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Paperback ↠ Killerbyte MOBI å

Killerbyte [PDF / Epub] ✅ Killerbyte ⚣ Cat Connor – Ellie Conway is an FBI agent who works serial crime cases As a hobby she runs an internet poetry chat room When someone tries to kill her it soon becomes obvious it's linked to her after hours pursuit Ellie Conway is an FBI agent who works serial crime cases As a hobby she runs an internet poetry chat room When someone tries to kill her it soon becomes obvious it's linked to her after hours pursuits on cyberspace Matters become complicated when her assailant turns up dead in the trunk of her car As the chat room's patrons starts dropping like flies she realizes there is something far deeper going on than first thought Despite an abundance of crime scenes no evidence can be found to identify a motive or perpetrator The death toll rises and eventually includes her best friend and her own mother before a chance remark from twelve years prior surfaces to provide the first real clue which unravels the killer's twisted goals.

  • Paperback
  • 418 pages
  • Killerbyte
  • Cat Connor
  • English
  • 24 January 2014
  • 9780981425696

About the Author: Cat Connor

Cat lives in Upper Hutt New Zealand with her ancient retired racing greyhound and youngest two childrenShe is a member of International Thriller Writers Inc Kiwi Writers and Masters of Horror Cat is the co director of the only bookshop in the world that stocks only New Zealand authors Writers Plot BookshopShe is currently published by Rebel ePublishers USA.

10 thoughts on “Killerbyte

  1. Kathleen Dixon Kathleen Dixon says:

    Well this book was fun if that's a right word to use for a book that has bodies piling up all over the place and people puking from the revulsion etc But it's all part of the sub genre isn't it The fast pace the uirky she keeps thinking of songs to fit the scenes and having slightly hysterical imaginings and the often gross bizarre in the murdersWe're strange people We enjoy in fiction what we'd be appalled at in real life I sometimes find this a little alarming but psychologically speaking it's probably uite normalAnyway I enjoyed this book

  2. Nicole O& Nicole O& says:

    This story is about a woman FBI agent named Ellie Ellie smokes drinks and swears She’s one tough cookie who happens to land herself in the middle of a truckload of drama but manages to stay calm The setting of this story starts in an online chatroom between friends Suddenly death threats emerge and Ellie finds her house being pelted with rocks Murder manifests with the discovery of a body Ellie is a smart hard working woman who maintains her wits in the most challenging situations Ultimately it is Ellie who saves the day and solves the crime with the aid of her astute observation and problem solving skills Although at times Ellie comes across as hard and callous she also has a big heart for the man named Mac in her life He stays near her side as he champions her career Ellie also has a good relationship with her father whom she prefers to her harsh mother The content type is fast paced and filled with blood thirsty action The level of violence escalates with multiple gruesome deaths Body parts appear one at a time in surprising placesOverall the readability is easy with plain vocabulary Be warned though; the content is seasoned with irreverent adult themed language that might offend some readers At over 400 book pages this book offers bags of entertainment for its price It is also the forerunner for a comprehensive series It moves faster than expected as the reader trails along with the roller coaster action The book appears well edited with a high standard of punctuation The originality and outcome of the storyline were like nothing I’ve read before The characters are ordinary working people with strengths and weaknesses The most likeable part was that although this book is the first in a series it is also a stand alone story The next best thing was that it delivered reader satisfaction; ultimately the culprit was apprehended and exposed The least likeable part was feeling the constant bombardment of chilling action that transports out of comfort zones and sends one to bed with nightmares Recommended to readers who enjoy gory reads that favour intelligent woman heroes

  3. Karen Karen says:

    A Gripping YarnWhy has it taken me so long to read one of Cat Connor's booksI love a good twisty plot and this story didn't fail I was enthralled to the last word intrigued by the investigation and fascinated by the charactersMe Connor has set the book up like we should know who the characters are Most are introduced in the first couple of chapters but the backstory is apparent without it being overdoneEllie the main character has an interesting past As the story unfolds we get a better grasp of her mental state She's a totally flawed petson who loves poetry and imagines every situation as a part of a TV program making me think of the theme song at the same time as EllieBy comparison Mac is a strong person who has a lot of common sense He had a similar upbringing to Ellie so understands the hard stuffThe only part that didn't uite seem believable was how easy it was for Mac to become part of the teamWith suspects ranging from close friends to family membets this story will keep you on the edge of your seat turning the pages of this story

  4. Bevan Knight Bevan Knight says:

    Not uite my usual read but once into it I found it curiously compelling not just about who the next victim would be but also what ghastly things would be done to the body An ingeniously nasty little tale

  5. Lucille Oliver Lucille Oliver says:

    This is a great book to read from the minute you start the book you are on the edge of your seat this a very good book and I have enjoyed it a lot

  6. Megan Rang Megan Rang says:

    I received a copy of this book through voraciousreadersonlycom and it was a great thriller It caught my interest right away and kept me hooked all the way to the end

  7. Nicky Nicky says:

    Killer ReadThis awesome book really drew me in the character's the plot and the fast pace kept me engaged 100 percent

  8. TC TC says:

    I had my first experience of this series back in June perhaps not entirely sensibly starting with the 4th book Flashbyte I said at the time I wanted to go back and start at the beginning and now I have As if being an FBI agent doesn't put enough on her plate Ellie Conway also runs a poetry chat room with friend Mac Sounds harmless enough but on the same night that she gets a record number of death threats the virtual becomes all too real When her would be killer turns up dead himself in the boot of her car it becomes clear she is dealing with than just a disgruntled poet The body count keeps rising and Ellie and Mac struggle to stay one step ahead of the seemingly omniscient murderer I really took to Ellie reading Flashbyte and as a character she is just as likeable in this book Despite the pressure she is under she shows she is one tough woman and still displays a sense of humour Things don't just fall into place magically for her although the big break in the case does come from a chance remark Her family is complicated and between finding out about her parents and brother and seeing her become closer to Mac she becomes a character with depth The story packs one punch after another some of them in a slightly stomach churning way As and chat room patrons turn up dead and Ellie and Mac keep moving to try and keep those around them safe a couple of good suspects emerge but just when I thought I had it all sussed I discovered I was wrong There was some benefit from reading the books out of order as I recognised some characters who turned up in Flashbyte and eventually I will work my way through the others in the seriesThis is an eventful crime thriller and from my point of view all the better for having a strong woman who I could imagine having as a friend in the lead It misses out on being five stars by a narrow margin although I would rate Cat Connor's series as on a par with some of the heavy hitters of the genre

  9. B.G.M. Hall B.G.M. Hall says:

    I expected to like this book It's by an e book thriller writer who enjoys technology like me It features a female FBI agent tracking and being tracked by a serial killer who uses internet poetry chatrooms to identify victims sort of a Silence of the Lambs for the Facebook generation actually the Myspace generation as it's a few years old now I even thought the title was a clever non wince inducing punBut I couldn't help but find the characters unrealistic and irritating An FBI agent is being threated so she holes up with her stockbroker boyfriend and drinks teuila at a location she doesn't tell her colleagues about and when bodies mount up the FBI gives her boyfriend temporary creds and a carry permit They find a tracking device and just carry it around with them for a while rather than ditching it The heroine keeps getting knocked out and there's a single random chapter told from another character's perspective I had to read the start of it several times to figure out who the narrator wasConnors has written some in the series following it with Terrorbyte which I may get around to reading one day but my expectations will be much lowerwwwbgmhallcom thrillers with a tech edge

  10. Michelle (Clover Hill Book Reviews) Michelle (Clover Hill Book Reviews) says:

    The jacket on this gives you a good idea of what to expecthowever what it can't do is tell you how additively good it is I thoroughly enjoyed this humorously captivating story from start to finish Ellie Conway the bold as brass butt kicking main character starts the story in her own uniue way I have no doubts as to why she's a Sagittarius yep I'm one too Her smart arse comments and choice words are splattered throughout the book making her character very refreshing and lively and Mac is just as good and knows how to have funKillerbyte is chillingly suspenseful with a very convincing storylineat points I didn't know whether to hide behind the sofa or close my eyesbut I couldn't stop reading The characters' lives are turned upside down as the killing spree escalatesthis book is packed with action and full on with unexpected and shocking twists to the plot I also enjoyed mention of some retro shows such as A Team and Starsky and Hutch I thought the end a very good one leaving the reader on a high noteIf like me you enjoy suspense FBI thrillers and shows such as CSI or Dexter then you will really enjoy this book or ebook Killerbyte is the beginning the Ellie Conway series There is also Terrorbyte and Exacerbyte due out March 2011 Can't wait

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