Green Smoothies RX: The Natural Program for Extraordinary

Green Smoothies RX: The Natural Program for Extraordinary

  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Green Smoothies RX: The Natural Program for Extraordinary Health
  • Robyn Openshaw
  • English
  • 18 April 2015
  • 9781569757024

10 thoughts on “Green Smoothies RX: The Natural Program for Extraordinary Health

  1. Willow Curtis Willow Curtis says:

    I had a hard time with a lot of the stuff in this book like Robyn Openshaw's obsession with Blentec but overall it was okay The writing wasn't great She repeats herself often and some phrases are used ad nauseum I can't think of one right now maybe I've blocked them outThere is one point in the book where Robyn Openshaw explains how to educate a child about the benefits of green smoothies that almost made me laugh She describes fiber as a broom and afterwards says That was an example of how I speak to my children It's different than how I speak to you or how I write on a scientific topic on my blog p74 Wait didn't she just write that same analogy for me the reader a few chapters back? Let's see Plant fiber drags the length of our gastrointestinal tract much like a broom keeping its tissues clean and pink and healthy p30 Or how about a few pages in when she tells us again that Insoluble plant fiber is the best broom It cleans out the 100 plus feet of your entire digestive tract p50 Yeah she just confessed to simplifying her nutritional knowledge in this book like she would for a child while at the same time denying itI appreciate the amount of material that she has read on the subjects of nutrition gardening and health but she didn't seem to cite her source material very often Vague claims were either unsubstantiated or based on ambiguous personal experiences In fact I've read a lot of the same books as she has on these subjects or am at least familiar with them but I do not feel confident in my ability to tell everyone else the best way to improve their health To be fair Openshaw does state in the book that so many people asked her about her lifestyle that she wanted to share it with everyone I admire her enthusiasm and dedication to what she believes A lot of what she believes I believe too I am not going to fault her for researching ways to improve the health of her family and putting those things into practice That is commendable Now does a raw food diet cure cancer as Openshaw alludes to? There are a lot of intriguing recipes in the book With names like Rad Raspberry Radicchio Smooth Sunflowers and Pollen Persimmon Potpourri the smoothies seem a bit out there I guess if they were things like Mixed Berry Banana and Spinach we wouldn't need to buy a book for the recipe Okay I love green smoothies Most of the smoothies I make for myself and my husband depend on the fruit and vegetables that we have on hand When I first saw Robyn Openshaw's website several years ago touting her as the self proclaimed Green Smoothie Girl I thought Great This woman has experimented with something that I'm interested in and is sharing her experiences online Then I saw that her ebooks like her 12 Steps to Whole Foods had to be purchased I clicked away from her website and didn't look back When my mom and sister started getting into green smoothies my interest was rekindled After moving back to Utah recently I saw that Robyn Openshaw was having a free green smoothie class and demo My skeptical friends agreed to go with us The whole event seemed like self promotion than a class It was not very instructional Our friends were uncomfortable with what they described later as scare tactics and left part way through I'd bought 3 raffle tickets so my husband and I stayed hoping to at least get a blender out of the disappointing evening We did not win anything unfortunately The products that she endorses were being sold in the back and I felt like we were sitting through a sales pitch Oh and the small shot of green smoothie offered as a sample was disgustingAfter this experience my friends did start to purchase green smoothies at a local smoothie place called Roxberry Juice I went and saw that the smoothies were based off of Robyn Openshaw's green smoothies The smoothies were surprisingly good but not cheap Roxberry had this book for sale by the cash register and I flipped through it I decided to check it out from the library With such a long waiting list I expected a better book but in the end I am happy I read it

  2. MJ MJ says:

    This book is all about eating lower on the food chaim As in vegetables and fruit Then you mix it all in a blender and drink it Robyn Openshaw Pay starts by explain how she came to the revelation that she needed to change her families eating habits So she went back to the basics raw green vegetables She includes testominal from others who have tried her diet along with some really good recipesI have been drinking these drinks for about a month Reading this book has cemented my belief that this was a good choose for me I am not sold on her whole diet no meat I love a good steak and wont be giving up my BFs yummy steaks any time soon but I do beleive that cutting back on certain foods is a good idea health wise Mostly I believe that I dont get enough fruits and vegtables and this is a good way for me to suppliment my diet

  3. Jaime Jaime says:

    Every time my husband saw me reading this he would ask So is everything we eat going to kill us? Because that's what I told him I felt like after I'd read the first chapter While the author subscribes to a mostly raw whole foods diet and she certainly promotes that this book is really focusing on the benefits of her green smoothies and there is comfort in her encouragement that even just a pint to one uart a day of green smoothies can drastically improve health and nutrition My family and I had already been doing green smoothies for breakfast but since reading the book I'm adventurous in what I put in them we've doubled the amount we drink we now have one with dinner as well and have set aside two days a week for no meat and no sugar Surprisingly we made all those changes with very little complaint from anyone While I cannot commit to a raw diet I also cannot argue with the importance for adding greens and less refined and modified foods to the standard american diet It's definitely improved some of my nutrition choices It is also a uick read and very well outlined with good recipes tips and explanations

  4. Karina Karina says:

    I was afraid this would be really boring but it's actually pretty interesting and entertaining Talks about the health benefits of a green smoothie diet different greens and their benefits and tastes why they're important superfoods and health benefits they have and lots of recipes and even testimonials of many people and how it's changed their lives I have had some health issues and instead of being on medication the rest of my life I'm hoping this can help improve my issues I have only tried two of the smoothies so far but they have both been great Can't wait to explore with this

  5. Sharon Rainey Sharon Rainey says:

    good recipes informative i've been drinking smoothies for than six months but this gave me some new ideas

  6. Marie Wynn Marie Wynn says:

    While I agree that Americans could benefit from leaving the Western Diet for wholesome alternatives including green smoothies I found reading this book annoyingIt lacks footnotes The poll in front of book mentions a 30 day trialpoll and people are commenting on‘Loss of moles’? ‘Haven’t gotten sick in a year’?‘Got off cholesterol medication’?This was a 30 day trial I feel this book was written out of passion for topic and to push another health book I found no real value except for the many recipes which would all be expensive if buying ingredients at a market

  7. Heath Heath says:

    Great recipes and a different approach to getting yourself a nice habit If you are new to getting your kitchen health together this will help I have followed Robyn for many years and enjoyed a majority of all that she teaches I will say that one particular health professional isn't for all so keep finding whatwho works for you

  8. Nicole Nicole says:

    Probably among my favorites of the health related books I've read recently Green Smoothies Diet was enlightening and easy to read; I read it in one sitting I definitely plan on re reading it again later and implementing the daily smoothie at the very least

  9. Emily Emily says:

    So inspiring Learned a ton of healthy ideas to improve my life and excited to start my day with a green smoothie

  10. Jona Cannon Jona Cannon says:

    Openshaw educates the reader about the importance of eating healthy You will learn precicesly what each variety of greens do for the human body and the benefits a person might derive She explains simple and realistic ways of giving your body everything it reuires to thrive without breaking the bankThis book SO reminded me of the old testament story in Daniel chapter 1 Daniel and his companions were being taught to be leaders for King Nebuchadnezzar and were to be given the kings meat and wine to eat and drink Daniel convinces the head eunich to allow them to eat pulse seeds and grain for 10 days to see if their health improves over the other boys in training After 10 days their health is so much better that the head eunich decides to have all of the boys eat pulse from then onThe only criticism I have for this book is that it felt like a sales pitch You know the kind where you are at the store and someone is speaking to a small gathering of people and trying to sell you some new product A good portion of the book guides you to Openshaw's web site where you have oportunity to pay money for green smoothie education It also guides you to buy the blendtec blender which coincidentally? if you buy from the manufacturer will give you her book I have nothing against capitalism but I would have preferred less sales pitch and smoothie recipes for the 15 book

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