The Marrow of Modern Divinity ePUB ↠ of Modern

The Marrow of Modern Divinity ePUB ↠ of Modern

The Marrow of Modern Divinity ❄ [EPUB] ✼ The Marrow of Modern Divinity By Edward Fisher ➝ – An intriguing book, quite unlike any other The Marrow of Modern Divinity defies pigeon holing It was written in the 1600s by an author of whom we know little, yet it proved to be a critically importan An intriguing of Modern MOBI î book, quite unlike any other The Marrow of Modern Divinity defies pigeon holing It was written in the s by an author of whom we know little, yet it proved to be a critically important and controversial theological text Penned as dialogue between a minister Evangelista , a young Christian Neophytus , a legalist Nomista who believes Christianity is a set of rules to be obeyed and Antinomista who thinks it s okay to sin because The Marrow ePUB ↠ God will forgive him anyway, it makes for a wonderfully insightful book that remains tremendously relevant for our world todayThis newly laid out and eagerly awaited edition includes explanatory notes by the famous puritan Thomas Boston, an introduction by Philip Ryken and an historical introduction by William Vandoodewaard.

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  1. Brenden Link Brenden Link says:

    Let s face it, covenant theology isn t exactly the easiest thing to figure out There are always those nagging questions For example Was Israel really in some sort of covenant of works What is the exact difference between the law and the gospel Where do works come into the equation of our salvation These and many other issues are intuitively addressed and ingenuously explained in this masterful volume of 17th century English theology This is both a work of art and a work of theology The author Edward Fisher has drawn form a broad spectrum of reformed divinity on covenant theology and then translated it as it were into very laymen s terms This is both church history and biblical exegesis, wrapped into engaging dialogues between four characters Evangelista, Antinomista, Nomista, and Neophytus The following is an excerpt having to do with man s Natural Bias Towards the Covenant of Works Alas there are thousands in the world that make a Christ of their works and here is their undoing, c They look for righteousness and acceptation in the precept than in the promise, in the law than the gospel, in working than in believing and so miscarry Many poor ignorant souls amongst us, when we bid them obey and do duties, they can think of nothing but working themselves to life when they are troubled, they must lick themselves whole, when wounded, they must run to the salve of duties, and stream of performances, and neglect Christ Nay, it is to be feared that there be divers many who in words are able to distinguish between the law and gospel, and in their judgments hold and maintain, that man is justified by faith without the works of the law and yet in effect and practice, that is to say, in heart and conscience, do otherwise And there is some touch of this in us all otherwise we should not be so up and down in our comforts and believing as we are still, and cast down with every weakness as we are Sinclair Ferguson says of this book Anyone who comes to grips with the issues raised in the Marrow of Modern Divinity will almost certainly grow by leaps and bounds in understanding three things the grace of God, the Christian life, and the very nature of the gospel itself I personally owe it a huge debt Need I say Pick up and read, my friend Pick up and read

  2. Tom F Tom F says:

    I don t feel I am qualified to review such a book I will, however, give a bit of my thoughts on it I appreciate Fisher s conversations to explain the believer s relationship to the Law, and the distinction between Law and Gospel Also, the exposition of the ten commandments is as good as our catechism in what the Law requires of man Boston s notes, though sometimes a bit difficult to follow, in jumping between Boston s notes and Fisher s book, are helpful, and could be a book on their own.I also enjoy how significant this book has been in history The story before, and the testimony in the appendix help to place the book in its historical context, as well as to explain the significance One thing I would like to see though, is a modern language version, as sometimes the 1600s English, or Boston s 1700s English, is difficult to understand I think it would make the book approachable, and perhaps help many Finally, having chosen this book based on Dr R Scott Clark s recommendation, and summary on the Heidelcast, I can see how this serves to stand against and correct the errors of the Federal Vision and others who would try to bring in Romish doctrines In the responses to the questioning in the appendix one can see how the Scottish Presbyterian Church was dealing with similar error I hope this reprint will be used of God to continue to Reform the Church.

  3. Brandon Brandon says:

    I don t know if I can overstate how much I have benefitted from and enjoyed this book Edward Fisher, a Puritan layman, writes an extensive discussion in the form of a Socratic Dialogue about the distinction between Law and Gospel This subject, too often neglected by modern day theological discussions including in Reformed and Reformedish circles is necessary for all Christians to study Martin Luther said, Anyone who can judge rightly between the law and the Gospel should thank God and know that he is a true theologian It is very easy to err on this issue, as all men are naturally inclined towards Legalism, and the natural response to rejecting Legalism is to swing towards Antinomianism Edward Fisher s Middle Way does an expert job at avoiding both of these pitfalls.Most of the people I ve spoken to generally didn t enjoy Thomas Boston s notes and one of the few who did didn t enjoy Mr Fisher s dialogue However, I found Mr Boston s notes to be very helpful, adding insight that wasn t present in Mr Fisher s original dialogue and offering clarification on certain statements that may be troublesome for some I ll admit, sometimes the notes do distract from the original dialogue some of the notes go on long, and at one point there s as many as 10 pages of notes commenting on a single page of the dialogue However, if one learns to manage the way they read it, they can minimize the distraction the notes cause I would suggest reading the dialogue by sections and then going back and reading the notes once you re finished.A certain sphere of Social Media has recently been going at this book with accusations of Amyraldianism and Baxterianism, yet these accusations are completely unfounded the latter accusation actually makes it evident that the accusers have never read the book, as Mr Boston critiques Richard Baxter by name As Dr R Scott Clark has pointed out, those who make these arguments need to read Marrow along with other works by Mr Boston and the works of Mr Erskine for themselves, because, Anyone who thinks that Baxter and the Marrow Men can be mentioned in the same breath has not read them Mr Fisher s Reformed perspective is helpful because it rightly recognizes this Law Gospel distinction as connected to the idea of Covenant This especially is helpful because of the vein of Covenant Theology Mr Fisher and Mr Boston hold to Both are Republicationists, teaching that the Mosaic Covenant was a republication of the Adamic Covenant of Works This coincides very well with the Law Gospel distinction in fact, it s very difficult nearly impossible to make the distinction work well without Republication The two authors seem to disagree about what the end of the Mosaic Covenant, with Mr Boston seeming to believe it was a covenant unto life and Mr Fisher closer to my own view believing it was a covenant unto special ends which he explains as being status in the land I must note, there is variation on interpreting Mr Fisher on this point I found the teaching on Sanctification especially helpful, as though I ve always leaned toward Monergistic Sanctification by Faith Alone I ve never really had the language to articulate it The Socratic Dialogue really adds to the message From that, you can read how Mr Fisher represented by Evangelista would guide a new believer represented by Neophytus to avoid these issues The Legalist Nomista and Antinomian Antinomista are given opportunities to present their views However, Mr Fisher doesn t just leave these latter two aren t just shown to be stubborn, but actually come to embrace what Evangelista is teaching them, providing insight into people coming out of Legalism Antinomianism and allowing Mr Fisher to give pastoral instruction through Evangelista about how to come out of those errors and how to help others come out of those errors Overall, I d say this book is one of my favorite books I ve read thusfar It can tend to be long winded and speculative, but is also very informative and on a subject of immense importance If you decide to read it don t rush, take your time it took me three months , and you will certainly benefit from your studies.

  4. Coyle Coyle says:

    A devotional elenctic theology from the time of Cromwell, this forgotten book really should not have been forgotten Cast in the form of a QA session between a new Christian Neophytus , a legalist Nomista , an antinomian Antinomista and a preacher Evangelista , the work extensively covers the nature of and relationship between the Law and the Gospel In short, the Christian is utterly and completely free from the condemning power of the law.Though the content is great, the edition leaves a lot to be desired Boston s notes are decent, but can be dull and even distracting at times Even worse, the modern editors have done an exceptionally poor job of organizing the volume Though it is fairly easy to read in terms of typeset and font size, the transitions between the text and Boston s notes are awkward and disrupt the flow of the reading Even , the modern editor failed to provide additional notes where they would have been useful explaining obscure words and references, suggesting further reading, etc Highly recommended for all Christians who have the ability desire to read one of the best Puritan works God will have none to have a hand in the justification and salvation of a sinner, but Christ only And to say as the thing is Christ Jesus will either be a whole Saviour, or no Saviour he will either save you alone, or not save you at all 112 All the covenant that believers ar eto have regard to, for life and salvation, is the free and gracious covenant that is betwixt Christ or God in Christ and them And in this covenant there is not any condition or law to be performed on man s part, by himself no there is no for him to do, but only to know and believe that Christ hath done all for him I beseech you to be persuaded that here you are to work nothing, here you are to do nothing, here you are to render nothing unto God, but only to receive the treasure, which is Jesus Christ, and apprehend him in your heart by faith, although you be never so great a sinner, and so shall you obtain forgiveness of sins, righteousness, and eternal happiness not as an agent but as a patient, not by doing, but by receiving Nothing here comes betwixt but faith only, apprehending Christ in the promise This, then, is perfect righteousness, to hear nothing, to know nothing, to do nothing of the law of works but only to know and believe that Jesus Christ is now gone to the Father, and sitteth at his right hand, not as a judge, but is made unto you of God, wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption 132 Surely, if Christ came into the world to seek, and call, and save sinners, and to justify the ungodly, as you have heard and if the sinful, miserable, and distressed a man judge himself to be, the willing Christ is to receive him and relieve him then I see no reason why the vilest sinner should be discouraged from believing on the name of Jesus Christ by reason of his sins Nay, let me say the greater any man s sins are, either in number or nature, the haste he should make to come unto Christ, and to say with David, For thy name s sake, O Lord, pardon mine iniquity, for it is great Ps 25 11 150

  5. Andrew Andrew says:

    A must read on the distinction between the law and the Gospel and the role of the law of God in a believers life Although I disagree with some of the assumptions of the federal theology presented in the book it is a useful balanced response to two errors that are two sides of the same coin due to misinterpreting the relationship between the law and Gospel neonomianims antinomianism These heresies are still prevalent today under different guises such as the federal vision, new perspective on paul, and free grace easy believism Both Edward Fischer and Thomas Boston drive you to rest in the perfect work of Christ rather than dependency upon you own good works for justification, assurance of salvation, and for understanding sanctification as well.

  6. Paul Buckley Paul Buckley says:

    A Must Read for Every Christian A Bunyan like discussion of the nature of grace and the law, essential issues for all Enjoyable, challenging and helpful

  7. MatthewMiller MatthewMiller says:

    The Marrow of Modern Divinity is a must read for every believer I did not realize how significant the covenant of grace and the covenant of works is to our understanding of the Christian and his relation to grace and the law until reading this book It s really from understanding those two things that can help the doubting believer find assurance and help the doubting unbeliever find rest in Christ alone for salvation It can straighten out so much of our confusion between the doctrine of justification and the works of the law That s why this book is imperative to read for our own souls and instructing others in the way of salvation.

  8. Julian Daventry Julian Daventry says:

    I read this with some friends as a group reading, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it The discussion it prompted was edifying, and the book as a whole was very memorable Boston s notes, while occasionally bothersome to read, really helped make a few points clear But Mr Fisher did an excellent job explaining the Covenants, the Law, the Gospel, and the Commandments as well as explaining and disputing the errors believed concerning the same.

  9. Chris Chris says:

    This book may be my favorite book, besides the Bible itself It is a wonderful explanation of the gospel, the free offer of that gospel, and of the issues of legalism and antinomianism This edition also contains an explanation of the ten commandments The whole of the book was convicting in numerous way, encouraging, hopeful, truthful, and beneficial I hope that any serious theologian will read it, along with Boston s comments, and be blessed by it

  10. Marco Lish Marco Lish says:

    This book is a must read for a biblical understanding of God s law and the dual purpose it serves for unbelievers and believers Legalism and Antinomianism are dealt with and both revealed to stem from a wrong view of the law The book is a series of conversations between a new convert, a legalist, an Antinomian, and a pastor.

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