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Pathfinder Companion: Adventurer's Armory Read Pathfinder Companion Adventurer S Armory By Jonathan H Keith Horsebackridingnorthcarolina.us Hundreds Of New Items Whether Your Character S In The Market For An Exotic Weapon, A New Pet, Or An Unusual Alchemical Item To Help In Exploring Old Tombs, This Book Has It Covered Adventurer S Armory Is The Go To Sourcebook For Supplementing Your Character S Gear All Of The Items Are Nonmagical And Most Of Them Are Priced Low Enough That Even 1st Level Heroes Can Afford Them Customize Your Equipment For Any Given Adventure With The Following New Weapons And Armor New Alchemical Items Skill Aids And Class Specific Items New Poisons And Black Market Goods Travelers Comforts, Such As Cooking Supplies And Tents Adventurer Favorites, Like Bladed Boots And Spring Loaded Wrist Sheaths New Uses, Rules, And Tricks For Mundane Gear Divine Items That React To Channeled Energy Power Components For Spells New Traits An Alchemist Cohort To Keep You Supplied In The Field Cover Art By Pavel Guzenko

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    Although it is always nice to have new equipment, what really makes this book than a simple list of exotic or new equipment, are the chapters concerning the equipment trick feats, the channel foci and the equipment traits I am eager to add these new elements in my games.

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