Gods of Manhattan Epub Í Gods of PDF \

Gods of Manhattan Epub Í Gods of PDF \

Gods of Manhattan ✰ Gods of Manhattan Epub ✶ Author Al Ewing – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk NEW YORK USSA The steam powered city of tomorrow where psychedelic beat poets rumble with punk futurists in the rain drenched alleys and where mad science colludes with the monstrous plans of the Mecc NEW YORK USSA The steam powered city of tomorrow where psychedelic beat poets rumble with punk futurists in the rain drenched alleys and where mad science colludes with the monstrous plans of the Meccha Fuhrer NEW YORK USS City of dazzle and danger Only here Gods of PDF \ could we find The Blood Spider Doc Thunder and the saint of ghosts known as El Sombra NEW YORK USS The setting for a bloody battle of steel will and science gone wild in a contest to save the city of tomorrow or end it.

  • Paperback
  • 316 pages
  • Gods of Manhattan
  • Al Ewing
  • English
  • 05 August 2016
  • 9781906735869

10 thoughts on “Gods of Manhattan

  1. Christopher Christopher says:

    Pure pulp adventure that fits right in the comic book mold Tells the crazy steampunk ish tale of a Manhattan that's fresh off a second civil war against futureheads and their uasi McCarthyite forces Now Manhattan resides in the United Socialist States of America and superheroes like Doc Thunder and his thousand year old lover Maya and his sidekick Monk Olsen the Gorilla Reporter battle the Blood Spider the evil Lars Larson and a still alive Hitler's forces Hitler naturally still lives in the body of a nine foot tall killer robot It's wacky and some of the dialogue is a bit weak at times but the overall sensibility is solid and very escapist pulpy fun

  2. Amy Amy says:

    This really is one of the most perfect pulp novels I can imagine Superheroes supervillains alternative reality steampunky Victoriana socialist America there's nothing here that you won't love Ewing pays homage to the graphic novel genre by playing with names and characters that comic books fans will find familiar and the Lady Ga Ga riff alone is worth the entire read Most importantly Ewing rides that fine line between darkness and humor so that even while horrifying events take place he still finds time to make you laugh A fantastic romp with an even better ending

  3. edifanob edifanob says:

    Kudos Al Ewing The second El Sombra adventure in the world of PAX BRITANNIA is an entertaining hell of a ride If there is one thing to complain it is the shortness with just 238 pages I want El SombraPlease Mr Al Ewing please sharpen your pen and write about El SombraFull review in progress

  4. Larry Larry says:

    This was a fun one chocked full of awesome characters and grand adventures I would recommend it but who am I Reads like a classic pulp does jump around a bit but kept my attention to the end At first I thought a bit cheesy then I remembered how much I like cheese Like I said who am I to judge Just read it and enjoy it as much as I did

  5. Paul Paul says:

    35 stars want to read other pax Britannia books soon for comparison

  6. Alexander Aguilar Alexander Aguilar says:

    Fun little book with fast pacing tons of actions and references to pop culture some which I feel were unneeded such as the corny and hilarious scene with the Bad Romance lyricsGods of Manhattan reads like a comic book and through the whole endeavor I kept thinking it would be a neat comic emphasized by the constant parallels to Marvel comicsThe plot starts by pulling you little by little to this steam punk world and then it swallows you whole as the story suddenly hits mach 3 and never stops past the first couple chaptersWhile the suspension of disbelief is heavily needed the prose is vulgar and the characters are barely deep enough as to have any development outside their shtick it warrants full and total recommendation if you're into action mystery and comics You'll love this book

  7. Carl Carl says:

    Excellent If you cross Siegal Schuster's Superman with Doc Savage Add The Spider The Bat and other pulp heroes with Steampunk Victoriana Britain and you have a good story especially with El Sombra the mad Mexican Swordsman in the mixA great read for fans of pulp heroes and alternative universes

  8. Richard Hakes Richard Hakes says:

    The first book of the series was OK without being great sort of an alternative superhero but the second I just gave up after a while just seemed a pointless rambling?

  9. William Gerke William Gerke says:

    Al Ewing knows his stuff This pulp filled adventure fest is delightfully evocative of The Avenger Doc Savage the original Superman Comics and the Shadow The prose is sometimes a bit overblown but I suspect that is deliberate as Ewing makes mad and passionate love to comic book and pulp conventions in a rocketing novel full of twists and turns and reveals and battles A thoroughly fun readEach chapter is titled like its a full blown adventure story and many of them are The characters all echo famous comic book and pulp characters and yet are also neatly drawn providing occasional moments of true pathos And the alternate history is the best skittering just on the edge of believability and complete pulpy comic book madness but never breaking ranks never demanding that you truly believe it only accepting itI leave you with my favorite piece of it If reading this turns you off walk away If it makes you salivate for yummy pulpy goodness then pick up this bookHe was sixty three years old old enough to remember the last time he'd heard that word the word nobody ever said any Old enough to remember where it had led Old enough to not be able to hear the name McCarthy without flinching Old enough to remember the Second Civil War the six days of hell when you didn't know who was your neighbour and who was Hidden Empire Six days when people you'd lived next door to for years took a knife to you calling you a monster a liberal like it was a curse word a fake American An un American And the un Americans didn't get to live Sure it was mind control or that's what most had told themselves so as not to tear the country apart for good when it was all over Still after that week there wasn't a USA any There couldn't be So the big boys had made it official sent the message that there'd never be another McCarthy another Hidden Empire This was the USSA and that's how it was staying There was a sign behind the bar Doc Thunder drinks free Pretty much every bar in New York had a sign like that and everybody knew what it meant

  10. Isidore Isidore says:

    Al Ewing perhaps the most ridiculously under appreciated genre novelist of our time delivers yet another fine book Ewing is always full of surprises and I certainly did not expect the second El Sombra novel to be a romp filled with pulp fictioncomic book in jokes and parodies Ewing resurrects Doc Savage Ayesha Denny Colt aka The Spirit and other old literary acuaintances here very thinly disguised by slightly modified names and attributes––somewhat in the manner of Kim Newman both analyzing and celebrating pop culture of the past for example Ewing satirizes superheroes of the Batman variety while pointing up their implicit Fascism The narrative is set in an alternate historical stream where the US went socialist following an attempted right wing coup in the 1950s amusingly in this world 'Sixties counterculture is essentially a form of neo Nazism There is also as with the rest of Pax Britannica books a fair bit of steampunk There are brilliantly imaginative touches on every page and plenty of wicked black humour As a narrative it is not as strong as the other Ewing books I've read but it seems churlish to complain when there are so many tidbits to enjoy I do wish a suitable cover illustration had been used the book cries out for a snappy 1930s pulp cover pastiche

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