The Tale of the Body Thief eBook × The Tale Kindle -

The Tale of the Body Thief eBook × The Tale Kindle -

The Tale of the Body Thief [Download] ✤ The Tale of the Body Thief By Anne Rice – Lestat vampiro herói sedutor consumado cansado da busca ue já dura há dois séculos para penetrar nos meandros da sua obscura existência está desesperado por ser ver livre do pesadelo da sua imor Lestat vampiro herói sedutor consumado cansado da of the Epub µ busca ue já dura há dois séculos para penetrar nos meandros da sua obscura existência está desesperado por ser ver livre do pesadelo da sua imortalidade Ansiando por renascer homem por pensar sentir e respirar como um mortal Lestat empreende uma incursão apaixonada pela vida A forma como Lestat se torna novamente mortal e como descobre auilo ue já tinha esuecido a angústia do ser humano a fragilidade a odisseia The Tale Kindle - da existência humana é contada com toda a paixão colorido e imaginação ue distingue os extraordinários romances de Anne Rice.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 416 pages
  • The Tale of the Body Thief
  • Anne Rice
  • Portuguese
  • 12 October 2016

About the Author: Anne Rice

The Vampire Chronicles her prevailing thematical focus of the Epub µ is on love death immortality existentialism and the human condition She was married to poet.

10 thoughts on “The Tale of the Body Thief

  1. Frank Frank says:

    The first Rice novel I ever read I was in Bari Italy waiting for the ferry to take me to Corfu Greece I was reading a hideously boring Candadian novel and the young lady in line next to me was reading The Tale of the Body Thief We switched books I had never heard of Anne Rice I fell in love with the book Soon after when I was in Sorrento a few weeks later I was searching for any Rice books I could find Her writing is lush Reading this book was like wearing a mink coat inside out ie you feel the soft luxurious fur on your skin Lestat the main character is a very egotistical vampire yet he is very amicable The story is very interesting It is a man hunt Someone has tricked Lestat into switching bodies so Lestat becomes a mere human Lestat and his friend must find the body thief The action is not abundant and not thrilling What attracts you to the story and keeps you reading is the language Rice uses and the character of Lestat I highly recommend this book

  2. Gary Galehouse Gary Galehouse says:

    She's way too in love with her own writing at this point Takes ten pages to describe the front of a mansion In the words of the great Casey Kasem Ponderous man f'ing ponderous

  3. Penny Penny says:

    This book is very good It is well written and packed of life reflections There is no doubt that Anne Rice knows what she is doingParticularly I just don´t think that this installment is at the same level as the first three books of this series To me this book seems to center in introspections and rumination than in the actual plot The storyline feels like an excuse for all the pondering deliberating and meditating that the characters do Don´t get me wrong it was very interesting it just didn´t capture me as much as the others did This book was definitely philosophical than emotional There is less action and talking and thinking thus lowering somewhat the entertaining factor To me the actual story ended with the third book so it took me a while to get into this one it took me three separate tries actually but I finally did To be fair there is very little story here to get into

  4. Crystal Starr Light Crystal Starr Light says:

    Bullet ReviewWow What a serious waste of my time I felt bad when I was bored with The ueen of the Damned which I attribute to being Vampire Chronicle d out but I can't use that excuse with this book I had uite a few months between ueen of the Damned and whatever THIS isThis book has a thread of a good idea a being who can switch bodies and Lestat who wants to be a human again and RUINS it with endless talking and thinking about the same points ad nauseum Scenes that could have been powerful run FAR too long thus running any good points into the groundAnd let me allow a few images to say how I feel about the rest of this seriesFull ReviewAfter being mostly OK with his vampire life up to this point well after the events of The ueen of the Damned where he defeats Akasha's uprising I can see why he'd be a bit bummed Lestat hears about a Body Thief a being who can move between bodies and thereby live forever Louis and David tell him repetitively and in long clunky chapters that this isn't a good idea After of course long clunky chapters talking about what God is who the devil is and all sorts of religious issues that the author must have been working through at the timeA uarter of a book later Lestat meets up with the Body Thief They spend several long clunky chapters going back and forth on a deal so that Lestat can use a human body for a week Lestat hems and haws and Louis and David chime in again too before he finally makes the switch nearly halfway through the bookLestat then uickly learns that being human isn't all it's cracked up to be It involves taking a pss eating being sick and not being rapey when you want sex He pretty uickly decides that being human is one of the worst things in the worldWhen he is sick he meets up with a nun who takes him home to care for her cue long clunky chapters talking about religion and humanity and vampirity and all topics that could have been interesting if we hadn't spent several long clunky chapters driving the point homeOnce Lestat is better he rings up David and begs for his help to get his body back Cue long clunky chapters talking about everything we've talked about before sueeze in a brief scene where Lestat gets his body back and someone else gets a body transplant and end with long clunky chapters talking about stuff that really didn't belong in this bookIt may be hard to believe based on my snarky plot summary but I actually liked Interview With The Vampire and The Vampire Lestat I thought they were fascinating books the characters were great the mythos wonderful Sure they are not action Adventure Thrills Chills every other minute but THAT WAS OKAYEven when I didn't like The ueen of the Damned I blamed that on the terrible Mary Sue character Jessie and the fact I had read the first three books straight through which almost always leads to series burnout So I gave myself a break to renew my love of this seriesAnd then I listened to this audiobookHonestly this could have and should have been a fabulous book I mean I still adore Lestat Louis David Lestat and David TOTALLY needed to hook up and Gretchen Even the Body Thief himself was fairly interestingThe problem is there was too much author intrusion too much time spent on talking about various topics until their insight and usefulness had died a dismal death and too little time for the story to unfold I can't tell you how many scenes there were that would start out awesome with a great new idea a new concept a new thought and then totally destroy it because the characters wouldn't f#ing move onTo me this was particularly apparent when Lestat was with Gretchen What started out as a beautiful sensual scene uickly devolved into monotony and pedantry Round and round without endIf only the editor had the sense to cut the book in half That half would have been the most brilliant poignant story probably in the entire seriesSpeaking of series here comes the biggest uestion do I continue?I read series for one of two reasons I enjoy the series I enjoy the snarkIt's obvious I'm no longer enjoying the series and reading what many others have said about later books I'm unlikely to refind my love of Lestat and company Unfortunately unlike with Anita Blake and Ayla there really isn't anything to snark It's just BORINGAnd so with that said I'm out

  5. Tamcamry Tamcamry says:

    • I thought that this is by far Anne Rice’s best description of Lestat’s true character Everything he did in this book was exactly what I would expect someone who is supposed to be so selfish and evil to do Throughout the rest of the books Rice tries so hard to tell you that Lestat is really not good that he can do evil things and she tries desperately to make him into this anti hero This is the first book where I think she does a really good job of it This makes me want to read about Lestat In ueen of the Damned it seemed like she tried to tell a story while telling us all about her vampires’ history I think that if she would have either done one or the other the result would have been good but as it turned out both the story and the history faltered This was purely a story A list of interesting and suspenseful events that kept me interested

  6. Stephen Stephen says:

    35 stars Another solid chapter in one of the most iconic vampire series of all time It is amazing that even after all this time and the endless series of vampire novels that this series still shines as one of the better ones Recommended

  7. Stepheny Stepheny says:

    The Tale of the Body Thief is the 4th book in the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice And it is by far the best one Lestat is being followed Everywhere he goes he senses that someone is watching him He can’t shake it Finally his mysterious follower leaves him instructions to meet Is it a trap? Is he being lured in under false pretenses? Of course every single person that Lestat talks to instructs him NOT to goSo being Lestat he goesThe man who Lestat meets offers him a once in a lifetime opportunity to be mortal again After centuries of immortality Lestat could walk in daylight taste wine and foods and once again experience life through mortal eyes Once again everyone tells Lestat not to even entertain the notionOnce again Lestat does what he wants and goes full bore into the endeavor I’ll give it to him he had a contract rules agreements and an arrangement that made sense to both parties But a man who physically steals bodies? Can he truly be tusted?Of course not Lestat is forced to be mortal for much longer than he intended His body has been taken from him and he is now susceptible to the elements What ensues is nothing short of exciting The whole book I was on the edge of my seat I didn’t know whether Lestat would be able to track down the man who had taken possession of his body Being mortal he no longer has his preternatural abilities He’s an average human being Would the other vampires trust that he was in fact Lestat? Would they even help him given the almost nonstop trouble he had caused as a vampire? This book was so revolutionary to me The idea of an immortal being once again becoming mortal and the manner in which it was done was just so fucking cool I absolutely loved it If you want to read one book out of the entire series this should be the one you check out

  8. Jamie Jamie says:

    I enjoyed Tale of the Body Thief than any other installment of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles up to this point in the series Unlike all of her other vampire novels Rice doesn't spend half the book in flashbacks relating someone's history and for that we are rewarded More than ever before we are inside the mind of the vampire Lestat and can revel in his fiesty pompous spirit and feel closer to him than ever before I remember when reading The ueen of the Damned I was getting sick of the flashbacks and origin stories I wanted to see Lestat in present day I wanted to see him covorting around just being him And here we get that we see him in every day existence absorb the glory of it all and experience his transitions as he gives up his vampire body to be a mortal once again and his supriring revelations he comes to discover I didn't want this book to end When I closed this book I felt saddened at the silencing of Lestat's running narrative his eccentricities and sensitivites But there's at least one to read so I still have that to look forward to But one thing's for certain out of all the vampire chronicles this is one I will be returning to and rereading in the future This book made me realize how incredibly awful it really is to be human Rice personified it to the extent you feel she really does know what it's like to look from the outside at our species and it's uncanny how she transforms Lestat's outlook in the process Yes this book made me want to live in Lestat's shoes for a day If I could switch with his body I think I'd like to stay in there too

  9. Cody | CodysBookshelf Cody | CodysBookshelf says:

    It is official this is the book that made me an unwavering fan of Lestat While the previous Vampire Chronicle ueen of the Damned features an array of characters and scenarios there wasn’t as much a focus on the Brat Prince In this the fourth book in the series Anne Rice has almost inverted that Lestat de Lioncourt is front and center through all of it; the reader gets to finally see him fall and seek redemption The concept is pretty simple Lestat after over two centuries of being a vampire has grown weary of it all He’s tired of the purgatory the repetition; he longs to feel human pleasures again He comes across a mysterious spirit — a body thief — that allows him to trade places with a human man By combining her trademark erotic and horrific tendencies with a hilarious and enthralling fish out of water scenario Lestat was human in the 1700s mind you and is attempting human life once in the early 1990s Anne Rice created a truly addictive read — perhaps the closest she’s come to a true crime thriller sort of This book is jam packed with cool ideas and a lot of intriguing theology talk I know the next novel in the series goes deep in that direction and I can’t wait to jump on it

  10. Kristen Burns Kristen Burns says:

    3 StarsReviewI won't even do lists this time because I had the same likes and dislikes The plot was slow really slow for a while in the beginning the writing was a bit odd with the flashbacks and characters telling long stories to one another but I'm invested in the characters and that's why I can't stop reading this seriesThis one was much focused on Lestat though whereas the other books had a lot about the other vampires as well And to be honest I think I'm invested in the others than I am in him Lestat was his usual reckless selfish vain dramatic self and I'm finding it harder to feel sympathy for him The sheer recklessness of his actions was astounding honestly He doesn't think anything through not even after hundreds of years of being alive and making mistakes One thing in particular that threw me off a bit though was that he seemed to be getting back to his old self when the last book ended laughing and having fun with Louis even Then all the sudden in this book he was despairing and wanted to die I don't even know how much time had passed and so it seemed sudden Then again I don't think he actually wanted to die Afterward even he didn't think he had actually wanted to die He had to have known the sun wouldn't kill him It was just another one of his dramatic flights of fancy None of this is an insult to the writing though it's just Lestat's characterBut anyway things did pick up a bit once the story got to the body switching part at least It was especially interesting getting to see what being human again was like through the POV of such an inhuman vampire although I do wonder how differently someone like Louis or Marius might have experienced it Lestat just had one mess after another he managed to get injured like five times within an hour I almost felt bad for him but I say almost because again it was his own fault he was in that situation I liked the story most once David came back into it I liked seeing the two of them work together and the plot had much tension during that timeOne last thing to note before I get to my spoiler filled thoughts trigger warning for MILD SPOILER view spoileron page rape hide spoiler

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