The Prince and the Pauper ePUB Á Prince and the PDF

The Prince and the Pauper ePUB Á Prince and the PDF

The Prince and the Pauper ❮Epub❯ ➠ The Prince and the Pauper ➟ Author Mark Twain – Tom Canty and Edward Tudor could have been identical twins Their birthdays match their faces match but there the likeness stops For Edward is a prince heir to King Henry VIII whilst Tom is a miserable Tom Canty and the Kindle Ø and Edward Tudor could have been identical twins Their birthdays match their faces match but there the likeness stops For Edward is a prince heir to King Henry VIII whilst Tom is a miserable pauper But when fate intervenes Edward is thrown out of the palace in rags leaving ignorant Tom to play the part of a royal prince Even those who have never read the novel will be familiar with Twain's classic tale of mistaken identity at once an adventure story and a fantasy of timeless appeal.

About the Author: Mark Twain

William Faulkner and the Kindle Ø called Twain the father of American literature Excerpted from.

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  1. Mario the lone bookwolf Mario the lone bookwolf says:

    The soft or less for the time child friendly today possibly not so much any variation of Twains´ interpretation of the Middle Ages that is realistic hardcore dark in his underrated masterpiece A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur´s courthttpswwwgoodreadscombookshow1 Especially the contrast to this one is big it´s so white and greenwashed that it´s exaggerated and unrealistic happy go lucky elements are in stark contrast to the darker tones that are somehow described not too extreme but actually self satirizing view spoiler Especially the dynamic of the prince later king seeing the horrible reality and inhumanity his father loved to form just changing it without his ministers working against him or rebelling or that he helps the people who helped him by making them part of the elitist nepotist monarchy So now just 99999 percent of the people have to suffer except the ones who completely unrealistically decided to help a spoiled arrogant brat like him they thought of as mentally ill in a predator dog eat dog world hide spoiler

  2. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    The prince and the pauper 1881 Mark TwainThe Prince and the Pauper is a novel by American author Mark Twain It was first published in 1881 in Canada before its 1882 publication in the United States The novel represents Twain's first attempt at historical fiction Set in 1547 it tells the story of two young boys who are identical in appearance Tom Canty a pauper who lives with his abusive father in Offal Court off Pudding Lane in London and Prince Edward son of King Henry VIIIعنوان1 1 شاهزاده و گدا؛ اثر ‫مارک تواین؛ مترجم محمد قاضی؛ نشر‏‫ تهران، امیرکبیر‫، کتابهای جیبی، موسسه انتشارات فرانکلین، چاپ اول 1337، مشخصات ظاهری‫ 277ص‏؛ مصور بخشی رنگیعنوان2 1 شاهزاده و گدا؛ اثر ‫مارک تواین؛ مترجم محمد قاضی؛ نشر‏‫ تهران، امیرکبیر‫، کتابهای جیبی، موسسه انتشارات فرانکلین، چاپ سوم 1341، مشخصات ظاهری ‫304ص‏؛ فروست امیرکبیر، کتابهای جیبی؛عنوان3 1 شاهزاده و گدا؛ اثر ‫مارک تواین؛ مترجم محمد قاضی؛ نشر‏‫ تهران، امیرکبیر‫، 1362، مشخصات ظاهری ‫266ص‏؛ شابک 9789640003930؛ چاپ سیزدهم 1386، موضوع داستان‌های آمریکایی سده 19معنوان4 1 شاهزاده و گدا؛ اثر ‫مارک تواین؛ مترجم محمد قاضی؛ نشر‏‫ تهران، جامی، چاپ چهاردهم 1388، مشخصات ظاهری 266ص، مصور، شابک 9789642575626، فروست ادبیات جهان‫؛عنوان2 «شاهزاده و گدا؛ اثر ‫مارک تواین؛ مترجم ایاز حدادی، نشر تهران، آرمان‏، 1344، در 128ص، شابک 9649067353؛ فروست کتابهای دو زبانی آرمان؛ فارسی انگلیسی، چاپ دوم 1364، چاپ سوم تابستان 1370، چاپ چهارم 1381، چاپ پنجم 1382؛ واژه‌ نامه، موضوع داستان‌های آمریکایی سده 19م عنوان سوم شاهزاده و گدا؛ اثر ‫مارک تواین؛ مترجم ولی‌الله ابراهیمی سروش؛ نشر تهران، سعیدی، 1363، در 208ص؛‏عنوان چهارم شاهزاده و گدا؛ اثر ‫مارک تواین؛ تلخیص مایکل وست؛ مترج‍م رشید بهنام، نشر تهران، توسن‫، 1368؛عنوان پنجم شاهزاده و گدا؛ اثر ‫مارک تواین؛ مترجم مهدی شاکر؛ نشر تهران، ارغوان‫، 1371، در 176ص، شابک 9646234224؛ چاپ دوم 1371، چ‍اپ‌ س‍وم 1376، چاپ چهارم 1376؛عنوان شش یک شاهزاده و گدا؛ اثر ‫مارک تواین؛ مترجم داریوش شاهین، نشر تهران، مهتاب عرفان، 1371، در 272ص؛عنوان شش دو شاهزاده و گدا؛ اثر ‫مارک تواین؛ مترجم داریوش شاهین، نشر تهران، مهتاب، ‏‫‏‏1387، در 318ص، شابک شابک 9789647886697؛عنوان شش سه شاهزاده و گدا؛ اثر ‫مارک تواین؛ مترجم داریوش شاهین، و سوسن اردکانی، نقاشی‌ها رابرت هاجسن؛ نشر تهران، نگارستان کتاب‫، 1386، در 364ص، مصور، شابک 9789648155464؛عنوان هفت شاهزاده و گدا؛ اثر ‫مارک تواین؛ تلخیص مایکل وست؛ مترج‍م محمد ج‍وادی­پور؛ نشر تهران، سپیده، 1373، مشخصات ظاهری 122ص، مصور؛ شابک 9645569745؛ چاپ دوم 1374؛ فروست ان‍‍تشارات سپیده، داستانی از؛عنوان هشت یک شاهزاده و گدا؛ اثر ‫مارک تواین؛ مترجم شکوفه اخوان، نشر تهران، نهال نویدان، 1375، در 160ص، شابک 9649004645؛ چاپ دوم 1380؛عنوان هشت دو شاهزاده و گدا؛ اثر ‫مارک تواین؛ مترجم شکوفه اخوان، نشر تهران، نهال نویدان، چاپ اول 1391، در 183ص؛ شابک 9789645680471؛ چاپ دوم 1392؛عنوان نهم شاهزاده و گدا؛ اثر ‫مارک تواین؛ مترجم شهلا نق‍اش؛ نشر تهران، کوشش‫، 1376، در 112ص، شابک 9646326080؛عنوان دهم شاهزاده و گدا؛ اثر ‫مارک تواین؛ مترجم علی فاطمیان؛ نشر تهران، سازمان چاپ و انتشارات، نشر چشم‌انداز، 1377، در 241ص، مصور، شابک 9644220766؛ چاپ دوم 1379؛عنوان یازده یک شاهزاده و گدا؛ اثر ‫مارک تواین؛ مترجم محسن سلیمانی؛ نشر تهران، افق، چاپ دوم 1377، در ‏‫157ص، شابک 9646003478؛ فروست ادبیات کلاسیک برای نوجوانان؛عنوان یازده دو شاهزاده و گدا؛ اثر ‫مارک تواین؛ مترجم محسن سلیمانی؛ نشر تهران، افق، چاپ سوم 1380، در 129ص‏، شابک 9646742645؛ فروست رمانهای جاویدان جهان؛ چاپ چهارم 1381، چاپ پنجم 1383، چاپ ششم 1385، چاپ هفتم سال 1386، شابک 9789646742642؛ چاپ هشتم 1387، چاپ نهم 1388؛عنوان یازده سه شاهزاده و گدا متن کوتاه شده؛ اثر مارک تواین؛ مترجم محسن سلیمانی؛ نشر تهران، افق، 1388، در 256ص؛ شابک 9789643694944؛ فروست رمان‌های جاویدان جهان، چاپ دوم 1389، چاپ پنجم 1391؛عنوان دوازده شاهزاده و گدا؛ اثر ‫مارک تواین؛ مترجم مهدی علوی، نشر تهران، دبیر، 1389، در 112ص، شابک 9786005955187؛عنوان سیزده شاهزاده و گدا؛ اثر ‫مارک تواین؛ مترجم بهناز خارابی، نشر تهران، زرین، 1390، در ‫272ص؛ شابک 9789644074103؛عنوان چهارده شاهزاده و گدا؛ اثر ‫مارک تواین؛ مترجم کیومرث پارسای؛ نشر تهران، ناژ‫، 1390، در 292ص؛ شابک 9786009109753؛عنوان پانزده شاهزاده و گدا؛ اثر ‫مارک تواین؛ مترجم راضیه‌ السادات فروزان؛ نشر تهران، اردیبهشت، حباب‫، 1390، در 392ص، مصور، شابک 9789641710448؛عنوان شانزده شاهزاده و گدا؛ اثر ‫مارک تواین؛ مترجم محمد همت‌خواه، نشر ‏تهران، عصر اندیشه‫، 1391، مشخصات ظاهری ‫59ص، مصور رنگی، شابک 9786005550139؛ فروست ‏مجموعه داستانهای مصورشاهزاده و گدا با شانزده ترجمه متفاوت ا شربیانیاین داستان دربارهٔ پادشاه ششم انگلستان که در ربع دوم سده شانزدهم میلادی میزیست نوشته شده است در یکی از روزهای پاییزی، در خانواده‌ ای فقیر، پسری به دنیا آمد که خانواده‌ اش نمی‌خواستند به دنیا بیاید ولی در‌‌ همان روز در خانوادهٔ پادشاه انگلستان هنری هشتم – پسری به دنیا آمد که نه تنها خانواده‌ اش بلکه همهٔ مردم انگلستان منتظر به دنیا آمدنش بودندآن روز همه دربارهٔ به دنیا آمدن ادوارد تئودور، شاهزادهٔ ویلز حرف می‌زدند و شاهزاده در پارچه‌ های ابریشم و اطلسی، در خواب ناز بود، اما کسی از به دنیا آمدن کودک دیگر یعنی تام کانتی که لای پارچه‌ های کهنه و پاره پوره خوابیده بود حرف نمی‌زد ا شربیانی

  3. Henry Avila Henry Avila says:

    Imagine you're a nine year old boy grungy rags for clothes belly empty a sadistic father beats you if you don't beg for money and get it Afraid of life an endless joyless struggle to survive The only relief from the grim reality is sleep for a few hours on the dirty floor in something not uite a shelter Maybe dream of a better existence then a few hours after a fantasy everything you desire is no problem to obtain And the child is now the King of England That's the plot of Mark Twain's interesting novel Tom Canty the unhappy boy is wandering around London during the last days of the fierce Henry the Eighth Tom does not desire to go home no money to give his father and a sure vicious beating as a conseuence He always wanted to see a royal but could never in the slums of London wonder why ? Arriving at Westminister Palace after a long walk Tom spots the Prince playing outside Trying to get a closer view but a mob surrounds the gates A guard roughs up the boy when he at last approaches the palace The kindhearted Edward sees the incident and tells his guards to let the pauper in Poor Tom is going to talk to the future king The prince is lonely too much study not enough fun Edward takes him Tom to his room They exchange clothes look in the mirror and are stunned The two could be twins so close is the resemblance nobody would be able to pick who is the great Prince and who is the little Pauper All the unlimited luxuries everywhere in the residence jewels fabulous clothes furniture delicious food toys and books Yes life can be beautiful for some thinks the visitor Later the Prince seeks to punish the guard that had mistreated his new friend Goes out the gates and Big mistake he still has foul threads on The palace guards believe he's the poor boy and drive him away protesting Edward says he's the prince and receives big laughs from the rabble obviously the kid is mad The two worlds of the city both real same people but how different separated by a chasm which can not be traversed by either But the two children see for the first time in their young lives this It changes them they will never be uite the same again With the help of Miles Hendon the prince's new friend son of a rich man whose been fighting wars on the continent for ten years the royal lives A surprise awaits Miles at home however The mad boy survives many brutal adventures on the road staying away from his father John Eually difficult the troubles of the other insane child The phoney prince Tom has delusions that he's not the son of the king And Henry is dying what a mess Still Tom starts to like being King servants obey all his wishes come to pass everyone bows before him forgetting about his mother and sisters not caring that the real Edward the Sixth is lost and in danger It's good to be King

  4. David Schaafsma David Schaafsma says:

    I read this several times as a kid and loved it Twain humor and class commentary about the hypocrisy of the upper classes And a fantasy turned weekly into a Disney movie that sapped all the Twain and satire out of it Then many many spinoff books and movies But the idea of a beggar switching places with a prince that still has a draw in it The Homes of Celebrity tv shows The Lives of the Rich and Famous This isn't Twain's best work but it is Twain so is always worth reading

  5. Piyangie Piyangie says:

    The Prince and the Pauper is a good young adult fiction written by Mark Twain It is also my introduction to him The story is set up in the time of King Henry VIII reign and this historical setting was what really induced me to read the book I'm not well versed with British history but I have read a fair amount of detail of the reign of Henry Tudor I was therefore a little familiar with the gruesome laws and the unfair persecutions that were carried out in England at that time period The story set against this time focuses on Prince Edward Prince of Wales later King Edward VI and a pauper called Tom Canty who is look alike of the Prince and the same age When they accidentally meets the Prince decides to switch their identities and the rest of the story proceeds with the adventures each faces in their mistaken identities Through his adventure the Prince sees the true picture of the lives of his subjects and learn about the unjust laws that are in force Also he comes to learn true loyalty through Miles Hendon the brave hero who protects the Prince throughout his misfortunes The story is embellished with true account of incidents that have taken place in England thus exposing a dark and violent regime It really was hard to read about the cruel and outrageous punishments that were carried out which are highly disproportionate to the offence committed Moreover it was disturbing to read about the religious persecutions and also the false allegation and monstrous punishment of women of witchcraft It is appalling when you consider these things happened in fifteen hundreds and how uncivilized the law had been nearly five hundred years ago I'm a little surprised that Mark Twain chose such an unappealing time period to set a story for young adults The story is a good one; and the setting it up against a true historical backdrop with true historical characters gave the story a realistic face However Mark Twain writing was a bit wordy This made the read tedious at times It also disturbed the pace of the story All this made it uite impossible for me to give my full enthusiastic attention to the book I did enjoy the read but I wasn't drawn in

  6. Alan Allis Alan Allis says:

    36 stars Very good In my opinion better than 'Sawyer' but not as good as 'Huck' or 'MS' A fun read too bad I didn't read it when I was a lil kiddo I woud definitely appreciate it then

  7. Mεδ Rεδħα Mεδ Rεδħα says:

    Edward Prince of Wales dreams of sharing the lives of street kids of escaping the boredom that weighs on him his monotonous life He then decides to put on the rags of a street kid exchanging his role with Tom for a few moments of freedom Tom will realize his dream too; to become a princeEdward does not know anything about the life of his people What could be better for a future king than to be immersed in the rough existence of his subjects vagabonds thieves and beggars subject to terrible laws oppressed and kept in hunger cold filth and ignorance When one becomes a king of the kingdom of shadows baptized in turn by a band of vagabonds Fou Fou 1st then king of the fighting cocks you come down uickly from his pedestal Only the habit counts in this world and here it is clothed only rags Beautiful lesson of life for this young prince just and courageousOn his side Tom learns the life of prince and begins to like his power He uses it generously towards the poor and the oppressed He would have all the ualities to make a good king except that he was not born on the right side It can only be Prince for laughter Each of the two boys learn from this experienceBeautiful adventure full of twists and turns which gives us a portrait of England in the 16th century Sordid Prisons ruthless courts supernatural beliefs abuse of powerAnd if all the great people of this world had this experience they would probably also change their way of acting and thinking

  8. Aakanksha Aakanksha says:

    It is a story of two young boys Edward and Tom Canty One born as a Prince of England and another in a poor household Fate brought them together and they switch places due to identical resemblances Tom who always imagined being a royal now living his dream life While Edward a gullible and gentle Prince who never knows the suffering of any kind is starving beaten and called names I pick this book because a few months back I watched The Princess Switch movie starring Vanessa Hudgens A young princess switches place with a normal girl and finds love Things will end on a good note But I was naive that I think Mark Twain's novel will be like this at all A lot of movies and series are inspired by The Prince and The Pauper's book But the real essence of this book is missing in all those tales It is a kind of account that is difficult to conjecture It depicts the harsh realities of culture; when people were burned alive or hanged for petty offenses Prince Edward witness these brutalities in his journey that changes the course of his life Tom Canty's father and grandmother were abusive They forced him and his two sisters to beg and beats them immensely without any remorse When he switches place with Edward the poor prince has endured all the humiliation They both try to tell others the truth but labeled insane This is the first time I read Mark Twain's book but I am not sure if I am going to pick his work again anytime sooner The reason is his writing and narratives complex language did no good to me This novel puts me nearly in a reading slump But at the same time I like how we wrote this historical fiction with accurate details of gentlefolk and elites The different characters support the leads and help them to reach their destinations despite their miseries is commendable I am not going to recommend this book but if you are into classics give this a try Read here

  9. Chris Chris says:

    Upon moving to Glenview I had no reliable bookstore I was aware of save the bigass Barnes Nobles near the train station by work Such a shop near my train station isn’t uite helpful as the maximum I have at such a locale is about 6 minutes and it’s a 3 minute walk from the station Upon finding Books A Million I was uite content; in what I believe to be my first visit there I had a hankering for some unknown reason to get a copy of the much cited Mark Twain classic “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” I walked out with a book of his short stories and was duly pleased It was on one of these trips to that I came across The Prince and The Pauper and decided I’d give that sh t a try someday in the remote future And lo that time hath come and sadly I wasn’t all that thrilled with this work It’s fairly enjoyable I’ll give it that but much like Huck Finn and the usual reuired reading of Mr Clemens this just didn’t uite do it for me; in my estimation the guy should have stuck to short stories which are almost universally fricking sweet This book has its ups and downs; while the saga of the identity crisis between Poor Tom Canty of Led Zeppelin fame and the noble Prince Edward is rich with Twain’s humor the conversational Middle English gets annoying and unless you love English history or geography intimately some of this is convoluted Also had this been a shorter book not that it’s an exceedingly long volume by any means it probably would have been better as the adventures might be funny at times some of the mishaps which take place aren’t up to the caliber of others resulting in down time which is usually filled with repetitive contemplations by the minor characters to the maladies which they presume have afflicted Prince or Pauper The switch of persona between the two characters happens early in the story by page 14 and the dual cover ups of this event by both the mind numbingly foolish royal troupe and the beggardly and bedraggled poor who succumb to their discontent and exist as villainous brutes takes an exceeding amount of time as both the false Prince Tom Canty and the fallen unrecognized urchin that is the disgraced Prince Edward are deemed by the medical masterminds of the time as suffering an affliction of the mind resulting in the loss of their socially accepted identities to assume one of the furthest possible aspect in these days of Olde London The beggar turned Prince who I thought the tale would focus about and would be a truly spectacular character of moral integrity actually is outshone by the bravado and unshakable persistence of the downtrodden former heir At that point the story plods along rather endlessly and while there certainly are some moments of worthy comedy a fifty page abridgement could be made The result of that would be a great novelette worthy of the Twain name as it stands I don’t see the need for the repetition of lengthy dialogs in a goofy manner of speech which on both sides of the tale form the foundation of the rest of the world’s beliefs concerning this unspoken but suspected act of governmental subterfuge Events great and small are covered on Edward’s path to regain the mighty crown which he has so far been unrighteously and unceremoniously denied since the death of King HenryAt the end of the day you don’t really get what you paid for as far as the time invested in reading the tale went I also must admit to a distraction whilst reading this parable I cold not stop thinking that Twain also has a novel called A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court and kept thinking that this kind of made Twain the first that I am aware of in a respected line of alternate history sensationalists That kind of freaked me the hell out

  10. Anne Hawn Smith Anne Hawn Smith says:

    This is one of my favorite books of Mark Twain Tom Canty is a poor boy in the London slums His birth only brings poverty to his already dirt poor family Edward VI is the long awaited heir to the English throne They are born on the same day and look so alike they can't believe it They exchange clothes and Edward VI ends up being thrown out of the palace by guards who think he is the poor boy he looks to be Both boys have difficulty fitting into the other's livesTom comes to like the life at the palace but misses his freedom and his mother and sisters Edward leads a hard life on the road and would have died without the help of a minor nobleman named Miles The bulk of the books is the mad life of the poor boy during which Edward VI learns how many of his subjects live He resolves to change things if he can get back to the palace and be restored to his rightful placeThe book is full of Twain's wit and biting social commentary His way with words in outstanding and the Middle English dialect is only distracting at first

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