The Dying Breath Forensic Mystery # 4 PDF ¿ Dying

The Dying Breath Forensic Mystery # 4 PDF ¿ Dying

The Dying Breath Forensic Mystery # 4 ✻ [BOOKS] ✯ The Dying Breath Forensic Mystery # 4 By Alane Ferguson ❅ – Cameryn's ex boyfriend is back and ready to kill Cameryn had thought she was in love with him He was smart strong and would do anything for her even kill Kyle O'Neil disappeared after his first attemp Cameryn's Breath Forensic Mystery # PDF/EPUB or ex boyfriend is back and ready to Breath Forensic Kindle Ï kill Cameryn had thought she was The Dying PDF/EPUB or in love with him He was smart strong and would do anything for her even Dying Breath Forensic PDF/EPUB ë kill Kyle O'Neil disappeared after his first attempt on Cameryn's life at the end of Dying Breath Forensic Mystery # PDF or The Angel of Death Now he is back for his second He's leaving macabre love notes for her everywhere on her computer on her cell phone and on the body of a dead man And while everyone is determined to keep Cameryn Dying Breath Forensic Mystery # PDF or safe only she knows that it's up to her to keep Kyle from killing again and again Alane Ferguson delivers her most gripping Forensic Mystery yet.

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  1. Jessica Jessica says:

    The fourth book of the forensic mystery series The Dying Breath by Alane Ferguson continues with Cameryn and her journey to capturing her ex boyfriend Kyle who attempts to murder her and those she loves Meanwhile three victims have been murdered including a famous producer and actor in Kyle’s attempt leave clues to play a mind game with Cameryn After waiting for than a year and a half Ferguson’s The Dying Breath did not disappointment my expectations for this series However at times I felt that there was too much details spent on appearances instead of spending time on the details of the autopsy Ferguson preserves the suspense and the details to keep the readers engaged as well as the turns in the story when Kyle and Cameryn try to influence each other Ferguson does well in developing the story for the rising action though the climax did not have as much anxiety as I would have liked compared to the third book Circle of Blood Similarly the ending went fairly uick although it was a good ending and I was not sure if this is the last book of the series or if there is going to be a seuel I HOPE THIS IS NOT THE LAST BOOK

  2. Liz Liz says:

    Warning Spoilers if you haven’t read the previous books in the series The Forensic Mystery series by Alane Ferguson has yet to disappoint me The latest The Dying Breath is no exception Cameryn a brilliant teenage girl has been fascinated with forensics for as long as she can remember In the first book she is instrumental in finding a serial killer In the second book Kyle a serial killer just starting his career finds her She barely survived her first encounter with Kyle and he’s been keeping tabs on her Now he’s making it clear he’s coming after her though to kill her or love her is still up in the airThough the book starts only a couple of weeks before her eighteenth birthday it’s strange that Cameryn seems like a teenage girl though the term ‘girl’ bothers her She prefers being called a woman in this book than the previous ones Perhaps it’s because this book is about her struggles for independence something the adults in her life have a difficult time accepting since you know a psychopath is after her She is actually uite petulant for the first few chapters because everyone is after her to be careful This is an intelligent mature young adult but it almost seems that despite the fact she surrounded by death she’s gotten cocky about her ability to survive After all she’s still not the one on the table being autopsied even after three previous harrowing adventuresAlso complicating her life is the young town deputy Justin who finally admits to his feelings for her though he knows he can’t do anything about it until her eighteenth birthday Cameryn admits hers as well but a romantic relationship that begins when one of the participants is the obsession of a serial killer while the other is charged with protecting the other from said serial killer is bound to be rocky Frankly he’s borderline stalking her but since it’s actually his job really the sheriff has ordered it and has shifts too she can’t really tell him to back offThe mysteries are written so you only know what Cameryn knows ergo if Cameryn is deceived then the reader is usually deceived However sometimes we see things through Cameryn’s eyes that we understand even if she doesn’t In this way the romance between Cameryn and Justin is written very well Cameryn doesn’t seem to realize Justin’s struggle He is twenty two and has had to wrestle with his attraction to a seventeen year old for months Now that she’s approaching eighteen and he can admit it it’s still hard for him because she is so young in spite of her experiences Cameryn doesn’t understand this probably because she thinks of herself as terribly mature and compared to her classmates she is When it comes down to it though she is still a teenage girl from a small town who has barely left the county she lives inEven if she wants to be a womanThis isn’t the book to start with if you’re going to read this series – I highly recommend starting at the beginning The last chapter could be seen as a wrap up of the series If so Alane Ferguson has done a great job with this series in tying up loose ends If not I’m eager for the next book

  3. Nancy Nancy says:

    What's up with Ferguson and her weird fetish with the phrase assistant to the coroner? That's how Cameryn is introduced in every forensics installment she's written every time Pray tell what is wrong with simply saying coroner's assistant? This is just one of the many weird phrases I've picked up whilst reading It seems like such a trivial thing but it really bugged me It further proved my argument that there was no variation to Ferguson's structure characterization or dialogue Her sentences are always awkward or too formal which isn't fitting for a teenage voice at all Cameryn wouldn't make it far to my list of likable characters Often times Ferguson tried too hard to make her protagonist feisty It didn't work Then she tried to make me see Cammie as independent and strong willed but I walked away with how childish Cameryn really was She threw random tantrums blew things way out of proportion and easily irked me just by beating up on Justin multiple times It didn't exactly help that the narration was especially bad Cameryn might have been a great person but on paper she just wasn't that strong Justin became too overbearing here His protectiveness of Cameryn was meant to be taken as a sweet gesture but I was creeped out He seemed too stalker ish with the way he was everywhere all the time and the moments when he seemed to appear out of thin air I probably would have liked if Justin had been less one dimensional; his character much like Lyric lacked development and fell flat Justin as well as Lyric could have been amazing characters but they lacked a storyline They lacked a rich background that could have further strengthened their characterizations I mean it's kind of sad to only be able to refer to Justin as Cameryn's boyfriend instead of saying something better like Oh yeah I totally loved Justin He was so full of sarcastic comments and charisma But my hypothetical Justin just didn't happen Lyric either The case was pretty lame We read mysteries for the suspense but in The Dying Breath I knew it was Kyle from the start Ferguson doesn't even throw in the scapegoat anyone it's like the author has given up on trying to get her readers on the edge of their seats The forensics part fell short too There was description about the way the bodies looked than the actual forensics stuff Again why do we even call this a forensics mystery any if we're just thrown a couple of terms? Maybe someone will call my review a forensic's review just because I use words like autopsy and chemicals

  4. Reader Reader says:

    Forever the sand slips through the glassLove is the thing that eternally lastsWe're fresh when we're youngWe wither with ageLive life without bordersAnd write on your pageOut of the four books so far in Alane Ferguson's forensic mystery series geared toward teens The Dying Breath has been my favorite This story picks up where the third book left off and keeps the reader's attention hostage up until the tension filled end These pages contain mystery suspense romance and a wealth of information about science and forensics If you haven't started reading The Christopher Killer Book 1 yet then what are you waiting for? This is one series of engaging books you don't want to miss

  5. Huiling_mei Huiling_mei says:

    The fourth book of the Forensic Mystery series and i hope it is not the last It continues from the 3rd book where the evil Kyle O’Neil comes back in attempt to kill Cameryn He leaves his love messages for Cameryn but he wants to kill her Cameryn's ex boyfriend As a new love with Justin starts her brightness in forensic grows She talks her way out when she was nearing death The ending of this book was fairly good but i thought it was a bite of a rush Ferguson does well in keeping the suspense for the reader A book of mystery suspense romance and information about science and forensics Mix together with a understanding flow I think that this series can be created into a MOVIE

  6. Gayathri Gayathri says:

    OMG I loved this book I've read up till the 4th book This was the best book in the series yet according to my opinion So basically Cameryn is getting stalked by her ex boyfriend who by the way is a psycho maniac He keeps leaving her love notes everywhere and calling her his Anam Cara his soul friend Things get really creepy when he starts watching her at night Justin lets Cameryn know that he really truly cares about her So they start dating Cameryn is unsure where to turn for help She's tired of everyone protecting get as if she were little Kyle let's her know that it's not only her life at stake Justin's is too I really liked how Justin was always watching out for her it was really sweet This story was really good

  7. Alyssa Alyssa says:

    In Silverton California lives a seventeen year old girl named Cameryn Cameryn is the assistant to the county coroner so she is no stranger to death Cameryn thought she was in love with him but he’s back and ready to kill Kyle O'Neil disappeared in the first book but he keeps leaving letters everywhere for cameryn While everyone is trying to keep Cameryn safe only she knows that it’s up to her to keep Kyle from killing again and again The main conflict is Kyle O’Neil is trying to murder cameryn after dating her Kyle is a psychopath and calls Cameryn his soul friend but Cameryn is dating Justin and wants to protect her Justin is a little older than Cameryn and he is the new deputy in Silverton Lyric is Cameryn’s best friend and can see the future When Cameryn is called to photograph a police case she finds a handwritten note from Kyle stating that he is looking for her an that they will both die together no matter whatWhen Cameryn finds the note at her work she then knows that Kyle had been the one who had killed the last two bodies Kyle plans on driving his car over a cliff to seal his fate and love with Cameryn The Dying Breath is an intense book and will always keep you on your toes In the story Cameryn is a smart and strong girl that knows how to outsmart anyone

  8. Dwayne Dwayne says:

    The book The Dying Breath is a mystery horror nonfiction book by Alane Ferguson who has been writing for about 30 years now I think that the authors point of writing this was that to give a sense of horrifying reality towards people and is like to show a forbidden love The book belongs to to a series called A Forensic Mystery and is the forth book in its series The book is about 232 pages long The ages of this book is around 12 to 13 years of age The main Characters in this book are Cameryn MahoneyMain protagonist Patrick MahoneyCameryn's Dad and a coroner Justina 22 year old detective who likes Cameryn Kyle O'NeilCameryn's ex boyfriend and antagonist The book takes place in a town called Silverton where a smart girl named Cameryn has a stalking ex boyfriend who is out to kidnap her again Justin and Cameryn's dad both try to save her from Kyle but he is smarter and closer to her than you think and is ready to kill anyone who gets in between themThis book in my honest opinion gave me the creeps Like I didn't know just by reading words that it can have a large affect on me The language wasn't to hard but was a challenge sometimes But in the end I found myself really enjoy to read this and to predict what was going to happen next

  9. David Jelk David Jelk says:

    This Mystery is very interesting It plays out in Silverton Colorado We begin the book with Cameryn the direct victim of Kyle O'Neil Kyle is not the normal kind of a guy he is a murderer and wants to take Cameryn's life He already took someone else's life and when he tries to take Cameryn's life he fails and he goes missing Then later he finds his way back into Cameryn's lifeI would recommend this book to anyone who loves mystery as well as those who love not being able to foreshadow too much of what is going to happen in the future

  10. Kady Veach Kady Veach says:

    I thought the over all thought of the story is really good The best part of the story is the ending because of what happens And it's really unexpected The theme of the book is always fight even when someone or something knocks you down I think this is the theme because it matches with it really well I would recommend this to people who like mystery Or creepy things like finding dead bodies This is a really good book you should read it

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