Capa mole ↠ Cocaine Nights PDF/EPUB å

Capa mole ↠ Cocaine Nights PDF/EPUB å

Cocaine Nights ➶ [Reading] ➸ Cocaine Nights By J.G. Ballard ➫ – « Para um estranho a comunidade inglesa ue goza de uma reforma de luxo instalada na reserva natural da costa espanhola Estrella de Mar vive em perfeito idílio A vida dauele lugar gira em torno das a « Para um estranho a comunidade inglesa ue goza de uma reforma de luxo instalada na reserva natural da costa espanhola Estrella de Mar vive em perfeito idílio A vida dauele lugar gira em torno das actividades culturais e desportivas decretadas pelo selectíssimo Club NauticoTodavia o idílio tem um fim abrupto uando cinco membros do clube morrem num incêndio ue deflagra numa festa e o gerente Frank Prentice é preso por homicídioCharles o irmão de Frank vem aterrar numa cena ue lhe parece surreal embora seja a própria polícia a insistir na inocência de Frank este último teima em dar se como culpado Charles percebe então ue é urgente perceber ue mistérios se escondem em Estrella de Mar Sob a serena vida cultural esconde se um mundo de droga crime e sexo ilícito oruestrado por um flautista mágico cuja música diabólica alastra a uma velocidade louca ».

  • Capa mole
  • 310 pages
  • Cocaine Nights
  • J.G. Ballard
  • 06 April 2016
  • 9789725645697

About the Author: J.G. Ballard

James Graham J G Ballard November – April was an English novelist short story writer and essayist Ballard came to be associated with the New Wave of science fiction early in his career with apocalyptic or post apocalyptic novels such as The Drowned World The Burning World and The Crystal World In the late s and early s Ballard focused on a.

10 thoughts on “Cocaine Nights

  1. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    Cocaine Nights isn't something everyone would enjoy It's gritty sometimes disturbing and dark and at times almost depressing That said it's a uniue crime novel with a setting I've never really seen used in this type of genre before and the characters were all very well written if not sometimes tropes They seemed very much like human beings flawed imperfect but real bringing the book to life all the

  2. Vanessa Wu Vanessa Wu says:

    This book started out with tremendous promise That sounds patronising than I would like It blew my mind Is that better? I couldn't believe I had avoided this author for so long If you are an avid reader not reading JG Ballard is like depriving yourself of air Each sentence glitters with intelligence The rhythm the poise the vocabulary the imagery are all perfect He has a fine sense of character and there is passion beneath his hard cynical edge But as the book goes along it degenerates Not because of the language which continues to be perfect perfectly judged and perfectly paced The similes come just as thick and fast as before The words still glitter The images still haunt your brainBut something happens to the credibility JG Ballard is not like other men He is aloof from ordinary human motivation His psychology is not uite sane He has a pathological empathy with weird conditions He imagines humanity differently from the rest of usSo I stopped enjoying it He lays the groundwork for his plot very thoroughly He is like an advertising man He is very persuasive and very plausible But his words are a veneer laid over a corrupt underbelly that failed to convince The twist at the end also didn't ring trueI was disappointed I was bitterly disappointed Because when he is good he is breathtakingly good

  3. James James says:

    After enjoying High Rise so much we went on a bit of a spending spree and bought several Ballard novels to follow it up In part because it was recently the work book club choice although I'm not actually a member Cocaine Nights was the first one out of the pile As with High Rise this is the tale of something we think we know British ex pats moving to Spain but somehow corrupted beyond our expectations by some trigger event With High Rise it was the loss of power; with Cocaine Nights it is the presence of the tennis coach – Bobby CrawfordCharles Prentice arrives at Estrella de Mar to rescue his brother Frank who has been wrongfully imprisoned for the starting a house fire that killed several people in the resort Except when he arrives he is confused to discover that while almost everybody claims to believe Frank couldn't have committed the crime his brother has already confessed to the police; and when Charles presses him to explain himself refuses to allow him to visit any Charles decides to launch his own investigation and is drawn into the community of Estrella de Mar – its residents its clubs and committees and its surprising underbelly of exciting crimeEstrella de Mar isn't like any of the other resorts Instead of tired ex pats hiding away in their apartments watching satellite TV it houses a vibrant community of friends who party learn tennis have affairs; and as we slowly realise sell drugs engage in prostitution and commit petty thefts They don't though burn down their friends houses with their friends inside Instead of clearing his brother Charles comes to understand he thinks how Estrella de Mar is such a success and he starts to buy into Bobby's ideas of the link between crime and creativity The resort has to maintain a low level of crime in order to get people out of their apartments and forming committees and becoming active The problem that Charles seems to miss is that like the drugs that are circulating the low level crime slowly stops being enough Eventually you need a larger event to push the community over the edge and into a permanent state of activity and creativity Was the fire just such an event and if so why is Frank taking the blame for it?While the story is delightfully clever and sociopathic the book does feel a little slow in some of the middle sections Whether this was Ballard's attempt to slow the conversion of Charles Prentice down a little it does seem a little fast even then or not I don't know but I uite liked the speed with which Charles was won over To me it added credence to Bobby's cult like charisma The whole resort have been taken in if Charles takes too long to join in it feels like he's being convinced through rational arguments The speed makes much of a statement that it's almost somehow viral That just by being in Estrella de Mar and being in contact with all the other residents he could get caught up in the whole thing within a matter of weeks

  4. Ian "Marvin" Graye Ian "Marvin" Graye says:

    All My Ideas Run to CrimeI've always enjoyed J G Ballard's novels in the past but this one lost me about three uarters of the way throughBallard was prescient about the world of the future in his fiction However once the premise of this novel resolved into how the expatriate British French Swiss and German residents of gated communities on the idyllic Mediterranean coast of Spain turned to crime hard drugs both taking and dealing prostitution and pornography to overcome their leisure induced boredom I felt that it became far fetched and improbable than insightful or persuasiveThe novel is as structured and as tightly paced as a crime thriller About a uarter of the way through it seems to uestion whether an investigative process can ever determine the truth especially when everybody even the police seems to be deliberately withholding it from you The narrator's brother Frank has indicated that he will plead guilty to criminal charges of arson and murder Nobody let alone the narrator Charles believes that Frank committed the crimes and Charles sets out to prove that he is innocent Surely Frank has no motive or does he? However instead of finding evidence Charles gains an understanding of the community and social set in which his brother moved High society is to blame Bit by bit a la Antonioni's The Passenger and Polanski's The Tenant he takes on Frank's roles and responsibilities in the community even romantically Charles crosses frontiers only to transgress in his own right Despite the humour and doubly vicarious pleasure in this situation it stretches the imagination a little too farIt's Kafkaesue only instead of waking up as an insect Charles wakes up as his brother in a community that manages itself on the basis of perversely incomprehensible rituals and conventions that recall The TrialUltimately for most of the novel it walks a thin line between allegory and farce but towards the end it transgresses a little too overtly towards the farcical At this point notwithstanding the uality of the prose it ceases to either convince or entertain and therefore to reward the reader Well at least this readerSOUNDTRACKTRex Dandy In The UnderworldExalted companion of cocaine nightshttpwwwazlyricscomlyricstrexdEd Kuepper All My Ideas Run To Crime the City Solution Six Bells Chime

  5. Baba Baba says:

    Charles Prentice sets out to investigate the multiple murder that his brother has confessed to despite nobody at all believing he did it he gets caught up in the decadence and mysteries of the social elite group of ex pats that his brother had become a part of Interesting but a bit directionless at times 5 out of 12 up to 6 out of 12 on my 2016 reread

  6. Megan Baxter Megan Baxter says:

    This will be the first of three reviews that center around a world that has lost its moral and ethical compass I didn't plan this as a reading theme but it came up Of the three this is probably the most realistic not hard when the other two are GK Chesterton's The Man Who Was Thursday and CS Lewis' That Hideous Strength and also the most pessimistic This is likely because the other two authors are deeply Christian and so have a solution for the world's woes Ballard writing far recently has no such comfortNote The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision hereIn the meantime you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook

  7. R. R. says:

    Okay let's look at this Marc Bolan recorded Dandy In the Underworld which had lyrics which referred to 'cocaine nights'then died in a car crash because his usual Rolls was loaned out to Hawkwind an offshoot band project of sci fi author Michael Moorcock who was friendish with JG Ballard who wrote a book three years earlier about car crashes and then you know this book twenty years later

  8. Chris Meigh Chris Meigh says:

    A book so Ballardian that it almost falls into its own category Charles Prentice arrives in Spain to see his brother Frank who has been arrested following a fire in the exclusive resort of Estrella de Mar Upon Charles’ arrival he becomes submerged in a world of drugs violence and perverse sex that swallows him and transforms him into the very thing that he set out to destroy Cocaine Nights is the very definition of Ballardian fiction in which crime sex and drugs are all amalgamated together in a frenzy of psychological experimentation Other themes are also present which have emerged in other works by J G Ballard such as the idea of incest and the links between the human psyche and criminal behaviour Cocaine Nights is extremely similar to another of his works Super Cannes which follows a similar model of a man investigation a crime that has taken place at an exclusive resort Though Cocaine Nights was written first and was very enjoyable I much preferred both the idea of Super Cannes as well as the denouement of the novel I fear that my enjoyment of Cocaine Nights has been stifled due to the fact that I loved Super Cannes so much and would go as far to say it was my favourite Ballard novel Cocaine Nights investigates whether as a species humans are doomed to a world of brain death and solitude due to security and gated living; the only way to overcome this moribund life style is to commit acts of violence and petty crime in order to reawaken the society and force them to act Paranoia is also something that runs throughout Cocaine Nights this occurs from many people’s point of view and not just Charles’The novel is overall very stylised and thoughtful; every little aspect of their everyday lives comes together in the end to form a strong story with many twists and turns I enjoyed the characters and found them thought provoking and all representative of aspects of Ballard’s futuristic alternative reality However I did find at points the novel dragged and I thought that the very last chapter was weak and did not end the novel in the explosive and exciting way that I expected from Ballard especially considering the big build up to what I thought would be a finale I would recommend this to someone especially Ballard fans but I would say if you want to read a Ballard for a story then read Super Cannes Having said this Cocaine Nights is far compelling as a piece of literature and Ballard’s most creatively written piece with fantastic imagery

  9. Ana Ana says:

    Before reading this I read a lot of reviews about it and most of them said that yes it starts well and the pace picks up a bit but then some 80 pages in it starts to lose it Like the author just ran out of fuel and decided to take the flight without it They were sorta right Its beginning is really nice and you get the feeling that this is going to be such an amazing story and wow how much fun you're gonna get but then there's no enthusiasm any It's just gone This Estrella De Mar place or Residencia Costasol these seem to be such fake places that even I wouldn't believe them Yes it's dystopian and by definition it should have an unrealistic feel to it but that's a bit too much I mean come on it's just not possible On to Charles the main character of this work I felt like he believed them too much And by them I mean anyone When Paula told him anything that would counterfeit what he was previously thinking he was happy to believe it When Crawford told him he didn't set fire to the Hollinger's house he believed him He was perfectly happy believing in anyone so long they gave him the answer he was secretly hoping to hear That was fine for about 50 pages But then I started thinking Charles was really dumb view spoiler I mean COME ON didn' you see from the beginning that Crawford was a sick son of a bitch who just wanted to play his little games for ever and ever and who kind of recruited other people that were as sick as him? Seriously? Read a book get smarter do something hide spoiler

  10. Jess Jess says:

    The argument goes society is falling apart and the only thing which can rebuild it is crime Crime wakes people up and ignites community spirit when it's committed against them When it's committed by them it binds them together and communities are solidified for good Crime and creativity go together and always have done The greater the sense of crime the greater the civic awareness and richer the civilisation Examples given are Shakespeare's London and Medici Florence where unfortunately crime and corruption were indeed rife So the experiment is set up and is a roaring success People's houses get trashed and in response local gym memberships go through the roof Then in case you find yourself too seduced by this perfect community drugs illicit sex and whatever else flood in view spoilerWe end with a murder hide spoiler

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