Please Pick Me Up, Mama! eBook ✓ Please Pick eBook

Please Pick Me Up, Mama! eBook ✓ Please Pick eBook

Please Pick Me Up, Mama! ❰Epub❯ ❤ Please Pick Me Up, Mama! Author Robin Luebs – Whether she’s up or down whirling or twirling dressing or bathing snacking or snoozing the busy raccoon in this story enjoys each moment of the day But like many toddlers she can’t decide if she Whether she’s up or down whirling or Me Up, MOBI î twirling dressing or bathing snacking or Please Pick eBook Ø snoozing the busy raccoon in this story enjoys each moment of the day But Pick Me Up, Epub µ like many toddlers she can’t decide if she’d rather explore on her own or climb back into her mama’s arms Thank goodness Mama Raccoon loves to snuggle With a lively rhyming text and lush illustrations this book is just right for the scores of little ones who waver between wanting to be carried by a grown up and yearning to toddle about on their own two feet.

10 thoughts on “Please Pick Me Up, Mama!

  1. Evie Evie says:

    Holy sweetness this is possibly the most charming heart warming moving little board book I have ever seen I absolutely adore it The gorgeous illustrations combined with the pull at your heart strings text create just the perfect little story I am positive both the kiddos and the mommas will fall in love with this book It's just adorable and truly beautiful Pick Me Up Mama is written in rhyme and it's basically a sneak peak at one happy family's day Mother and daughter are interacting with each other showing lots of love and affection for one another The baby wants to be picked up and put down she asks her mom to warm her little toes kiss her perfect nose brush her velvet head and have jam and bread Through meals cuddles playtime and bedtime we see how close these two are how much mother raccoon loves her little baby and how much baby raccoon needs her mother's love It's too charming and beautiful a picture and you really can't help but tear up a little while seeing it Being a proud and happy mom of a beautiful baby girl I can totally relate to this book It's a celebration of mother daughter love and personally I find it absolutely perfect So glad to have it in our little board book collection

  2. Aneesa Aneesa says:

    This was originally published as Please Pick Me Up Mama WHY WAS IT CHANGED???

  3. Raina Raina says:

    The raccoons in this picture book have a gentle little life Our raccoon child and her mother go through a whole day together from waking up to bedtime Short two line text narrates Each page includes one of the following phrases “Please pick me up Mama” or alternately “Please put me down Mama” Many of the phrases paired with these first lines involve actions a parent and child could do together while reading the book This makes it a nice choice for storytime as a third party could hold the book and read the words while the parent and child pairings could act out the textThe illustrations are gentle but bright and realistic in an anthropomorphized animals kind of way The end papers deserve special mention as the end papers at the beginning of the book are lovely clouds and at the end of the book are stars in a night sky In a field of many similar books this title is exceptionally well executedA good one to pick parts from for Book Babies storytimes

  4. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    True story Steven agreed

  5. Lydibit Lydibit says:

    it's just a kid book about a kid who gets picked up and put down a lot I loved it when I was little

  6. Darinda Darinda says:

    A little raccoon wants mama raccoon to pick her up and put her down throughout the day Sweet story Cute illustrations

  7. Layla & Rachel Layla & Rachel says:

    Robin Luebs' Please Pick Me Up Mama is an ok book that we probably wouldn't bother reading againLayla and Rachel like repetitive books books that Layla can participate in and say out loud For some reason though we were unimpressed by this title A little raccoon is going through the day with her mama Each page alternates with the little raccoon asking to be picked up and then put down We felt as if the story was just a bit lazy as if the author came up with one line and then was concerned with making the next one rhyme than to be imaginative and create a great story Please pick me up Mama Brush my velvet headPlease put me down Mama Let's have jam and breadSo We're not saying this was a bad book we're just saying that there are too many really good books out there to read this one again

  8. Breon Randon Breon Randon says:

    I picked up this sweet little board book at my local library out of desperation and anxiety about reading chica chica boom boom one time I laugh because of course Abby is all about being picked up but I was hardly prepared for the sweetness of this little bookThis adorable toddler raccoon is all about pick me up put me down pick me up again with it's loving momma who if she is anything like mine is very tired indeed Momma and baby eat cookies jam splash in the bath play outside all while being picked up put down round and around They day ends with momma whispering a sweet goodnight to her babeWhile I'm sure this is meant to be a calming repetition for a toddler with a two second attention span I found myself getting a bit teary while reading to my Abby I loved everything about it

  9. Miss Pippi the Librarian Miss Pippi the Librarian says:

    Wonderfully repetitive story about a child and its mother The best part was making this story interactive with my storytime friends We stood up when it said Please pick me up Mama and sat down when it said Please put me down MamaTheme RaccoonsAdditional themes mothers childrenbabiesReviewed from a library copy

  10. Barbara Barbara says:

    This great book for bedtime reviews a toddler's daytime activities There is so much to mimic within the story that parents and caregivers can also use it during the day as a wiggle break Children could even use a doll to reenact the story Have fun with it and explore the entertaining illustrations in this colorful picture book by Robin Luebs

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