Alexander William Doniphan PDF/EPUB Ð Alexander

Alexander William Doniphan PDF/EPUB Ð Alexander

Alexander William Doniphan ☆ Alexander William Doniphan PDF / Epub ✩ Author Roger D. Launius – Alexander William Doniphan 1808 1887 Missouri attorney military figure politician and businessman is one of the most significant figures in antebellum Missouri From the 1830s to the 1880s Doniphan was Alexander William Doniphan Missouri attorney military figure politician and businessman is one of the most significant figures in antebellum Missouri From the s to the s Doniphan was active in a variety of affairs in Missouri and held firm to several underlying principles including loyalty hard work the sanctity of the republic and commitment to Christian charity However the key to Doniphan's importance was Alexander William Kindle - his persistent moderation on the critical issues of his dayDoniphan became a household name when he served as the commanding officer of the famed First Missouri Mounted Volunteers during the Mexican American War It was during this time that he won two battles established an Anglo American based democracy in New Mexico and paved the way for the annexation of the territory that became New Mexico and Arizona He is also recognized by the Mormons for his assistance to their beleaguered church during Missouri's Mormon War and for his refusal to execute Joseph Smith when ordered to do so by his commanding officerAlthough Doniphan was a slaveholding unionist he sought a middle ground to stave off war in the s and early s and served as a delegate to the Washington Peace Conference in When conflict escalated along the western border of Missouri in Doniphan moved to St Louis where he worked as a lawyer with the Missouri Claims Commission seeking pensions for refugeesDoniphan early adopted the Whig ideal of the positive liberal state and sought to use the power of government to remake society into something better Once he saw the heavy handed use of state power during Reconstruction however Doniphan reversed his views on the role of the government in society For the rest of his life he resisted government incursions into the lives of the people and sought to restore a healthy Union.

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  1. Jacob Lines Jacob Lines says:

    Most Mormons know Alexander Doniphan for two things as a militia commander during the Mormon War he refused an order to execute Joseph Smith and his companions; and as a lawyer he defendant Joseph Smith in court For these two deeds alone I honor his memory But he did much than that He was a politician a successful military commander in the Mexican War the author of the Kearny Code a legal code promulgated for New Mexico during the Mexican War parts of which are still in force in New Mexico an honorable political moderate who turned down military commissions from both the North and South during the Civil War He was a good man and a very interesting man This book is a very good account of his life I recommend it for anyone interested in Missouri history Civil War history Mormon history or the history of the settlement of the American west

  2. Bobharman Bobharman says:

    Doniphan 1808 1887 was a Missour Attorney military figure politician and businessman He was the commanding officer of the First Missour Mounted volunteers during the Mexican American War in which the United States acuired the several states of the American South West including California New Mexico Arizona and Texas That war is one which was not taught very much when I was in School but it is also about Missouri history in the part of the state where I grew up south of Kansas City

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