The Piece That Does Not Fit PDF ✓ That Does PDF

The Piece That Does Not Fit PDF ✓ That Does PDF

The Piece That Does Not Fit (El Goonish Shive, #2) [Reading] ➼ The Piece That Does Not Fit (El Goonish Shive, #2) Author Dan Shive – El Goonish Shive EGS is a contemporary fantasy webcomic written and drawn by Dan Shive It debuted on 2002 01 21 and was hosted on Keenspot from mid 2003 to early 2009 when it changed hosting to 910CMX El Goonish That Does PDF ↠ Shive EGS is a contemporary fantasy webcomic written and drawn by Dan Shive It debuted on and was hosted on Keenspot from mid to The Piece eBook ¾ early when it changed hosting to CMX Shive rates EGS as being The comic depicts the lives of a fictional group of teenagers in their junior year of high school Piece That Does PDF ´ They are subject to the trials of daily teenage life such as disapproving parents nasty rumours and arbitrary school decisions as well as outlandish problems involving magic aliens parallel dimensions and superscience The Piece That Does Not Fit is the second print volume collecting EGS.

  • Paperback
  • 204 pages
  • The Piece That Does Not Fit (El Goonish Shive, #2)
  • Dan Shive
  • English
  • 07 May 2014
  • 9781932775402

About the Author: Dan Shive

El Goonish That Does PDF ↠ Shive.

3 thoughts on “The Piece That Does Not Fit (El Goonish Shive, #2)

  1. Paul McCubbrey Paul McCubbrey says:

    To make a long story short This is where El Goonish Shive got gudEGS is was and always will be primarily about sexuality The way this manifests changes a lot throughout the comic In the early comics it manifested itself through crude once removed exploration of Dan Shive's transformation based fetishes; the writing was crude the feminist Susan was a strawman and Tedd was just sexist enough to be uncomfortable as a character The jokes often fell flat and the art vacillated between tolerable and mediocre The bright spot of the comic was la artiste Sarah but it was hard to tellThen Cerebus syndrome kicked inNormally Cerebus syndrome is discussed in the context of A Bad Thing where a comedic work becomes serious when it shouldn't be and it's ruined Here the opposite happened Sister happened Sister was the first major EGS storyline and it's where this book beginsNote I haven't actually read the printed version; I only read the online comic so I don't know exactly what's in this book I do however know that the title is a uote from SisterDuring Sister Dan Shive introduces the gender bender hijinx that comprise the majority of the comic During Sister there are stakes and the characters are invested in them During Sister Elliot has a goal in returning to his male self and that's the first time a character's motivation caused enough havoc for anything resembling a plot to happen During Sister Susan becomes less of a strawman and if you look closely you can see the exact moment she became Dan Shive's favorite character She still is by the way Not mine but she's easily top three During Sister the writing becomes smart and powerful and you don't always laugh; I find myself crying every timeDuring Sister you meet SPOILERSFrom here on out I cannot describe this piece without spoiling not only Sister but the entire rest of El Goonish Shive You are forewarnedReady?Just want to give us a bit of space so nobody accidentally sees thisthat should be enoughDuring Sister you meet EllenEllen is one of the strangest characters in webcomics existentially speaking She's the physical embodiment of the gender swapping spell placed on Elliot by Tedd's transformation gun what TV tropes would call an Opposite Sex Clone She immediately has an existential crisis thinks she's supposed to be Elliot's evil twin and then tries and fails spectacularly to get him in trouble“But that's stupid” you say “That's so clearly over the top and ridiculous How could that evoke tear jerking?”Let me ask you this Have you ever at any point in your life been in a situation where you felt you had to play a role you weren't comfortable with? Maybe someone needed to take a leadership position in a group project back in high school Maybe you had to speak at someone's funeral Maybe you saw a really annoying kid whom nobody liked and who liked nobody and you said something mean because it felt like it was the right thing to do because everyone did it because he probably deserved it because you're the Witty Guy and you need to diss people even though you convince yourself you don't care what other people think but it's all a lie a facade and you hate living with it and it's precisely for that reason that you wear it all the time until one day when nobody's looking you snapIt's not Ellen's situation that rends the tears It's the fact that she feels like she has to be evil even though she doesn't want to It's the fact that once she loses that need she has nothing She feels like she has no right to exist and her biggest relief is that she thinks she's going to die at the end of the month because she doesn't have any life worth living She's a non person She doesn't exist She is a piece which does not fit on the game board of life and soon all shall be swept awayThere's to the story than that though There's Hedge Grace's brother whose presence portends bad things to come later in Shadows After Dark There's the apparent connection between Nanase and Susan which will be a dangling plot thread for a decade until it's finally answered in Hammerchorians There's the return of the Goo from the very first canon strip well kind of There's even the first hints of the power couple of Ellen and Nanase which'll get confirmed in Grace's Birthday Party But by far the strongest emotional beats of the story are the cast's acceptance of Ellen and importantly Ellen's acceptance of herself

  2. Colm Colm says:

    Brilliant I love El Goonish Shive and I can't wait for book 3 whenever the fuck that's being made

  3. C C says:

    This review is less about this print volume of the comic and for the work as a wholeThe Goonish Shive is the one of the best story based webcomics I've come across if you're willing to ignore some poor choices in writing style by the author in the early stagesI think you'll either love it and obsessively read it over and over again or you'll never get interested in it in the first place it appeals strongly to a certain few niche audiencesActually it's not all that well written the early art sucks lots of people think that all the characters have the same face in the later art and it's all a bit childish but it does three things1 It provides exactly the kind of world I'd like to escape to 2 It faces all the imperfections and inner conflicts that keep such a world from being boring3 emotional releasePlus the random silliness that is especially rampant at the beginning is funThese are all the things you really ever expect from this kind of fantasy story If it was better written it would be perfect Yes I am aware that I'm both saying that it's poorly written AND giving it five stars a perfect scoreand I don't just dole those out willy nilly but I am somewhat obsessed with this comicerm read this comic or the owl will eat you You can read it for free here

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