Restoration: Returning the Torah of God to the Disciples

Restoration: Returning the Torah of God to the Disciples

Restoration: Returning the Torah of God to the Disciples of Jesus [Reading] ➹ Restoration: Returning the Torah of God to the Disciples of Jesus Author D. Thomas Lancaster – Biblical Christianity was originally a sect of Judaism that believed in Jesus and revered the Torah as the core of her scriptures Restoration is a riveting argument for a return to that original bibli Biblical Christianity was originally a sect of Judaism the Torah PDF Î that believed in Jesus and revered the Torah as the core of her scriptures Restoration is a riveting argument for a return to that original biblical expression of faith in Jesus Discover for yourself the profound beauty of Torah life the celebration of the biblical Sabbath and the application of Restoration: Returning PDF/EPUB or God's holy feast days Your eyes will be opened to another dimension of the faith that is beginning to reemerge among Christians worldwide Lancaster answers common theological objections to the Torah while demonstrating that Christians are already keeping of God's Law than they realize This thought provoking theological boat rocker is a fun to read inspiring journey into the Returning the Torah PDF/EPUB Á world of the Bible.

10 thoughts on “Restoration: Returning the Torah of God to the Disciples of Jesus

  1. Andrew Andrew says:

    This is a great book that will make you think about traditional Christian theology and how we got there Be prepared and forewarned Lancaster is not afraid to push buttons but he does so in love and out of an honest search for righteousness in Yeshua and what it means to walk in the faith of the Master It makes me sad when people accuse Lancaster of being a legalist and I have heard many people say this Lancaster is clear in the book that any attempt to pursue righteousness apart from faith in Jesus is pointless; however he makes a good case in asking the uestion Who gets to define what righteousness means or what is a biblical life to live because of our saving faith? Jesus does and so Lancaster sets out to find what the faith of Jesus looked like in His everyday life A great introduction to Messianic theology but not for the faint of heart

  2. Bailey Wiebe Bailey Wiebe says:

    This was eye opening for me and as an added bonus it was written in plain English If you really want to call yourself a follower of Jesus start with this book We really need to get back to our Jewish roots and understand the Bible in its context

  3. Charlotte Gunther Charlotte Gunther says:

    This is what the world needs now a return to the Creator's loving and gracious law The author's writing is clear concise and brief He would persuade us to follow Yeshua Messiah in the same way the first disciples and the early Gentile believers followed Him to live by Torah as Yeshua himself did Christianity has veered so far away from its foundation that I suspect those early believers would not recognize the gospel that is preached today

  4. Natalie Weber Natalie Weber says:

    A friend of mine whose family holds to of a Jewish tradition than most Christians lent me this book It was very thought provoking I gained a greater understanding and appreciation for the culture of the Jewish people their feasts and other aspects of their lifestyle I was also impressed with how so many of the laws and traditions God instituted were designed to help His people live with a constant awareness of His presence and the great things He had done on their behalf In our eagerness to throw off the “constraints” of the Old Testament Christians today have also forsaken in many ways the God centered approach to life that He desires His people to embody

  5. Sarah Sarah says:

    Terrific book The hubby is a tough sell on this concept Baptist seminary grad pastor chaplain years and years of traditional Dallas SeminaryDispensationalgrace only theology We read through aloud together and he actually enjoyed it testing it all the way Really appreciated Lancaster's easy style while covering this tough for some material Do you hear the sound of sacred cows falling? We will be going through it again

  6. Laura The Book Reader Laura The Book Reader says:

    This was a borrowed book and very dry to read however I did learn a lot as I forced myself to read It convicts you to observe the biblical dietary laws Sabbath and the biblical feasts but he does it in a shame on you way

  7. Shea Shea says:

    This fellow is uite confused I'll leave it there

  8. Beth Peninger Beth Peninger says:

    In this follow up to Boundary Stones Lancaster goes into deeper detail and exploration of why OT observance is so vital to living a NT life Technically this book stands alone from Boundary Stones but it serves to be a deeper study of what Aaron Eby has scribed in his book Boundary Stones was a great introduction book for this oneI actually finished this book a couple of days ago but have been sitting on it mulling over how to review it It's really hard to put into words so this review is going to fall woefully short of a good summary Lancaster starts off the book by giving a thorough history of the biblical texts how they came to be where they are at today It was a good history lesson for me I learned a lot in a few short pages With his explanation of the loss of scriptural context and why I immediately had understanding of why the OT gets neglected in the Church at large today It all made so much sense So reading the rest of the book was enlightening given Lancaster's history lesson What I really appreciate about this book is that Lancaster encouraged today's believer with the ways in which they were still keeping God's Word Torah and reintroducing them to the ways in which believer's aren't and making the case for why we would benefit from picking back up the whole of God's Word and observing it Just as in Boundary Stones I would finish reading a chapter and have to take a think break for a few minutes to recover from that realization that in my ignorance I haven't been walking in God's ways Fortunately while guilt threatened Lancaster does a good job of not allowing the reader to give in to the guilt but he presents his case with grace I was able to give Boundary Stones a much detailed summary but if I tried to do that with this book I would make it so nobody would want to read it So I will end my review with two thoughts finishing this book made me eager to study the Torah in depth for myself and recover for myself the faith God has designed for us in full; I'd love to do this Torah study with other believers who have the same eagerness That being said I'll say what I did about Boundary Stones read the book I've got a copy if you'd like to borrow and then let me know if you'd like to study Torah together

  9. Ana Ana says:

    Pros Gave me a lot to think about and encouraged me to study the OT than I do nowCons Author relies a bit too heavily on tradition and reasoning and not enough straight Scripture At least this is true for the audio version of the book There may be footnotes containing Bible references but these aren't given in the audiobookOver all not sure what I think yet Lots of food for thought

  10. Adam Adam says:

    This book should help peel the scales off of the eyes of Christians A great introduction to the Torah observant life for Christians Please don't stop here Recommend this to your pastor also Do it in private though pastors don't generally accept change very well Especially when it comes to the LAW

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