The New Israelis Kindle ´ The New eBook â

The New Israelis Kindle ´ The New eBook â

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  1. Oriyah Nitkin Oriyah Nitkin says:

    This is precisely the type of book I generally like to read; Something non fiction usually about a particular culture giving information and sometimes analyzingit's right up my alley Being that this was written in 1973 as a 'contemporary' look at the society it's also a historical snapshot of what went on in the history of the culture in which I sort of currently live I particularly enjoy books of this sort the type others would find to be outdated because so often people try to rewrite history for their own convenience and books like this make it hard to fabricate what was for the sake of what one wished had actually beenI was going to therefore give this book 5 stars I was so close Now don't get me wrong I've still enjoyed the book immensely In a stage where I'm getting rid of most of the new books I acuire this one is still a keeper I know exactly where it's going to find a home on my bookshelfor rather set of book shelves It's informative easy reading that looks at a culture I have a particular interest in the writing style is comfortable and interesting and I really have trouble putting it down even when my baby is screaming and I need to force myself to be torn away from the next paragraphSo why couldn't I give it 5 stars? It wasn't due to the author's irritating habit of repeatedly setting the scene by describing the heat emanating from the African sun Israel is actually located in Asia he should have gotten this basic fact straight not to mention his tedious redundancy or his referring to a particular young man as a yeshiva boche when the term is I am 100% sure yeshiva bocher Is this a sign of poor editing? Or poor reporting? Regardless someone should have caught it Well it was speeding ahead as a 5 star book until page 189 when the author revealed his strong anti religious bias giving the reader the impression that anyone who identifies as Orthodox with few exceptions is arrogant hard deaded unreasonable antiuated and in a nutshell not very logical or nice He basically spent the entire 10th chapter criticizing the Orthodox Well his bias is directed at a social group that includes me and as such I take his bias personally I'm not personally offended but obviously I can't fully enjoy the work of an author or set of authors that is are? currently bashing my chosen way of life and community not to mention my personality or at the very least the personality of 'people like me' So a downgrade to 4 stars from me anyway was in orderBut other than his anti religious bias and his poor researchediting skills should I now be distrustful of the entire book? I really enjoyed this and would recommend it to anyone who wouldn't be swayed against the Orthodox community by reading it

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The New Israelis ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☄ The New Israelis Author David Schoenbrun – A new generation has come of age in Israel born since the state was created in 1948 the first Jews in 1900 years to be born and raised in a Jewish homelandWhat are they like these new IsraelisAre they A new generation has come of age in Israel born since the state was created in the first Jews in years to be born and raised in a Jewish homelandWhat are they like these new IsraelisAre they likely to understand and get along with their Arab neighbors than the old leaders Are they like the founders of Israel fervent Zionists and socialists The New eBook â How faithfully do they follow Jewish ritual and tradition How do they relate to the Jews of the world To non JewsAre The New Israelis like young people everywhere Is there a youth movement a generation gap a drug culture in Israel What is the woman's role among Israeli youth What are their views on sex love marriage children the nuclear family military service patriotism nationalismSurprising answers to these and many other contemporary uestions are presented in this fast moving intensely human book on the new Jews of Israel the first book on this subjectThe authors a family team traveled in Israel from June to September conducting than in depth interviews with young Israeli students workers soldiers as well as with their parents teachers and army officers In addition they obtained the studies conducted by the Institute of Applied Social Research which are published here for the first time.

  • Paperback
  • 258 pages
  • The New Israelis
  • David Schoenbrun
  • English
  • 15 August 2014