Paperback ¾ Fun City Kindle å

Paperback ¾ Fun City Kindle å

Fun City ➮ [Read] ➪ Fun City By Thomas A. Ryerson ➺ – It's the year 2061 and the world is a better place The citizens of the Unified People's Commonwealth enjoy a stress free life Belinda Parry tries to never take her utopian society for granted Life is It's the year and the world is a better place The citizens of the Unified People's Commonwealth enjoy a stress free life Belinda Parry tries to never take her utopian society for granted Life is good if not a little boring Out of the blue the Municipal Authority decides that Belinda needs to relax and get away from it all Enter the New Outlook Centre known better by the slang term of Fun City Forty four acres of soul searching recreation Just what Belinda needs right Medicine has progressed so far that all of the ills of the day are soley in the mind And Fun City is just the prescription The novel Fun City was initially inspired by three Marc Almond Soft Cell B sides; the songs 'Fun City' 'Facility Girls' and 'Persuasion' Similiar themes have been explored in the films Brazil Fahrenheit Logan's Run Metropolis and THX Fun City has also been compared to The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub for it's dream like and surreal images and settings Fun City has just been specially re formatted for Kindle by Michael Mandarano for a pleasant reading experience and features a new improved book cover image by Andrew Foster.

About the Author: Thomas A. Ryerson

Just after I was born in my mother incorrectly wrote my name on the birth record as Thomas Author My father caught the error and I was named Thomas Arthur after my grandfather I was a bright eyed blonde haired youngster and I always had a vivid imagination Once I started school in this vivid imagination handicapped me in an organized class I was always being distracted by everyth.

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  1. Joseph Spuckler Joseph Spuckler says:

    Fun City by Thomas Ryerson is his third book I chose to read this science fiction book after reading his latest book which is historical fiction After starting the book I was taken back to a time when I was younger and looked forward to the Saturday night television movies which usually involved a horror movie like The Monitors or some Science fiction like Mole People This book combines both There is a post WWIII utopian society where the government isn’t outwardly heavy handed but all the same people worry about monitors and all crimes carry the death sentence It’s not North Korea by any means but like a western camera surveillanced society on steroids History has been re written to suit the societies “needs” It is a seemingly happy place People born into the system tend to stay and support the system except for a fewI am reminded of old sci fi movies by a few things Food is cooked in a micro warmer and kept cold in a food cool Air cool is air conditioning There is also a nuclear powered hover car for emergencies Smart androids help with many tasks from hauling luggage to fetching people just don’t call one a robot These are pleasant touches in the book It gives the story a real “this is the future” sense and helps add to the “willing suspension of disbelief” It all works well togetherThe characters are all likeable or unlikeable as the case may be and very well developed I had a vision of Dr Menke as a serious Avery Schreiber for part of the book Character development and the intertwining of their lives plays well The story is complex but easy to follow It has its twists and turns and will easily hold your interest I combines a great many things I enjoy from old science fiction and a few new things too A very good escapist read and good news it is the first book of a trilogy The next book is due out in 2014

  2. Thomas Ryerson Thomas Ryerson says:

    Fun City is about a utopian society in the new future It is a society almost nearly without crime functioning like a well oiled machine All seems well on the surface Life seems great wonderful in fact but is all as good as it seems Rebuilding society after a post nuclear holocaust had reuired tremendous sacrifices But was the sacrifice of what it means to be human truly alive and free part of that sacrifice? These issues of personal rights and freedoms verses state sponsored control and protection are explored in this novel Characters are fleshed out in 3 dimensional detail fully exploring the full range of human emotions and thought processes Characters and plot are intertwined in a fine mesh that draws the reader in as if he were there living with these people in the future Ryerson's incredible imagination is unleashed in many scenes such as the vivid dream like scenarios brought forward from the use of the mind altering technology used in Fun City to help rehabilitate patients If you've every wondered what the fun high tech world of the future might have in store for us all then this is a must read novel Step right up the future is fun

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