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Paperback ↠ Bloody Harvest ePUB å

Bloody Harvest ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Bloody Harvest Author David Matas – Falun Gong is a modern day spiritualexercise movement which began in China in 1991 drawing on and combining ancient Chinese traditions The Chinese Communist Party alarmed at the growth of the movement Falun Gong is a modern day spiritualexercise movement which began in China in drawing on and combining ancient Chinese traditions The Chinese Communist Party alarmed at the growth of the movement and fearing for its own ideological supremacy banned the movement in Falun Gong practitioners were arrested in the hundreds of thousands and asked to recant If they did not they were tortured If they still did not recant they disappeared Allegations surfaced in that the disappeared were being killed for their organs which were sold for large sums mostly to foreign transplant tourists It is generally accepted that China kills prisoners for organs The debate is over whether the prisoners who are killed are only criminals sentenced to death or Falun Gong practitioners as well The authors produced a report concluding that the allegations were true Bloody Harvest sets out the investigations and conclusions of the authors.

  • Paperback
  • 232 pages
  • Bloody Harvest
  • David Matas
  • English
  • 21 October 2014
  • 9780980887976

3 thoughts on “Bloody Harvest

  1. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    This book about sums up almost everything I loathe about communism and personally I'm disgusted that my country's current Prime Minister is so supportive of China and its role in building Canada's 5G network knowing that the CPC and government there have committed such horrible rights abuses against China's citizens Bloody Harvest is gruesome terrifying but also extremely important It raises vital uestions about personal liberty the freedom of belief religion thought and affiliation and what it means for innocent people when the world fails to act on such concernsI had been hearing of the killing and violence against Falun Gong practitioners for a number of years mostly from people convinced that it was just a conspiracy theory In an increasingly digital globalized world the treatment of Falun Gong practitioners in China has become well known however it's often not discussed Bloody Harvest gives a concise unbiased history on the subject that shows the grim reality of the situation as well as how a growing movement has become symbolic of the suppression of freedom It's got a lot of detail beyond just allegations reflecting a very serious problem that needs to be addressed beyond acknowledgement

  2. Nathan Faries Nathan Faries says:

    I come to this with an open mind but also with some uestions Why focus on Falungong and not any other groups because that is the specific case these researchers were asked to study and because these are new and horrible allegations than were common before those of executed prisoners having their organs sold ie that these are innocent political prisoners who are alive and not scheduled for any kind of legal execution begin murdered on the operating table? Systematic policy 7? Large numbers? Hard to countenance Why write to the embassy to ask permission to travel to China to investigate? You know they are not going to give permission to travel for this purpose The point probably and the best they can do is to publicize to let the government know they are being watched from the outside Yet couldn't they have traveled to China as tourists done a better job of investigating which is their primary task suppposedly and then still have let China know with the same letter afterward? Also what is the deal with the letter from the Falungong group making the allegations and reuesting investigation? We understand you will give us your report by such and such a date? Is this bad English? Is this legal document speech with which I am unfamiliar? Or was the investigation initiated earlier than the letter through personal contacts or by Matas himself? Why not tell us all that? Here's my take before I've read their evidence The allegations are horrific and hard to believe as they prepare us in their opening Hard to believe because they are horrific but also because the claim seems to be complicity by the central government which is very hard to believe It is possible someone very high up in the government could know about this and be involved in this It is not possible that the CCP or any reasonable size subset of the party leadership than two or three I would say is involved in this sort of practice and it is impossible that there could be a stated secret policy from on high ordering this to which the central government has signed its nameOn the other hand it is very easy to believe this sort of thing can happen in China somewhere It is easy to believe this sort of thing can happen in the US somewhere too But it is easy to believe that it could happen often and easily in China When you have a lucrative market for organs and you have non persons like condemned prisoners or the handicapped or indigent or dangerous cult members and you have a legal system that is not as transparent or free of corruption as the US system it's hard for to me to believe that this sort of practice would not be done even in some cases with very good intentions and rationalization going on by non evil people These prisoners are going to be executed anyway Why waste their organs? Someone can be helped Why shouldn't I be helped by this as wellBut back on the other hand it is hard to believe that Falungong prisoners would be a very attractive target for such practices Even if it became common in some prisonshospitalscitiesprovinces this would never be a safe government protected practice any than taking bribes would be also extremely common but also commonly prosecuted You might feel safe to commit these acts because you know your local government or the prison officials or whoever is most immediately in charge is paid off or helping out yet you also know that your local people have enemies that there are factions even here nearby not to mention the fact that your higher ups have higher ups and there are factions there and not to mention the fact that you know the central government has powerful factions and that the central government if your practice were exposed would be forced to act and crack down to end the practice and that there are plenty of people inside and outside the Party who would find this practice reprehensible and would like to crack down on you if they had the chance if they knew what you were doing whether or not the rest of the world finds outKnowing all this the Falungong prisoners some of the most watched and talked about political prisoners in China in recent years with human rights groups specifically focused on their well being some groups created out of the crisis and dedicated solely to watching out for their adherents would not be the most discrete or safest targets to kill in this wayIf you're doing this horrible thing you're doing it for money and you want to keep the money flowing It's business Now maybe their supply of other human options was running low so they were willing to take risks But still this way of arguing makes me hard to convince that this is systematic policy or could possibly involve large numbers Of course if it happened once that's enough but still I uestion then the focus on Falungong The Falungong have money and they are able to fund this sort of politically motivated research; all those other petty criminals of China and their families are not so capable of getting their message outAm I any convinced after one chapter Maybe a little but not on the big points What I see immediately p 18 is that these authors are willing to simplify the label for the perpetrators They are willing to lay any and all human rights abuses in China at the feet of the state the CCP Communist China and not deal with the complexity of multiple levels of government and factionalism in each level I don't think I can possibly be convinced that this practice is a directive from a unified CCP at the national level That seems impossible If these writers are able to simplify the facts about how girl children are killed abandoned and neglected in massive numbers and claim that is an example of Communist China perpretrating massive jaw dropping cruelty toward its own citizens then I have real uestions about their honesty on the overarching uestion of who is responsible for this alleged horror I can definitely lay indirect responsibility at the feet of the government but not direct unless they have better proof I don't like this way of going about the argument; again it simplifies the CCP controlled central government until it is some ridiculous dark room cabalFurther I can understand the government's concern about the massive unexpected protest in April of 1999 That's going to freak out any government China's than most And the scale of the protests that day and in the following months and years makes me uestion the author's insistence that this is not an evil cult but merely a set of peaceful healthful exercises with a spiritual foundation 17 and Li Hongzhi a detached reclusive leader who does not issue directives to his followers How about something in between these two labels? If it's true that 830000 followers have been arrested in Beijing many of them traveling from around the country to come and protest this is much like a religion than an exercise regimen These people are not risking arrest and death just to do their tai chi in peace I still do not doubt that this sort of thing could happen in China is likely to happen even likely than in the US though there is potential here as well and something similar probably has happened at one time or another not just in urban legend movies but I also see some weaknesses here and I see the vast amounts of money and political power behind the Falungong as there is behind the Tibet movement and I uestion whether this approach advertising these claims and putting them directly at the feet of party policy is useful or honestHow about We know we agree that if this action were taking place that it would be reprehensible to your government as it is to us Yet we are hearing that this might be happening Can you look into it and stop it if you find evidence? Naive? Maybe But less naive than writing to the ambassador asking if two Canadians can receive official permission to go investigate Less naive than believing the entire upper level of the Communist Party is calling up prisons and secretly telling them to harvest Falungong organsFurther I'm reminded by my e mails this morning that abortion as sex selection is not just a Chinese problem We do this all over the world and this is a moral evil possibly worse definitely wider scale than anything this book discusses that we were led to gradually and that we can to some extent put at the feet of our government and also take on the burden for ourselves My point? Again that this is not a Communist problem or a China problem narrow simplistic and possibly racist views that emerge from this sort of book evil Fu Manchu overlords Yellow Peril those sexist Chinese who just want boys but it is possibly a problem over which we need to discuss with the Chinese government like human beings And further I hope Matas and Kilgour are pro life That does matter to me Their consistency in these human rights issues If they are legislating in pro choice ways in Canada which lead to massive killings of innocent victims including many because they are female or disabled while they condemn China over allegations like this then damn themFirst victims chapter yes these stories are horrible and I don't doubt them for a second and the numbers of victims surprise me I'll keep reading Don't know if I'll be convinced in the end or not I think my earlier objections will hold I guess I can't be any convinced than I already am I'm sure this could happen and wouldn't be surprised if it did happen This chapter doesn't get us there yet but it does put that human face on the victims that is really important My objection is all about not having a human face on the government Am I being too liberal? Too conservative? Why do I get upset by all this and still tend to blame the victim? Just like with Tian'anmen and with Liu Xiaodong I just wonder if all this suffering is worth it and I see leaders in the movements who I feel are foolish and partly to blame for letting this continue Why are all these people suffering for Falungong and Li Hongzhi? Couldn't Li Hongzhi stop them if he wanted to or at least advise them to stop? I get angry at this suffering and want it to stop as soon as possible and yes I see the easiest way to achieve this in the hands of the victims Falun Dafa is not worth the fightOK Chapters 5 and 6 got me I feel sick

  3. Efeast Efeast says:

    Shocking Hard to believe A good way to know the modern China in depth

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