Paul Newman: A Life PDF/EPUB Ì Paul Newman: PDF \

Paul Newman: A Life PDF/EPUB Ì Paul Newman: PDF \

Paul Newman: A Life [Reading] ➿ Paul Newman: A Life By Shawn Levy – Paul Newman the Oscar winning actor with the legendary blue eyes achieved superstar status by playing charismatic renegades broken heroes and winsome antiheroes in such revered films as The Hustler Co Paul Newman the Oscar winning actor with the legendary blue eyes achieved superstar status by playing charismatic renegades broken heroes and winsome antiheroes in such revered films as The Hustler Cool Hand Luke Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid The Verdict The Color of Money and Nobody’s Fool But Newman was also an oddity in Hollywood the rare box office titan who cared about the craft of acting the sexy leading man known for the staying power of his marriage and the humble celebrity who made philanthropy his calling card long before it was cool Paul Newman: PDF \ The son of a successful entrepreneur Newman grew up in a prosperous Cleveland suburb Despite fears that he would fail to live up to his father’s expectations Newman bypassed the family sporting goods business to pursue an acting career After struggling as a theater and television actor Newman saw his star rise in a tragic twist of fate landing the role of boxer Rocky Graziano in Somebody Up There Likes Me when James Dean was killed in a car accident Though he would joke about instances of “Newman’s luck” throughout his career he refused to coast on his stunning boyish looks and impish charm Part of the original Actors Studio generation Newman demanded a high level of rigor and clarity from every project The artistic battles that nearly derailed his early movie career would pay off handsomely at the box office and earn him critical acclaim He applied that tenacity to every endeavor both on and off the set The outspoken Newman used his celebrity to call attention to political causes dear to his heart including civil rights and nuclear proliferation Taking up auto racing in midlife Newman became the oldest driver to ever win a major professional auto race A food enthusiast who would dress his own salads in restaurants he launched the Newman’s Own brand dedicated to fresh ingredients a nonprofit juggernaut that has generated than million for charityIn Paul Newman A Life film critic and pop culture historian Shawn Levy gives readers the ultimate behind the scenes examination of the actor’s life from his merry pranks on the set to his lasting romance with Joanne Woodward to the devastating impact of his son’s death from a drug overdose This definitive biography is a fascinating portrait of an extraordinarily gifted man who gave back as much as he got out of life and just happened to be one of the most celebrated movie stars of the twentieth century From the Hardcover edition.

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About the Author: Shawn Levy

Shawn Levy is the author of nine books of biography and pop culture history The former film critic of The Oregonian and KGW TV and a former editor of American Film he has been published in Sight and Sound Film Comment The New York Times The Los Angeles Times The Guardian The Hollywood Reporter and The Black Rock Beacon among many other outlets He jumps and claps and sings for victory in.

10 thoughts on “Paul Newman: A Life

  1. Bethany Bethany says:

    Paul Newman is one of my all time favorite actors Anybody who can pull off The Sting in such fabulous fashion and look so good doing it is a okay in my book this caveat also encompasses Robert Redford btwand this isn't even getting into his wonderful philanthropy see previous book reviewbut with all that I didn't really know all that much about the guyfor example had no idea he was 50 miles off shore on a submarine when the US bombed Hiroshima or that he was colorblind which was why he was on a sub and not flying a plane like he wanted toI also had no idea that he had cheated on his wifebiographies are tricky things you usually read them about people you are interested in most often people you like or admire and you don't always find out things that you wanna know the not so nice things that alter your perception of themsometimes you come out of a biography having lost respect for the person you were reading aboutbut sometimes that person comes out just fine cause even though they may have made a few mistakes done a few things you don't uite agree with and were bummed about when you initially read them how they made up for those things or the good they did with the rest of their life far outweighs those few unsavory thingsPaul Newman comes out just finethis was an excellent biographyplus check out that cover why hello there

  2. Will Errickson Will Errickson says:

    Two of the best movies I’ve seen during the uarantine have been HUD and NOBODY’S FOOL so I was excited when I unexpectedly found this bio in a Free Little Library just a block from my house Newman’s role in HUD is considered the first American movie antihero and in NOBODY’S FOOL well he’s just a fascinating and flawed old man Just the kind of Hollywood bio I dig behind the scenes of great movies and lots about the subject’s drinking and eating case of beer a day and Newman’s Own of course A fun satisfying read if you like Paul Newman who doesn’t

  3. Julie Julie says:

    Interesting but laborious lots and lots of detail but in no particular order Most biographies are written in chronological order or at least by subject matter but this one was like someone threw information pick up sticks in the air and wrote it like they landedsometimes with duplications For someone as accomplished as Paul Newman I expected a better read Some similarities of other Hollywood men booze infidelity lousy at being a father while his children were growing up but in the end became a giving successful and respected man He made mistakes but over came them His charity work is unsurpassed As the world goes a very appreciative decent human being who gave much to others and felt it was a privilege to have lived I think the world is a better place because he did

  4. Valerity (Val) Valerity (Val) says:

    This was a good read on the life of Paul Newman his acting days and marriages right up till he passed away It has some good stories about the making of his many films and the directors and actors he and Joanne knew very full of that type of thing if you enjoy it Made me want to watch of his movies that I haven't seen

  5. Tracie Tracie says:

    One of the best biographies I've ever read Newman was a fascinating man intense carefree rebellious and immensely talented His flaws were public his losses were international news and his philanthropy has changed lives

  6. Lynn Lynn says:

    My favorite actor of all time

  7. Bonnie Bonnie says:

    I'm really on a biography kick Paul Newman A Life really depicts an amazing life of an amazing man It hardly seems one book can cover all that he was from an Oscar winning actor to a championship racecar driver to a fabulously generous philanthropist and of course dedicated husband and father of six I learned things I never knew about Newman that he was born in Shaker Heights that he had been married before his legendary 50 year marriage to Joanne Woodward and that his famous Newman's Own salad dressing evolved from his own personal recipe that he often put into use in public restaurants when he found himself dissatisfied with what he was offered I enjoyed all the behind the scenes stories of movies I love particularly Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid he was originally slated to play Sundance not Butch and The Sting and the tales of his backstage hijinx shades of my dear George Clooney I found myself very teary eyed at the end and in awe of his amazing heart On a side note I also never knew there were tongue in cheek stories on the backs of his Newman's Own products and went immediately to my fridge to read the backs of two Newman's Own dressing bottles and the Alfredo sauce as well

  8. Rob Rob says:

    A perfectly acceptable biography It's nothing special but Levy does avoid meaningless gossip for the most part There is some repetition of facts okay Paul Newman drank a case of beer every day you don't have to keep reminding us and there are definite gaps in the story since it's an unauthorized biography It will do until someone else can really delve into this remarkable man's life

  9. Tom Oman Tom Oman says:

    For some reason I thought Paul Newman was a much interesting guy than he was He seemed to suffer from this idea that he had only made it based on his good looks although he was able to hone his acting skills over the years But this sense of doubt was something he wasn't able to shake He interestingly confesses that he was always uite bored with acting but it was his living This honest self criticism is one of the few things that provides any amount of depth to this book There's an obscene focus on his handsomeness and the author is almost uncomfortably enamoured with his blue eyes there are many lengthy passages where every known superlative is used to convince the reader of how enchanting he was Newman often joked about how no matter how much he ate or drank his physiue didn’t change much By most definitions he would be considered an alcoholic but in the celebrity circles he ran with this was normal The author repeats how lucky Newman was minimizing his own talents and abilities His real passion was for cars and racing He financed himself into a professional racing career which was something he was able to get uite good at He's the oldest person to win an international pro race at age 70 The later stage of his life is defined by his salad dressing line 'Newman’s Own' which has earned hundreds of millions of dollars for charity and a chain of summer camps for disabled children both of which being by far his most important legacy Other than that he was a fairly ordinary guy who got the most out of the talents he had

  10. Rosie Genova Rosie Genova says:

    So to start with there's the cover But since I read the Kindle copy apparently I missed out on pics of the delectable subject of this bio Which brings me to my one criticism of the work the focus on Paul Newman's looks to the point of objectification Levy's work was unauthorized but respectful and meticulously researched And while there's no getting around Newman's physical appeal the author's constant emphasis on it undermined one of the most important themes and struggles in the actor's life having to prove he was than a pretty boy I had the pleasure of seeing Paul Newman as the Stage Manager in Our Town on Broadway; he was in his seventies and yes still striking and handsome But than his gorgeous blue eyes his humanity shone through that character Levy does give Newman his due as a hardworking actor and is not so star struck that he can't enumerate his mistakes and flaws Of which there are than I realized He also writes admiringly about Joanne Woodward who comes off as a talented remarkable and endlessly patient woman That in itself brought the review to four stars instead of three

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