Marley Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog

Marley Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog

Marley Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog [KINDLE] ❂ Marley Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog ❅ John Grogan – Marley Me IMDb Directed by David Frankel With Owen Wilson Jennifer Aniston Eric Dane Kathleen Turner A family learns important life lessons from their adorable but naughty and neurotic dog Bob Marley Marley Me IMDb Directed by David Frankel Life and ePUB ¹ With Owen Wilson Jennifer Aniston Eric Dane Kathleen Turner A family learns important life lessons from their adorable but naughty and neurotic dog Bob Marley The Wailers | Discography | Discogs Explore releases from Bob Marley The Wailers at Discogs Shop for Vinyl CDs and from Bob Marley The Wailers at the Discogs Marketplace House of Marley Bluetooth Speakers Bluetooth speakers headphones earbuds turntables House of Marley is built on the principles of superior uality sustainability and a commitment to charitable Marley Me: eBook í causes We are driven to enhance lives through great product experiences as well as using proceeds from product sales to support global reforestry through our foundation Project Marley Bob Marley Buffalo soldier YouTube Bob Marley Buffalo soldier Marley i Ja Szczenięce lata Marley Me The Marley i Ja Szczenięce lata Marley Me The Puppy Years DVDRip XviD PSiG Lektor PL D E V I L Produkcja USA Czas trwania min Premiera Świat Reżyseria Michael Damian Scenariusz Janeen Damian Michael Damian Gatunek Komed mas movies a href idBLOGGERPHOTOID styleWIDTH px Me: Life and MOBI ï Grammar Advices and Practice tagbloggercomblog T Unknown noreplybloggercom Blogger tagbloggercomblog.

10 thoughts on “Marley Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog

  1. Dave Dave says:

    This is a mediocre book written by horrible dog ownersMarley sounds like an amusing guy; but I think pets are like kids you don't get nearly as much joy from people telling you stories about their kids as you do from watching your own I have dogs whom I love very much and often things they do I find to be very entertaining even though others might not derive the same level of enjoyment if I were to tell them all about it For this reason there are no parts of the book that are truly funny Perhaps I would have laughed at some parts of the book if Marley was my dog or if I at least knew Marley but he's not and I don'tUnfortunately this isn't what I disliked most about the book What really stands out is that the author and his wife are horrible pet owners At best they are negligent parents More accurately I think uite a bit of their behavior borders on animal abuse In the half of the book I read they did the following Decided to get a dog for purely selfish purposes parental practice Read nothing about the breed before choosing to adopt a Lab Failed to do any research into the breeder Failed to seek out a trainer to work with Marley's uirks despite obvious behavioral issues Failed to provide Marley with adeuate protection from storms which completely terrified him Used a choker with zeal while almost deriving joy from Marley's near self strangulation Allowed Marley to escape from a moving vehicle seemingly finding humor in Marley hanging out a moving car by his collar The worst part comes at the end During the last few weeks of his life Marley becomes very sick What does the author do? He leaves the dog at the vet's office and packs the family into the van for a Disney vacation Fortunately he gets back just in time to have Marley put down I then get the impression that he expects us to feel sorrow for his loss I can't imagine going on vacation while either of my pets are left deathly ill at the vet's office I had already developed a strong dislike for the author's idea of pet care This last incident really validated that opinion

  2. Kristine Kristine says:

    This is the first book that has ever and I emphasize EVER made me laugh so hard and cry so much All in one bookMarley Me is the predictable and somewhat cliche story about a dog and his owner If you pick up this book expecting a uniue story put it down and look for something else If you pick up this book expecting to learn about how to train your dog put it down and look for something else If you pick up this book wanting to read a touching but very entertaining story about being a dog owner you've come to the right placeThis book basically chronicles the Marley's life with the Grogan's from puppyhood to his last few breathsMost of the negative reviews I've read about this book criticized the author's poor training methods No one's perfect And just like parents dog owners can make mistakes too Additionally you can't celebrate life without understanding death so to completely discredit this book because of Marley's inevitable end is to ignore one's own mortalityOverall this is a great book You might not learn anything new or for that matter correct about dog training but you'll at least learn to appreciate the unconditional love and affection a canine companion can bring to one's life

  3. Rachel Rachel says:

    SO my mom sent me this book because she thought I was all down after a stupid break up and she wanted to cheer me up I wasn't really down I was totally fucking pissed off I went into reading this book seeing red Maybe that's affected how I interpreted it but I really think this John Grogan guy and his wife are complete idiots There is no reason to ever buy a dog ever Ever There are dogs dying all over the country because people abandon their animals or neglect to have them spayedneutered and these two roll up to a backyard breeder to pick out and pay for a puppy? Total bullshit I am so against the mentality that a certain breed has the traits someone is looking for or is the kind of dog they grew up with and have fond memories of and therefore has to be bred sold and paid for Go through a rescue group if you INSIST on being a breedistAlso? There are no bad dogs only bad dog owners World's worst dog? World's worst dog ownersThat being said I don't think these two abused their dog or anything They were completely unprepared ignorant and arrogant and I can not respect that at all If they weren't sure about having a dog and wanted to practice keeping something alive they should have fostered At least then they could have either backed out or adopted and had helpadvice along the way I didn't totally hate it though I am just awfully adamant about animal rights and buyingselling dogs is pretty much similar to buyingselling people to me

  4. James James says:

    I have a dog my first and like all good over excited enthusiastic first time parents when I got it I had every intention of reading every single goddamned book on the topic Marley Me by John Grogan was the next on a long and ever expanding list It had been on the bestseller lists for uite a long time and so I was expecting it to be a light enjoyable read The kind palatable to the masses and easily read between Mitch Albom and Nicholas SparksWith “Marley Me” I was expecting a dog book a man’s book I mean right on the cover is a picture of a cute little puppy looking up at the camera with innocent loving eyes and a subtitle reading “Life And Love With The World’s Worst dog” So I was expecting a book about a man and his dogWhat I got was a book about marriage and babies two things that gross me out Two things that my feelings about rank somewhere between ironing shirts and slamming my penis in a sliding doorThat being said this book is very very good By page thirty two my eyes were welling with tears The book actually ended up being a relatively slow read because I had to stop every other paragraph to lift weights drink beer at a strip club and watch kung fu movies in my underwear while eating a bowl of cereal for dinner You see “Marley Me” is not a story about a man and his dog “Marley Me” is the story of a young married couple that adopts a dog Like all good characters in good stories this particular dog is not perfect In fact it’s an outrage Marley is a barking drooling rampaging gnawing destroying pillaging Viking of a dog His energy is endless He is kicked out of obedience school He eats expensive necklaces He rips apart furniture He destroys an entire garage He transforms into a howling terror of a werewolf during thunderstorms He never stops He is always moving his frenetic tail constantly wagging and tipping over anything in its oscillating pathWith Marley’s hyperactive and destructive back story carefully laid out it is an emotional scene when the couple gets pregnant only to lose the baby in the first trimester and the mom comes home to be comforted by the surprisingly now calm Marley with his big head on her lap and his still patient body consolingly at her side I am a non breeder and when reading this scene I was an absolute mess I was a thirteen year old girl saying goodbye to her friends at the end of summer camp I was a mother at her daughter’s wedding ceremony I was the girlfriend who didn’t get anything from her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day I was Meryl Streep in a Meryl Streep movie weepy and distraught Grogan poignantly balances the humor stress and satisfaction of pet ownership with a young wife as they transition into parenthood His story is a pleasure to read in its effortless weaving of funny anecdotes emotional growth and the changing priorities that come with parenthood all with an amusing animal for comic relief Hollywood could not have done betterThe Grogans get pregnant again and their birth story is one of the interesting ones I have heard again I’m a non breeder so hearing this kind of schmaltzy crap usually bores me to tears Why do you tell me this stuff? What do you want me to say “Congratulations you successfully carried out a maneuver that baboons accomplish every goddamned day but with less fanfare books websites and talking?” But the Grogan’s story is uite remarkable as it offers a uniue window into the child birthing methods of America Before the birth they reserve and pay extra for an upgraded special birthing suite When the big day arrives however they arrive at the hospital to learn that all of these suites are full “We can’t control when women go into labor” a nurse tells them Not only that however but all of the “normal” labor and delivery rooms are full as well A few phone calls some scrambling and they are led into a completely different part of the hospital The room they are put in is bare and unadorned lacking the floral curtains pastel pillows and cushy couch for dad that they had expected from their pre natal tourThe section they are in is for the poorer mostly immigrant population of their southern Florida community Seeing their dismay and concern the Grogan’s doctor assures them that since the poor typically cannot afford prenatal care they tend to have higher risk pregnancies so their room was actually euipped with specialized tools and instruments to prepare for these higher risk deliveries Also these poorer immigrants cannot afford the expensive pain relieving epidurals that have become such a common part of births in America so throughout their entire birth the Grogan’s are treated to the un drugged screams and painful yelps of their impoverished neighbors As a non breeder and a bleeding heart liberal all of this was thoroughly thoroughly fascinating Who would have thought? I open a book looking for a Jack London esue dog story and get a socio economic examination of the United States Ah books And to think there’s to this world than the news and current events I was getting from my usual two sources The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and my pot dealerFrom there the story meanders down a gently twisting road into an enjoyable story of an American family complete with happiness and sadness disappointment and success children and pet jobs and vacations The Grogans get pregnant again and with this baby mom goes into labor months too soon and is relegated to strict bed rest to prevent a premature birth A healthy baby boy is finally born at the same hospital and the day after Donald Trump’s baby Afterwards mom battles severe post partum depression and demands that Marley be given away At this point in the book I remember silently chanting my encouragements to the narrator to “Get rid of the wife Keep the dog Keep the dog” Ultimately there was no need for such drastic measures it’s too good and perfect of a story for tragedy This story is one where wives and misbehaving dogs learn to live in harmony There is the birth of a third kid a girl a new job and move to Pennsylvania complete with dog bellowing from the belly of the plane serenading all un amused passengers as his owners play dumb feigning ignorance and similar disgust at such an obnoxious beastAnd through all of this idyllic American family’s adventure and change Marley is there though growing ever older Marley of course eventually trots into the sunset and my tears were plinking down on the pages the whole way Grogan tugging every one of my heartstrings Since I have gotten a dog I have often remarked that they make great starter kids In fact I have often wondered why parents bother upgrading to human children given that dogs are expensive entertaining time consuming and very rewardingNow I know Dogs die We need something that will stick around a bit longer and wipe our ass

  5. Dixie Diamond Dixie Diamond says:

    To be honest I couldn't even finish this because it was so stupidLife and Love with the World's Worst Dog Owner For crying out loud get this poor dog some exercise and a trainer I hate books and movies like this The zany antics of poorly trained poorly raised poorly managed pets and their self centered moronic owners I'm always afraid stories like this will encourage other ill informed clueless people to adopt dogs they can't handleI've owned dogs all my life and never had problems like this I adopt dogs that I can manage not large hunting breeds that need exercise than I have time to give them I train them I keep training them so we both don't get out of the habit of them following the rules I don't set them up for failure by spoiling them and failing to provide boundaries The result? I've never owned a problem dog I've even adopted adult dogs 4 5 years old that had NO training were not even housebroken and they all turned out just fineI'm not even a particularly strict owner either my dogs have all been indoor dogs with suishy beds toys and overprotective grandparents but they still don't grow up to be nuisances like this

  6. Matt Matt says:

    You have to read books your grandma gives your for Christmas Having said that Marley's antics were mildly amusing I guess but I couldn't see past the fact that the owners were simply moronic Example they know their dog goes bananas and tries to claw its way to perceived safety anytime thunderstorms hit tearing the house to shreds in the process So what do they do to prevent it from ripping apart the house in the event of a thunderstorm in their absence? They put it in a little dog crate while they leave And can you guess what happens? It tries to claw its way through the metal bars and hurts itself in the processNo kidding I never would have foreseen thatIf you can't handle a dog don't get one

  7. Sheila Sheila says:

    This is a book for dog lovers and for those who have been loved by a dog The Grogans may not have been the best dog trainers in the world and they may have made a common mistake of buying their dog from a backyard breeder but what they did right was they loved their dog and stayed devoted to him through his whole life from puppyhood to old age In this throwaway society where many people consider pets to be disposable to be dumped at the pound when they are no longer a cute puppy or when they start misbehaving the Grogans did what all responsible pet owners should do They stuck with Marley they tried to learn they tried obedience classes they worked with their vet to help control Marley's issues and they actually considered their dog a part of their family through good and through bad Marley was one lucky dog to have been owned by a family who loved him for who he was and loved him for his whole life Every dog should be so lucky

  8. Amanda Amanda says:

    What a beautiful book I read this too soon after losing my 10 year old golden Labrador to cancer so I found it made me extremely emotional It's very well written and some of the antics of Marley are so typical of a young Labrador Hilarious heartbreaking and beautiful I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book

  9. Valerie Valerie says:

    Ahhh I loved this book I laughed I cried I remeneniced I thought about my beloved black labrador Duff Just like John said They really are they when you need them Duff was always there for me Walks down the hill over the streets down by the Golf Course with the sunsetting Sitting on the couch together watching a movie Sitting out on the hill at my sunnyspot on the hill writing or listening to music Duff was always there Sometimes he slept on my bed but usually he had too many fleas I fed him gave him water took him on the most walks out of all the family members he helped me lose weight that way Then he got sick in his old age he was 13 years old I was there for him during his last months I was living at my parents house and happened to be dying I took him on some of his last walks trhough the countryside He would sniff the cows and they would try to knock him over probably 'dumb old dog' But he was ours Michelle saved another dog from his viciuos tearing I was too afraid to do it but she just jumped in there and saved the dog I mopped up Duff's 'who know' when he was too old to move That is how much I cared about him Dad would lift and carry him up and down the stairs I would give him hugs I loved his little face He just celebrates my teenagehood for me We got him when I was 11? and then he died when I was 24? I love Logan but I really loved Duff Probably because of our long walks we took together Him and I would walk for hours on the ranch and I would let him chase things in the river or down the gravel path I loved playing frisbee and ball with him when we lived at 5899 Marigold Ln at San Miguel Elementary he was so good at it He kept us safe too in our house on the hill when my parents were out at business meetings until 2 or 3 in the morning Duff was there and he watched over us all barking at anyone that came to the door He was one of the best things that happened to our family one of the few things that made us 'normal' and human I loved trips to Healdsburg memorial Beach with Duff and Dad Jeff and Michelle would come too and we would play for hours at the river Duff swimming fetching sticks and grabbing rocks in the water and struggling to bring them back to Dad It was one of the times when my Dad was truly happy If it wasn't for Duff I don't know if we ever would have spent much time together as a family He was a beautiful genuine soul He made my mom a Dog Lover and I myself will always be a Dog Lover I have a Dog personality rather than a cat Fun loving carefree and free spirited Dogs rock My favorite uote from the book is I have a theory and writing the book sharpened it that people can learn a lot from their dogs Lessons on how to lead happier fulfillinf lives Lessons for successful relationships Think about it Many of the ualities that come so effortlessly to dogs loyalty devotion selflessness unflagging optimisim unualified love can be elusive to humans My hunch is that people who act loke dogs have happier marriages That's assuming of course you don't marry someone who emulates cats Then you're in trouble Cats will outsmart dogs every time Page 304Yes I am a dog person and yes my first marriage was to a cat person He has said he loves cats So that's why it didn't work out Now I look for someone that has that same free spirited nature that I have This book made me think about my beloved black lab I pray that I can have my own black lab someday I want one so bad I need a house a stable job to care for the dog and time as well as patience It's funny because the way I think about having a dog is the same way most people think about having children the responisbility factor For me having children was like yeah let's just jump right in Dogs I know better I know what it takes I love this book and I am glad John Grogan wrote it His memoir is so complete moving and beautiful I want to live with that family I want to be able to have Marley or Duff to lean on when times get hard I absolutely love and cherish this book and will probably reread it just to live it all over again I was at work when I was reading it and I was sitting there at my desk literally sheding tears No one saw me though I also highly enjoy the fact that John is a journalist editor and columinst He inspires me I want to go to his book signing in November 2008 down in Corte Madera I may actually go meet him he is that good of an author and now one of my favorites Love it love it love it

  10. Theresa Alan Theresa Alan says:

    This is just the kind of hilarious fun book I like to read but because I saw the movie I almost never read books AFTER I’ve seen the movie For me it’s the other way around I read the book and see the movie usually to see how much better the book wasIt’s been a long time since I saw the movie so I gave the book a chance and I’m glad I did—the humor and endless comedy was a blast Marley destroyed countless pieces of furniture and screen doors He routinely ate things like parts of their stereo euipment and once a gold necklace that was a gift from author John Grogen to his wife Jenny Grogen then reports in hilarious detail being on poop patrol in his attempt to rescue the expensive necklace from Marley’s prodigious defecation offerings to their backyardEverything about the book is funny or touching Even the birth of their first child was told in hysterical detail Marley got kicked out of obedience school the first time for being too incorrigible When they went back many months later he did manage to pass—and he uickly snatched his diploma from John’s hands and ate it If you’ve ever shared your life with a dog even cats like to destroy plants especially if they’re hanging and they can pounce on them from any surface and yank them out of the wall so you come home to dirt and plant shreddings spattered across your carpeting They also like to topple books from shelves and sit on your keyboard while you’re on deadline for work you’ll identify with the funny stories of how much work animal companions can be and how much we miss them when they’re gone If you live in a place that doesn’t allow animals you’ll also feel a little better about how simple and unencumbered your life is but you’ll feel a wistful sense of loss too For of my reviews please visit

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