The Birds Of America PDF â The Birds Epub /

The Birds Of America PDF â The Birds Epub /

The Birds Of America [Epub] ➚ The Birds Of America ➟ John James Audubon – There is nothing in the world of fine books uite like the first discovery of Audubon The giant energy of the man his power of achievement and accomplishment give to him something of the epical force o There is nothing in the world of fine books uite like the first discovery of Audubon The giant energy of the man his power of achievement and accomplishment give to him something of the epical force of a Walt Whitman or a Herman Melville Sir Sacheverll Sitwell.

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  1. Randy Randy says:

    Most all of the North American birds are heresome people believe that true American art began with Audubon What a treat it must have been to see the now extinct Carolina parakeet and the most likely extinct Ivory billed Woodpecker which recently involved a massive manhunt here in Arkansas and generated mucho spin I'm honestly glad they didn't find any If they did they're not telling anyoneThe highly endangered Whooping Cranes and Trumpeter Swans are here in dizzying glory and I'm SO proud to have added both of these wonderful species to my sighting list during the last two winters here in Arkansasthe Trumpeters here in the Ozarks and the Whoopers at my parents down on the Grand Prairiehell yeahThis Crown publishers edition is full cloth with a pelican stamped into the material

  2. Jason M Waltz Jason M Waltz says:

    Classic beauty for what it is dated and somewhat inaccurate yet still an important and delightful book Worthy of keeping and of using alongside other resources

  3. Wendy Wendy says:

    If you likedloved Okay for Now you need to get your hands on a copy of this and look through it at least once Check your local libraryIf you haven't read Okay for Now you still should at least look through this magnificent book once in your life It weighs about 40 pounds and the paintingswow They really are awe inspiring

  4. David Schaafsma David Schaafsma says:

    I read this in conjunction with Gary Schmidt's wonderful younger YA novel Okay for Now in which the main character learns to draw and see through copying Audobon's wonderful depiction of various birds This collection features several of the birds Schmidt makes use of one per chapter each linked to something going on in the chapter Schmidt's idea seems to be that Audobon wasn't just making pictures of birds he was imbuing them with certain characteristics certain ideas and dispositions and psychological stances and he was telling us stories through them stories that we reuire our perception our insights to engage with The birds also have to do with us; we read them through our lives our experiences our stories as the kid in Okay for Now is helped to do through close reading And this book is in various ways about reading books images our lives So this book with it's accompanying analysis of Audobon's work gives us background for understanding the birds and art and Audobon and the world If I had been a kid I would never have picked up this book but the pictures are gorgeous of course and in this large format they help you see what Schmidt saw when he took some of his kids to a library and found this or an even bigger hardcover picture of this book was thrilled to see them and got the idea for his novel If you google Audobon's Birds for America you get Okay for Now fairly early on so it looks like others are also looking at this book as I did and we have Schmidt to thank for bringing us to this masterwork

  5. Ron Ron says:

    This is the largest and heaviest book that we have in our library It weighs 16 pounds but feels like 50The uality and profusion of the hand colored engravings of the American birds is beyond beliefThe beauty of the drawings is eualed by the detailed description of each species This is is a great reference book since it is broken into chapters includingDivers of Lakes and BaysWaterfowlScavengers and birds of preyUpland game birds and marsh dwellersShorebirdsSeabirdsShowy BirdsGleaners of forest and meadowSongsters and mimicsWoodland spritesFlockers and song birds

  6. Mayda Mayda says:

    This large collection of illustrations may seem somewhat subdued in hue when compared to many of today’s illustrations but they are a magnificent representation of North American birds as drawn by Audubon Be sure to read the introduction by Sheila Buff – it contains much interesting information

  7. Tony Tony says:

    I got the enhanced digital version of this book on the Libby App Partly to read the introductory text and see the thoughts of the authors and partly to see if a digital version added anything It doesn’tThe book was digitally unwieldy taking ages to load properly and even then it could be unresponsive Any accidental screen touch could take you off to somewhere entirely different and then take ages to get back to where you wanted to be in the first place The pictures couldn’t be enlarged for a closer view which might be a feature of the Libby app so another might work better This is a major weakness of the app and or the book I never got the sound recordings to work presumable they are recordings of the songs vocalisations of each bird where available Ie not extinct before such recordings became possible instead I just kept going backward between pages Another possible benefit not accessible The introductory text was interesting particularly the influence Audubon had on future bird though it is extremely biased to USA artistas While the authors acknowledge this I think it inexcusable given the international influence of Audubon on bird art throughout the world All in all a good idea to digitise the works but poorly executed I’ll stick to my paper copy unfortunately it is only a copy of Audubon’s works Digitisation might work for the written word but I’ve yet to see a successful pictorial transformation

  8. Reed Reed says:

    A helpful walk through Audubon his art birds Who knew that he had no ualms killing birds And that he was a marketing showman Nonetheless he raised awareness of birds which was the first step necessary for Americans to consider subseuent conservation A nice coffee table book which is exactly where I found it when we stayed at a VRBO in the rural Tennessee woods

  9. Robyn Robyn says:

    I checked out this book from my library hoping it had the full collection of birds from Audubon's Birds of America but alas the copy by library had only featured 30 color prints from the original book with a catalog of the remaining 470 prints printed in black and white thumbnails in the back of the book In any case Audubon's illustrations are stunning and George Dock Jr's brief essays accompanying each of the 30 full color prints were interesting and well written

  10. Jackson Matthews Jackson Matthews says:

    Ghastly history and beautiful pictures It is good for us to hear and see this

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