The Lazarus Trap PDF/EPUB ✓ The Lazarus PDF or

The Lazarus Trap PDF/EPUB ✓ The Lazarus PDF or

The Lazarus Trap ❰Reading❯ ➸ The Lazarus Trap Author Davis Bunn – For Val Haines dying may be the chance of a lifetimeAwakening in a jail cell and bleeding from his head Val Haines remembers nothing Not even his nameAs his memory slowly begins to return Haines disco For Val Haines dying may be the chance of a lifetimeAwakening in a jail The Lazarus PDF or cell and bleeding from his head Val Haines remembers nothing Not even his nameAs his memory slowly begins to return Haines discovers that the world thinks he's dead If his nightmares ring true it may be for the best Around him brews a conspiracy of embezzlement and murder for hire fueled by the rage of personal vendetta As he searches for a safe haven enigmatic Audrey beckons but can she be trustedWith nothing but a few personal belongings and a sizable amount of cash Haines must run With his past behind him he'll do anything to claim a new life for himself Or die trying.

About the Author: Davis Bunn

Thomas Locke for his epic fantasy and techno thriller novels and.

10 thoughts on “The Lazarus Trap

  1. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    A man wakes up on the floor of a jail cell and doesn't remember who he is When he does remember things that he's Val Haines he wants to forget it He needs help and turns to a past love Audrey d' Arcy Val isn't sure that he can trust her thoughI really loved this book The only negative thing I can say about it was that it was heavy on the suspense and light on the romance I like an even dose of both I chose this author because I was upset over a series I read by Terri Blackstock You do not lead a reader with three good books then destroy it on the last one I will never read anything by her again but Davis Bunn knows what he's doing The various characters who were on the shady side but good guys who helped him out was so interesting to read The fact that one of his enemies was Audrey's own brother made it even betterIt was very good and I will be sure to read from this Christian suspense author because he knows what readers want and gives it to them

  2. Jason Jason says:

    Liked this It was pretty good I could easily see this as a movie with someone like Michael Douglas The name kinda tells the general story and it is told well but the plot is kinda old I almost got bored with it at a couple places but there are some interesting new ideas for this one that i have not seen before all in all turned out better than expected and pretty good overall

  3. Peggy Peggy says:

    An interesting story and I liked the fact that there was nothing offensive in the story I'll likely pick up another of his books just for that reason

  4. Karen Karen says:

    This book is not a usual genre for me suspense? but I stumbled upon it and was intrigued by the corporate fraud element of it Fun read No regrets

  5. Emily Wollmann (Dreeszen) Emily Wollmann (Dreeszen) says:

    I liked this read but I wouldn't read it again It may just be a little too action packed for my taste I am not sure what it was missing in order to receive a full five stars

  6. Kenny Sargent Kenny Sargent says:

    I've read this few times I love this book Very interesting premise and story

  7. Justin Justin says:

    overall not impressed hard to follow plot boring characters unlikable hero and bland villains ending was boring as well skip this one

  8. Bryan Bryan says:

    Again a great example of Bunn work as a suspense writer who writes about the world but through a Christian POV The idea of a once upstanding man's fall from grace is a classic line of thought What makes this version different is that Val Haines the protagonist doesn't remember how good or bad he was As the mystery of a NYC bombing lost pension funds and embezzled money is discovered Val must remember his past mistakes and painful remembrances to solve the crime save the company and win the girl The villain in this journey Terrance d'Arcey is a true Gordon Gecko protege As they both maneuver towards the money and a final confrontation Terrance must deal with his family and past as well Toss in a dirty ex cop eastern european gangsters bad English weather and the island of Jersey; you get the whole story Bunn makes references to the Enron scandal and past Wall Street corporate greed scheme but has less of the details As a whole Bunn stays away from the complicated aspects of embezzlement and sticks to the action The only confussing parts were the dialogue when multiple scenes and character were without a great transition between them Those who liked John Grissom especially The Firm will find this an easy and fun read My only problem is that the story would have benefited with additional length Another 50 100 pages would have added a lot to building up the suspense filling plot holes explaining the ending better and possibly given room for deeper reflections by Terrance I hated his arrogance in the beginning but was wanting his redemption so than Val by the end Val was eually likable beginning middle and end but not a great hero

  9. Natalie Walters Natalie Walters says:

    Awakening in a jail cell and bleeding from his head Val Haines remembers nothing Not even his name The Lazarus Trap is a story that could be taken straight from the headlines A multi million dollar company greed and an unuenchable desire for revenge leave the characters fighting for their lives for the truth and for justiceThe story starts out a little slow building character relationships and history and ALL of these characters have a backstory Davis Bunn did an excellent job creating characters with a past and a purpose that drives them forward even secondary characters were rich with personality enough that I actually wanted of them in the story However their history their goals what they fight for is never fully threshed out and I was only left with hints of a life I'll never know aboutThe story picks up speed about 23 of the way in and we travel to England and are met with memorable characters with small roles and big personalities The storyline moves rapidly at this point and all of the pieces of the puzzle are coming together in a manner that seems just too convenient Everything starts working out for Val Haines and obstacles to his goal just kind of disappear or are easily overcome resulting in a tidy finale For many writers today the focus is always on character character character And Davis Bunn excelled in creating characters I wanted to know personallyunfortunately their stories end on page 288

  10. Jim Jim says:

    The novel begins with the protagonist Val Valentine Haines in jail with temporary amnesia bleeding from a head wound As his memory slowly comes back he discovers the world thinks him dead and he is being framed by his nemesis with embezzling the company pension funds The story is about Val’s determination to get back the embezzled funds whilst Terence his nemesis tries to ensure he remains deadThe author has won three Christy awards I had to google these they are awarded to “recognize novels of excellence written from a Christian worldview”There is little overtly Christian in the story the language is tame for a suspense thriller nothing stronger than “floozy” also two minor characters met each other on an Alpha course and of course there is no sex There are some bad guys who turn away from a life of crime and there is some forgiveness but nothing really preachyI have a little trouble with the names of the hero and his enemy Valentine and Terrance to me Val I always associate with Valerie Singleton of Blue Peter and Terrance as the name of a terrier dog These are my own prejudicesAll in all I found it an okay read the plot was a little predictable the characters were interesting even if I had a problem with their names the bad guy is a little one dimensional The action skips from America to Britain to Jersey

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