Designing with Web Standards MOBI ´ Designing with

Designing with Web Standards MOBI ´ Designing with

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  1. Craig Cecil Craig Cecil says:

    Forward compatibility Reduced site maintenance Increased extensibility More users And big cost savings That's what this book is about Jeffrey Zeldman of the The Daily Report leads readers through the why's and hows of building web sites using the established standards of Structure XHTML Presentation CSS and Behavior ECMAScript DOM Since most web site decision makers don't yet grasp the significance and business reasons for moving to a pure standards based design Zeldman spends the first 100 pages giving them no room for arguing against this approach ESPN got the message and saved tens of millions of dollars by converting their 1 billion hits per month site The remainder of the book is spent in the trenches providing exacting detail about how to upgrade existing sites or build new ones around standards It doesn't hurt that Zeldman's humor and light writing style will speed you through this book It may be the fastest read of any technical book to date and that would be one of Zeldman's points

  2. Dhuaine Dhuaine says:

    I heard this book was like web standards Bible Well Let's just say I was seriously underwhelmed Sure enough it came out a long time ago when web standards wasn't something every web professional had heard about and in my humble opinion it should have stayed as 1st edition if the re release was going to be as lazy as it turned out to be I read 3rd edition and it's just ridiculous a 2009 book talking about IE5 Netscape table based layouts and spending well over hundred of pages on convincing readers why they should pay attention to web standards Witty humor falls flat when the things it's poking fun at are no longer valid Heck even some recommendations are no longer validAs for actual web standards this book is completely void of detail You won't learn how to design with web standards from it; you will only learn why you should do it As such it's only good for people who are just starting their adventure with web development although it still makes me wonder as it might be too dated even for that

  3. David David says:

    Jeffrey Zeldman Ethan Marcotte's Designing with Web Standards 3rd Edition provides an excellent overview of the issues involved in designing for the web using a modern standards based approach It is by no means a comprehensive treatise on the technologies that must be mastered that would reuire 1000s of pages It does serve admirably as a guide for experienced designers intent on upgrading their skills or beginners that need an overview of the fieldAs such a significant portion of the book is devoted to advocating the web standards approach to web design The authors clearly feel that strong encouragement is still needed to convince some people in the field to make the switchSome readers will not like the collouial tone and tongue in cheek humor of the text Others will However it is well written with a good flow As well it has the least number of typos and other errors of any technical book I've read in years It is a pleasure to read a computer tech book that is so polishedAnd although it is not comprehensive it provides a wealth of pointers to in depth books and links to web sites with a wealth of additional information Read it in front of a web browser and check out those references to get the most from it

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I have been building websites since tables were the latest and greatest in the web and animated gifs were everywhereI have seen some reviews here that think this book is out of date and not relevant and that is the undermine it's importance Once this book came out I had an argument with employers and clients as to why things had to be done differently because it was finally a discussion of web standards to a much larger audience If you are in the web design and development field today it might be easy to look at this book and say well of course but if it weren't for Jeffrey Zeldman and things like A List Apart it might not be the case or such important things like web standards would have taken a lot longer to take hold

  5. Michael Halligan Michael Halligan says:

    Skip the first 43 pages if you've never built a website before they're written as a justification as to why to design with web standards and their arguments range from lame and antiuated like using the cost of T1s as the justification for concise html to common sense ones that make you think Yeah well Duh Did I really have to spend 10 minutes reading this argument? I agree move on Correction The first four chapters of this book are fluffy reasons why to design with web standards I get it now teach me the fucking standards

  6. Julian Julian says:

    A lot of the issues raised in this book are sort of irrelevant to someone DIY ing websites but I still learned a whole ton about semantic markup and how one would effectively incorporate behavioral aspects into web sites The reason standards based web design is so important after all is because in the end it seems to save a lot of time and headache and so these lessens may prove fruitful If you read this though prepare to skim past large sections where he rants about how the web was in the 90s Um it's 2010 no one cares?

  7. Gerasimos Gerasimos says:

    At the moment you decide to make some money by building websites read this It's one of those books that you don't borrow from a friend Buy it read it and let is somewhere so you can refer back from time to time

  8. Erin Kissane Erin Kissane says:

    Oh come on I edited it Like I'm going to give it less than five stars? It's good

  9. Douglas Douglas says:

    The third edition of essential reading for anyone who works on the web

  10. Joe Devon Joe Devon says:

    What can I say this was a classic in its time Changed the way web development happened Unblocked a lot of the nonsense caused by the browser wars At this point it's probably rather out of date but great to read for the purpose of the history of the web

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Designing with Web Standards ❰KINDLE❯ ✽ Designing with Web Standards Author Jeffrey Zeldman – Best selling author designer and web standards evangelist Jeffrey Zeldman has revisited his classic industry shaking guidebook Updated in collaboration with co author Ethan Marcotte this third edition Best selling author designer and web standards evangelist Jeffrey Zeldman has revisited his classic industry shaking guidebook Updated in collaboration with co author Ethan Marcotte this third edition covers improvements and challenges Designing with eBook ☆ in the changing environment of standards based designWritten in the same engaging and witty style making even the most complex information easy to digest Designing with Web Standards remains your essential guide to creating sites that load faster reach users and cost less to design and maintain• Substantially revised—packed with new ideas• How will HTML CSS and web fonts change your work• Learn new strategies for selling standards• Change what “IE support” means.