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Ebook à Blood Cross ePUB å

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  1. Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ says:

    31217 rerereread bc Steven Reviewed by Rabid ReadsBlood Cross begins with house guests a power outage bc hurricane and restless villagersAnd by villagers I mean vampires FYIMolly is visiting Jane with Angie baby and Little Evan while Big Evan is doing whoknowswhat in Brazil Leo is deep in the dolore when vamps fluctuate at varying levels of crazy bc SAD and sees Jane's inability to call for help as an opportune time to seek revenge for thatwhichisnotherfault and shows up with some of his top scions to literally burn Jane out of New OrleansWith torches and gasoline and shitDolore also means drama ueen I thinkBut before things can get too heated HA Angie strolls out on the upper balcony and starts asking uestionssaying things like I like fire Can I come play? What's your name? and Mama says you eat people snickers LAWD I love that kidFortunately Leo isn't so far gone that he wants to kill Jane badly enough to go through children to get to her He warns her that This isn't over exits stage left and leaves his scions raising their eyebrows bc he nearly had them burn a couple of kids alive and as Master of the City it's his responsibility to be in the know about these kinds of thingsThe next day George aka Bruiser shows up with a letter from Leo handwritten on vellum and sealed with wax and blood bc YEP dolore drama ueen ordering her to leave the city immediately after completing her contract with the vamp council or elseThe contract is to find and eliminate the rogue vamp maker we were made aware of in Skinwalker and it doesn't take long for Jane to figure out that the rampaging baby vamps and a long running string of disappearing witch children are connectedDo you see where this is going?No place good that's for dang sure YEP not long after that both Bliss one of Katie's Ladies in denial about her witchy heritage and Angie and Little Evan are kidnapped so so badMolly is nearly killed in the attack but Bethany creepy hella old out clan vamp heals her and when Jane shuts down emotionally bc 1 she's bad with FEELS and 2 she's blaming herself for not making Molly leave when she found out about the missing witch children BEAST takes over yes you read that correctly Beast takes over comforts Molly and promises pain and death for thief of kitsBeast is kind of badassIn Skinwalker we learned that Jane spent an indeterminate number of years in cat form before wandering out of the woods in Jane form and being placed in a Children's Home Jane had no memory of being in cat form and doesn't shift again until she's 18 and stumbles upon the ability After that she's aware of Beast's presence and sometimes Beast fights Jane for supremacy but unless Janes's in cat form the most Beast can do is make her uncomfortable or seek petty revenge the next time Jane shiftsOr so it seems In Blood Cross Beast takes over Jane several times and whether she's able to do this as a result of Jane being off balance and emotionally distraught or bc she has control than we originally thought but exercises restraint we don't know but it's unnerving It also provides valuable insight into what makes Beast tickAnd Beast isn't the only character to benefit from this kind of development We also learn oh so many interesting things about George Rick Angie and about vampire history in general if you're the kind of person who views extremely altered versions of biblical events as origin stories for supernatural creatures as heretical I'd skip this one ALSO there may or may not be some seriously HOT developments with one or MORE of the above mentioned men it's a possibility taunts blows nose at you maybe even throws a cow All in all a most satisfying second installment to the Jane Yellowrock series Next up Mercy BladeMy other reviews for this series Skinwalker Jane Yellowrock #1 Black Water Jane Yellowrock #63 64 65 Broken Soul Jane Yellowrock #8

  2. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾

  3. Choko Choko says:

    435 Another Wednesday another great Urban FantasyThis book could have easily gotten the full 5 star rating but it was a bit too repetitive at times enough to be noticeable In many ways it reminds me of another of my favorite UF series they are very exciting have kick ass leading ladies and act first think later approach to fighting evil Gin and Jane are strong and have powers but still barely get out alive at the end of each book mostly because they have luck like no other They also have very loyal and supportive friends who must really rethink their friendship since just because they are in the vicinity of our heroes get almost killed and often hurt as leverage I think for their safety they should move far far away from wherever those ladies are at any given timeThe second book deliveres a great follow up to the debut With Skinwalker Only this time the stakes are even higher and the bloodshed even disturbing We get to spend some time with the most adorable baby witch who together with her baby brother and her mom Molly come to visit Jane in New Orleans while she is on the hunt for a rogue Vampire who is creating new vamps and leaves them to fend for themselves crazed with bloodlust and unable to maintain any control feed and kill people at random Jane is happy to have her friends with her but danger is looming over the city and vampiric powerplay for control of the city puts everyone in the middle As I said very exciting and addictive book with a ton of action magic and blood feedings I loved it and I hope you guys do as well Gooooo Big Cat goI wish you all Happy Reading and many wonderful books to come

  4. Robin (Bridge Four) Robin (Bridge Four) says:

    Jane Yellowrock is like that girlfriend you have that is totally great in every aspect of her life except men She is totally badass and I love the skinwalking aspect of her with Beast It is a really cool concept and her being Native American really fits in with the mystery and history to her character but she is totally clueless when it comes to men For a gal who had been out of circulation for a few years I was getting a lot of attention Too bad they were cop blood servant and angry vamp I’d be lucky to survive Normally this would be a dealbreaker for me But I like just about everything else about Jane that I’m going to let it go for nowbut well will discuss it later in the review Jane is still in New Orleans hunting the rogue vampire that seems to making young vampires with no training Leo in the throws of a vampire depression of sorts wants to kill her and her witchy woman friend has come to visit with the kids Jane has her hands full at the momentLet’s just say that I totally love Molly and the cutest little witch ever Angelina I hope we get a lot of them in the next books too I do like that Jane has something resembling a family in themThe plot is pretty good Jane needs to find the feral vamps and who is making them She is also trying to figure out who is stealing witch children and why Anytime there are kids involved the story gets a bit intense for me I liked meeting some uirky characters specifically Bethany who seems just on this side of sanity There was also a really cool revelation about the origins of the vampires and why they are cursed This was a pretty good ride and it seems like Jane is finding all kinds of new friends to work with in New Orleans I liked how the search wrapped up as the fight was really intenseNow back to the abysmal men in Jane’s life So far our options are Leo – He is totally out for me because he has tried to kill her a few times Seriously how is he even in contention?Then we get Bruiser George who is Leo’s blood servant so basically he is always going to take Leo’s side over Jane’s and isn’t going to be there when she really needs him But at least they have some decent chemistry and he seems like a semi solid dudeAnd then we get ‘The Joe’ aka Rick I hate him and I’m going to jump on the burn him with fire train He is a liar manipulator and a player We learned that in the last book she actually saw him having sex with someone else that he was just using for information while he was actively trying to get her into bed NOjust NOThe only guy in this that I found remotely jumpable was Derek an ex marine that is probably too old for her that helped her in the Vampire Hunt He is the only good guy in this so far So Jane needs to gets some datingpicking a mate skills but her ability to kick some vamp ass is pretty solid so I will stick around probably longer than some of the dudes in this

  5. Kat Kat says:

    You know that great feeling when you’ve discovered a wonderful new series and to your delight the author has already written like 10 books in it you have yet to read? Score This is just superb There’s a hurricane in New Orleans Jane has been hired to take out a rogue vampire menace in the area There’s something creepy going on with the local witches and Leo Master of the Dead wants to kill her fr the events of Book OneJane’s love life heats up some in this one although I confess view spoiler I’m still holding out for her and Leo as my ship Bruiser and Rick feel so similar to me as characters at the moment hide spoiler

  6. Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* says:

    For a gal who had been out of circulation for a few years I was getting a lot of attention Too bad they were cop blood servant and angry vamp I’d be lucky to survive Any hope of the hot union between Jane and Leo that was teased in the first book was kind of blown to smithereens at the finale of Skinwalker – the second book takes off where Jane hasn’t been wise enough to leave town yet and her relationship with the MOC has changed big time as a result of a certain death Leowell he's definitely not the hunky vamp from the first storyBig time bonding with Angie and Molly as the witches are introduced than through phone calls yummy Bruiser scenes Rick coming across interesting in his player way a strange dressmaker the bonding scene with Katie’s girls Bethany is a bizarre one but another example of how workable the world building is with this one Rick still isn’t a worthy character by this point since you just can’t trust him but I do find still like him by this second book I can’t complain about any of the characters Sometimes the mystery plot lost me a little bit but the ending had a heavy bang with Angie’s help Jane learns a little about her past and her connection with Big Cat with her family history As always Beast is a hoot to be in the head of but I do wish Jane were a little stronger in her own skin – she seems to almost get killed too much and too easily in this oneWe do get background on the vampire legend and creation which I only find semi interesting – I’m interested in the current characters in the series than their race origins The same with Jane’s past – it’s good to know but I get a little impatient sometimes living too much in the pastAny delays are made up with awkward party scenes Leo’s roaring takedown again some vamps itching to take off Bruiser’s reluctant flirting Jane getting intuned with her inner beast Beast’s amusing addiction to the witch children as “kits” and a violent ending that delivers this as a twisted but fascinating Urban Fantasy series Addicting stuffOh but couldn’t' we get details with a certain pairing at the end other than a sentence?? After all that build up it's just sneaky 00

  7. Denisa Denisa says:

    Say what?Ok not as good as the last one but I really really liked it And what I absolutely loved was the story the myth the history of this series As I said for me a great UFPNR needs to have some fantastic world building Yes other stuff matter too but for me this is one of the most important And boy am I enjoying this one

  8. Emma Emma says:

    45 stars I really like this series and the main protagonist Jane Yellowrock Despite the fact that professionally she is the Business she is vulnerable in personal relationships I love the fact that she is an ugly crier This was high action adventure Jane could and nearly didhave died several times in this book Beast is also a character in her own right and seems to be coming to the foreJane Yellowrock has joined the ranks of Kate Daniels Mercy Thompson and October Daye as one of my Urban Fantasy staples Welcome to the gang Jane

  9. Lyn Lyn says:

    Vampires and witches and skinwalkers O MYFaith Hunter’s 2010 novel Blood Cross the second in the very entertaining Jane Yellowrock series is a fun entry into the genreHunter’s excellent world building and writing distinguishes this series from the sub genre of urban fantasy female Cherokee skinwalkers who actively hunt and kill vampires and are befriended by witches in an alternate history universe Jane is head and shoulders over the rest; skinwalkers like Tina Tailfeather Trudy Turkeyneck and Barbi BearclawThis starts up a little while after the events in the first book Skinwalker first published in 2009 Jane is still in New Orleans and still working for the Blood Master of the city a Mercedes exec and hunting rogue vampiresHunter’s coolest addition to the vampire mythos is her magic rules In her vampirology a newly turned vampire is like a zombie like what she did there? a mindless eating machine who must be chained and kept for YEARS before they turn into the suave and sophisticated undead ready for primetime There’s lots of such rules and rule breaking and shenanigans and this all blends into her fun storyAnother cool addition to her building is her vampire origins Won’t throw down any spoilers and I have not researched whether her ideas are original or if she is borrowing from another origin myth but she pulled it off nicelyAll in all a very cool urban fantasy and recommended for than just fans

  10. Jo Jo says:

    08022017 Another great buddy read with the awesome girls and guy over at BBB Jane is still in New Orleans and the vampire council has hired her to hunt and kill the rogue who is letting loose newly turned vampires on humanity A job that has put Jane smack in the middle of vampire politics and rivalries And if that’s not enough she has to watch her back because Leo Pellisier the Blood Master of New Orleans is still blaming her for his son’s death and is out to seek revenge on Jane Luckily for Jane her best friend who is a witch and the local vigilantesmercenaries are there to ask for help because the clues Jane follows the closer she comes to sacred vampire secrets that no one is supposed to know about And when Jane realises that witch children has being going missing time is suddenly running out Jane will have to do what she does best – hunting a rogue vampire before it’s too late To be honest I’m a bit torn about this series I like Jane and I love Beast although I’m getting a bit tired of every vampire wanting Jane’s blood and her body It’s a little weird And the way she acts around the three different love interests how hot she finds them thinking of mating with them is making her seem like a cat in heat And that is frustrating and off putting I am not impressed at all with Jane’s selection of love interests I liked Leo in the first book he was a mysterious and intriguing guy but in this book he was batshit crazy Really crazy For someone his age you would think he would be able to think logical even when he was grieving But the way he tried to kill Janethis guy is totally bonkers and needs to be staked Then there’s Bruiser Leo’s second and bloodservant I liked him in the first book and I liked the chemistry between them in this book but although his loyalty to Leo is admirable I don’t admire blind loyalty and he’s definitely not the right guy for Jane because Leo will always come first to him Then there’s Rick the lying slimeball of the previous book who was a lot better in this book probably because the other two in comparison were not up to par but I still don’t like and trust him He’s too smooth too charming Can’t we get a better love interest for Jane?? Please The best parts of this book was the plot which was excellent and Molly and her cute children I enjoyed the suspense with Jane hunting the rogue trying to figure out who heshe was although I wish she would stop getting hurt so much because the way the vampires has to help her every time makes me damn nervous And the vampire politics and secrets were so damn interesting I also enjoyed learning about Jane’s Cherokee heritage Then there was Molly Jane’s best friend who is a witch and her small children Molly is awesome and I love how she supports Jane And her daughter Angie is adorable I just love that little girl and how powerful she is I am really liking the intriguing plot and Jane and totally loving Beast so hopefully the romance part will be sorted soon and I can enjoy everything about this series

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