Die Mitte der Welt eBook ☆ Die Mitte MOBI :å

Die Mitte der Welt eBook ☆ Die Mitte MOBI :å

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  1. Kai Kai says:

    This was the reason I loved the library For me it was the centre of the world The Centre of My World is a wondrous and touching tale of childhood and adolescence that reminded me of Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe But better Fight meUpdateI loved this book even the second time around The frustration that I felt when I read The Centre of My World for the first time was gone Two years ago the pacing was much too slow for my taste Childhood flashbacks kept interrupting the main plot and drove me nuts The romance was less romantic than I had wanted it to be The ending wasnot enough Rereading it helped because I could take my mind off what was being told and instead focus on how it was told That's also the reason why I added a star to my ratingYou can also watch the film adaption of this book which is totally worth watching because the main actors are very nice to look at and so are their butts This is one of the few German books that I am really proud of It was written than 20 years ago but it feels timeless There aren't many great LGBT books in the German YA category and even less OwnVoices books aka gay books written by an actual gay author The Centre of My World is a rare gemstone and you shouldn't deprive yourself of this experienceOriginal reviewPhil lives in an old and crumbling mansion named Visible together with his twin sister Dianne and their mother Glass They make for a rather unusual family Glass despises being called Mom and refuses to enter into a lasting relationship with any of the long list of men that go in and out of Visible Phil wishes for nothing than someone he can call Dad and still he doesn't even know his father's name Dianne has a deep understanding of everything that flutters and crawls through their garden and people whisper that she can talk to animals No wonder the town folk warn their children to stay far away from these people Phil and Dianne don't mind their unusual lifestyle That is not until they grow up and stop talking to each other for a reason Phil doesn't understand And then again there's Nicholas the new guy in Phil's year and he may make things even confusingWhat makes The Centre of My World so remarkable is its outstanding prose and its fragile but headstrong characters The writing is vibrant and nostalgic Andreas Steinhöfel captures the feeling of youth awkward discoveries of growing up and bittersweet memories perfectly Phil is so relatable because he impersonates all of those feelings that come with first crushes love friendship and familyHere is one of my favourite passages from the book Imagine life as a huge house with lots of rooms Phil Some of these rooms are empty and others are full of junk Some are big and filled with light and others are dark and hide terror and grief And from time to time but only from time to time mind you the door to one of these scary rooms opens and you have to look inside whether you want to or not That makes you terribly frightened like now So you know what you do then?I shook my headThen you imagine it's your life your house with your rooms You have the keys Phil So you just shut the door of that scary roomAnd I throw the key awayNo you mustn't do that ever replied Tereza Because one day you may realize that this scary room is the only way you can reach a bigger beautiful part of the house And then you'll need the key You can lock out your fear for a while but at some point you have to face up to itThat my fellow readers was Andreas Steinhöfel spitting mental health advice since 1998 Now I must admit that the translation doesn't do the German original complete justice but the message is the same onePersonally I would have wished for fewer flashbacks and a thicker plot instead The ending didn't satisfy me completely There was too much left unsaid for my taste But then again nothing in life is certain Luckily there is a collection of short stories Defender Geschichten aus der Mitte der Welt that may answer some uestions update no it doesn't You'll only have uestions The Centre of My World is one underrated novel If you're looking for a newish voice in LGBT books a coming of age tale a portrayal of strong and independent women or just a good book to dive into this is perfect for youLife is ironic funny raw sad and beautiful So is this novelFind of my books on Instagram

  2. daph pink 君は daph pink 君は says:

    I picked up this book with one thought in mind it's an m m romance so let's read itBut now that I have finished itI am emotionally destroyedThis book is much much than just m m romance actually it has far less romance than expectedUnsatisfying ending✔Slow paced✔Irritating flashbacks ✔Family drama✔I should have disliked it but no I loved itI fucking freaking love itI hate myself for loving it so muchCoz that's what life is like it's brutalsadtragic and funny just like this bookIt isn't supposed to give you butterflies in stomach or redness on your cheeksno you will not like the main coupleyou will hate some characters but trust me you will love it as it will endyou will be craving for answersAnd it will leave you hangingYou can't help falling in love with this book💜The description narration plot development writingeverything was perfect I may forget about the characters in future but I will not forget what it taught me Because one day you may realize that this scary room is the only way you can reach a bigger beautiful part of the house And then you'll need the key You can lock out your fear for a while but at some point you have to face up to it❤️✨

  3. Tamer Lorika Tamer Lorika says:

    You know what? I didn't love it I didn't even like it I hated the constant flashbacks I hated waiting in fear for what was going to happen in the REAL story and then having the whole premise of before the flashback completely forgotten But at the same time this book HAS to be read There is something so true So undervalued and true about this book This is real This is life The author just reflects a life in progress in a way that completely and perfectly details everyone else's life in progress in a way I don't understand And every moment I can't find a reason to hate the protagonist None at all Even though he's stupid and naiive and petty he's ME He's YOU He's EVERYONE This book isn't what I wanted I never wanted it to end like this I never asked for this But its the way it IS and everyone has to read it to know

  4. Ellinor Ellinor says:

    This is by far the best YA novel on homosexuality I have read so far While Will Grayson Will Grayson is the loud version of this topic The Center of the World is the uiet version and in my opinion also the better one I'm usually not much touched by homosexual relationships but here I felt with Phil so muchThe story makes slow progress the actual story is freuently interrupted by flashbacks to past occurrences that have an influence on what is happening later Secrets from the past are only revealred step by step and this way tension is built up The special setting a giant old house outside a fictional town further contributes to this The language is very poetic and never flashy This is something which always makes me immensely enjoy a novel Here it is also one of the main reasons for my 5 star rating the story itself made for a very solid 4 or maybe 45 rating But I loved the language and the way the book deals with homosexuality so much that I just had to give 5 stars

  5. Amy Amy says:

    I was hooked to this story from the first page The writing style is bold yet detailed It's extremely deep too This story is about 17 year old Phil who is a misfit in his own town due to his mother's bad reputation Right at the beginning of the book we are pulled into a strange and mysterious world full of the ghosts of Phil's past His only friend is Kat who shares her boy troubles with him while he mopes about his non existent ones Phil's family has never been close; his mother Glass is known to have slept around with numerous men and the only thing Phil knows about his father is that he was number 3 on Glass's long list of flings Phil's sister is becoming secretive and is shutting Phil out of her life But things change for Phil when the handsome and mysterious newcomer Nicholas comes into Phil's world I really have to say that this is a very mature novel not the usual kind of young adult book The family dynamics is told amazingly with each of the characters having their own baggage so to say Just read it and be dragged down into the depth of Phil's world

  6. Bodine Bodine says:

    this book stole my heart

  7. Nessi Nessi says:

    Warning Spoilershonestly? i picked this book up only because of the fact that the main characters name is Phil i love that name and 'cause he is gay and gets together with a guy called Nicholas another name i love since CON but thats not the reason i actually finished such a thick book in three daysnormally i am not interested in these kinda fictions but i found myself liking it even the parts which werent about the love relationship the mystery behind his sister and his mother the weird doll he's been treasuring since he was a child his first boyfriend not boyfriend but a friend who is a boy ever called Wolf and the super jealous guy Thomas who couldnt get over Kat Phils best friend leaving him I found all of these aspects very interesting and wanted to know what was behind it and until a certain point i really really loved the book lots until Nicholas and Kat slept with each other and did the worst thing ever they could to PhilReally i am a uite sensible person and its nothing special for me to cry be happy or get mad over a book but THIS was just the worst shit ever the weird thing about it was that i KNEW that this was going to happen the whole time but i just pretended not to see the thing going on between Kat and Nicholas and ignored it I mean how could an author ever hurt his main character like that? I thought it wouldnt be possible but it was Andreas did it He killed Phil and me insideAt this point i started to hate Nicholas Its not that i really liked him from the beginning since he was kinda weird but somehow even thought he didnt kiss Phil often and didnt tell him that he loved him i thought he did especially because he had his snow globe the whole time like some kinda symbol that Phil and Nicholas were fated to be together or something It just hurt so much to see Phil suffer over Nick i couldnt take it at all but then something happened that made it all good for me again Not for Phil but at this point I somehow forgave Andreas for hurting Phil like that Wolf Phils first male friend ever who couldnt ever forget about Phil hurt Nicholas just as bad as he had hurt Phil He destroyed one of his eyes OO thats only fair isnt it? I mean Nicholas was the worst asshole ever and he just didnt deserve any better maybe worse but not better so thank you Wolf You saved that story for meActually i think Wolf was somehow in love with Phil I mean it was never said but the scene when Phil kissed Thomas and Wolf saw everything and touched Phils cheek in such a gentle way somehow i had the feeling that he love him and that he had always been watching him Okay guys Wolf was definitely nuts but even crazy people can have feelings Oh and the fact that Wolf hurt Nicholas who was so close to Phil another proof that Phil was still important to him I think Wolf did it because he didnt want Phil to have such eyes for anyone else that was also the reason he killed those baby bird 'cause Phil was so thrilled about themHm anyway At that point i was pretty pleased with the plot again now only Kat was left to hurt Only Kat And since Phil is such a disgusting nice guy i was afraid that he would forgive her because of their 12 years of friendship or something but i am happy he didnt Well they never talked about it since Phil pretended he didnt know in front of her but Kat wouldnt ever have a chance to apologize or explain it to him or something since Phil made the right decision to leave that place with his uncle Gable Of course Phil said himself that he is gonna come back since this was his home but even then i am sure he wouldnt forgive Kat for what she did With his going away without telling her at all he officially ended their friendship and that was definitely a good choiceAll in all the book was really nice and realistic Actually what Nicholas and Kat did is the worst thing i could ever imagine happening to me so seeing that there is a way to get over it made me feel kinda happy There were many ups and downs in this book but i still liked it a lot I am pretty sure that i will never ever touch this book again since it made me wanna burn it at some point but when I closed it i did it was a smile

  8. Ricardo Ricardo says:

    This is one of those books that was so different from the movie but at the same time it was as excellent as the movie itself I could see all the creative licenses taken in the movie and was glad for the superb casting because otherwise the movie would have been simply average This book is such a subtle and simple coming of age story but surrounded in a layer of subplots the mother’s behaviour the sister’s Phil’s interactions with his classmates his godmother and her girlfriend etc There is humor there is heartache laughter and tears and above all the author manages to write about deeply serious human situations without losing the innocence of a child always open to new ideas and with the courage to face new things I love how when Phil decides to go to America nobody says “you can’t you’re only 17” or “it’s dangerous you can’t” The way they treat him like an adult is the best education I can think of for a teenager allowing him to find his own way Wonderful book

  9. Gundula Gundula says:

    If you never had a chance to dive into a story of surreal family structures here you goAndreas Steinhöfel's The Center of the World tells the story of seventeen year old Phil who lives with his twin sister Dianne and mother Glass in an old castle in a small German town The father he has never met and knows little to nothing about remains in America Glass' promiscuous sexual behavior makes the children targets of the neighborhood bullies' taunts and jeers and relegates them to the role of outsiders in the community Phil is befriended by Kat the daughter of the school headmaster who is willful proud and possessive When Phil falls in love with the new boy Nicholas Kat supports the relationship but soon finds herself falling for Nicholas' charms too In order to nurse and ultimately heal the wounds that result from the love triangle Phil must decide what is most important to him accept his own self worth and become a active participant in his life This novel is rich and multi layered with several interwoven stories that take the reader backward and forward in time weaving a complex story of love betrayal and family connection As Phil reveals and reflects upon his relationships with those around him his sister his mother his seafaring uncle his adult friends his lover his enemies even his absent father we are pushed and pulled through time and given the opportunity to bear witness to his coming of age

  10. Andune Andune says:

    Phil is a young boy who slowly comes to grips with the world around him He is also an outstanding character in a well thought out novel that speaks about life love loss betrayal and truth Phil grows up with his twin sister in an old architectural mystery of a home called Visible His mother is a mix of strength confusion independence and hope who teaches her children not to care about what the Little People on the other side of town think of them And for the most part people think they are witches and stay well awayI was pulled into this story by not only the uality of the prose but by all the little uirks and individualisms that made the characters seem very humane For example I really loved Phil’s strange weird doll Paleiko who speaks very seriously to him and gives him counsel and guidance I though that was brilliantThe people in this novel are not perfect in fact sometimes you wonder what is going on in their heads for they can seem mysterious and even cruel but in reality they are just humans with motivations that aren’t always altruistic even though they try to do the best they can with what they have The story doesn’t end in a cliché is isn’t happily ever after or unhappily ever after It just is whats it is a portrayal of the victories and struggles that we all go through and that in the end hopefully allow us to discover a bit of ourselves I most definitely recommend this novel

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