Paperback ã Bad Press Kindle å

Paperback ã Bad Press Kindle å

Bad Press [Download] ➿ Bad Press ➻ Maureen Carter – Despite a growing weight of evidence DS Bev Morriss is certain that ace reporter Matt Snow is not a murderer Proving it is another matter especially when her own hormones and emotions are like the Riv Despite a growing weight of evidence DS Bev Morriss is certain that ace reporter Matt Snow is not a murderer Proving it is another matter especially when her own hormones and emotions are like the River Trent in full spate This is the fifth novel in the hard hitting Bev Morriss series.

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  1. Kelly Kelly says:

    One thing is for certain not all the good detective stories come from inside beautifully bound covers Creme De La Crime has been doing great throughout the years as an independant publisher that doles out fascinating tales about fictional crime and maybe some not so fictional and the detectives who bring everything down to a simmer in the pot at the end of the storyBad Press is admittedly a tad boring at the beginning but the best authors know that to keep a reader you must intrigue them With Bad Press Carter throws herself heartfully into the twisted and manic world of the written word newspapers and reporters that is We all know how persistant the media can be poking their noses into perfectly private citizens lives man seems I was BORN for that role Matt Snow reporter extrordinaire is in the midst of throwing himself into a case project when all of a sudden he is being hoisted into the criminal saddle for the murder of a local perv Insistant on his innocence Matt Snow recognizes a voliable ally in Bev Morriss a detective that sticks her neck out a bit too much for certain suspects and the victims The plot doesn't have the break neck turns and twists I would have liked and I admit it ain't her best but Maureen Carter is on a savvy role when it comes to her characters and their dialogue however ugly the cover

  2. Baba Baba says:

    Bev Morriss series book No 5 Bev has a not so personal secret that she will have to reveal; meanwhile someone out there is killing paedophiles and a well known reporter is always ahead of the police on this case Is he writing the news or making it? Surprisingly gripping and intriguing hard boiled crime thriller set in Birmingham will read other books in the series 7 out of 12

  3. Nicky Mottram Nicky Mottram says:

    Audio version of this book 📚 Another great readlisten love the main character in this series brings the story to life narration was excellent

  4. Audiothing Audiothing says:

    Audiobook EditionReviewI'm not uite sure of the reason why I like the Bev Morriss series so much I don't usually enjoy the feisty but foolhardy type of female protagonist so popular in crime fiction but there is something appealing about Bev Maybe it's all in the writingThe opening chapter describes a man carefully performing his morning grooming ritual he is a handsome man always carefully dressed yet on this morning he is taking extra care with his appearance he has something of great importance to do today He kisses his wife goodbye and leaves their beautiful home Be careful all is not what it seemsWhen ambitious crime reporter Matt Snow took a call from the office to attend a crime scene he was so hung over that he almost refused Only the thought that it might be the Big Story that would propel him to fame and fortune got him out of bedLittle did Matt know what he was in forMatt was first at the scene there were none of the blue lights or any of the police activity he had expected to see just him and the dead man who it transpired was a paedophile Two patrolling police constables spotted Matt with the bodyMore paedophiles were murdered and Matt was always first on the scene yet he insisted his information came from an anonymous caller Despite his protestations the police believe he is involved Yet much as she herself dislikes Matt she can't see him as a serial killer and so does a little poking around on the side She makes friends with another reporter at Matts newspaper this reporter is happy to give Bev as much information on Matt as she can find Information that leads to a very strange worldBev has her own private worries to deal with confiding only in her friend Frankie and the Guv DS Byford who is on sick leave Both are in their own ways trying to help Bev who living up to her reputation is being as difficult as ever I thoroughly enjoyed this story it has a fast moving plot interestingly drawn characters and a great endingNarratorNarrated by Clare Corbett a noted actress of screen stage and radio Clare is a very polished narrator with a lovely easy to listen to voice however in my opinion Clares' weakness is the male voice they aren't believable and I found it difficult to differentiate between some of them particularly the ones with the Birmingham accent

  5. Mary Johnson Mary Johnson says:

    Love the character Bev but found the constant addition of mate to her dialogue very irritating Also found the villain uite predictable and yet another plot where the heroine's life and career is worse at the end than the beginning is becoming tedious Will read one before reluctantly giving up on the series

  6. Hannelore Cheney Hannelore Cheney says:

    Loved it The Bev Morriss series is one of my favourites No 5 6 are in my possession the books are like chips you can't just read one

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