The Borgia Bride PDF/EPUB Â The Borgia PDF/EPUB or

The Borgia Bride PDF/EPUB Â The Borgia PDF/EPUB or

The Borgia Bride ❰Read❯ ➪ The Borgia Bride Author Jeanne Kalogridis – Incesto envenenamento traição Um fabuloso romance histórico ue nos transporta ao século XVI e ao coração do consulado da família BórgiaUma perigosa sedutora O seu impiedoso irmão E uma mulher Incesto envenenamento traição Um fabuloso romance histórico ue nos transporta ao século XVI e ao coração do consulado da família The Borgia PDF/EPUB or BórgiaUma perigosa sedutora O seu impiedoso irmão E uma mulher inteligente e ambiciosa ue se interpõe entre ambos Sancha de Aragão uma mulher cheia de vivacidade chega a Roma recém casada com um elemento da mal afamada dinastia Bórgia Rodeada pela opulência da cidade e pela corrupção política trava amizade com a deslumbrante e pérfida cunhada Lucrécia cujo ciúme é tão lendário uanto a sua beleza Há uem diga ue Lucrécia envenenava as suas rivais em especial auelas a uem o seu atraente irmão César entregava o coração Assim uando Sancha é conuistada pelo charme irresistível de César tem de esconder este segredo pois de outro modo arriscar se ia a perder a vidaApanhada nas malhas sinistras dos Bórgias reúne toda a sua coragem e recorre à astúcia para derrotar a família no jogo em ue esta é especialistaCombinando vividamente pormenores históricos e ficção A Noiva Bórgia é uma história arrebatadora de conspiração intriga sexual lealdade e suspense.

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  1. Caroline Caroline says:

    The history fanatic in me looks at The Borgia Bride and thinks Oh God people are actually being led to believe that this is historical fact The reader is than happy to join in with a Oh and the rest of it's bad tooLike Philippa Gregory before her Jeanne Kalogridis has the potential to write something interesting The prose is nothing spectacular it suffers from many historical fiction woes such as trite dialogue and flowery borderline ridiculous descriptions but it could do If she knew at all what she was writing about or how to write it Kalogridis' work would probably be enjoyable However what is either an inability to interpret history or in the Gregory manner a complete disrespect for it paired with awful characterization completely ruins what might have been a fun frothy readI get it this isn't a textbook she has a right to artistic license and so forth I understand the need to fill in holes where history is either unknown or a little to dry Who wants to read about every single one of Lucrezia's many pregnancies when we could gloss over a couple through time jumps or omission? We don't need to count and flesh out all of Cesare's mistresses because well that would be a big task That said these are real people To slander their names without even an explanation in an author's note something along the lines of I took license with this and this and this is disrespectful to the dead Yes these people did live and die centuries ago but they lived and died Writers should not have to be historians What they do need to think about is some respect Particularly within cases where people like the Tudors and certainly the Borgias do not need further fiction scandal to make their already amazing stories interesting Kalogridis takes genuinely remarkable figures and turns them into caricatures And because she does not even bother to elaborate upon that she leads her readers to believe that at least some of this is rooted in factOur protagonist is Sancia of Aragon wife to Joffre the youngest of Pope Alexander's children with mistress Vannozza de Cattanei Sancia an incredibly sexually confident woman in real life who had very consensual affairs with both of Joffre's brothers Cesare and JuanGiovanni he's mentioned by either name but I'm referring to him as Juan for this review is reduced to a shrinking violet victim Why should I root for Sancia when she disgusts me unable to take any initiative and constantly used by the men in her life? Yes you may argue that all women were used at that point in time Lucrezia Borgia was a pawn however she used her influence over the men in her life to gain power and so Sancia is simply irritating She doesn't even try She's not a participant a villainous protagonist that would have been interesting and multi dimensional She's a bystander wringing her hands and gasping at the hideous Borgias' exploits That is when she's not swooning over Cesare; her ability to both despise and love him isn't conflicted; it's childish Why not have her embrace one or the other? I would guess that it's because Kalogridis doe not know how to sell a truly dark protagonist Of course Sancia suffers from other typical historical fiction heroine problems Note that she is pointed out in her own voice to be prettier than legendary beauty Lucrezia; note that she manages to make even the most terrible Cesare fall in love with her not to mention Rodrigo's completely fictionalized attraction and Juan's obsession It's so boringNow as for the Borgia clan themselves Their complete lack of dimension they are either villains or victims without a shred of gray makes them appalling as either antagonists or protagonists Rodrigo a pope with cunning and known love for his family is reduced to being a molester and rapist Kalogridis unsurprisingly gives way to the fabricated rumors that he had a sexual relationship with his daughter Lucrezia Which was one of the greatest lies of history with no basis At this point in the book I was not at all shockedJuan and Sancia's affair is treated as some sort of rape scene to avoid casting our heroine as a slut But I don't care about that as much as I care about deciding whose character is assassinated Lucrezia or Cesare Borgia's Their relationship which was one of non physical unintentional and unconditional love in real life beautiful rather than incestuous is depicted here as another rape Why? We can't rehabilitate terrible Lucrezia Borgia without completely ignoring the darker aspects of her life can we? Lucrezia didn't sleep with her brother; she did have a closer relationship with him than what can be called normal and rather than dealing with what is an amazingly complex relationship Kalgridis washes it over as some one sided posession A sort of thing that is of course nothing next to Cesare's love for Sancia His strong sister the one person who had any real influence over his life is transformed into a uivering submissive thing who would have disgusted the real Cesare and all of her contemporariesCesare by the way was not a good man Unlike his sister he was not for the most part betrayed by history books Kalogridis still manages to ruin his character He's a lovestruck teenager one second a monster the next But he never forgets to love Sancia right? Gone is the man who inspired Machiavelli's The Prince One must wonder how Cesare managed to get this far if all he talks about is loving Sancia or being rebellious or making his sister his ueen By the way if I read one passage about his smirks or how darkly charming he is I will throw up The reality? This is a man who is willing to kill his brother with no remorse He will also drop everything riding without stop for days to console his sister after the loss of her baby rub her feet and tell jokes to get her mind off of the doctors' visits He is someone capable of extreme love and extreme hate so why doesn't Kalogridis leap at the opportunity to tackle that?As is the norm with Borgia fiction The Borgia Bride is a case of wasted opportunity And it was a waste of my time

  2. Dorie - Cats&Books :) Dorie - Cats&Books :) says:

    Vivacious Sancha of Aragon arrived in Rome newly wed to a member of the notorious Borgia dynasty She finds herself involved with a family that is deceitful immoral and scandalously corrupt She falls in and out of love with Cesare the eldest sonSo many events take place that are well detailed telling a story of conspiracy sexual intrigue and loyalty It is definitely a page turner and the writing enthrallingI was particularly interested in this book since I had watched the HBO series The Borgias this book continues on where the series left offI recommend this book to historical fiction lovers

  3. Stuti Stuti says:

    DNF'ed at 55% Warning there's a huge history rant in this review but I'm so not apologisingHistorical fiction has a lot of emphasis on fiction and no book shows this aptly than the trainwreck that is The Borgia Bride Let me tell you the stark difference between this and other historical fiction that I've read it's worse Not only are the characters unlikable and even mangled but I'm a tiny bit obsessed with the Borgias which means I knew uite a bit about the setting and characters of this book unlike say the Phillippa Gregory I've read which was at least written better anywayOnto the book The story follows Sancia Sancha of Aragon illegitimate granddaughter of the King of Naples Sancia Sancha that time was actually an accident ha has had a pretty fifty fifty childhood with a cruel cold hearted father but a caring kind mother and a brother she loves like white bread than anything else in the world Her father Duke of Calabria is pretty much on a mission to punish Sancha for existing so at the time when she's the most happy he ruins it all — by betrothing her to a Borgia Rodrigo Borgia has just become Pope Alexander VI and the Duke is eager to establish strong ties with the church What better way to do it than marry Sancha off get her out of his hair and deny her everything she loves? The Borgia Bride goes on as Sancha witnesses the turmoil in Naples and is then thrown into the elaborate web of crime and deceit that the Borgias have spun around RomeAnd here's everything I didn't likeThe plot starts off agonisingly slow The blurb is really revealing and cuts to about 20% into the story already No Sancha I don't want to know everything about your childhood Where are the Borgias? Give me the Borgias That whole 20% ought to have been shortened in some way because most of the tale before she's engaged to view spoilerJofre hide spoiler

  4. Kristin Kristin says:

    One of my hobbies as a history student throughout high school and college was learning the sordid details of the corrupt ruling families of Europe The Borgias of Italy were the epitome of fucked up and I nearly peed myself when I saw the title of this novel at the bookstore I enjoy historical fiction novels not only for the characters in them but also because they're delightfully smutty and twisted Kalogridis did not let me down with this book at all There's graphic sex murder and incest all three elements of a successful historical fiction novel

  5. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I've been debating whether I should give this book 3 or 4 stars and I've decided on 4 because I really can't think of anything that I didn't enjoy about it I loved the writing style and the characters or in the case of many in this novel loved to hate them This is my first time reading about the Borgias and I can't wait to get my hands on about them I thought the Tudors were corrupt What really amazed me was the afterward in this novel claiming that most of what was written actually happened I've only done a small amount of research outside of this novel so I'm not sure if this is the case or not but from what I can see it seems to be true This is a novel full of murder betrayal incest rape secrets lies and corruption surrounding not only a royal family but at the head of it all sits a Pope as well A must read for my HF loving friends

  6. Carol She& Carol She& says:

    Incest Poison Betrayal Three wedding presents for the Borgia Bride Ok not exactly light hearted reading for a New Zealand beach holiday But I was drawn to the very attractive cover anywayI did enjoy the start where Sancha is portrayed as a boldly curious youngster Once Sancha is married to Joffre embarks on her affair with Cesare Kalogridis decides to make Sancha a handwringing hypocrite I found the book less appealing I didn't much like Dunant's Blood Beauty but I think Dunants portrayal of Sancha or Sancia as shallow promiscuous is likely to be closer to the truthKalogridis used some words that were strange to me but other than intuit I have found them all in online dictionariesSo all in all a slick read good fo rthe holidays But from the Philippa Gregory school of historical fiction where they don't let facts get in the way of a good storyEdit; I knew there was another thing that bugged meKalogridis includes an Aragon family tree at the start This shows Sancha's Uncle Fransesco as having died in 1484 when Sancha was eight But he was still playing a minor part in this novel when Sancha was in her teens Very sloppy

  7. Stacie (MagicOfBooks) Stacie (MagicOfBooks) says:

    I will also do a video review here at my channel The Borgia Bride by Jeanne Kalogridis Sancha of Aragon arrives in Rome newly married to a member of the notorious Borgia family Sancha earns the respect of the beautiful but deceitful Lucrezia Borgia and also finds herself falling in love with the ambitious Cesare Borgia Sancha is uickly wrapped in a web of betrayal and politics and she has to use her own cunning to outwit the Borgias at their own gameMy first book by Jeanne Kalogridis was The Scarlet Contessa focusing on Caterina Sforza which takes place during the exact same time as The Borgia Bride I remember loving The Scarlet Contessa immensely and have been eager to pick up another book by Kalogridis Though I did enjoy The Borgia Bride I don't think it was as good as Scarlet Contessa Borgia Bride verged into a bit of melodrama on occasion and I never uite believed how uickly Sancha fell in love with Cesare Borgia Seriously it's love at first sight Sancha sees Cesare on one page thinks him handsome and then literally maybe a chapter later they are in bed Their relationship just never felt natural to me and it might just be the problem of Kalogridis really needing to hook them up immediately because of the sheer amount of other plotlines that needed to happen from beginning to end The Borgias are notorious for many crimes many rumors so the narrative had to be going full speed ahead including the characters and their relationships with one another But other than the few problems I had with this novel I pretty much loved it Borgia historical fiction tends to focus on the Borgias themselves so it was nice to get a point of view from Sancha who is often just listed as Jofre Borgias' wife I loved Sancha as a character We get to see her as a little girl who was the daughter of the King of Naples We see her relationship with her family especially her brother who eventually becomes the tragic husband of Lucrezia Borgia And Sancha has an amazing arc from start to finish because though she loses hope and she feels doomed even being in Rome she never loses that tenacity to take charge of her own fate and to make the hard decisions when others will not Definitely a heroine to admireOverall really enjoyed this book glad to see Sancha of Aragon given some literary love And like with The Scarlet Contessa Kalogridis really has a sense of Renaissance Italy and the political turmoil of the time As Philippa Gregory is to the Tudors Jeanne Kalogridis is to the Borgias if I had to compare her to another author Definitely recommend this book for fans of the Borgia family especially if you are into the rumors of incest poison and sinister political maneuvering

  8. Vanessa Vanessa says:

    If you want to know why this book is so wrong by so many aspects read this and this reviews and do yourself a favour never pick up this bookIf you want to know about The Borgias read Sarah Bradford's biographies on Lucrezia and Cesare or if you want to pick up an historical fiction read the exuisite Blood Beauty The Borgias by Sarah Dunant which is well researched and even with its creative license tries to stay true to the historical facts Unlike The Borgia Bride

  9. Sarah Sarah says:

    This book got me so into the Italian Renaissance and its politics that after finishing I started watching the new Medici series on Netflix and from that I went into the Borgias Let's just say that watching that series after finishing this book was a real eye opener and fun watch LOL This book was my first introduction to the author and it was a beautiful one The book draws you in with a lush setting and characters that never fall neatly into evil or good I loved every aspect of itI don't read many works from the Italian Renaissance era; I think I need to rectify that ASAP after reading this one I felt like I experienced every moment with the characters From the sun dappled shores of southern Italy to the hustle and bustle of massive Rome to the deadly intrigues of both this book draws the reader into the past like a great historical fiction should The author pays attention to the little detail along with the grand historical eventsI love Sacha She's such a strong character with a great capacity to love and hate in eual measure She'll go to incredible lengths to protect the ones she loves and revenge those betrayed I love that she's as capable of murder as she is comfort; it's not often that we see one character with the capacity for both in eual measure Her uick intelligence bright political acumen and survival instinct round out her brilliant personalityAll the other characters that round out this gang of misfits also shine bright Cesare is one of those characters that you love to hate He's just as likely to stab you in the back as he is to be devoted to you In the end he's only looking out for numero uno All the other background characters are as three dimensional as Cesare and Sancha giving us a cast of strong personalities to carry off this intrigue filled storyWhile this is my first foray into the author’s works it won't be my last She has won me over with her lush historical setting and phenomenal characters She knows how to tell a suspenseful story while giving character development as strong a footing I would highly recommend this book to any lover of historical fiction especially lovers of the Italian Renaissance It got me interested into the source material and I can't find any better complement to a historical fiction than that

  10. obsessedwithbooks obsessedwithbooks says:

    The story of The Borgia Bride by Jeanne Kalogridis is packed with historical facts but does not become bogged down in the breadth of details the story flowing naturally from season to season through the life of Sancha of Aragon The young Sancha has a rebellious nature and is in a battle of wills with her father Alfonso II of Naples although she completely loyal to her brother Alfonso Retaliating against Sancha for her behaviour her father contracts a marriage for her to the Borgia family of Rome and in Sancha’s mind the worst possible thing that could happen being separated from her kind and loving brother She becomes embroiled in the Borgia family’s struggle to gain power and suppress their enemies through corruption betrayal poison and war Sancha struggle’s against the evil in the Borgia family and is eventually faced with the ultimate choice whether to murder There are some crude parts rape incest in the story but I thought the author treated them as well as these subjects could have been as they were based on historical facts If you are a fan of Phillipa Gregory you are sure to be a fan of Jeanne Kalogridis See of my reviews at

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