovely setting it has everything that City of Masks book one promises political rivalries I'm looking at you bleedin' di Chimici powerfully imagined stories and gripping plotlines It is here that the Stravagante become absolutely entangled with the all powerful di Chimici family based loosely on the de Medici family If you have any interest at all in historical fiction or medieval Italy then I promise you'll enjoy this book If not you're welcome to blame me

  7. Annelien Annelien says:

    A very sweet but also 'realistic' book highly recommendable for girls and boys between the ages of 10 and 15 16 Georgia O'Grady is a teenaged girl who likes horses but is a bit of an outcast at school and has a terrible stepbrother who likes to torment her when she's at home When she buys a little statue of a winged horse in an antiue shop she discovers a whole new world with a different Italy and a horserace that will change her life While there are some times strange jumps in the story and the story suddenly goes way too fast near the end it almost feel liks the author hadn't realised the deadline was in 20 days and the plot still needed to end and all the loose ends brought together it's still well written and captivating I loved this book as a teenager wanting to escape the world like every teenage girl does It deals with some heavy topics and I think it deals with them really well in a way that the teenager reading this book will think about the themes and what he or she would have done in that situation

  8. Amalia Amalia says:

    This book is one hell of an amazing book Flying horses are too good to be true; Thank goodness they are not real It would be a shame to this mind blowing bookxD

  9. Hana (linh_hermione) Hana (linh_hermione) says:

    Somehow this just doesn’t hold up as well as the first book though all the problems I had with it are also present in City of Masks so I really don’t know why they bothered me so much hereI still love the premise and the world though and I definitely still want to reread the rest of the series

  10. Pauline Zander Pauline Zander says:

    Oh how I love these books Definitely wish I was a Stravagante

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