Stray PDF å Mass Market Paperback

Stray PDF å Mass Market Paperback

Stray [Download] ✤ Stray Author Rachel Vincent – I look like an all American grad student But I am a werecat a shape shifter and I live in two worldsDespite reservations from my family and my Pride I escaped the pressure to continue my species and c I look like an all American grad student But I am a werecat a shape shifter and I live in two worldsDespite reservations from my family and my Pride I escaped the pressure to continue my species and carved out a normal life for myself Until the night a Stray attackedI'd been warned about Strays—werecats without a Pride—constantly on the lookout for someone like me attractive female and fertile I fought him off but then learned two of my fellow tabbies had disappearedThis brush with danger was all my Pride needed to summon me backfor my own protection Yeah right But I'm no meek kitty I'll take on whatever—and whoever—I have to in order to find my friends Watch out Strays—'cause I got claws and I'm not afraid to use them.

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  1. Shannon Shannon says:

    I had a really difficult time with this book I went back and forth from really liking it and then really hating it In the beginning I could sympathize with Faythe; nobody wants their life decided for them But as you start to learn exactly what she's running from responsibility and family obligation the sympathy turns to annoyance Faythe is one of the few female werecats in the United States For some reason females are very rare although it's never really explained why Faythe wants to go to college and try to have a career and a life separate from her Pride She doesn't want to be stuck in the role of mother and housewife so she tries to run away from it all The thing is someone is hunting the tabbies female werecats and so Faythe's Father makes her come home from college so she can be protected by her numerous brothers and the enforcers working for himAt the best of times Faythe is mildly retarded A tabby was found beaten and raped and very much dead and then soon after another tabby goes missing So naturally Faythe's family decides that they need to protect her at all costs But Faythe gets it into her head that she wants to live outside the Pride so she tries to negotiate with her Father to leave Um hello? Did you miss the part about the kidnapping and rape? Why not wait for a better time to throw a temper tantrum?There are countless times where Faythe does the one thing that she shouldn't do resulting in her own kidnapping attempted rape beating and so forth Some of the situations she gets into are so ridiculous that you almost have to think that the author didn't know how else to move the plot alongAlso Faythe fights her attraction to Marc for most of the book so much so that she bites his leg to the bone in cat form when he tries to rub his scent on her But then she gets drunk and sleeps with him So not only is she stupid she's also a stupid cheating whore she has a human boyfriend back at collegeOne final thing this book was over 600 pages long and honestly there was so much description explanation and world building included that really could have been shortened or even altogether left out I found myself skipping over parts because they just weren't important and I don't think I've ever done that before unless I'm reading a textbookAll in all this was a pretty mediocre book The only thing that makes me want to read are the male characters Faythe makes me want to strangle her though so I don't know how much I can put up with

  2. Galla Galla says:

    cuing guitar riff for musical reviewMARC JACEWell we guess it would be niceIf we could lick your cat fur'Cause you can make a tom purrNo hotter furry than youJACE But I've got to think twice Before Marc beats me 'til I dieThat shit hurts; I ain't gonna lieMaybe a kiss or twoFAYTHEOh but I need some time offTo go to grad schoolI'll read some books and send my dad the billAnd when the mean EnforcersDrag my ass home yeahI'll forget about my boyfriendAnd get all up in your grill'Cause I gotta be Faythe Stray behI know you're on a kidnap spree But that just can't apply to meThe special snowflake that I am Stray beh Oh crap you weren't fucking aroundI'll talk some shit until I'm foundI'm lucky that I'm pretty good in a jamand can hit like a manGALLABefore this plotlineThere comes an oceanOf TSTL moments I abhorAnd so I reconsiderMy TBR pileWell I need a new book GoodreadsBut I don't think I'll read Of the hot mess that's FaytheShe's gotta be FaytheShe's gotta be Faythe She's gotta be Faythe Faythe Faythe25 stars

  3. Jessica Jessica says:

    This is me being excited about StrayI guess you get the pictureAlright let’s seewhat’s to say about this book? For starters I didn't even finish it I stopped at page 340 of 618 I think I gave it a fair chance didn’t I?Our heroine in this story is a 23 year old werecat named Faythe Werecats are basically organized like wolves they’re living together in packs with an Alpha as its leader and they look like panthers No wait They can't look like panthers because there is no such thing as panthers Those are all werecats What you see in the jungle in zoosyep all werecatsAnyways Faythe is the daughter of the pack’s Alpha and is supposed to succeed him in leading the pack some day The problem Faythe doesn’t want to become the Alpha and she doesn’t want to marry Marc one of the pack's enforcers whom her dad has “chosen” for her She wants to live on her own somewhere far away from her pack mates because she feels like she’s not respected among them Anyways she managed to talk her dad into letting her go away to study after graduation but when one of her fellow tabbies goes missing they are very rare and therefore extremely valuable to the packs her Dad decides he wants her back home under the protection of the pack Of course Faythe is less than thrilled by this idea and ends up being dragged back kicking and screaming Even after she got attacked herself I might add Back home she’s restless and unhappy and shows her disapproval of the general situation by being a major pain in the ass and to make things at least a little bit interesting for her she decides to kill some time by playing with the feelings of the two guys who love her Marc her ex boyfriend and Jace another one of her father’s enforcers Even though Jace has always been like a brother to Faythe he now became interesting to her in a forbidden fruit kind of way May I introduce you to an old friend of mine? I’m sure you’ve heard of him before his name is Mr Love TriangleIt’s hard to nail down what exactly kept me from getting sucked into the story but somehow the whole thing was just lacking I also had a hard time relating to Faythe She really is a piece of work and often than not she’s just a selfish bitch She does irrational stuff like going for a joyride in the middle of the night all by herself without paying a thought to the gang of psycho murderers that is out to abduct tabbies beat the shit out of them rape them and eat them afterwards Nooo Faythe isn’t concerned at all by this because she’s oh so though and independent facepalm So yeah I had a hard time relating to her and to be honest I couldn’t have cared less whether she gets eaten or not To sum it up The story was kind of ok but neither could I relate to the heroine nor could I swoon over the two guys Seeing as I bought all 5 books of this series in a fit of book mania I'm really kicking myself right now Hard

  4. Kat Kennedy Kat Kennedy says:

    When I put this book onto my TBR list I was immediately asked to confirm suspicions that Faythe was a horrible name It's true So very very true Especially when her first name is a perfectly respectable Katherine or some such derivative spellingThis book is a lot like her name It's a horrible bastardization of an otherwise sound concept Faith is a perfectly acceptable name apart from the Pavlovian upchuck reflex it gives me when it reminds me of Faith from Buffy and AngelThe concept is of an over protective Pride of werelions and the pride daughter Faythe who is desperately trying to assert her independence when a psycho tabby kidnapper they call female werelions tabbies because I can only assume their feline natures makes it impossible to treat women with any kind of respect or euality show up and forces Faythe back to her family home for another good ol' fashioned dose of being oppressed and held captive by her own familyRight This should be a book I would really enjoy A book where the character's name is Faith and she sets about teaching them all some damn respect and manners before kicking ass and catching the criminalSo where does it all go wrong?Well it starts with Vincent's baffling decision to use the spelling of Faythe and it just doesn't stop thereThe main problem is with Faythe Yes this is a coming of age story kind of I mean we are supposed to be representing a rebellious young soul desperate for freedom here But she acts like she's sixteen years old when she's actually twenty threeIt's hard to respect a female protagonist who begs for freedom but spends five years of university on daddy's dime without so much as trying to find a job to even pay her own rent Then there's the fact that she is easily the most childish and ridiculous person I've yet read in the PNR genre Get this right She knows who the next victim is going to be She's on the phone to her father who is begging her for the name so that they can go rescue her but Faythe won't hand the name over until her father agrees to let her in on the hunt They even go through a long ass bargaining process She's casually negotiating the terms of her agreement while her cousin is locked in the basement underneath her feet Her cousin who has been kidnapped beaten raped and terrorized for like three daysShe has a boyfriend who she barely remembers while she's making out with two other guys within a couple of hours of each other It's not until she sleeps with her old fling that she even has a single pang of regretThe whole story was eerily similar to Bitten by Kelley Armstrong The Overbearing supernatural family that the MC has avoided in order to maintain her independence her arrival and feelings that her reasons for staying away weren't very good the lack of other females in the species rendering the MC special the kidnapper and self solving the heroine performsIt's got a very similar ring to it but there is no way that Faythe could ever compare to Elena who was totally kickarseAnd that's where the biggest problem was Elena's management and careful negotiation with both Clay and Jeremy makes Faythe look like a schemeless moron I had very little pity for Faythe in the end believing that her family's overprotectiveness of her was entirely in order because they'd only be protecting her from herselfHer love interest Marc was little better and the book finished up with a very corny little ending without any body in this entire book actually really learning or growing at all So here's my problem Faythe’s all hardcore feminist but that doesn't mean that she REALLY wants to be treated like an eual It means she wants to be treated better than anyone else She fools around with Jace having very little regard for the conseuences to him for leading him on She bites Marc’s leg through to the bone barely resisting the urge to break it Okay he may have definitely deserved a nip but not an almost maiming She loses her temper underestimates and looks down her nose at her mother lashes out at other people and expects her precious Lady Garden to stand between her and any kind of comeuppance that she deserves She almost kills a human Any other werelion would be declawed or punished in some way but she gets away with it with little than a harsh scoldingLook honey you can't have it both ways Either you stand up and say the same standards for the boys apply to you too and you play by the rules or you shut up and nut up Zombieland is awesome by the waySo basically this was an extremely 'meh' read for me There were some parts a little sexy some a little compelling but overall it was far too formulaic and the characters writing or plot nowhere near made up for it

  5. Emily May Emily May says:

    There are a good many reasons why this book was lucky to get 4 stars from me but also eually as many reasons why it could have possibly got I'll start at the beginning by explaining the general plot So Faythe Sanders is a werecat in a world where female werecats are rarities and also highly protected by the males in an often teeth grindingly annoying fashion but of that in a bit; after 5 years at college she is summoned back home in a bid to keep her safe from a wild tabby killing stray and his gang of murderous followersWell for a start this Were book was a million and one times better than Moon Called Faythe was far easier to relate to than Mercy a college girl battling for independence rather than a mechanic and definitely likeable Unlike Mercy I actually gave a damn what happened to her But I spent half of this book wanting to sing it's praises and half of it seriously contemplating throwing it at the wall The misogyny of the werecat society was painful if I'd have been Faythe I would have locked myself in a room and screamed For a start the possibility of leaving the Pride is a luxury only open to the males; the women on the other hand have no say in the matter of where they wish to live It's so bad that Faythe's father even threatens to lock her in a cage for a year if she tries to run away I think the author took some steps towards redeeming both her mother and father as the book progressed but it never really worked for me They'd already become one of the enemies in my mind when they tried to bully Faythe into marrying Marc and her father enjoyed asserting his authority over her and proving that he would always 'win'I've come to accept that a lot of Were novels play on the idea that women are seen as weak and inferior within a Pack or Pride whether true or not but I repeatedly wanted to tear my hair out in frustration when Faythe's wishes were laughed at because she is female There is one part of the novel where her father orders her to 'sit' she refuses and so then her brother forcibly knocks her to the floor and throws her onto the couch Eek In my opinion her family and Marc are misogynistic to the point of being abusive And that's another thingMarc Marc is the big strong hero to her uirky strong willed heroine He's good looking intelligent strong brave good in bed and a complete dick I didn't like him At all So yeah he got a bit better as the novel went on but he was all about expressing his dominance over others including Faythe I can't see them in a proper relationship or at least not one that I personally would put value on ie eual but Rachel Vincent left the book in a way that would suggest that there is to be a future for their relationship But there are uite a few books in the series so I'm hoping Faythe comes to her senses and gets together with the one guy who is sexy funny and considered her wishes and opinions from day oneJace Now there's a good hero for you For me there's absolutely no contest between him and Marc He's not even the 'good guy' he's the sexy dirty talk kinda guy and yet he treats Faythe better than her father her brothers and Marc combined As it stands at the moment I really want her to be with him Or maybe she'll finally find a way to break free from the constraints of the Pride and discover that she needs no one man woman or catThe story was good too not the most original one I've ever read but I was kept interested throughout which isn't that easily done when a book is 600 pages What I really can't understand is why so many people shelved this book as 'young adult' It isn't to put it plainly It has graphic sex graphic violence and some seriously awful rapeattempted rape scenes This is not in any way a young adult novel Even though Faythe is a college student the majority of the main characters are upwards of twenty five so I don't really see how it could be mistaken for oneEven with the frustrating men in the book I loved Faythe and I really enjoyed Vincent's writing I definitely intend to read Rogue I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for Jace

  6. ♡Jacqueline♡ beautyliterate ♡Jacqueline♡ beautyliterate says:

    June 12 2016Yup still 55 stars duh but Rogue here I comeFeb 11 201655 starsY'all I don't even know how to express how much I enjoyed this damn bookAlready ordered the rest of the books in the series

  7. Samantha Samantha says:

    I finished this book in one sitting I could not put it down I grew up reading urban fantasy and this felt so nostalgic to me I loved our sassy main character and the witty banter between all of the characters There were parts of the plot that were a little predictable but I was okay with that and found it as of a comfort I adore urban fantasy and am so happy to have rediscovered the genre with this series


    1 Barley Deserving ★'s “A smart woman would have shut up Did I? Hell no Intelligence is overrated anyway”This book was sooo not for me I had such a difficult time with it The main characters are terribly annoying Especially Faythe who is the 23 year old heroine in this story and I couldn't handle how goddamned immature she acted I have read heroines who have acted mature at the age of 15 On top of that she was stupid irrational obnoxious cocky acted like she was better than everyone else and down right selfish NO HEROINE should act like that EVER Faythe has all shitty personality traits and I really wanted to punch her in the face the whole time too Ugh As for the hero I absolutely did not like Marc either He was blah in every way possible and Marc wasn't swoon worthy at all Stray was such a long drawn out book and it was full of nonsense The plot was crap the story telling was crap it was complete and utterly predictable and it wasBoring Boring Boring I have nothing good to say about this book There for if it's not obvious I will not be continuing with this series I don't recommend this torture to anyone

  9. Penny Penny says:

    DNF I had only 1 hour and 25 minutes left of the audiobook when I decided I wasn't curious enough to care about the resolution of the plot so I uit After a few hours of listening I started to lose interest in the book since the storyline was very predictable the book had way too much unnecessary information and there were mayor issues with the main character and the foundation of the storyFaythe The female main character I don’t believe her character was well formed and that affected the way her personality was reflected Her behavior was suitable to a teenager than a 23 year old woman I found Faythe to be extremely annoying She is incredibly shelf center and immensely mentally challenged One of the big problems I have with her character is the way she sometimes talks as if she had grown up in a different world instead of in an environment surrounded by felines she thinks as an outsider as a human who suddenly finds herself in a world of shifters instead of as someone who belongs to that world This fact to me shows lack of character development or lack of character achievement Faythe should have come across as someone open minded to other ways and as someone who wants and different from what she has or is expected of her not as someone who is constantly surprised frustrated and resisting something she should have seen as normal accepted and simply tried to find a way to mashed with her mindset and search of a different way of beingStory The plot is or less that tabbies are being killed and Faythe has to go back home so she can be protected; but the real story revolves around Faythe around the fact that she is resistant to her fate resistant to whom she was born to be due to where she was born and what she was born as That struggle is one that many face putting aside the werecat part of course ; so is fine there is nothing wrong with it My problem comes back ones to Faythe The approach of the story is just not well set out not well developed It is ok that Faythe is trying to run away from a life she doesn't want I believe that but if there is someone out there killing female cats and here comes your family telling you they want to protect you then you go with them and be protected because any sane person would want to stay alive no matter what Only when the crisis is resolved you can go back to flying from your birth imposed fated life and making one chosen for yourself if that is what you really want It is not however the time to rebel affirm your independence and be reckless I just don’t believe that can be going through anyone’s minds in a moment when people are dying around you Survival comes first then the rest On this wise we have that the story is based on genuinely hard to believe grounds and the main character is incredibly idiotic and senseless who she herself against all rational is responsible for the bad and predictable things that ended up happening to her In conclusion the whole book is untenable and astonishingly reminiscent of Bitten by Kelley ArmstrongAudiobook The narrator Jennifer Van Dyck is good but she doesn't fit the voice of a 23 year old girl the voice sounds older and since Faythe acts childlike it’s a bit wearSince I didn't finish this first book and I had so many issues with it I think is uite obvious that I will not be continuing this series

  10. di di says:

    This book is Bitten but with werecats Yes werecats In fact it has almost exactly the same premise as Kelley Armstrong's bookGirl flees uber intense 'were' family to live alone in the 'real' world Yet despite her best efforts to lead a normal life she never truly feels like herself Girl is forced literally to return home to a house full of domineering male 'were creatures' Were females are slim pickings so of course all the males fight over her And there is this one super intense alpha maleher ex She thought she left him for good but really she is still in love with him and just not admitting it to herself He obsesses over her refuses to imagine any kind of life without her and believes they will end up together once she gets over her issues So we spend the whole first half in a back and forth between the two and throw in a few wrestles and naked bush runs with the other 'were brothers' in tow AND THEN the rest of the book is spent dealing with the stray or pack less 'weres' who have been creating problems in the neighborhood Generally girl disobeys orders and flees and ends up kicking ass all on her own thank you very much So everyone now believes in her and she finally has an epiphany and realizes that she was in love with 'alpha male' all alongYup Formula is formula though and it sells for a reason mindless escapist entertainment And it is entertaining the first half especially So two stars for that

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