Paperback ¾ Velvet Totalitarianism Kindle å

Paperback ¾ Velvet Totalitarianism Kindle å

Velvet Totalitarianism ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Velvet Totalitarianism By Claudia Moscovici ✸ – This book introduces students and the general public to the post Stalinist phase of totalitarianism focusing on Romania under the Ceausescu dictatorship through the dual optic of scholarship and ficti This book introduces students and the general public to the post Stalinist phase of totalitarianism focusing on Romania under the Ceausescu dictatorship through the dual optic of scholarship and fiction in a story about a family surviving difficult times under a totalitarian regime due to the strength of their love.

About the Author: Claudia Moscovici

can also watch a video preview of the novel on the following link.

6 thoughts on “Velvet Totalitarianism

  1. Rick F. Rick F. says:

    This book introduces students and the general public to the post Stalinist phase of totalitarianism focusing on Romania under the Ceausescu dictatorship through the dual optic of scholarship and fiction in a story about a family surviving difficult times under a totalitarian regime due to the strength of their love A rather mundane description of a magnificent book so heartfelt so emotional so brilliant Many do not give much thought to the hardships suffered by the Romainains Claudia Moscovici does and with this amazing novel she recreates all the angst suffered but ulitmatly it is a book of hope of victory and a book that must be readAN OFFICIAL JAMES MASON COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB MUST READRICK FRIEDMANFOUNDERTHE JAMES MASON COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB

  2. Esther Esther says:

    As an introduction to the Ceausescu regime this book is really great Especially the lengthy introduction at the start is very interesting and to someone like myself who knew next to nothing about post Stalinist Romania very educational As a novel I'm not as convinced by this book While it's clear Claudia Moscovici is very knowledgeable about the subject and has surely managed to incorporate her family's history into the novel I couldn't help but think this novel would have benefited a lot from some rigorous editing It's baffling to me that Radu's storyline is relegated to the background even though he's the first character we're introduced to It seemed his and Ioana's story would've provided a lot of interesting material but the novel skips over all of that in favor of the storyline about Irina and Paul Paul by the way who is an annoying character at best and despicable at worst gets far too much attention in this story It was entirely lost on me why we as readers should want Irina to end up with himIn conclusion the parts that focus on historical context and events and on Irina's sense of displacement are uite good but it gets bogged down too much by drawn out irrelevant plotlines to get than a 3 star rating

  3. Reza Amiri Praramadhan Reza Amiri Praramadhan says:

    Half history half fiction this novel is about lives of Romanians under the Communist Regime of Nicolae Ceaucescu Once hailed as a maverick among leaders of Eastern Bloc countries his rule was increasingly centred around himself and erratic through and through He relied so much on much feared secret police force the Securitate who monitores jailed and even murdered every single enemies of the state which is mostly the critics against Ceaucescu The Ceaucescus both husband and wife held the distinction of being communist leaders killed in the wave of communist downfall around the worldRegarding the novel it consists of three parts in which I like the first part best for it depicted the sheer brutality of Ceaucescu regime in hunting down dissidents It feels like reading a suspense novel The second part was annoying for me for it talked about a love story between a Romanian daughter faced with culture shock and building relationship with a man much older than her who were wrecked with OCD The part is much heartwarming for it depicted the return of the Romanian family from USA back home amidst the Romanian revolution which toppled Ceaucescu

  4. Alice Alice says:

    A Remarkable Story of a Family’s Surviving the Totalitarian Regime in RomaniaClaudia Moscovici’s historical novel Velvet Totalitarianism has been acclaimed as “A deeply felt deftly rendered novel of the utmost importance to any reader interested in understanding totalitarianism and its terrible human cost” by author Travis Holland author of The Archivist’s Story This remarkable work makes the tortured history of Romania under the oppressive regime of Ceausescu come alive by tracing a family’s struggle to survive the corrosive psychological demoralization of living under the yolk of the Securitate the country’s Secret PoliceWe are introduced to the Schwartz family who live in fear of the power of the Securitate’s loud interrogations torture rape and severe beatings Always on the alert family members ask “Were you followed home?” or pronounce “Can’t we enjoy life without worrying every single moment?”We follow the oldest son of the Schwartz family Radu to Paris where he had been given permission to study chemistry at the Cite’ Universitaire He also takes a part time job with Radio Free Europe and meets Ioana an athletic raven haired beauty Their love blossoms but at a high cost for Radu She introduces him to a “friend” who secretly works for the Securitate someone who pressures Radu for information from Radio Free Europe Tortured for not agreeing to spy on RDF he soon disappears and loses contact with his familyMeanwhile his father gets a teaching job in the United States and defects His mother and younger sister apply for visas to join him; that action results in the mother’s losing her job Not until three years later are they successful in getting their visas during which time they only receive a rare telephone call from Radu letting them know that he is still alive but not disclosing his location or what he is doing A bit of humor is interjected in reading about the mother and sister’s attempts to understand the English language and American way of life when they do finally arrive in the USARadu and Ioana eventually reunite and Radu learns that they have a son Lucian Unbeknown to one another they each had secretly been working for the CIA after Radu’s disappearance After the overthrow of Ceausescu’s regime they are both offered positions in the new government by someone who had formerly worked for the Securitate The irony in this turn of events prompts Ioana to declare “Nobody gives a damn about ideals and principles Politics is about power”This novel makes the history of Romania’s totalitarian regime under Ceaucescu come alive as it is brought home by following the struggles of a family living through that period of time It is a story of resilience and hope a book well worth reading

  5. Nicole Roberts Nicole Roberts says:

    The title put me off reading the book I thought it would be a boring history lesson for a place I don't know very much about But after reading the intro and the brief history lesson in the very beginning where the author broke down the facts behind some of the story it made me realize that this is the perfect way to do history Take actual events and throw in a little fiction to really get people connected to the story and history being told I won't give anything away for you but if you are reading the reviews for this then you must be interested already This is a great book that in a way brought home George Orwell's 1984 for me To realize that these atrocities were happening to people and all the struggles they had to go through each and every day is heart breaking It just goes to show that shouldn't always believe what you are told The story starts with the family in Romania and the sonbrother has defected to France The story progresses through what happens to the families of people who defected and then into the family making it out The story follows the daughter Irina while she's in America and some the obstacles she faces not only when she first gets there but also years later The only issue I had with the book is that I hate Irina's boyfriend The dude is a straight up creep Me not liking a character should in no way dissuade you from reading this book It is possibly one of the best I've read lately and I am sooooo happy I happened to receive it

  6. Anaioanairina Anaioanairina says:

    Claudia Moscovici’s Velvet Totalitarianism addresses to any reader interested in comparing two political systems of the 80's before and during the fall of the Iron Curtain Eastern European totalitarianism and United States democracy By evoking the drama of family separation and the individual lives of the characters the author traces the general and the particular experiences of a whole category of people constrained to move between political regimes in order to find answers to the uestions of their lives The most outstanding characters of this novel three women Eva Ioana and Irina mirror in their particular lives and loves the last major changes of the 20th Century Figures like the intellectual and the hero are being redefined with the major changes taking place in the late '80s The reader will feel challenged in different ways but involved with every page of this book

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