DogTown The Legend of the Z Boys PDF/EPUB Í Legend of

DogTown The Legend of the Z Boys PDF/EPUB Í Legend of

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  1. Josh Josh says:

    I’ve been facinated by everything surrounding skateboarding and it’s history since I began to push wood myselfcirca 04 I remember asking my best friend at the time if I could have a go on his incredibly weird shaped 75 element board with bones reds world industry wheels independent trucks and red grip tape He said go for it and we thought rolling down his steep hill was a good start Well in hindsight it wasn’t because it scared the shit out of me but then again it was good because getting thrown in the deep end made me want and you need an experience like that to show you that it’s not so bad you get the hang of this And I did get that hang of it never really any good though and I still am not but I do it for the love and friendship and I found photography and videography suited mean Some people are fearless on the board or can overcome it the rest of us struggle to turn off our brains screaming at us that you will die if youwe try this trick It turns out millions of years of evolution is hard to ignoreKids that were obviously fearless were the The Z Boys They had a raw surf style that resonated with me on and off for years I would emulate their style and could see why they loved to focus on how everything looked it’s an amazing feeling to surf on concrete and treat it like an artform Their skating was still dangerous as hell though thinking about the hills they bombed usually bare footed on homemade boards with crap wheels it’s amazing they all lived to tell the taleTheir crazy and amazing experiences are all here in this beautiful collection by Stecyk Loads of great pictures and articles interviews there is so much here to consume and enjoy A perfect companion piece to some of my favourites like the Dogtown documentary A must read for anyone that loves skateboard history

  2. Josh Josh says:

    Read the whole thing on a day trip to the clinic A piece of subcultural Americana covering the legendary Z Boys crew who skated the Santa Monica area in the mid to late 70s The writings are all from that era and written by the same visionary who saw an underground Zeitgeist approaching that influenced generations and brought aggressive skateboard culture to the forefront Paired with self made punk photographer Glen Ellyn Friedman's images the book covers a documentary aspect that is both informative and visually stunning as the reader uickly realizes that the subjects of this new wave of extreme living was built by kids Filled with interviews and profiles on some of skateboarding's biggest names from the 1970s and extensive pieces on the folklore and legends surrounding the DogTown area this book is a winner on all fronts

  3. Alan Alan says:

    A book of great interest for any skateboarder from that decade

  4. Joey Alford Joey Alford says:

    Great photography and insightful interviews of the founding fathers of skateboarding skills and attitude

  5. Justen Justen says:

    This book is awesome man It tells about one of the best skate crews ever made the Z BOYS the legendery Z BOYS They made skatebording When most peopel think of skate skatebording they think of Bob Burnuist or Danny Weigh Tony Hawk They don't think about Jay Adams Marty Grimes or even Tony Alva this guy made skatebording than just a kid fad he made it into a world wide sport The books tells about the evolution of skateboarding from a town in California on the Viennce Beach Surfing started it all the over crowdness of the beach made some kids put some roller skate wheeles on some 2x4 boards and they went to a the cement drainage tubes around their schools There was a drought that summer and many people did not fill their pools so they began skating the empty pools and jumping over the fences One of the friends died and gave them his pool they named it the dog pool because of all the good that he did Tony Alva was the first one to ever get air out of a pool and later he would start the company Always Skateboards and his words have stuck with me ever since I read them Why should I be skating for them I should be skating for me This book gives a lot of history on the Z boys and the beginnings of this sport Anyone who loves to skateboard should read this book

  6. Sarah Sarah says:

    not in overdrive

  7. Aaron Aaron says:

    great collection of work here

  8. Rob Hynes Rob Hynes says:

    The photo uality is extraordinary If you skate you will feel it The writing is Right On If you skate you will feel it

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DogTown The Legend of the Z Boys [BOOKS] ✭ DogTown The Legend of the Z Boys Author C.R. Stecyk – The bigger newly designed edition of an iconic skateboarding book including additional never before seen Glen E Friedman photos and a new CR Stecyk III postscriptIn the early 1970s the sport of skateb The Legend of the Z PDF or bigger newly Legend of MOBI ô designed edition of an iconic skateboarding book including additional never before seen Glen E Friedman photos and a new CR Stecyk III postscriptIn the early DogTown The PDF \ s the sport of skateboarding had so waned from its popularity in the s that it was virtually nonexistent In the DogTown area of west Los Angeles a group The Legend of ePUB ¹ of young surfers known as the Zephyr Team Z Boys was experimenting with new The Legend of the Z Epub / and radical moves and styles in the water which they translated to the street When The Legend of the Z Epub / competition skateboarding returned in the Z Boys turned the skating world on its head DogTown The Legend of the Z Boys is a truly fascinating case study of how an underground sport ascended in the world These are the stories and images of a time that not only inspired a generation but changed the face of the sport foreverThis volume has been described as “the DogTown textbook” and an indispensable companion piece to the Sony Pictures Classics film Dogtown and Z Boys Now spanning – and beyond the first section of the book includes the best of the DogTown articles written and photographed by CR Stecyk III as they originally appeared in SkateBoarder Magazine The second half compiles hundreds of skate images from the archives of Glen E Friedman—many of which appear in the movie Stecyk and Friedman acted as executive producers and advisors for the film.

  • Hardcover
  • 228 pages
  • DogTown The Legend of the Z Boys
  • C.R. Stecyk
  • English
  • 04 February 2016
  • 9780964191648