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  1. Lyn Lyn says:

    I am going to join with Spider Robinson and so many other literary critics who populate the science fiction genre of literature in stating that a bad Heinlein novel is still better than a “good” novel by most anyone else Revolt in 2100 is not at all a bad Heinlein though it is uite good Any serious reader of RAH will want to know about Nehemiah Scudder and the origins of Andrew Jackson Libby and both can be found in the pages of Revolt in 2100 The Future History of RAH is sprinkled liberally with mention of them both and so for a devoted fan of Heinlein this is a must readDivided into three loosely connected parts the first tells the tale of the end of the theocracy Scudder started In an epiloguecal aside Heinlein states that he will never write a direct story about Scudder because he dislikes him so much but he goes into an interesting explanation about his ideas for the possibility if not probability of a Scudder like emergence in our culture The rise of Al aeda and the earlier rise of Soviet communism can also be explained using the same social symptomsGood Heinlein

  2. Deborah Ideiosepius Deborah Ideiosepius says:

    Having randomly picked this old classic off the shelf for a re read I wonder how random it really was or whether my subconscious was playing tricks on me Having just recently discussed another old classic sci fi that has recently risen to prominence The Handmaid's Tale it was interesting to look at some parallels between the twoRevolt in 2100 is actually three stories in one cover however the first uses up 140 of the 187 pages while the other two are in the nature of small vignettes that look at a couple of details after the 'revolt' of the title they use new themes and characters with no reference to the ones from the first storyIn the main story 'If this goes on' we follow the story of a young and pious John Lyle having lived all his life in an America that has become a religious tyranny of a country led by a 'Prophet Incarnate' and controlled by propaganda machine that in this future has risen to a science a religious military and all the other trappings of an oppressive regimeJohn Lyle who has never uestioned this world of his is a guard in the elite Angels of the Lord the personal guards of the Prophet Incarnate in New Jerusalem and one night he meets a young woman a species somewhat alien to his experience Sister Judith is newly come to be one of the 'Virgins' a holy deaconess in a group whose role it is to serve the prophet in all ways You see where this is going? So Sister Judith loses her naivety one day when she finds out first hand that 'Virgins of the prophet' is code for sex salves of the prophet John Lyle in the throes of puppy love tries to save her in the process becoming involved in 'The Cabal' The Cabal described by the government of the prophet as heretic devil worshipers are in fact Rebels though their is a coy mention of them going back to their 'original purpose' at one stage What was Heinlein referencing I wonder? The Masons or similar perhaps? John Lyle and his friend Zeb join their group and sister Judith is saved from sexual slaveryThere is a lot to the story than just the above John Lyle is discovered escapes flees across country the rebels rise and conuer most satisfyingly and in it all is the best part of the old science fiction which looks at how societies could evolve at all the 'what ifs' of people and what they do These days it would be called speculative fiction but it is a good story either wayNow Heinlein is not good at writing women in general but the women in this story actually do uite well They are not as fleshed out as the men but they make suitable vessels for Heinlein to examine power bases between men and women euality and sexual euality and the uses of made of women under religious control While this story is dated a lot of the points he is making are relevant still today where gender euality in religion is once again in uestion Heinlein is about the societal level where The Handmaid's Tale was about personal experience but honestly I feel Heinlein had a lot to say about the topic AND did it betterHeinlein always has a lot to say; in fact a lot of the narrative is kind of preachy John Lyle is forced to face and overcome his own prejudices over many things and that is the platform Heinlein uses to address human idiocies semantics human idiosyncrasies and a few of his old favouritesI really enjoyed all three of the stories but the first was the best

  3. Jeff Yoak Jeff Yoak says:

    This is the only story I remember actually based during the 21st Century religious dictatorship under Nehemiah Scudder The backdrop is a little depressing and the longer two stories lack Heinlein's typical talent for creating amazing characters

  4. Bryan Alkire Bryan Alkire says:

    Ok book This one is actually a short novel novella and short story bundled together The story is interesting One thing this author does well is tell a story But the story has become dated The future tech reads like the 1950’s pre electronic revolution The dialogue is painful and straight out of the 50’s The characters are straight out of the 50’s and match the author’s usual stereotypes in his other work In short nothing but the general story still holds up But it’s compelling According to my records this is a re read but honestly I’d forgotten it so the novel did seem fresh and I think I’ll remember it better this time around So I give this a 3 Nice story but really dated

  5. Collin Collin says:

    Depending on the uality of your taste 25ths to 35ths of the books you read in your life will be better than this one That's not an awful spot to be proportionally speaking but the mediocrity of this book is a definite downer from what Heinlein is capable of I mean read this book if you want to complete your collection but otherwise pick almost any of his other books at random and you'll be better offThis book contains 3 completely unrelated stories one of which is moderately enjoyable the first and long one Since the other 2 are pure toss off unessential space fillers I'll keep my review to the major storyThe US is ruled by a dictatorial theocracy Revolution occurs Two points to discuss 1 Understand that you don't get any feel for how the revolution is set up Practically every person seems to be in on it so I guess the Prophet was corrupt and not well liked but the only role you see is merely clerical Revolutions always work in Heinlein's books so there's no spoiler to say it does here as well but it does hinge on a cheap trick I won't discuss and the fighting is glossed over and takes only a chapter 2 The second love story is half formed and unconvincing whereas the first love story was blindingly fast and had no depth It serves no real purpose that I could find which is just as well because I was not emotionally invested in how they turned out anywaysHere's my guess as to why Heinlein wrote this book he'd written other books that alluded to a previous theocratic government and revolution so he thought he would actually write a story to go with the allusions He got 150 pages in realized his heart wasn't into it and just finished it off as uickly and cleanly as he could manage

  6. Jim Jim says:

    It's a good fast read with a couple of interesting themes in it First the US has become a corrupt theocracy which is a different future than most SF writers have looked at The second is a unified field theory for science where they figure out how gravity electricity magnetism all work This break through in science is leveraged in the revolt I found it interesting that time was left out but the pseudo science is funIt's a very monochrome view of a revolution The bad guys are really bad the good guys are heroic with pure motives Not nearly as good as The Moon is a Harsh Mistress but not a bad uick shot at it

  7. Manny Manny says:

    Dystopian SF novel in which an early 21st century US is taken over by a repressive right wing theocracy Obviously it could never happen but fun all the same

  8. M.M. Strawberry Library & Reviews M.M. Strawberry Library & Reviews says:

    If you really want to enjoy these stories buy 'The Past through Tomorrow' which collects most of Mr Heinlein's connected short stories in one easy to read volume I bought this book at a bookstore thinking it'd be some new stories I really ought to have checked the back of the book This publisher leaves a lot to be desired in way of how they have handled and organized some of Mr Heinlein's workAgain buy 'The Past through Tomorrow' It is a much completedefinitive book than this half done book

  9. Timothy Boyd Timothy Boyd says:

    Even though Heinlein's stories were written decades ago they are still a great read and are classics of early SiFi While the books are uick reads you find yourself analyzing the deeper uestions Heinlein weaves into the story Always a great read Very recommended

  10. Stuart Stuart says:

    Good concept but Heinlein Plodding and colorless Add a somewhat embarrassing adoration of Freemasonry and awkwardness around female characters and it’s definitely not going to crack the ‘best dystopian’ list

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