The Wandering Fire PDF/EPUB ´ The Wandering PDF or

The Wandering Fire PDF/EPUB ´ The Wandering PDF or

The Wandering Fire [Epub] ➟ The Wandering Fire ➠ Guy Gavriel Kay – «O Fogo Errante» é o segundo volume da célebre trilogia de Guy Gavriel Kay A Tapeçaria de Fionavar O poder de uma mago arrebata cinco estudantes universitários ao nosso mundo para os transportar «O Fogo Errante» é o segundo volume da célebre trilogia de Guy Gavriel Kay A Tapeçaria de Fionavar O poder de uma mago arrebata cinco estudantes universitários ao nosso mundo para os transportar para um universo onde um antigo e terrível mal se libertou da sua prisão.

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  1. Mayim de Vries Mayim de Vries says:

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that while not all who wander are lost those who mashup the Lord of the Rings with the Arthurian Legend wander into their impending doomAs you know for me The Summer Tree went promptly beyond fantastic and straight into the epic category My initial awe was even strengthened by the opening pages of The Wandering Fire The previous instalment finished with the most brutal seuence sealing Jennifer’s fate in Fionavar cut and cauterised by the crossing back to our world What Jennifer does in the beginning of the Wandering Fire as a response to the evil that has marred her mind body and soul is beautiful More than beautiful for it is a defiant answer to hate to death it is transforming destruction into a wild hope even if choosing life seems daunting and impossible and uite frankly unnecessary heroics view spoiler I am referring to her decision to let the child begotten of rape to live to be her own response to what had been done to her and be an unknown in the coming battle hide spoiler

  2. mark monday mark monday says:

    the second book in the Fionavar Tapestry is not uite as impressive as the first but hey it's still pretty damn good two things in particular stick out for meSex i love how this novel places sexuality at the center of much of its magic both implicitly and explicitly it is really refreshing and not corny i suppose that is the danger of including sex in fantasy if its not done right it is a trashy sex scene or even worse an eye rolling tantric experience featuring new age nonsense that makes me gag sexuality in this novel is mysterious natural unnatural a profound part of some magic a threatening form in other kinds of magic and just a regular part of life as well no big deal it is taken seriously but it is also not turned into the whole point either it is an important part of the tapestry so to speak it is a refreshingly adult perspectiveRape at the end of the last novel a major character was captured tormented and raped repeatedly it was a horrifying seuence and also exceedingly surprisingly well done i have actually never read its like before in a fantasy novel i was horrified while simultaneously impressed by the language by the ability of the author to remove all traces of potential repulsive sexiness by the way the author showed how the raped character retained her strength while never shying away from how truly negating the experience was in every way imaginable in the seuel Jennifer does not just bounce back it is not an easy journey for her and she doesn't try to make the people around feel better as they try to comfort her in a way reading about Jennifer took me to a sad place as i recalled the couple friends i've known who were assaulted sexually and the struggles they lived with for so long after and probably still live with to this day Jennifer's character and her struggles seemed so true in particular her detachment and when she at last is able to make a faltering step then another and another on the road to recovery and when she's finally able to even experience sex again to experience a connection to another person that is both emotional and physical it was like seeing something slowly coming through in an endless gray sky some light at last appearing after waiting for so long that's a trite image i know but that's how it felt to me i teared up a little bit reading that scene and i think that's the first time tears have ever sprung to my eyes when reading something so basic as a love scene

  3. Bradley Bradley says:

    I've been falling into and out of this book in almost precisely the same way I had in the first I love the short lyrical descriptions I enjoy the mythic references and I especially love how each character eventually gets woven into each of the underlying story structures There is a great deal to love in these books and I've enjoyed tracing much of the straight line continuation of style from this fantasy novel into the types that have enjoyed much fame and popularity in the eighties and ninetiesBut I'm going to be very honest with ya'll It just wasn't for me There's very beautiful language assuming you love pastoral and glacial story progression filled with enough ooohs and aaaahs to stun every romantic bone in your body This is what it is after all A romance It's turning war into romance rape into romance summoning undead into romance and all it's missing is Spenser's The Fairy ueen Oh wait there's even some of that and Le Morte d'Arthur King Arthur and the Legends of the Round Table tooI'm not saying that sexuality is the key to the tale although there is plenty of it that makes magic either powerful or weak or unimportant I'm saying that this novel is all about the romantic frame of mindIf you like novels that gloss over the grimdark features of life speeding through epic battles to focus on the epic heroics or wallow in the myriad build ups that are there to push the fully engrossed reader into a paroxysm of legendary legends legending the legendixed legendonier then you're in good handsI just couldn't get into it I finished it and I'll do the next in the trilogy because I'm willful like that but I just can't get all starry eyed with a build up of prophesied and lost babies the idea that women are the true strength behind their heroic men Why can't they be their own heroes exactly? or the fact that we've got not only a lantern hung on a specific character here view spoilerArthur Pendragon hide spoiler

  4. Markus Markus says:

    A good seuel although not as good as the first book in the trilogy It suffers from a slight case of second book syndrome there is not the same sense of wonder as in The Summer Tree and I did not enjoy the introduction of the legendary characters at allHowever it's Guy Gavriel Kay It's still beautiful and highly enjoyable It's just not on the level it could be

  5. Sebastien Castell Sebastien Castell says:

    Having just re read The Summer Tree the first book in the Fionavar Tapestry I jumped straight into this one and enjoyed it almost as much as I did when I first read it in the 1980's when it was first publishedOne of the features of the series that still resonates with me is the way that each book completes its own major plot threads yet still manages to end on a cliffhanger – not a painful forced cliffhanger that signals the author left out huge parts of the story but one which pulls you to the next book without feeling as if the one you're holding wasn't satisfyingA second aspect I enjoyed on re read was the way Guy Gavriel Kay takes mythic tropes such as the Arthurian mythos and – without turning on its head as is the current fashion – still manages to imbue those characters and themes with a deeply personal and emotional take on them In other words it's when Arthur appears in the story he'd not suddenly some monstrous brute but still has those ualities that made fans of the myth love him yet he's still to me anyway human than I find in other retellingsNot everyone will love Kay's style There's a certain melodrama that runs through the series and you'll often find characters reacting with a familiar refrain of He knew then that what he saw was a deep thing as deep as any other thing he'd ever seen before so deep it might swallow him whole and I'm paraphrasing here bordering on satirizing but there's a lot of that sentiment in the books Most of the time they work for me and when those moments do land they're wonderful Again though we tend towards a cynical voice these days so not everyone will enjoy thisI also enjoyed the relative brevity of this second book in the series which allowed it to still deal with big important movements in the sage yet without ponderously tromping through endless meetings or dinners or whatever else Fans of Brandon Sanderson esue world building might feel like the Fionavar Tapestry skips past the kinds of details that fill out the image of each scene but for me I appreciated the paceOverall if you enjoyed The Summer Tree you'll certainly enjoy The Wandering Fire I'm looking forward to re reading the third and final book in the trilogy soon

  6. Wanda Wanda says:

    What can I say about book two that won’t be too spoiler y for book one? I guess I can say that there is of the same The world of Fionavar is locked in an unnatural winter caused of course by a Mage gone wrong What can the forces of good do against the very winds of winter?King Arthur is the Eternal Warrior needed for any possibly world ending war The five wayward Canadians who have found their way to Fionavar have also proven why they were selected by fate to make the transfer to that world There is pain and there is happiness I can’t uit reading—finished The Wandering Fire last night and barely paused before starting The Darkest Road I think this series is going to become part of my “nursing home library” those books that I intend to take with me to the nursing home when such a move becomes necessary

  7. Constantina Maud Constantina Maud says:

    Beautiful beautiful proseSadly though among a few other things too I couldn't get past those Arthurian legends thrown into the tolkienesue mix Would definitely have loved to see instead of Kay's own abundant inspiration like the Summer Tree and its Lord

  8. YouKneeK YouKneeK says:

    The Wandering Fire is the second book in Guy Gavriel Kay’s Fionavar Tapestry trilogy I enjoyed this book but a little less than I did the first book The story picks up several months after the first book left off with view spoilerour main characters from Earth back home after Kim brought them back in the process of rescuing Jennifer At the beginning they're trying to find a way back to Fionavar among other things hide spoiler

  9. Meredith Holley Meredith Holley says:

    Okay this story finally got me Fiction takes life and crystallizes it It boils down and simplifies so that when real life is too overwhelming I can remember what to filter out and what to hear I can remember that the pining lovers reunite the little girl grows into wisdom the white horses win The double edged part of that sword is that it’s probably not true it probably shouldn’t be true But sometimes stories don’t need to be true in order to be somehow necessary I guess I was in the right mood for this book I was in the right craving of escape craving of simplicity I know this story isn't all good guys winning all the time but it still organizes good and evil and love and hate and family into something manageableThese are my random thoughts about the story view spoilerJennifer has Satan’s baby in this book That rules I totally love Satan’s baby stories I guess I had just watched the X Files where they do Rosemary’s Baby and it’s officially one of my favorites I hadn’t realized before that I really dig Satan’s baby stories but I do Maybe it’s my Mia Farrow thing I still don’t get what Satan’s motivation was for choosing Jennifer though but maybe book 3 will clue me on that Satan’s motivations are a big mystery to me in this storyAlso I’m totally okay with the Camelot stuff but I’m not in love with it And Kim has sex with Loren GROOOOOOOSSSSS That guy is like one million years old in my brain and just cause she has white hair doesn’t make her elderly I thought she and the king were going to have a thing so I was SHOCKED when she went for the old dude Shocked hide spoiler

  10. Stephen Stephen says:

    50 stars This is an incredible book and part two of an incredible series Guy Gavriel Kay is one of the best writers working in any genre and his writing is both technically superb and deeply emotional This series should definitely be on the must read list of any fan of epic fantasy Highly recommended

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