Snow and Mistletoe Epub ☆ Snow and eBook ñ

Snow and Mistletoe Epub ☆ Snow and eBook ñ

Snow and Mistletoe [PDF / Epub] ✅ Snow and Mistletoe By T.C. Blue – Richard is stunned when he starts to receive very thoughtful but anonymous gifts during the holiday season Between those presents and a new job even if the work isn't in his field it's a pretty good C Richard is stunned when he starts to receive very thoughtful but anonymous gifts during the holiday season Between those presents and a new job even if Snow and eBook ñ the work isn't in his field it's a pretty good Christmas this year After a while though he can't help but wonder who's leaving him presents and whyHis initial idea that it's his friends trying to cheer him up proves to be wrong so who is it And what exactly do they want from him.

10 thoughts on “Snow and Mistletoe

  1. Deeze Deeze says:

    Proof that shorts can workThis was a beautiful tale of love and caring and romance I especially loved that Richard was not a total stud but rather an average guy with low self esteemAnother plus was having a female that was actually believable and not over the top in either bitchiness or sweetness A lovely Christmas feel good read

  2. Candice Candice says:

    Cute little Christmas story It's nice to read a story where one character isn't all perfect with good looks and a great body and still gets his HEA

  3. Chris Chris says:

    Very good short mm holiday romance about a guy with a really bad self image who hasn't had any luck finding journalism work He starts finding mysterious presents outside his apartment door he's sure they're from his friends trying to cheer him up because no way could he have a secret admirer

  4. Shirley Frances Shirley Frances says:

    Richard is looking for a job and finds it where he least expects it in the bar he freuents He doesn't see himself as attractive so he settles to a life of work and spending time with his friends Suddenly he starts receiving gifts at his door His first thought is that his friends are just trying to make him feel better for he couldn't fathom that anyone could be trying to woo himI liked Richard He was insecure and apparently has had a rough past so I understood his reluctance and his reaction when he found out who was sending the giftsI enjoyed the way the author went about telling he story There was enough information to know that Richard's insecurities came from events of his past but not enough to weigh down the feel good vibe of the story I also liked that at first I was kept guessing about Richard's admirer it added to my enjoyment of the story And then once the truth was out it made Richard's reaction and what came next interestingAll in all a good feel story of finding what you've always wanted staring you right in the face

  5. Mandy*reads obsessively* Mandy*reads obsessively* says:

    Aww such a sweet story Richard has pretty low self esteem he doesn't like his body he can't find a job and he has no familyWhat Richard does have is a secret admirer

  6. Tam Tam says:

    This review can be found at Brief Encounters ReviewsThis falls into the oblivious friends to lovers genre Richard has recently graduated with a degree in journalism but he’s finding it difficult to find a job He hangs out a local gay bar where he enjoys looking at the hot young bartender but he is a bit on the chubby side and figures he’s not the type to attack hot guys anyway One night to escape his roommate and his girlfriend’s noisy sex he goes to the bar to find it jammed and owner Ty frazzled Richard offers to help out and before the night is through Ty has offered him a job since Malik has skipped town with a new boyfriendRichard has always thought Ty was hot but again no one would want him But soon gifts start arriving on his door step gifts from someone who obviously knows him uite well He assumes his friends are doing it but they all deny it After an overheard conversation between Ty and Malik on the phone he finally puts it together and figures Ty is just messing with him Ty has to spell it out for him pretty clearlyThere were a few things I kept wondering about that niggled at me while I read There are vague references to a car crash that killed Richard’s parents and left him badly scarred but when he and Ty finally get naked there is no reference to the scars and you’d think Ty would have commented if they were that obvious even in a non negative way Also when the first gift arrives he puts it in his room goes out the bar and until the next day’s gift arrives he forgot about it What? You got a mystery wrapped gift from a stranger and you FORGOT ABOUT IT? I would have been ripping that sucker open within minutes of getting it However Richard’s roommate and his girlfriend were nice characters The girlfriend was first a friend of Richard’s so she was very at ease with him and teased him about being a poor excuse for a gay man for being excited about getting a paperweight for a gift and not a cock ring and leather shorts It was nice to have a straight friends who were just that friends with no dramaI do like stories with the shy guy with low self esteem and it’s always nice to see a character who has a few extra pounds and feels less than confident about it get his man So I did enjoy the story but sometimes when little hints are thrown out it makes me want to know and I end up thinking about that rather than focusing on what I am being told Still it was a cute winter story and not overly saccharine as some Christmas stories can be A nice start to my Christmas themed reading

  7. Pam Pam says:

    Very cute and entertaining holiday read about a guy who hasn't a clue about his own appealand his sense on self worth is zip For a story of it's short length the characters are surprisingly well developed There's even plenty of info about his apartment roomie and the bar packed inside too You couldn't help but like Richard immediately and I loved the details of the gifts from his secret Christmas admirer Hunky Ty was a great addition throughout and the ending where they finally got together was handled well

  8. Wendy❤Ann Wendy❤Ann says:

    I loved this short little story and the secret admirerSecret Santa theme of it Who wouldn’t love getting very thoughtful gifts on a regular basis that really show someone spent the time getting to know you and picking out the perfect little something to make your day Added to that is the fact that Richard’s secret admirer was able to conuer Richard’s self doubts about anyone wanting him and this made for a wonderful little holiday story

  9. Jimmy Hanson Jimmy Hanson says:

    I feel like I've read this story before honestly it's so cookie cutter and so similar to other better shorts that I've read previously this one really didn't hold my interest The only reason I finished it was because it was so short p

  10. Camille Camille says:

    A little chick litty at times Some annoying mahoganyand coffee and cream skin tone references Okay besides these issues My favourite thing was the dragon

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