Ebook ¾ Tokyo Ink eBook å

Ebook ¾ Tokyo Ink eBook å

Tokyo Ink ➿ [Download] ➽ Tokyo Ink By Ann Vremont ➵ – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Shimizu the once glittering glass pyramid in the middle of Tokyo Bay that housed a million people is now a crumbling super prison owned by Iyashii Corporation Tetsu Hogosha’s mother was caught in th Shimizu the once glittering glass pyramid in the middle of Tokyo Bay that housed a million people is now a crumbling super prison owned by Iyashii Corporation Tetsu Hogosha’s mother was caught in the city’s conversion In a criminal system where the care and feeding of a child adds time to the mother’s crime she signed him away to be an Iyashii bond employee as her only chance at freedomNow Tetsu is a free man and head of Iyashii’s security forces for the country But he has a secret sideline that might one day break Iyashii’s hold on Shimizu For months he has watched the male dancer serving Iyashii’s executive tea room Tetsu knows every flawless movement the male geisha will make from tea ceremony to fan dance to the slow revelation of his naked tattooed flesh before he takes the executives alone or in pairs into the bedroom suite adjoining the tea room to satisfy their every desireFor just as long Tetsu has tried to convince himself he watches his unwitting accomplice only to record the secret messages embedded in the tattoos’ design But when Iyashii sends its top assassin after the male geisha Tetsu is faced with the cold hard choice of protecting the message and its secret language at all costs or rescuing the one man capable of challenging his loyalties.

About the Author: Ann Vremont

Chance ValentineLove knows no defeatIt knows no sizeIt knows neither past nor presentIt knows only the one loved and the sweet surrender when two hearts face each other at last and see the reflection of their soulI hope you find this true in each story of mine you encounter and finish believing that love knows no defeat courage knows no defeat and neither do youAnnAnn Vremont is a mother wife licensed attorney technical writer high school dropout and former Russian linguist for Army SigInt She's called Bingo for a living waitressed at a strip club scooped ice cream and conducted political surveys—including for the wrong party She maintains that if she hadn't dropped out of high school she would probably be a mineralogist or a geophysicist—lifelong interests reflected in her first title with Ellora's Cave Calabi Chronicles Bloodstone Ann further maintains that if she had never met her husband of fifteen plus years or had their son when she did she would probably be making her living illegally—or if unsuccessful sitting in jail She has a large collection of minerals and a growing collection of lighthouses Having been born and partially raised in Arizona the mineral collection doesn't surprise her but she's still puzzling the source of her lighthouse fetish.

4 thoughts on “Tokyo Ink

  1. Kassa Kassa says:

    This short novella only 60 pages opened my eyes to a potential new author The story itself is too complex and filled with possibility to really develop in the short space allotted but the great world building and fascinating urban fantasy setting caught my attention and held it throughout the book Tight writing and intriguing characters keep the action moving swiftly allowing the uick paced industrial intrigue to shine over the few sex scenes The relationship development is sacrificed for the storyline and in this case helped the tale Although I would have liked this to be a longer fully realized story – as a short offering this entertainsSet in Japan in a time when industry has taken over the government and imposed some odd laws Tetsu is struggling to mount a revolution The world building is very intricate and offers a lot of detail yet there still seems to be so much that was omitted and not included The companies ruling the country are only loosely identified beyond the main culprit of Iyashii The revolutionaries are eually mysterious as Tetsu is the only character introduced While this does help in not overwhelming the story with too many unimportant characters it leaves one essential theme of the book the revolution very under defined The vast network and computer resources included are hinted at and often included in between lulls in action but there is little understanding offeredFor example how Tetsu hacked into so many companies and their computer systems as well as how he amassed the seeming underground army he has Was he recruited or did he start the revolution himself? Other than the downfall of the corporation responsible for enslaving his mother what were his goals and motivations? What did Tetsu envision once this revolution had occurred? If the twist with Gabe the male geisha had not occurred – what was Tetsu planning? All of these uestions and so many are raised in the short story Although none of these are answered the engaging uality of writing and fascinating world drew me into the tale nonethelessThe characters are briefly outlined and given hints here and there as their instant relationship develops The story is told mostly from Tetsu’s point of view in third person until the very end where Gabe’s point of view is shown in the last few scenes Unfortunately this doesn’t give much depth to either character but shows the actions both men take Their relationship is based on mutual lust and later shared goals which doesn’t account for the supposed heavy emotion displayed However this is a small uibble as the story is a romance so the connection is expected even if not uite successful The erotic scenes between the two are brief and interesting but the action scenes are the most dynamic of the short storySome of the writing is slightly disjointed as there are leaps in time and story line that aren’t well described The story moves incredibly uick and helps with dialogue and descriptions that engage and entertain but there are some definite holes However even with those problems this is a fun interesting new world with characters that show the dark side very well The ending leaves so much room for I can only hope the author will revisit this story line in the future For fans of hard hitting urban fantasy this is worth looking into

  2. Elisa Rolle Elisa Rolle says:

    In a post apocalyptic world Tetsu is a bond worker for the Iyashii Corporation which rules in Tokyo But Tetsu is also a sideline terrorist and he exchanges information with his fellow terrorist using intricate inks on the geishas who serve the corporation executives and who Tetsu as head of security forces sees almost everyday But for him they are nothing else that tools to achieve a scope all of them save for Youran a male geisha He is not Japanese probably Canadian and his fair skin and blue eyes makes him unforgettable Youran's Western Orchid real name is Gabriel and he is one of the most sought whores for his beauty and his ability and Tetsu can't deny that his interest toward him is than only for his inks When he realizes that someone is trying to kill the man he kidnaps Gabe officially to avoid that someone can see his inks and comprehend their meaning but in reality since he can't see the man's deathTetsu has never had the chance to love In this post apocalyptic world love is no a common feelings and only the wealthier can sustain the cost of paid sex For Tetsu Gabriel is an unreachable dream since the male geisha is a too valueable good for a simple man like himTetsu and Gabriel are two lonely souls From different origins and social status they find a common path in a similar purpose; they have different reasons to search vengeance but since it seems that vengeance leads to the same point they agree to team up their forces In all this love seems not to be considered and Tetsu can't believe that a man like Gabriel could truly feel real desire for himTetsu and Gabriel are not perfect hero; they could have noble reasons for what they do but how they reach their purpose is not noble at all Without giving up the story I can only say that for example Gabriel will do a thing that in a normal and classical romance would be unforgivable but here in this twisted world it seems the only right thing to doThe story is not very long less than 70 pages but it's very good I have had in the past the opportunity to read another little story by Ann Vremont and with this one she confirms my believe that in the urban romance genre she is a very good voice

  3. Jimmy Hanson Jimmy Hanson says:

    There was a great deal of subturfuge in this novella too much really to fit well within the frame constraints given Tetsu and Gabe have a complicated relationship starting from the very beginning and THAT was most definitely well done The transfer from almost tender and than to over cautious and then to freaking hot and then back to almost tender kept me goingThe only thing regarding the relationship that made me step back and decide on a 3 instead of 4 was that Tetsu for all the determination and steadfast reasoning behind his personality he all too uickly falls into a path of following Gabe letting Gabe run their sexual encounters AND doing what Gabe wants to do in terms of the governmentcorporation take downs of which he has been involved in planning for years and yet Gabe comes along and Tetsu gives up the plans he's been following in order to trail behind GabeSorry I like my puppies a little cuter and sweeter than Tetsu Was disappointed his character turned so uickly and so dramatically for little to no reason

  4. Furio Furio says:

    I appreciate the effort to write something different from the usual MM romance but I am not entirely convinced by the end resultThis short story is set in a dystopian but unfortunately very plausible future where governments have abdicated their role in all if not in name and everything is globalised and commodified by all powerful corporations battling each other for supremacyThe two main characters are relevant pawns in this fight for power and achieve a relevant change in things after their meetingThis is possibly the first problem of this work too many events too many transitions and too many psychological changes are crammed in too few pagesThe second problem is that writing is often laborious and does not manage to depict a scene exactly This is particularly true for the sex scenes during which unfortunately most psychological transitions actually take place

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