Paperback ✓ Three Fates Epub å

Paperback ✓ Three Fates Epub å

Three Fates ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Three Fates By Nora Roberts ✩ – No preciso instante em ue o pauete Lusitânia inicia o seu dramáticos mergulho para o abismo Felix Greenfield encontra se na cabina de Henry W Wyley com o objectivo de aí roubar uma das três estatu No preciso instante em ue o pauete Lusitânia inicia o seu dramáticos mergulho para o abismo Felix Greenfield encontra se na cabina de Henry W Wyley com o objectivo de aí roubar uma das três estatuetas conhecidas pela designação Três Destinos uando se apercebe do ue está a passar se Greenfield guarda a estatueta no bolso consegue ainda salvar duas outras pessoas e faz uma jura a de ue se acaso conseguir escapar com vida àuele naufrágio dará início a uma vida nova Greenfield salvar se á de facto irá viver para a Irlanda dando origem à família Sullivan uase um século depois a estatueta ue se mantivera na posse dos seus descendentes é lhes roubada por uma arrivista Malachi Gideon e Rebecca os três irmãos Sullivan decidem então unir esforços para recuperar a estatueta perdida localizar as outras duas e realizar com isso uma fortuna.

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  1. Jonetta Jonetta says:

    This was a pleasant surprise I've not heard much about this book and read it because it was selected for a group read It involves a mythology surrounding three small statues the Fates and the search to find all of them and reunite them It begins in Ireland with the Sullivan family and reaches across the globe culminating in New YorkI loved everything about the story from the characters didn't love all of them at first to the mythology itself the romances and the mysterysuspense It initially feels like a trilogy in one but once you get started you soon realize that the stories are so interwoven it would be a mistake to try to separate them I especially liked the sting in the end as it was particularly inventive and played to everyone's strength It was also a change of pace to have a woman be the villain of the story Finally the dialogue cadence for the Irish characters seemed perfect adding even authenticityThis is now in my top five favorites of her single titles even though it wasn't particularly suspenseful But the underlying tension created by Anita made up for that absence

  2. Mei Mei says:

    Oh I loved this book you get three completly different love stores in one book YeahI also loved how the histories of thier families were woven together it was FATE LOLA lovely easy to read and full of funny moments

  3. ♥ WishfulMiss ♥ ♥ WishfulMiss ♥ says:

    Re read 11132018 Rating still holds trueAdding a few favorite lines and safety infoI really enjoyed reading the Three Fates If you like a little history and a little whimsy and fantasy this book hits it on all marks The story revolves around the descendants of the three original families that once possessed three interconnecting statues of the mythical Fates The Sullivan siblings are the catalysts in the story and are racing to recover the Fate stolen from them by the evil Anita a ruthless woman obsessed with claiming them for her ownAt first its pride that drives them to one up Anita After all she stole a priceless heirloom right from under their noses What better way to get their revenge then by locating the remaining statues and making her pay a huge chuck to get them Simple enough until murder enters the euation This book has it all a bit of suspense humor family ties friendship romance and good triumphing over evil I loved the intertwined history the MCs all share and the strong lead that Fate plays throughout the story The romance focused on three couples Again NR delivered a bit of everything Jake and Becca insta love Gideon and Cleo burning up the sheets insta lust turned love and cough my favorite couple cough Mal and Tia slow burn seduction The story is fast paced yes but I thought it was all very believable I loved that NR was able to bring everyone full circle and that justice was served This has become one of my top favorite comfort reads It had me crying laughing and getting swept off my feet by the awesomeness that were these characters No surprise that I’ll be revisiting this story again just to get my fix of sexy Mal and his adorable hypochondriac Tia Their romance to me seems all the sweeter for their obvious differences and Tia's emotional growth throughout the book It was a romance that was beautiful and uniue and definitely worth a re read Favorite Moments • Mal and Tia’s first meeting I wanted to instantly dislike Mal for his ulterior motive for meeting her but Tia kind of seduced him with her uirkiness• Tia and Cleo’s instant friendship They were so different but they clicked on a deeper level and it was cute how they kind of boosted each other up • I loved the heist at the end What a perfect ending Think Ocean’s Eleven What I didn't likehated about it Could have done without Anita and Mal’s history Yes it was short lived ONS and there is definitely no love lost between them but still I would have liked this just as much if not if that part had been left out entirely Favorite Lines “Romance turns sex into art Without it it’s just a messy sweaty business” Mikey They had she thought a really fine rhythm going between them The kind she could dance to endlessly Cleo about Gideon One Goddess is enough for any man Jack about Becca “Of course You were attracted to my allergies and phobias I’ve always found them to be ruthless sexual tools” Tia being snarky with Mal SAFETY INFO view spoilerAges Mal 32 Tia 29 Gideon 30 Cleo 27 28 Jack 32 and Becca 27 28 No virgins no manwhoresCheating NoneOMOW drama Mild Anita seduced and drugged Mal to steal the Fate statue from him No descriptive scene or details are given but their connection does disturb Tia at one point and bugged me every time it came up Separation Jack and Becca and Gideon and Cleo are inseparable since first meeting Mal and Tia have two short separations Once after their first meeting overseas and the second when she finds out he was using her to get back at Anita Both were short from a few days to a couple of weeks Both remained celibate and she does make him work to get back into her good graces once she finds out the truth behind Anita PushPull Being practically strangers to each other there is some trust issues from all sides that cause some tension and low angst Mainly Cleo and Gideon and Mal and Tia Main Pursuer of relationship This has three separate couples with their stories happening simultaneously and converging together Different personalities lead to difference outcomes but I would say for the most part the guys did the pursuing Possible Triggers lie by omission death of a friend off page murder on and off page and blackmailHEAHFN Ends on a HEA and very touching and sweet epilogue several months later hide spoiler

  4. Norah Una Sumner Norah Una Sumner says:

    ''Fate isn't black or white right or left People aren't just plopped down and made to follow one route in life on the whims of the gods If that were true we'd have to say Hitler was only a victim of his own destiny and therefore blameless We have decisions to make actions to take good ones and bad ones that make up the texture of our lives Everything we do or don't do matters Everything counts at the end of the day we have a pattern to make We have to see it through try to find a way to complete it'' Very complex and interesting bookI really enjoyed itI loved all the charactersespecially Tia and RebeccaThe guys are really nicetoo I liked Jack a lotI was sooooo angry and sad when view spoilerMikey diedUghI really liked himcries hide spoiler

  5. Jackie Jackie says:

    Sadly dnf I just couldn’t get into this book Didn’t really like the writing or the characters I’ll try this author again with another book

  6. Barbara Barbara says:

    Ahhhwhat to say about this utterly brilliant book There are many but I'll try to keep it shortThe New Age Nora is no way even close to the her older works It's sad to think the younger generation will brush this great author off after reading her recent novels and will miss out on her greatness I really think it's going to be rare in a couple of years that anyone under the age of 25 will even consider picking up something like Three Fates to just pass the time Sorrydidn't mean to get into all that Stories like these are so few and far between and should be read by anyone who enjoys getting lost in a book a good long romance and of course writing at it's best She could have made a Trilogy from this but she didn'tNora gave us 3 books in one and let me tell you it was greatHere's my favorite line from the bookI don't think I'll ever forget itYou spend your life getting walked on you learn to recognize the tread Don't you love that I think I'll add that to my favorite uotesI very much recommend this one to all my friends

  7. Lani ⚔⚔ the Destroyer ⚔⚔ Lani ⚔⚔ the Destroyer ⚔⚔ says:

    45 stars

  8. Katherine P Katherine P says:

    Review Can Be Found Here have a small stack of books that makes up my reread shelf and every time I reread one it has to earn its place back on the shelf I hadn't read this one in years and so I wasn't uite sure where it would fall Pretty uickly in I knew it's place on the reread shelf was safe Nora Roberts typically has one stand alone and one trilogy a year Three Fates is kind of like a trilogy turned into a stand alone There's an ensemble cast of 6 and while the who ends up with who is not a surprise it's so much fun to watch it happen My favorite character overall was Tia Marsh She's from a wealthy family that owns an exclusive antiue store and has for generations She herself has made a name for herself studying mythology and writing books but she's incredibly insecure and nervous and terrified of the world around her However while many people easily dismiss her as unimportant it's really that she's never given herself a chance Watching her find her strength and herself was thoroughly enjoyable The Sullivan siblings all play a big part of that Malachi Gideon and Rebecca Sullivan have turned their family fishing business in Cobh Ireland into a tourist boat tours to where the Lusitania sank so long ago The Sullivan connection to the Lusitania sinking along with their connection to Tia's family is intriguing The siblings are all interesting people with different skills and different personalities Their mother Eileen plays a small but memorable role and adds moments of humor along with a calming presence Cleo Tolliver and Jack Burdett and the final members of the group Cleo is street smart with all kinds of walls and Jack is very savvy and very good and focused on running one of the best security firms in the world Both have interesting connections to the Fates and add nicely to the team The six are on a mission to recover all three fates a set of little silver statues and importantly keep them out of Anita Gaye's hands all while keeping themselves safeAnita made for a pretty fantastic villain and it was easy to see how she fooled the people around her The mystery itself is page turning and I loved watching as everything unfolded My favorite component of the book was the relationships between the people themselves not just the romance which was nice but the friendships as well I especially enjoyed watching Cleo and Tia develop a friendship If I had to name one flaw I'd say that the characters can be a little inconsistent Cleo Tia and Gideon are all well rounded and wonderfully fleshed out whereas Malachi Jack and Rebecca are a little one dimensional It definitely didn't keep me from thoroughly enjoying my revisit of this book and it's definitely earned it's shelf space on the keeper shelf

  9. Mojca Mojca says:

    The three fates of Greek mythology Clotho Lachesis and Atropos United they hold the fate of the human life in their hands—one spins the thread of life the other measures it the third cuts itYet their statues have been separated for ages One was stolen only to be saved by being lost forever at the bottom of the ocean and two were passed on through generation Yet the thread continues to spin waiting to be measured and cut Waiting for the three Fates to reunite once againIt will take three couples three siblings and their fated ones to bring the Fates back together Their threads have been spun and connected and nothing and no one can stand in their wayI started to read this book a few years back but after finishing chapter two I put it back on my shelf I have no idea why maybe I wasn't in the right mood Or maybe it was my first NR book and I haven't gotten used to her yet ;Anyway I picked this story up once again and I couldn't put it down until I was finished It reads like one of NR's trilogies just condensed into one story Which is both a pity because I love her trilogies and a blessing because some of the main characters were rather annoying I usually like NR heroines but the three in this one were just a bit too much for me to handle the shy phobic hypochondriac and the reckless Irish gal were okay I guess but I just can't get over the idiotic exotic dancer that has pretty much put everybody in danger because she foolishly thought she could handle it Yeah right The guys should've been made saints especially the younger Sullivan brotherOnce I got past the heroines it took some time and work to do that everything else was spot on The suspense the romance the pacing the plot the final resolutionIt was great tight gripping and intense As a NR story should be

  10. Laura Laura says:

    35Review posted on Got Fiction book blogI really love Nora Roberts' PNR trilogies Like a lot There's very little info about this book and she tends to have a lot of duologies and anthologies of her own books so I sort of made an educated guess that this was 3 books in one It mentioned The Fates a few times in the first few pages and I was happy enough to think I was getting a ParaNoraI was sort of right More to the wrong sideThis is set up in 3 parts one for each Fate I guess But it's not three separate books it's one It's not PNR at all It is interwoven as if the Fates themselves wove the plot See what I did there;Instead of 3 separate books in one it's really just one really long book But we have 3 romances It's a little different from her typical trilogies in the sense that although it's broken into 3 parts they aren't a separate romance for each couple It's a section per Fate The main plot is that there was a set of statues the Fates that were broken up One was taken on board the Lusitania and when she sank the Fate went to the bottom of the oceanBut someone believes she's out there And thinks her sisters are too He thinks this because he has one His ancestor stole it from the original owner But someone else stole it He's gonna find the other two statues and steal his back Enter the first couple Tia is a germaphobe an introvert a hypochondriac and she's brilliant She's convinced by her therapist that it would be good for her to go to Europe for a book tour for her latest book on mythology when Malachi finds her His goal is to wine her and dine her to see if she has a line on one of the statues One of her ancestors was on the Lusitania with hers But he falls hard for her Next the second couple Malachi's brother Gideon and a stripper in Prague Malachi went asking if she knew about it but she's got an endgoal of making it back to the States She may or may not know about the silver statue but she'll only help him if he takes her back to New York nevermind he lives in Ireland But before they can make much progress two thugs turn up and try to kill themThe third couple is Malachi and Gideon's sister Rebecca and she is in Ireland running their tour boat business while the brothers are off gallivanting around the world Jack is the owner of a security company and he's been brought into this by the villain of the piece But what she doesn't know is that he can't be bought and he isn't on her side But I can honestly say I think he was my favorite character in the whole book He took one look at Becca and that was it for him The six of them all gather together in Tia's New York apartment and discuss how best to get the Fates and the mystery plus the weaving of the Fates throughout their lives is one thing Nora Roberts excels at The beginning is slow I almost gave up on it because I was so bored But once the pieces start to fall into place I really enjoyed the story It's so funny to read a book from the early 2000s I think and read about Palm Pilots and email but not have phones the way we have them now It wasn't all that long ago but I instantly expected everyone to have a cell phone if not a smart phone Side note it's so frustrating to read a romantic suspense from before smart phones You want to shake the characters and shout take a picture and text it to someone not realizing they didn't have them back thenBut the book was enjoyable and I liked the direction it went I think one of the best things about a Nora Roberts book is that you really know what you're going to get You get a happy ending for everyoneThis was a library book

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