Wolf and Iron Kindle Æ Wolf and PDF \

Wolf and Iron Kindle Æ Wolf and PDF \

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  1. Metaphorosis Metaphorosis says:

    25 stars Metaphorosis ReviewsAfter the collapse of civilization a social scientist attempts to work his way across North America to his brother's ranch with a wolf as his companionI know Gordon Dickson's work largely from his excellent Dorsai books and the less effective rest of the Childe Cycle books I've tried out a few of his other works eg Time Storm The Dragon and the George but been less impressed I'm sorry to say that Wolf and Iron fits in that latter categoryThe prose is smooth the characters engaging Dickson has obviously done his research as attested to in a foreword by the wolf expert he consulted Unfortunately it doesn't come across well The novel was written well before Wikipedia existed but Wolf and Iron feels like nothing so much as a thorough regurgitation of Wikipedia pages Protagonist Jeebee Walther is chock full of clever ideas and practical tips that he picked up and remembered through thorough reading and for every situation he encounters he remembers one easily and accuratelyPart of the book's problem is that there's never really much tension Jeebee starts off well stocked with gadgets and rapidly loses almost all In fact he's so certain to lose them that Dickson almost forgets to tell us For example he starts with a high tech water filter surely a crucial item that he would rely on daily Yet at one point Jeebee in need of water suddenly remembers that he lost this vital item some time back Dickson also loses track of the story in other ways inadvertently suggesting some incredible coincidences that are probably just editorial errors Jeebee's carelessness doesn't matter because we always know that this bookish city boy will overcome any obstacle This despite the fact that he is evidently less prepared for survival than every other person he encounters The stock ultra competent young woman he meets loves him despite his at best anachronistic “hold her close until she stops fighting love” approach to courtship Dickson throws in some hand waving to create some relationship building time but it isn't really credibleThe problem is that Dickson becomes so enad of the practicalities of survival that it becomes the core of the story and he throws in ever trick he can think of The book is essentially a rewrite of Robinson Crusoe in Montana complete with makeshift fortress and source of bounty except that in Jeebee's case that's not a ship but a nearby ranch and Friday is a wolf The ranch is where the book loses its storyline most thoroughly Rather than move into the handy abandoned ranch Jeebee spends chapters dragging material to a rustic cave and doesn't even do it efficiently While it's meant as a temporary shelter for one winter he immediately plans to establish a smithy While he's nominally trying to stay silent and inconspicuous to the neighbours who are certain to come whenever he's not dragging material back and forth he's out shooting cattle Even the man wolf relationship otherwise the saving grace of the book is secondary to description of day to day chores though Dickson is much shy of body parts Much of the space it does take is either Jeebee worrying about what Wolf's actions mean – until Wolf isn't uite as useful any – or protecting his belonging's from Wolf's apparently insane curiosity For example he sleeps on top of a metal ladder because otherwise Wolf would apparently eat it for dinnerThe book is mildly interesting because it is well researched but there's not much here that Daniel Defoe didn't already cover in a different setting A note on the Start Science Fiction e book edition – it's evidently OCR based with less than perfect proofreading There are a fair number of typos and one spot in which an editorial note has been left bracketed in the middle of the text to clarify one obvious and easily fixed original typo It's less than impressive for a book that's not that old

  2. Sandra Sandra says:

    This was a pleasant surprise from BookBub I read the blurb and am always attracted to wolves so decided to try it It's an Oddeysey that takes place after the world ends with a whimper What no no electricity no technology no gasoline etc so people are scattered civilization is destroyed and one lone scientist heads to Montana to his Brothers ranch it's slow going and one has to be co scantly on the lookout for danger But he picks up a wolf and meets some people uite remarkably written

  3. Elle Elle says:

    This is a rather strange book The original barely logical plot of traveling to some long lost brother's ranch is uickly abandoned in favor of survival porn endless descriptions of scavenging and rigging weapons and shelter Normally that'd be pretty tense and interesting but the main character stumbles across the post apocalyptic euivalent of Home Depot in an abandoned ranch that provides him with all the supplies he could need for the last third or so of the book so it's like reading some prepper's blog about a weekend out in a nature preserveFor how much research Dickson put into this novel it's strange how often the little details seemed to escape him Jeebee starts the novel stocked with a handful of futuristic survival devices that simply vanish from the narrative with no than a passing thought of Oh I can't find it In the middle of the novel he's gifted a giant sword like Bowie knife and even given knife fighting lessons The other character warns Jeebee to never get into close combat unless he absolutely must and that he should never use this megasword for chopping wood or other mundane things only to kill Oh man I thought surely this was going to pay off in some epic life or death scene where Jeebee has to machete chop somebody to death Sweet Nah The knife gets strapped to his boot and is never mentioned againSo for how heavily the book relies on the relationship between Jeebee and Wolf for its interest tension and progress very little is done with it I started the book thinking it would be something along the lines of A Boy and His Dog and was pleasantly surprised to find it was a realistic depiction but I still feel like the interactions between human and wolf suffer from the same pitfalls as the survival writing bland lists of researched details couched in the thinnest plotAs a rather silly aside This is probably the first book to make me exclaim move on already aloud while reading it Strangely enough it wasn't the scene where the main character eats wolf vomit that did it but the birthing scene Granted I have a strange phobiahatred of anything pregnancy related but the details Dickson selected for his otherwise rather sparse descriptions were rough to get through

  4. Fiver Fiver says:

    I only know one stanza of TS Eliot's poetry and the most popular one at that This is the way the world ends not with a bang but a whimper Of all the apocalyptic scenarios that I've read about the one invoked by this line seems to me to simultaneously be the most likely the most interesting and the most overlooked The world won't tumble into anarchy and decay from a comet or from nuclear war or a supervirus or overpopulation Instead it will slowly sink into a bog of smaller social problems letting the human race loose it's infrastructure piece by piece rather than all at onceWolf and Iron intrigued me because it is based in just such a scenario The setup is familiar to fans of PA the end of the world has come and gone and now America is a land without electricity gasoline or communication Through this world our main character Jeebee travels with his auired pet wolf Wolf simple names for simple times I guess Together the unlikely pair learn to redefine their relationship towards each other and toward other humans as they trek across the midwest United StatesDickson does a good job of walking through the nitty gritty details of survival but very uickly the book becomes too focused on these points without evidently trying to use them for any higher purpose Chapter after chapter slowly detail each step that Jeebee takes in his journey but at almost no point is there a sense of progression or purpose that is until the unfortunate end of the book Here the timescale of the plot is blown out of proportion Where the first four hundred pages of the book cover a timescale of perhaps four months the next thirty cover six and the final thirty cover an entire year It is here that Wolf and Iron hurredly throws in some potentially interesting plot developments and even has some wonderful closing scenes but they are far too rushed to be enjoyed If the entire novel had focused on these parts I might have enjoyed it Altogether it's a book that needs a rewrite Post apocalyptic landscapes are constantly in danger of being boring since there's a strong emphasis on solitude and dehumanization but I wouldn't expect an author like Gordon Dickson to hit such an obvious pothole Some parts of the book need to be cut out and some need to be expanded and while I wait for that rewrite to occur I'm sure there are interesting PA books to read

  5. Charles van Buren Charles van Buren says:

    This review is from the Kindle edition of the Start Science Fiction First Edition published October 15 2013 I enjoyed this novel to a degree even though there are some problems and short comings One problem is that the way the novel is described on 's site could lead some to believe that they are purchasing a novel of a different type than this actually is A uote from a featured review in the description En route he befriends a wolf who becomes a partner and companion via verbal and nonverbal communication Another blurb talks about the wolf adopting Jeebee and teaching him There is nothing mystical about this wolf It is just a wolf which was raised by humans It does not respond to or engage in verbal communication A large part of the novel deals with Jeebee's attempts to understand Wolf because he met Wolf when he was lonely and needed companionship As one may gather from this there is very little action in the novel A large portion of the book occurs inside Jeebee's head Long portions describe the various things Jeebee does to survive including much detail about the things he builds In this area it is a little similar to Swiss Family Robinson but not as well written I have liked Dickson since high school but he does not compare favorably with Johann David Wyss In my opinion Dickson's work is stronger when he writes actual science fiction which this novel is not

  6. Andrew Andrew says:

    I really did enjoy this book even though I am on to my second copy of it The first was ruined when there was a huge section missed from the printing I would say that over a chapter was goneThe book really is your standard journey of redemption which the world falls apart and reverts back to a most simplistic and as you would expect barbaric age The real star of the book though is the wolf I will admit apart from finding the animal majestic and terrifying I grew up with dogs big dogs and have their companionship and loyalty has always impressed me and amazed me when you look at the cruelty the suffer at our hands too So when the two team up to continue their journey and adventures I think you see the start of amazing team all the way up to the final confrontation To me Gordon Dickson is the creator of the Dorsai series one of the pillars of the science fiction genre however he has written many books over a very long career and this book is a perfect example which to me reminds me that every once in a while I need to look past the famous names and titles and look at little closer at what else they have done

  7. Jeff Miller Jeff Miller says:

    I have always enjoyed Dickson but found this one to be exceptional post apocalyptic but concentrating mostly on the story of one man An academic who understood a bit about what was coming but still was not prepared The story of him and the wolf he befriends was uite enjoyable along with the little contact he has with others as he tried to travel to his brother's farm The foreword from an expert on wolf behavior tells of his time working with Dickson to help him to get the wolf behavior details right This really adds to the story which seems so true to life in a way most post apocalyptic isn't Maybe because it concentrates on relationships than the catastrophe

  8. Derek Derek says:

    Post apocalyptic Man Dog well wolf Gordie Dickson what's not to loveIt's years since I read this but it had a profound effect on me and I really want to find a copyEdit I got hold of a copyI'm fascinated by the depth of research that went into the ManWolf relationship somewhat forced on him by his wolf researcher Dr Harry Frank who wouldn't let him get away with anything but perplexed how at times he gets even the simplest things wrong For the second time in a week the first author who did it was forgettable and forgotten I read how it was important to stay upwind of a predator so that it couldn't smell you No you stay downwind just as water flows from upstream to downstream air flows from upwind And speaking of upstream when Jeebee follows a stream uphill and finds himself at a branch where two streams flow downhill how can he possibly even have to investigate to know that one of those streams is man made? Honestly Gordie it can't happen in natureThat said I loved the book when I first read it and I still do on re reading The ending doesn't actually make much sense to me but the journey does and I love the interaction of man and wolf

  9. John Adkins John Adkins says:

    Man and Wolf Against the UniverseWolf and Iron is a post apocalyptic novel wherein rather than suffering a catastrophic disaster civilization had suffered an economic collapse The protaganist JeeBee was a scientist a social economist who had been studying social phenomena and had predicted the collapseAs society falls apart he begins a journey to reach his brother's ranch in Montana to ensure the survival of the scientific discoveries that he and his group have arrived at and that should reduce the time of descent into what he calls the Iron Time shades of Hari SeldonAlong the way this weak and unprepared scientists grows into someone capable of surviving in the wilderness meets people helpful and harmful and forms a bond with a wolf Dickson has done considerable research into wolf behavior for this book and the interactions between JeeBee and the aptly named Wolf form the basis on most of the book and are based in the latest science This is an excellent survival story well written and full of compeling fully drawn characters

  10. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    I read this book sometime after it first came out and it has influenced my thinking about surviving in a post nuclear war life ever since I became aware at how unprepared I would be to live in a new Iron age without technology I am not a survivalist so I would need to rely on other people who have scout or wilderness survival training With all the modern survival euipment I wonder if life would be better or easier than Jeebee's tremendous effortsThink what life would be like without electricity How would you manage? Do you feel that you need to hook up to solar and wind power right now so you could still have it if catastrophe hits? I reread this last month with renewed interest The amount of detail sometimes made it heavy going but it was worth the effort

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Wolf and Iron ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☃ Wolf and Iron ✐ Author Gordon R. Dickson – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk The Iron YearsAfter the collapse of civilization when the social fabric of America has come apart in bloody rags when every man's hand is raised against another and only the strong surviveJeebee Walth The Iron YearsAfter the collapse of civilization when the social fabric of America has come apart in bloody rags when every man's hand is raised against another and only the strong surviveJeebee Walther was a scientist a student of human behavior who saw the Collapse of the world economy coming but could do nothing to stop it Now he must make his Wolf and PDF \ way across a violent and lawless America in search of a refuge where he can keep the spark of knowledge alive in the coming Dark Age He could never make it on his own but he has found a companion who can teach him how to survive on instinct and will Jeebee has been adopted by a great Gray Wolf.

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About the Author: Gordon R. Dickson

Gordon Rupert Dickson was an American science fiction author He was born in Canada then moved to Minneapolis Minnesota as a teenager He is probably most famous for his Childe Cycle and the Dragon Knight series He won three Hugo awards and one Nebula award.