The Giant and the Beanstalk PDF/EPUB Ù Giant and the

The Giant and the Beanstalk PDF/EPUB Ù Giant and the

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • The Giant and the Beanstalk
  • Diane Stanley
  • English
  • 22 June 2016
  • 9780060000103

10 thoughts on “The Giant and the Beanstalk

  1. Jamie Jamie says:

    This book is a hilarious swap on the Jack in the Beanstalk story This is from the Giants point of view and I adore it The giant chases Jack down the beanstalk and meets all the Jacks of the nursery rhyme world while trying to find the Jack that has his hen Fantastic read for children and adults alike

  2. Michelle Michelle says:

    This is a clever book that is a spin off of the original story The giant comes down the stalk to try to find Jack but he keeps finding other characters named Jack This is a good book about empathy because it encourages children to look at things from a different perpective

  3. Reagan Busbee Reagan Busbee says:

    Summary in this twist on jack and the beanstalk it focuses on a Giant named Otto Otto is very kind and gentle He is made fun of by his peer giants but all Otto cares about is his sweet pet hen Clara One night when Otto’s parents are away he catches a human stealing Clara Otto realizes it’s time to be brave and sets out on a mission to get Clara backOpinion Oh this was so sweet The illustrations and words are on point and me as a reader followed and realized all the points effortlessly When I first opened the book my first thought was oh that guy sure is mean looking then when it turns out he was “embarrassingly polite” I just fell in love with Otto and his hen His sweet personality certainly has you rooting for him throughout the bookClassroom While the obvious moral of the story is not to judge a book by its cover there are also various nursery rhymes hidden throughout the book After reading it once to your classroom ask your students if they recognized any and what nursery rhymes are in the book Then read it again and point them all out

  4. Gretchen Gretchen says:

    This book is great for perspective fractured fairy tale and allusions It looks at the story of Jack and the Beanstalk from the perspective of the kind misunderstood giant The giant was very kind and kept Clara the hen as a pet Until that is Jack stole her The story follows the giant down the beanstalk and on a hunt to reclaim his pet hen He winds up encountering many Jacks along the way which are the allusions to nursery rhymes with Jack characters Eventually the giant does get his hen Clara back and Jack does the right thing by chopping down the beanstalk The giant even changes his own world making it human like so they would be less scary There can be a lot of good teaching points in this book

  5. Darmody Darmody says:

    People judge the giant because of his appearance so he puts flowers in his hair and cuts his sharp nails and the people are receptive to his inuiries I take issue with people judging him But over all this is a better retelling than the last beanstalk book I read This one is from the point of the view of the giant and includes illusions to other nursery rhymes And there were some funny parts like when the giant’s teachers give the giant better grades because they don’t want to hurt him He’s terrible at Growling and Stomping bc he’s a nice Giant

  6. Kendall Evilcizer Kendall Evilcizer says:

    Reading this book I fell in love with this story all over again I have read Jack and the Beanstalk but never this one With a very loved story this story provides a spin off and changes a few things to create a new version of the story This books illustrations bring it to life and incorporating different nursery rhymes throughout create a wonderful story

  7. Renensia Smith Renensia Smith says:

    The Giant and Beanstalk was a great example of Traditional Literature specifically Folktale As the story progressed readers are able to meet the character Jack from numerous other nursery rhymes This twist on characterization was an interesting way to present this story

  8. Jamie Puckett Jamie Puckett says:

    Wonderful story with the underlying message of “do unto others as you would have others do unto you”

  9. Atto Arguelles Atto Arguelles says:

    I liked how the giant was very polite and did not over react when his hen was taken He went down to the humans and looked for red headed Jack to trade for Clara

  10. Madison Gullekson Madison Gullekson says:

    This book is a little bit of a twist on the classic Jack and the beanstock story This version is about what giants experience with Jack and how it affects his life

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The Giant and the Beanstalk❮Ebook❯ ➨ The Giant and the Beanstalk Author Diane Stanley – For a giant Otto is embarrassingly polite While all the other giants are studying Cursing Growling and Stomping Otto just wants to play with his pet hen Clara Then one terrible day a wily human named For a giant Otto is embarrassingly and the PDF ´ polite While all the other giants are studying Cursing Growling and Stomping Otto just wants to play with his pet hen Clara Then one terrible day a wily human named The Giant Epub / Jack climbs up a magic beanstalk and steals her away Knowing only the thief's name Otto must find Clara and rescue her from the land of fairy tales and nursery rhymes The only problem is there seem Giant and the PDF ✓ to be an awful lot of Jacks down thereDiane Stanley author and illustrator of goldie and the three bears and rumpelstiltskin's daughter once again brings a fresh vision to a beloved story Readers will delight in recognizing their favorite Jacks as Otto travels throughout the kingdom to find Clara With great humor and beautiful illustrations Diane Stanley creates a satisfying tale in which Jack Jack Jack Jack Jack Jack and Otto all live happily ever after.

About the Author: Diane Stanley

Diane Stanley is an American children's and the PDF ´ author and illustrator a former medical illustrator and a former art director for the publisher GP Putnam's Sons Born in in Abilene Texas she was educated at Trinity University The Giant Epub / in San Antonio TX and at Johns Hopkins University She is perhaps best known for her many picture book biographies some of which were co authored by her husband Peter.