The Constant Heart PDF ¶ The Constant PDF/EPUB ²

The Constant Heart PDF ¶ The Constant PDF/EPUB ²

The Constant Heart ➵ The Constant Heart Download ➾ Author Dilly Court – The Constant Heart Balogh, Mary Livres NotRetrouvez The Constant Heart et des millions de livres en stock surAchetez neuf ou d occasion The Constant Heart Dilly Court, Annie Aldington, RandomThe Const The Constant Heart Balogh, Mary Livres NotRetrouvez The Constant Heart et des millions de livres en stock surAchetez neuf ou d occasion The Constant Heart Dilly Court, Annie Aldington, RandomThe Constant Heart Dilly Court, Annie Aldington, Random House Audio booksLivres The Constant Heart ebook ePub Patricia RobinsTamily has won the The Constant PDF/EPUB ² love of handsome and amusing Dick Allenton, her childhood companion and heir to the Allenton estatesBut her marriage to the charming but irresponsible Dick is rocked by his love affair with the sophisticated American Carol Holmer and Tamily s own growing affection for the Allenton bailiff, Adam BondWhen tragedy intervenes, Dick begins to realise where his heart really lies The Constant Heart ePub Dilly Court Achat ebook fnac The Constant Heart, Dilly Court, Cornerstone digital Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous enjour ou en magasin avec % de rduction The Constant Heart eBook de Mary Balogh The Constant Heart eBook de Mary BaloghRakuten Kobo Lisez The Constant Heart de Mary Balogh disponible chez Rakuten Kobo Rebecca Shaw was heartbroken when Christopher Sinclair, whom she had loved passionately and who had sworn that he loved The Constant Heart ebook ePub Mary Balogh AchatThe Constant Heart Rsum Rebecca Shaw was heartbroken when Christopher Sinclair, whom she had loved passionately and who had sworn that he loved her in return her, left her without explanation to marry a far wealthier woman Rebecca has since found consolation and peace as the fiance of the local vicar, whose worthy work and dreams she shares But Christopher, now widowed, is back andThe Constant Heart eBook de Dilly Court Lisez The Constant Heart de Dilly Court disponible chez Rakuten Kobo Despite living by the side of the Thames, with its noise, disease and dirt, eighteen year old Rosina May has wanted for.

10 thoughts on “The Constant Heart

  1. Danielle Asbury Danielle Asbury says:

    This is isn t the first time I have read a Dilly Court book, so I knew that I would fully enjoy reading this particular book I already had high expectations and guess what I wasn t disappointed There were some forgiving moments when I could see some flaws with little sub plots for example, the initials on the golden locket The initials is the same as the character s that she s questioning and she doesn t acknowledge that, instead she s confused There were a few other moments when I thought it was a little strange, but I can t exactly pin point where in the book I must say, at the beginning of the book, I didn t really sense any chemistry between the two characters, not until that one faithful night out Since that part, I then knew the truth of things, even when it was at one point revealed it was something else I knew the truth even then I dare say I m not a detective but I was indeed pleased with myself You can see the transition of the main character through out the whole book, for example, to start off with she was innocent and naive she becomes grown up and independent I must say once I have finished reading this book, I quickly re read through the parts between the two characters and now I see the chemistry way before I became suspicious before hand It was a good read I fully enjoyed it Thanks again Dilly Court.

  2. Molly Guy Molly Guy says:

    This book kept me up almost all night, i could never put it down it was so very romantic and Dilly should do books in the future like this one.

  3. Brenda Anderson Brenda Anderson says:

    Love dilly court books but this book was predictable still a good read.

  4. Wendy Wendy says:

    Dilly Court s delightful historical romance The Constant Heart opens along the Thames in 1874 with an old feud between eighteen year old Rosina s father, Captain of the Ellie May and barge owner Ham Barnum her engagement to Harry Gostellow and their breakup because of his licentious behaviour her father s death and her struggle to keep the business afloat by ferrying rubbish out of London Dilly Court brings to life the noise, disease and dirt in the rough area along the wharf area and in the East End where, although raised as a lady she struggles to find a solution to father s failing business and to keeping her small family housekeeper Berthe Spinks, Caddie Trigg and her three sons from being sent to the workhouse a fate worse than death Woven into the main theme are subplots that include the breakdown and death of Captain Edward May the mystery man she falls in love with and the incarceration of her father s bookkeeper Walter Brown The emotional tension and suspense escalate when she risks her reputation to pursue evidence that will free Walter and the challenges she faces to ferry garbage out of London to keep the business afloat and to support her family after her father s death Yet amid the harsh realities of life Rosina has to make a decision to marry Harry Gostellow and forget the pirate who won her heart The romance sparks when Rosina meets her pirate at an outing with Sukey and Harry after being propositioned by a wealthy rake only to have his identity remain a mystery even after receiving a medallion from her bookkeeper with the initials WB.Although predictable in plot there is a strong focus on character development as spoiled, na ve and innocent Rosina May s world begins to crumble around her Stubborn, impulsive and often reckless, she has a generosity of spirit, caring nature and indomitable will that help her overcome her adversity Serious, hardworking, dull but loyal Walter Brown hides a secret as he struggles to help Rosina, the woman he loves In contrast Harry Gostellow, rich, boyishly good looking, and vain hides a bossy, patronizing, controlling and roguish nature under his charm.I thoroughly enjoyed A Constant Heart with its captivating plot and realistic, well developed characters that infuse the story with heartbreak, victory and love.

  5. mckailer mckailer says:

    Rushed, not very well Developed, Boring.To be honest this story wasn t my favourite and is not memorable I feel like this is a book that Dilly Court just rushed out for the sake of publishing a new book and cashing in a pay cheque The characters, especially Walter, were not very well thought through or developed I didn t create bonds with them or really cared that much for their outcomes The plot was VERY predictable and I would of only given this book a 2 star rating if not for the ending which basically saved the story.The ending is the only decently satisfying part of the story that i read and was thoroughly interested in it It brought this not very interesting exciting book to a good ending and so for that I give this book 3 stars But unfortunately would not recommend this book.

  6. Shirley Hamlod Shirley Hamlod says:

    This is only the second book I ve read by this author and it was brilliant Dilly puts in so much detail to her stories that the characters come alive I really didn t think this story was going to turn out well as the reader is left right until the last but one page before all is resolved I love these books.

  7. katie daniels katie daniels says:

    WowHe book was a little slow to start then you are drawn in what a brilliant book love it great

  8. Trudie Trudie says:

    I enjoyed reading this

  9. Rowlie Rowlie says:

    Another fantastic Dilly Court read.


    Very good readI enjoyed this book immensely although I did work out who was the mystery person early on but still found it exciting.

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