The Gift in You PDF/EPUB ✓ The Gift ePUB ↠

The Gift in You PDF/EPUB ✓ The Gift ePUB ↠

The Gift in You ❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ The Gift in You Author Caroline Leaf – No matter what you may have been told the tests that you may have taken or what you may believe about yourself you have a uniue gift inside of you that can change the world So what does God say about No matter what you may have been told the tests that you may have taken or what you may believe about yourself you have The Gift ePUB ↠ a uniue gift inside of you that can change the world So what does God say about your giftAnd how does neuroscience prove that you are uniuely euipped to fulfill your purposeIn this ground breaking book Dr Caroline Leaf illustrates the revolutionary link between brain science and God's purpose for each one of usThis practical and easy to understand book will help you discover your special gift overcome what may be standing in the way of living in your gift and identify your truth value.

  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • The Gift in You
  • Caroline Leaf
  • English
  • 19 June 2016
  • 9780981956732

About the Author: Caroline Leaf

Dr Caroline Leaf is a cognitive neuroscientist with a PhD in Communication Pathology specializing in Neuropsychology Since the early ‘s she has studied and The Gift ePUB ↠ researched the Mind Brain connection During her years in clinical practice as a Communication Pathologist she developed tools and processes that help people develop and change their thinking and subseuent behavior Her scientific Scienc.

10 thoughts on “The Gift in You

  1. Eva Eva says:

    As a teacher and a parent this book has been a tremendous tool in helping me teach my kids Once you understand some of the views in this book about how uniue we all are it helps you understand people better A MUST read

  2. Carol Carol says:

    Oh my goshthis book is amazingly brilliant I know all about how our DNA is not our destiny based on Epigenetics Dr Leaf takes this further and explains how we can change our cellular patterns that affect memory and learning and it all starts with our THOUGHTS once againthe power of our thoughts help to destroy or create our results in lifelots to absorb and think about and start applying And she teaches this all from a Biblical perspectiveGOD IS AWESOME how He so masterfully created our body our brains our minds and our spirits

  3. Joan Joan says:

    I enjoyed this book She explains that we have 7 pillars in the brain which help us think learn feel relate discover etc Everyone uses these pillars in a different order and spends time in them at a different rate Every teacher needs to read this book There is not one way of teaching but many Each has been given a gift We can have toxic thoughts or build new brain cells Which do you choose?

  4. Rabbomar Rabbomar says:

    If you can only read one book this year read this one Dr Leaf does a wonderful job of explaining learning styles The human brain is far too complex to fit in categories such as visual or auditory thinking Dr Leaf tells us we use all of our brain when we think deeply Talent is your uniue way that your brain processes information After this book I fell in love with my brain

  5. Monica Monica says:

    I learned that there is current research to support the benefits of operating in your strengths tailoring your learning experiences to the way your brain works and is structured and of course that the brain is one of God's best miracles

  6. Martha Martha says:

    Science is finally catching up to God's Word Dr Leaf explains the brain that is completely compatible with how God instructs us to think and what to dwell on he talks about the destructiveness of negative thoughts

  7. Nancy Tuck Nancy Tuck says:

    This is a must read for all

  8. Ellien Ellien says:

    If you want to understand how you process information so you thrive this is a must read Dr Leaf is amazing Easy read

  9. Janique Janique says:

    'Science is catching up with God's Word' At last A Scientist clearly marking out the parallels between biblical scripture and science This is a great read to remind us that our thoughts shape our destiny a truth now backed by years of scientific research on the brain It takes well known ideas beyond psychology and scientifically proves that positive thinking euals positive results Not only biblically based the book also stands out among a crowd of Personal Development books that wrap the same concepts in a 'how to get rich' package Dr Leaf is a refreshing voice reasoning that God through Jesus Christ is the ultimate source of true happiness success in partnership with our level of responsibility for our own thoughts and actions I would highly recommend not only the book but the curriculum which includes the book a four disc DVD package and a workbook for reflection and application

  10. Christopher Pitt Christopher Pitt says:

    The Gift in You is an example of unashamed pseudoscience at its worst It's a bastardised blend of pop psychology and irrelevant scriptures Imagine if you took Tony Robbins performed a lobotomy and put a Bible in his hand This would be the result The neuroscience is so poor that it's insulting and at one point Dr Leaf even directly contradicts her own work Like most self help books it provides a bubble of empowerment and motivation which uickly pops when reality settles in again Although I must say that I use the term 'self help' loosely With such confused science at it's core it should really be filed in the 'fiction' section rather than the self help section of any bookstore

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